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Out of curiosity then, what is the drive that tips the scales toward jeopardizing the relationships you love? Just liking variety seems like it wouldn't stand up to " loving" your family as it stands now. I am really only trying to understand. Seems like the acquisition of a variety of secret partners could bolster feelings of power? Otherwise, why not be honest with your husband and let him decide if he wants to be involved with your lifestyle? I can't say that it has anything to do with power. It is more about people who have similar lives who are enjoying each other's time. Not changing my life.

I like things just the way are. No need to change a thing. When and if he ever finds out trust will be hard to salvage. Long term consequences instead of just short term gratification. Not saying it's wrong or right but if you act on your impulses then it's fair to consider the consequences and those you put at risk. But I terribly fear hurting my guy and losing our relationship if he finds out. Cheating never occurred to me for years. I never did one night stands or short term relationships. After divorcing, I discovered how easy with social media, hookups can be.

Helped my ego in the desirability factor but not in my basic values department. My personal answer to that, is that I risk losing the relationship I very much want and value. If I ask my partner about having an open relationship, I risk revealing what I shamefully do behind his back. I fail resisting time and again. You have a very loose definition of value. You don't value someone by sexually connecting with another's genitals secretly and expect anyone to believe that you value your partner.

Nobody who does that values. Truth is, you're a selfish abuser holding your partner captive while you exploit his love. You're stealing from him. Be fair, let him go and find a woman who does value him. Observer - have you always been this way with respect to desiring variety? Is your husband okay with that? My wife is similar in her thoughts as you but has never explored another man since we have been married. I will admit the thought of it turns me on a lot.

Do you pursue more romantic relationships or is it primarily sexual? Oddly enough, I don't think I could handle my wife being emotionally involved with another man but the sexual aspect of it is just plain hot. They are lovers, and friends.

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There is a friendly emotional exchange. My lovers are in the same situation as I am. I respect their lives and they respect mine. I never thought I would cheat, but my marriage was affectionless. Then one day, a good friend, also married, gave me a hug and it lingered unexpectedly. I felt like I was seeing color for the first time in ten years. I thought about divorcing but it seems silly given that we have kids we are raising. Anyway, I've now been in this other thing for about 3 years. It causes a lot of guilt but I am so lonely without it.

All of that said, I am nothing like the people described in this article. You would never know. I stop judging people because nobody can say "I would never" So very very true. Don't judge if you've never been there. I think only those who have cheated understand. It also doesn't have to be romantic nor emotionally involved. Woh, man I'm afraid it's the guilt that locks u up in urself on a deep lonely level, that the arms of ur lover only numb Wish you all the best. Never in a million years did I think I'd ever cheat. In my 10 year marriage, the last 6 was sex free.

I expected to always be faithful. My lovers and I only want sex and kindness from one another, we don't wish to disturb ine another's lives.

Though I have friends who have sexless relationships and don't cheat when it comes to intercourse, they do howver engage in viewing porn, exchanging Erotic pics, chat, and videos and go for "special" massages. Where do we cross the line?

'My husband filmed me in the bedroom' - BBC Stories

One crosses the line when one doesn't "feel good" about what they are doing. While one is not responsible for one's mate's feelings, one is responsible for one's own feelings, emotions, and actions. Lying even by omission , cheating, etc I know what it means to be lonely. I know what it means to be unloved. I know what it means to be unappreciated. I know what it means to be cheated upon.

I know what it means to be abused, and I know what it means to be rejected by my spouse, but I don't know what it means to be dishonorable. Please advise. First of all I don't have an affair with another person this never went so far and second if you don't know my life or my situation please u don't have any right to judge me. Thank you. Ok if you truly loved him then why would you cheat? You do know he will find out? It's call karma and u have it coming to you!

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Also when he does find out you will hurt him emotionally. Don't cheat if you don't want to hurt someone. Btw you're an idiot. Variety, fun? You can have this with your partner. Go to a sex shop, role play, be creative. You don't have to cheat on your partner to have fun. Sorry, no respect for someone who cheats these days. Have the guts and decency to get out before you cheat. Karma is a bitch! I agree to the point you made about lack of self awareness. People who cheat want to be happy by getting in "uncomplicated" friendships.

They fail to see that they are ruining their long term relationship and are rather satisfied by these flings. They are shallow enough to not understand deep feelings. Hence, they keep chasing butterflies true happiness all over the field and are never able to catch it. Surprisingly, if you are content and relaxed within yourself, you might find a butterfly sitting on your shoulder Cheaters are chasers.

Chasers of a fulfillment they don't experience with their partners. What is it their partner doesn't provide takes many forms: physical or emotional intimacy, appreciation, and many others. Chasing fulfillment means feeling unconnected to how each person can only ever be the means to their own fulfillment, not others.

