Herausforderungen der Supply Chain in der Nahrungsmittelindustrie (German Edition)

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Die Antwort ist: Ja! Wir glauben, dass beides wichtig ist.

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Executing pilot plant and plant trials, with high interaction, with all the stakeholders and minimum guidance from the supervisor. Ensuring of consistency, technical precision and compliance with methods of work. Recommendation of improvements within the project area. Support in administration and preparation of product labelling specifications for new and existing products.

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As a multinational company we can offer you on top attractive social benefits. Arbeitswoche mit flexiblen Arbeitszeiten inkl. Weitere Informationen unter www. Along with the confidence to try new and challenging experiences, you must be enthusiastic about learning and eager to develop, whilst creating moments of joy. We look for all sorts of qualities in graduates. Interpersonal Savvy. Business Acumen. Please send your applications in English including your CV and cover letter. We pride ourselves on having a high performing and collaborative culture where we offer support and development to enhance your career and develop your knowledge and skills.

You will deliver results, interpretation and technical reports with some guidance and you will also apply fundamental understanding to analysis of results or assessment of compliance. You will implement corrective measures when necessary and participate in or lead commercialization of product or processes. Independently plan and execute pilot plant trials and plant trials, requiring high interaction with our Operations team counterparts. Ein guter Realschulabschluss steckt in deiner Tasche?

Quality and risk management in agri-food chains. Keywords: agri-food chains quality management risk management chain and network.

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Your Access Options. Log In If you have personal access to this content, log in with your username and password here: Email or username: Password: Remember me. Forgotten your password? Institutional Offers For institutional orders, please contact sales wageningenacademic. The author chose this deductive structuring, as the topic requires a broader view, which then needs to be narrowed down. The following chapters are based on the analysis and examination of academic literature in form of academic journal articles and quality books.

However, chapter 2. Furthermore, chapter 2. As already mentioned, not just current academic literature but also ancient philosophical stances are committed to the explanation of the phenomenons ethics and morals.

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With his categorical imperative the philosopher Immanuel Kant combines ethics and morals by saying "act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law" Timmermann, ; Precht, It is obvious that according to Kant, the human being himself does not possess ethics as this is described as being a universal law, but only possesses moral that implements the ethical values of society. The utilitarian philosophical approach was mostly developed by Mill and Bentham - a theory of benefit maximisation. The concept says that actions are only morally correct when all agrieved parties benefit as much as possible and suffer least from these actions, hence acting in accordance with the least harmful alternative Pieper, Hobbes considers that the human being behaves inhuman towards other humans as they are surrounded of an environment of natural justice without any ethical basic approach.

It becomes clear that the ability of being moral is hereditary to human nature - at least from a Kantian perspective. Hobbes in contrast compares the human nature to the nature of a wolf rather than linking it to the Kantian human being driven by natural rationality. The Kantian view especially emphasizes ethics as a universal law - this means that not just society and people are concerned but also business. This might make sense as it is in line with natural human behaviour that does not question well-going circumstances.

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Donaldson concludes that the first in fact seems very attractive but is clearly inappropriate when foreign business activites are linked to e. The latter utilitarian view might neither be adequate, as cultural differences in ethics need to be respected. Prince and Denison believe that environmental aspects should be implemented within each decision and operating process and view environmental committment, Total Quality Management TQM and waste reduction as the basis of business ethics. In the case of the fur industry, this would be challenging as the fact that animals are considered as stakeholders, would not much correlate with caging and killing issues Solomon and Solomon, The above-mentioned literature provides a good overview of what has been addressed in business ethics.

57 jobs found in germany

Especially Donaldson , Solomon and Solomon , and Prince and Denison are considered as precious literature contributions as they also focus on cross-national business ethics, on animals and the environment, which are necessary when considering the fur industry. The author, however, reveals a gap in existing literature addressing business ethics - the theory seems not to be developed in which sustainability is the basis of business ethics.

Prince and Denison indeed highlight environmentalism as basis of business ethics however sustainability might enable a business to control immoral behaviour, to prevent that ethical business decisions remain dependent on economic activity and also to realise a transnational convergence of ethical key values by the use of transparent supply chains. The following chapter provides the reader with definitions of sustainability and examines the literature and theories concerning sustainable development strategies 1 2 and their potential to realise competitive advantages.

Dyllick and Hockerts define corporate sustainability by.

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In this context, the Triple Bottom Line TBL Figure 2 Appendix A and sustainable supply chains Appendix B developed and sustainable development became an interdisciplinary strategic method of combining economic growth, environmental integrity and the social community Bonacchi and Rinaldi, In his book Capitalism and Freedom, Friedman asserts that e.

Second, companies would provide the same benefit to the community as individual stockholders. They emphasise that an improvement of the environments where companies operate aligns social, environmental and economic objectives and therefore contradicts the first presumption.

Herausforderungen der Supply Chain Finance

The benefit provided by collective engagement in fact goes beyond individually provided benefits, which contradicts the second presumption Porter and Kramer, Porter and Kramer furthermore emphasise that the more the sustainable engagements are linked to business activity, the greater the potential to reach a competitive advantage Appendix C Porter and Kramer, which seems to conform to the more traditional arguments favouring related rather than unrelated diversification.

Blue sustainability rather than green does not refer to one-time sustainability actions but to core business activity. Giltsoff argues that sustainability should be seen and implemented as part of business strategy and hence entails substantially more than simple recycling practices. Blue sustainability means to combine the global context with own competitive strenghts and to turn it into business strategy. In summary, companies obviously can obtain competitive advantages with sustainable strategies - at least from a theoretical perspective Porter and Kramer, ; York ; Giltsoff, Hypothesis 1.

If this is also the case for a fur producer will be examined in the empirical study.

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Figure 3 depicts the literature discussed in this chapter addressing competitive advantages of sustainable strategies. Overview of the chosen literature addressing competitive advantages of sustainable development strategies. The following chapter provides the reader with literature addressing sustainability measurement instruments as the empirical study applies an instrument to measure the sustainability performance of the fur producer Bonnie. Table 2 depicts an overview of the chosen literature.