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  2. Figli e famiglia, la verità di Dolce e Gabbana
  3. Noel Gazzano – Visionary art and anthropology for social change
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Al momento sembrerebbe un atto isolato e senza movente terroristico. Ma gli altri Stati pensano che i migranti debbano restare in Italia, il primo paese che hanno raggiunto. Mancini ha provato a rivoluzionare la squadra rispetto alla partita contro la Polonia cambiando 9 giocatori.

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Altri guardano al premio con diffidenza: Netflix ha sfruttato il festival per una grande campagna di promozione pubblicitaria. Grazie ad alcune telecamere nella zona, la polizia spera di identificare presto gli assalitori. Il Ministro del Lavoro Luigi di Maio ha presentato una proposta di legge per regolare le aperture dei negozi di domenica. Prima della proposta, ogni negozio poteva decidere liberamente se rimanere aperto oppure no.

I centri commerciali criticano la proposta, che metterebbe in crisi i piccoli commercianti e favorirebbe solo le vendite online. Sul lenzuolo ci sono i segni della forma di un corpo umano: volto, corpo, gambe, braccia. Un gruppo di scienziati di Padova ha costruito un modello in 3-D del corpo usando quei segni come traccia di partenza. I think Tom does a great job of reading the EasyItalianNews, but I just listened to the female reader and found her to be so much clearer in her pronunciation of the words which made it easier for me to understand than Tom.

Tom seems to run one word into another and I have trouble with the understanding. EasyItalianNews is really great, and I find I am improving. The female reader is my wife and business partner and both of us agreed that our son did a better job of it. Bravo Daniel! Thank you so much for providing this valuable and enjoyable resource, as well as all of the other learning materials that you provide free of charge.

I am confident that easyitaliannews will help boost my knowledge and enjoyment of this wonderful language and culture. Ciao Oliver. I like the fact that the reader gives us a subject heading before reading the article and also the length of each article is just enough to pique my interest but not too long that my attention drifts off. Mi piace moltissimo questo nuovo servizio.

The reflexive is necessary in Italian when someone or something is both the doer and the receiver of an action. Reflexive pronouns will be found lurking somewhere in the sentence, or attached either to the main verb or helping verb like fare.

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We saw this in the lesson Making It Happen with the verb prestare. So, for instance, if you hide something, the verb you are looking for is nascondere. A marine biologist dives down to the bottom of the sea surrounding the Aeolian Islands to show us the beautiful creatures there. The same holds here, where avvicinare , by itself, means to move something closer.

Il prossimo che si avvicina all'acquario, m'ingoio voi e tutta la famiglia. The next one who comes near the aquarium, I'll swallow you and the whole family. Caption 40, Acqua in bocca: Mp3 Marino - Ep 2. Caption 4, Marika spiega: L'orologio. Sometimes fare in its reflexive form gets called in for an assist: instead of docciarsi to shower , we can say farsi la doccia to take a shower :. Caption 6, Marika spiega: L'orologio.

Now you should be ready to reflect on the reflexive! Get the whole picture on reflexive verbs here. For the scoop on reflexive pronouns, you can get help here. For even more on the reflexive, see this online resource. Try to put your daily routine into words, using the dictionary and the above-mentioned online resources if necessary. Maybe your routine goes something like this:.

Ti svegli alle 6 di mattina ma ti addormenti di nuovo e quindi ti alzi alle sei e mezza. Se fa freddo ti metti una giacca prima di uscire. You wake up at 6 in the morning, but you fall asleep again so you get up at You make yourself a nice cup of coffee and then you take a shower , you brush your teeth and you get dressed. You hide the key under the doormat. You borrow a ticket for the bus. Speaking on the phone in a foreign language can be quite a challenge.

As Marika spells out in a lesson for beginners about the alphabet, Italians use the names of cities for the most part when they need to be crystal clear in spelling a name or a word. Notice how Marika does it, as she makes a phone reservation for a friend. Learn to spell your name and address using the alfabeto telefonico! Some of these cities, such as Udine , Otranto , Imola , Empoli , and Napoli are pronounced with the accent on the first syllable.

Domodossola is accented on the third syllable. Domodossola happens to be one of the important frontiere border crossings on the train line between Italy and Switzerland. Pronunciation aids along with the list with some alternate city names can be found here. Knowing what cities to associate with letters is especially handy if you intend to travel in Italy, so memorizing this list can be fun and useful.