Some cheaters say I love my spouse, but get my physical needs met elsewhere. Posted in banned , bareback , cuckold , cuckolding , Erotic Stories , erotica , foxy and larry , gangbang , Hotwife , humorous , kinky literature , Larry Archer , Las Vegas , Miscellaneous , NSFW , sexy girls , Swinging , voyeurism , writing Tagged cheating wives , cuckold husbands , erotica with explicit sex for men and women , foxy and larry , HEA , hotwife , Larry Archer , swingers explicit sex stories 2 Comments.

Posted on December 3, by LarryArcher. Posted in adult , am writing , banned , bareback , cuckold , cuckolding , Erotic Stories , erotica , foxy and larry , gangbang , Hotwife , humorous , kinky literature , Larry Archer , Las Vegas , lesbian , masturbation , NSFW , sexy girls , Swinging , voyeurism , writing Tagged cheating wife , cheating wives , cuckold and hotwife , Erotica from Larry Archer , explicit sex and language , gloryhole , hotwife , KinkyLiterature , Larry Archer , swingers explicit sex stories 2 Comments. Posted in adult , am writing , bareback , cuckold , cuckolding , Erotic Stories , erotica , foxy and larry , gangbang , Hotwife , Larry Archer , Las Vegas , lesbian , masturbation , NSFW , sexy girls , Strip Clubs , Swinging , The Fox's Den , voyeurism , writing Tagged explicit sex for men and women , foxy and larry , girl-on-girl , graphic detail , group sex , house party , Larry Archer , novel length , swingers explicit sex stories 4 Comments.

Signup for News and Special Offers! Click here to signup. Search for:. DeepViolette Life is full of pleasure- dive deep. Some Like it Hotwife Observations on a female sex-positive midlife crisis. She agreed to answer him and to put me on the information line of the email. I was later informed by my wife that Michael had replied to her the same day, but that he took my email address off of the email.

He told her that what they discussed was none of my business and that she was not to include me in their exchanges or conversations. He already had our unlisted phone number.

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He called her after sending her the email reply. All I know for sure is that they spoke for over an hour and that Michael made arrangements to travel to our town during the upcoming weekend to meet my wife in person. My wife was rightfully scared and nervous to meet him, but he had done his best to put her at ease. They were going to meet for dinner at a nearby Casino on an Indian Reservation. It is a nice place that my wife enjoys. They would also be doing some dancing there. Previously, I had told Michael that my wife enjoys dancing, but I never take her. I also told her that she does not drink often but likes wine.

He told my wife what he wanted her to wear, exactly how to wear her long blonde hair for him, and he told her to be sure to wear her wedding ring. That is all that I would learn about the events and preparation for their future encounter. I sat in my hotel room anxious beyond description.

I was truly powerless. I could do nothing to help my wife through this mess that my own selfishness had created. I knew that there was nothing that I could say or do to make the situation better. My wife, the woman I had loved for more than two decades, was now at the mercy of a complete stranger. My wife called me on Saturday before she left the house. She was upset but doing her best not to cry and make her make up run.

I told her that I was very sorry and that I loved her. She said that she knew that, but that she did not know if she could ever forgive me for putting us in this situation. She told me that Michael told her that she could keep her cell phone with her to give her a sense of safety, but not to take any calls from me while they were together. With those words, she hung up the phone.

I sat alone in my hotel room and waited to hear back from her. Hours passed. I resisted the urge to call my wife, not wanting to make the situation worse than it already was for her. My imagination ran wild thinking about the things that Michael could be doing to my sweet , lovely wife. I felt overwhelming regret for what I had do. As the clock passed midnight sleep was out of the question. After what seemed like a lifetime, it was dawn: still no phone call. I cold no longer resist. I called her number. There was no answer.

In a panic, I was now beginning making plans to get back home to check on her. I am alright. I will call you tomorrow. Call the police and tell them what was going on? I had no evidence that my wife did not send the message herself or that she was being harmed. The reality of the situation was that any risk she faced was completely of my doing. By this point, I could not help myself from calling her number with increasing frequency, but to no avail.

It would ring and go to her voice mail. He told me to not to say a word and to listen. You did not appreciate her years of loyalty and devotion to you. You had to dwell on the past.

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Because of your weakness and insecurity you placed her in a compromising position to bail your sorry ass out. I hope that you are happy now. This is what you wanted. The phone went silent, but the connection was still good. I heard some unclear sounds. My heart pounded, and sank as I realized what my wife was doing.

Suck it deep. You little white cocksucker. Get on your back bitch. Spread those nice legs for me. Yeah, just like that. Tell me what you want slut.

Do U Even Hotwife?

Please, please give it to me again. You own my pussy. Let me feel it inside again. Ooooooh, yeeeesssss. Like that babe!