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  1. Passages in the Life of a Slave Woman | Teaching Tolerance
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My Ancestors. Difference Engine No. Statement relative to the Difference Engine, drawn up by the late Sir H. Nicolas from the Author's Papers. Of the Analytical Engine.

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Of the Mechanical Notation. The Exhibition of The late Prince Consort.

Passages in the Life of a Slave Woman | Teaching Tolerance

Recollections of the Duke of Wellington. Recollections of Wollaston, Davy, and Rogers. Recollections of Laplace, Biot, and Humboldt. Experience by Water. Experience by Fire. Experience amongst Workmen. Picking Locks and Deciphering. Experience in St. Theatrical Experience. Electioneering Experience. Scene from a New After-Piece.

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Experience at Courts. Street Nuisances. Hints for Travellers. They went off in high spirits. Love and happiness had added a softer grace to her whole being. I followed them to the door, and she kissed me twice before leaving me; then looking back, when she had gone a little way, and seeing me still standing there, she threw a kiss to me with her little, and looked so bright and joyous, that my aching heart felt a new pang of sorrow.

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What was it whispered to me then that I should never see her again? I went back to my work, and presently the master came and asked for Ida.

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He wished her to ride with him. I told him where she was, and he went in search of her. But my heart misgave me. I should at once have gone in search of her, but Mrs. Lee wanted me, and I could not go. I cannot bear, even now, to recall the events of that day. My worst fears were realized.

He had been that morning with Mr. Lee, and was in the house when Mr. Lee returned with Ida from the woods. There was a report that she had run away. I almost forgot my own sorrow when I saw how poor Jerry felt when he knew what had happened. Of course he did not know what I did. He went about his work as usual, but there was a look in his eye which made one tremble.

Before many days he was missing, and though his master searched the country, and took every possible means to find him, he could discover no trace of the fugitive. During the following winter, Mrs. Lee had a dangerous illness. I watched over her night and day, and when she recovered, my master was so grateful for what I had done, that he gave me my freedom, and money enough to bring me to the North.

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I can only leave her with God, who, though his vengeance is long delayed, hears and treasures up every sigh and tear of his poor slave-children. I saw, a few days since, a man who knows Jerry. He is living not many miles from me, and I shall try to see him before I die. But I shall never tell him the whole extent of the wrongs he suffered in slavery. Highlighted vocabulary will appear in both printed versions.

This short story is from a collection of works centered around the theme of opposition to slavery, Autographs for Freedom Grade Level.

Bible Verses About Life After Death

This text is in the public domain. Text Dependent Questions. Make a list of all the characters and their relationships with one another. Elsie is the younger sister of Phillis, Aunt Phillis is the narrator, Mr. Minturn, etc. What does Mr. Answers will vary: Mr. Lee may have spent even less time with Jerry and his mother.

Minturn had accepted Mr. Lee's offer, how might that have solved what Mr. Lee saw as a problem? The family unit was destroyed, incestuous relationships could occur without major parties involved being aware, etc. How often do you think enslaved people faced not only separation from loved ones but unintentionally incestuous engagements? Answers will vary: Outside knowledge of enslaved people searching for families for years after emancipation, evidence of incestuous sexual abuse toward enslaved people by enslavers from various narratives written by enslaved people, etc.

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Hebrews 9:27

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