Senti, mi dispiace, io prendo la metropolitana. Objectively speaking, it is late! She is late. Ciao, mamma. Io vado da Flavia. Hi, Mom. I'm going to Flavia's. Can you let me in on what you had to do that was so urgent? Buonsera a tutti. Ma aspettavate solo me? Good evening everyone. Were you just waiting for me? We will tackle this conundrum in another lesson. It means something entirely different from what we looked at above. Something gives you a sense of creepiness, repulsion, or repugnance.

We ask this question when we need more details.


No, per quello ho disposto diversamente. No, for that I've distributed it differently. Italian Lessons Topics. So we have to make an appointment to go see the notary. We're worried, because we have to make some very important decisions. Io ho fatto solo venti minuti di pennichella I took a nap for just twenty minutes Salve, vorrei fare un viaggio alla Valle dei Templi ad Agrigento.

Figli e famiglia, la verità di Dolce e Gabbana

Hello, I'd like to take a trip to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. For more on proverbs see: Marika spiega: Proverbi italiani - Part 1 of 2 Marika spiega: Proverbi italiani - Part 2 of 2. Topics Vocabulary. Signup to get Free Italian Lessons sent by email Sign up. Francesca - alla guida Part 1. Bookmark Bookmarked. Marika spiega - Proverbi italiani Part 2. Un medico in famiglia - s. Pianificare - un viaggio. Topics Expressions. Further practice: As you go through your day, think about your meals, answer these questions, and, if you can, make up new ones, changing the conjugations or other elements in the sentence.

Adriano - Giornata. Dixieland - Coppa di cioccolato. For example: Le sue scarpe sono costate poco, ma fanno figura. O mamma mia! Mamma mia, che figura che ho fatto. Oh dear! Oh dear, what an impression I've made. Mi avete fatto fare questa figura? You made no impression at all because that guy doesn't even see you! Ci sei rimasto male? Did you feel hurt? Ma figurati. What, are you scared? Don't count on it. Caption 31 Il Commissario Manara: Rapsodia in Blu - Ep 3 - Part 17 of 17 Learning suggestion: Watch and listen to the Yabla videos where these expressions are present do a search of both figura and figurati.

Have fun! But who makes me do it? I get up two hours earlier in the morning Va bene? Un secondo, ecco a Lei.

Noel Gazzano – Visionary art and anthropology for social change

Marika spiega - L'euro in Italia, con Anna. Making It Happen Fare to make is a verb for getting things done. Here it is. This is the wine I make with my grandfather. Caption 5, Escursione: Un picnic in campagna - Part 3 of 4 Fare used simply, as in the above example, indicates you are doing the work.

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Now I'm going to show you some dishes that are simple to make. Here, fare is used in a command: Fammi uscire! Learning suggestion: Think about some things you would like to get done or have already had done. Faccio sempre pulire la casa da professionisti. I always have the house cleaned by professionals.

Learn italian in Italy

Facciamo riparare la nostra macchina dal meccanico in paese. We get our car repaired by the mechanic in town. Mi sono fatta fare un tatuaggio. Vorrei farmi fare un vestito da una sarta. Non mi lavo i capelli da sola. Li faccio lavare dalla parrucchiera. Ti voglio fare conoscere un amico.

I want to introduce you to a friend. Voglio farti conoscere un amico. Mi fai vedere le tue foto? Will you show me your pictures? Una gita - al lago Part 3. Escursione - Un picnic in campagna Part 3.

"La famiglia che vorrei" - Progetto Marzotto

Acqua in bocca - Mp3 Marino - Ep 2. Let's look at this expression in the singular, which is how you will use it most often. Topics Expressions Idioms Verbs. Adriano Olivetti - La forza di un sogno Ep. Puntata 3 Part 1.

Ride or Walk? Getting to Know "Conoscere" In a previous lesson we discussed addressing people formally or informally, using Lei or tu. If, for example, I don't know Alex, Alex is my next door neighbour, or a person I've met on the street, I want to know his name, I give the "Lei. Caption 8: Francesca: Cavalli - Part 1 of 9 When you talk about when and where you met someone for the first time, use conoscere : Ho conosciuto Alberto solo oggi.

Before sneaking a peek at the English translation, see how much you understand of the Italian! Corso di italiano con Daniela - Tu o Lei? Francesca - Cavalli Part 1. Marika gives a news report about a school perched high on a hill. This is impersonal. This is also impersonal. You need to pay for the coffee before you drink it. This is personal. It follows the trials and tribulations of four main characters—Taylor, Giulia, Elena, and Roberto—as Roberto attempts to win a national recording contract for the band that he manages.

Ritorno a Roma provides an engaging, natural context for the practice of structure and vocabulary, while introducing students to colloquial language and providing them a firsthand look at Italian life and culture. Tanto per cominciare. Enhance your learning experience with text-specific study materials. View larger cover.