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Over a typically catchy hook, front man Stephan Jenkins proclaims:. Like Zuccotti Park last fall, with its mashup of sometimes discordant messages, the wide mix of sounds on Occupy This Album can sometimes make your head spin. But what the album lacks in musical cohesion, it makes up in star power.

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Michael Moore even sings a Dylan song. Tomato-meter: Rotten. As is usually the case these days, the best protest political songs come from rappers. Go ahead, pick a street!

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Michael Mechanic. Sam Baldwin. Tim Murphy. Matt Cohen. Nathalie Baptiste. Abigail Weinberg. Occupy has attracted many celebrities and intellectuals to its arguments, but the movement is far from celebrity-led. Most of the artists on here are independent musicians. The protests are and should be diverse, as anyone who thinks we can fix the global crisis in one swift step is, well, hilarious.

Now, for the most part, the overall genre the music here fits in is fairly predictable: plenty of indie, solo-acoustic guitar strummers, an equal amount of vaguely New Age sing-alongs, and since the genre so fits the protest mood, reggae. Diverse though the protests may be, there is definitely a recurring musical thread uniting the socially conscious, liberal folk frequenting the tent camps, and for those so inclined there's plenty of that to love here.

Like with any large compilation record, you're not likely to like everything here; statistically, it's pretty unlikely.

By Various Artists

However, it's equally unlikely that you wouldn't like anything at all. Unless you're voraciously opposed to Occupy, something is likely to resonate. If there's one thing the protests have shown up to this point, it's that the themes pervading the spirit of Occupy tend to unite people, especially in a world where economic injustice is undeniable. So in the end, Occupy This Album ultimately succeeds not for its music though what's here is definitely solid , but for a unique structure that benefits from being in the right place at the right time. Were this to have been made in a world without the Occupy protests, it would have seemed insanely extravagant.

But for a globe-spanning bit of collective action comprised of millions of voices, it's a perfect representation of the movement. This captures nearly a hundred men and women of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, ages, and beliefs who are all willing to stand together on an issue that burdens us all, even if it burdens some more than others.

Occupy This by Judy Rebick | jiwopumo.tk: Books

This may not be the mixtape to change all mixtapes, but it's the mixtape for our time and place. It's the sound of a hundred flowers blooming right in your ears. Spider-Man: Far From Home is arguably the cutest, funniest, most entertaining comic book superhero movie of the year. As we head into a brief summer publication break to enjoy the summer sun for a few days, it's the perfect time to take stock of the year in music so far.

PopMatters returns to our normal publishing schedule on Monday, 8 July. However, his home base is UK soul outfit Mamas Gun, now going a decade strong. A Peaceful Solution. The World Is On Fire. Latter Days. Turn The Lights On. Which Side Are You On?

Various Artists: Occupy This Album

Well May The World Go. Unified Tribes. Robber Barons. Saving Up To Go Bankrupt. Hell No I'm Not Alright. We Stand As One. Cash Machine.

Rebellion Politik. Nothing Recedes Like Progress. Under The Bridge. Take A Stand. The Answer. World Wide Rebel Songs. Move On Fast.

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If We Live. Fight The Good Fight. I Don't Need Money. The World Is Turning. A New York Minute. I Ain't No Brian Wilson.