Remediation Hydraulics

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Compared to other arthropods, crustaceans are characterized by an unparalleled disparity of body plans.

Remediation Hydraulics

Traditionally, the specialization of arthropod segments and appendages into distinct body regions has served as a convenient basis for higher classification; however, many relationships within the phylum Arthropoda still remain controversial. Can Crustacea even be consid Compared to other arthropods, crustaceans are characterized by an unparalleled disparity of body plans.

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Can Crustacea even be considered a monophyletic group? If so, then which are their closest relatives within the Arthropoda?

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The answers to questions such as these will play a key role in understanding patterns and processes in arthropod evolution, including the disappearance of certain body plans from the fossil record, as well as incidences of transition from aquatic to terrestrial environments. Crustacea and Arthropod Relationships, written by a team of internationally recognized experts, presents a wide variety of viewpoints, while offering an up-to-date summary of recent progress across several disciplines. With rich detail and vibrancy, it addresses the evolution and phylogenetic relationships of the Arthropoda based upon molecular, developmental, morphological, and paleontological evidence.

Remediation Hydraulics - Fred C. Payne, Joseph A. Quinnan, Scott T. Potter - Google книги

Volume 16 is the first in the series to not be exclusively dedicated to discussions specific to crustaceans. While it is still crustaceo-centric, the focus of this volume has been extended to include other groups of arthropods along with the Crustacea. This wider focus offers challenging opportunities to evaluate higher-level relationships within the Arthropoda from a carcinologic perspective.

This volume is dedicated to the career of Frederick R. Schram, the founding editor of Crustacean Issues in , in recognition of his many stimulating and wide-ranging contributions to the evolutionary biology of arthropods in general, and of crustaceans in particular. Get A Copy. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews.

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Remediation Hydraulics by Fred C. August 24th, pm - Remediation Hydraulics by Fred C.

However, the tools and methods used to predict and control fluid movement in the subsurface need significant improvement. Practitioners and regulators must develop novel methods to achieve an advanced understanding of treatment mechanisms. Remediation Hydraulics addresses the need to predict and control fluid movement in the subsurface.

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It demonstrates how to conduct realistic assessments of contaminant plume structure and achieve contact between injected reagents and target compounds. It describes both the advection-dispersion and continuous random walk theories of mass transport as well as explains the practical implications of each theory in remedial system design. This book provides an arsenal of relevant theories and practical applications to aid practitioners and regulators in the prediction of fluid movement in the subsurface. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Remediation Hydraulics By: Fred C.

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