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In other words, it is improvements in your overall lifestyle. No doubt most people try meditation to cope with the pressures of modern life or as a stress busting program, the spiritual evolution comes inevitably. Meditation takes the practitioner from activity into silence. The silence of pure awareness is Spiritual bliss as well as your connection with the Creator. There is constant communication between your mind and body. Whatever your mind imagines and believes it signals the body accordingly and the body will respond by manifesting the thoughts or the orders of the subconscious mind.

So if you picture disease for yourself — you are likely to manifest it into your life. By visualizing yourself as a healthy and happy person, you are telling your body to be so. Doing it through meditation is that simple, yet so very profound. Almost all of us have noticed the Olympic athletes closing their eyes before the actual event, doing it mentally and then going ahead. It is proving beyond doubt that there is Mind — Body connection. It is not easy to realize the benefits of meditation — whether for healing or for any other benefit that you are looking for.

While for some, simple benefits such as a reduction in stress may happen quickly, but spiritual enlightenment may not happen so soon. But do not despair, it is only when one has established a daily and regular practice one can begin to expect the benefits of meditation available to us all. It must be consistent with full faith and devotion. If you do not adhere to the principles of meditation, it will remain forever simply a form of exercise and relaxation. Do not set very difficult or multiple goals in the beginning. You may start with general visualization to stay healthy and shape and then move to improve your immune system.

Once your practice improves and as you become regular with your healing meditation practice you can start to work with more serious problems. You will begin to achieve results to improve your level of health if not a total cure. Healing with the help of positive energies has been a proven form of treatment which has been recognised for over a thousand years in the east.

However, western medical sciences have just woken up to this amazing concept of spiritual healing, and have brought it to good use. The spiritual healing energies , or Chi and Prana as they are better known as, are known to emanate from the consciousness of the healer travelling to the consciousness of the affected.

These energies can flow across any distance and successful treatment can be administered across miles. It is a form of positive energy which improves the natural healing process of the affected.

Thus, it helps the body to recover within a shorter period of time. It has been successfully used to accelerate the recovery process from serious illnesses such as cancer and is also known to neutralise the harmful side effects of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Spiritual healing does not require an affiliation to any particular religious practice.

It is a simple form of treatment which is used along with conventional treatment procedures for improved results.

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  • What is spiritual healing used for?.

Most often, the concept of spiritual healing is confused with that of counselling. One of the authors, Edzard Ernst, is known to be very conservative in assessing studies of CAM reports. Their conclusions that further studies of healing are warranted is a vote of confidence in the distant healing research they reviewed.

This meta-analysis also lends credence to the anecdotal reports of a large number of people availing themselves of healing treatments and praying for healing, as well as the growing numbers of anecdotal clinical reports from doctors referring to healers. It suggests that they are engaging in a beneficial therapy, not just wishful thinking, religious ritual as rote practice, or placebo therapy.

In Healing Research Benor, a; b , my analysis of 52 rigorous studies of both touch and distant healing found 39 75 percent demonstrating significant effects. Surveys of Healees. While randomized, controlled trials are considered the gold standard for research, patient satisfaction with treatment is another important measure of its benefits. Reviews of five patient satisfaction surveys in England, Holland and Iceland showed that 79 to 91 percent of respondents felt healing was of some benefit.

This clearly exceeds the percents that would be expected if healing were merely a placebo. Non-Human Subjects.

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  4. Skeptics may suggest that healing can be nor more than a placebo, despite the best human healing research to date. This alternative is difficult to maintain in the face of extensive studies of healing effects on animals, plants, bacteria, yeasts, cells in vitro, enzymes, and DNA, many of which show highly significant effects. General Summary. Clinical experience suggests that healing is excellent for treating stress states and anxiety.

    Healees almost uniformly relax during healing treatments. They may flush, doze, and lose their sense of time. As discussed above, research confirms healing is effective in relieving short-term, state anxiety, pain, depression, and grief. Healing may also facilitate releases of repressed emotions that contribute to causing and maintaining anxiety, depression and pain.

    My clinical experience is that healing can contribute to medication therapy by potentiating the effects of all medications and by reducing side effects. I often recommend to clients that they pray over their own medications as they are taking them. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well many people receive this suggestion. Part of its appeal may be in introducing a sense of empowerment and participation in a situation where many people feel powerless — even to the point of rebellion and non-compliance.


    What is spiritual healing used for?

    In contrast, I have been disappointed though not surprised at the response of physicians and drug company representatives, whose preference in treating side effects of one medication is to prescribe other medications to control the side effects of the first one. Healing for Anxiety and Emotional Trauma. I can share from my recent personal experience with severe hip and thigh pain after a fall from a bicycle, exacerbated by lifting a heavy suitcase. Healing helped directly to alleviate some of the pain.

    What was far more helpful were the memories, elicited through healing, of early childhood lack of attention from my mother. These feelings resonated with the anxieties I had after the hip injury, which required that I take several days of sick leave at a time when there was no one near to help care for me. I did not make the connection until I had the healing. In my work as a psychotherapist I often find that behind current problems of anxiety, depression, and pain there may lie memories of earlier traumas that resonate strongly with the current ones.

    In some instances it seems very likely that patients allowed themselves to develop their current symptoms as a way to release the old, buried hurts. This is seen most clearly in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders.

    Spiritual healing health benefits

    For instance, children who were sexually abused may exhibit grossly inappropriate, provocative sexual behaviors, obsessively and compulsively re-enacting their emotional traumas in various ways. With less intense traumas we may have similar experiences. In retrospect, I can speculate that my unconscious mind contributed to my hip and thigh injuries as a way of releasing the repressed emotional pains from my childhood.

    Early research of healing for depression is discussed above. As with any treatment, there are always non-responders. One innovative English healer persisted with several patients who had not improved with healing from several different healers, over many months.

    He invited small groups of healers to send distant healing to these previously unresponsive patients, while at the same time the patients were also praying for healing. Most of these, including the wife of a physician who had been severely depressed, reported distinct improvement. While I have no formal data to confirm this, my clinical impression is that prayer may reduce the incidence of side effects from antidepressants. Healing for Addictions. While healing has not been studied extensively as a treatment for addictions, it is so frequently helpful for treating anxiety and depression — both found frequently in addicts — that it is reasonable to expect it should be of help in addictions.

    A study of absent healing as an adjunct to clinic treatment of alcoholism Walker did not find beneficial effects on drinking behavior. Healing is an excellent treatment for pain. Relief may be obtained within minutes in some cases, even with chronic conditions. In others, repeated treatments over a period of weeks and months may be needed to obtain maximal benefits.

    Occasionally, pain is increased in the first session or two. This is considered a positive prognostic sign by healers, who interpret it as a mobilization of stagnant or blocked energies that are on their way to being resolved. Healing may significantly reduce the need for pain medication. This is a blessing in itself, and may also reduce the side effects of pain medications. When to Give Healing. Healing is often given as a treatment of last resort, after all conventional interventions have failed. This is regrettable, because healers uniformly state their treatments are more effective when given early in the course of an illness.

    It appears that bioenergetic interventions may be able to arrest the progress of an illness or even to reverse it before it becomes chronic. Once it has been present for a long time, it is much more difficult for healers to bring about definitive changes, although they may be able to provide symptomatic relief. Healing is a safe intervention when used judiciously. There are no known deleterious or dangerous effects of healing. Testimony to this is the annual cost of malpractice insurance for healers in England, who pay less than 10 pounds Sterling for coverage equivalent to that for which physicians pay 1, and more pounds per year.

    Used injudiciously, healing could be harmful indirectly.

    What is Spiritual Healing

    There have been instances in which people discontinued conventional therapies such as insulin or hormone therapies, believing themselves to be cured of their diseases by healing, with disastrous results. Postponing known effective treatments while a course of healing is given might put a person at risk of their illness progressing beyond a point that the conventional therapy could be effective.

    With integrative care, combining conventional diagnosis and treatment with CAM therapies, this need not be a danger. Healing is a gift, like playing the piano. Some are born with strong, innate abilities; most may improve significantly with deliberate practice; others may never achieve success despite sincere desire and intensive efforts. There is a broad spectrum of courses and schools for healing.

    At the rigorous end are schools that offer two to four years of instruction, with experiential and supervised learning. At the other polarity, there are weekend courses in methodologies with no supervised practice. There are no broadly accepted standards for training or certification, and healing is not a licensed therapy in any state.

    432 Hz - Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul - DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music

    Gifted, natural healers who have had no instruction whatsoever may be excellent healers. Graduates of the most rigorous programs may be mediocre healers. Selecting a healer is very much like selecting a psychotherapist. It is helpful to have personal recommendations from people you know and respect. No type or amount of training can predict the subtle vibrational resonations that will be conducive to compatibility between healer and healee, nor do we have any way to predict which healer will be the best for any given person.

    Even healers with outstanding treatment records may have no response in treating some people. Conversely, the most inexperienced novice healer may occasionally produce outstanding results. Again, as with psychotherapy, minimal or no progress with one healer does not say that working with another healer will produce no results. Some who offer healing within religious settings claim that faith is required for healing. This may be true for members of these religions who hold to this belief.

    Repentance and absolution may be necessary for their healing. That this is not universally true is suggested by the highly significant healing effects in studies with mice, rats, hamsters, bacteria, yeasts, cells in vitro, enzymes and DNA.

    Introduction to Spiritual Healing

    While it may be easy to conceptualize a study where the effects of healing by healers holding to these beliefs are tested in a controlled study, it may be extremely difficult to differentiate beliefs from healing expectancy effects. Spiritual healing offers a safe option for treating almost every known illness. Where there is no urgency for other interventions, healing may be a treatment of first choice due to its lack of side effects.

    Within the framework of holistic medicine, healing is an excellent complement to other conventional and CAM therapies. Barnett, Libby. Chambers, Maggie. Rochester, VT: Healing Arts. Benor, D. Intuitive diagnosis, Subtle Energies , 3 2 , Spiritual Healing: A unifying influence in complementary therapies, Complementary Therapies in Medicine , 3 4 , Spiritual healing and psychotherapy, The Therapist , 1 4 , , www.

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