The Bright Side of the World of Spirits: Spirit World, what is it like?

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Angel orbs are more than just simple balls of light; they're much more complex. Viewed up close, angel orbs feature intricate patterns of geometric shapes, as well as colors that reveal the different characteristics in the auras of the angels who are traveling within them. While most spirit orbs contain the energy of holy angels, some may contain the demonic energy of fallen angels from the evil side of the spiritual realm.

That's why it's important to always test the identity of spirits you encounter to protect yourself from danger. The world's most popular religious text, the Bible , warns that fallen angels under the command of Satan sometimes try to deceive people by appearing to them in the form of beautiful light.

Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light," the Bible says in 2 Corinthians Orbs from holy angels radiate feelings of love, joy, and peace. If you feel afraid or upset in the presence of an orb, that's a key warning sign that the spirit inside isn't one of God's holy angels. Spirit orbs may contain ghosts, as well as angels, some people believe. Opinions differ on whether ghosts are human souls who appear like angels after they die , or whether ghosts are manifestations of demons fallen angels. The spirits inside orbs usually have good intentions, but it's wise to be discerning around orbs as it is with any type of paranormal or supernatural phenomenon and to pray for guidance.

White orbs appear more often than colored orbs, and that makes sense because guardian angels travel in white orbs, and guardian angels are present with people more than any other type of angel. If a guardian angel appears to you inside an orb, it may be to simply encourage you that you are loved and cared for, or it may be to inspire you to have faith when you're going through challenging circumstances. The Umbra of the Old World of Darkness was a big example of the anything goes version. The Hedge is sometimes percived as this for Changeling, as well as Arcadia.

Shadowrun magicians can project themselves to the Astral Plane. Earthdawn : the most powerful mages can project themselves to the Astral Plane. It is much more dangerous than Shadowrun , due in large part to the Horrors that make the place their home. Gloranthan characters enter Hero Quests on the God Plane and take on roles in myths to gain insights or magical power.

Video Games. In Bayonetta , the world is divided in a "trinity of realities", which includes the realms of light Paradiso , dark Inferno and chaos our world. The neutral ground between these is Purgatorio, basically our world but through a spiritual lenses: whoever is here can't be seen by normal people though they can affect the normal world just the same , and it is here that the witches and sages interact with the demons and angels, respectively. With it being possibly also the only way to normally access the other realms, it is basically the hub of everything supernatural in the games.

Prey uses this as a plot element. After protagonist Tommy's grandfather dies, and Tommy himself has a near-death experience, he's pulled into the Spirit World to meet his grandfather again and learn how to spirit-walk. Dragon Age has The Fade, where demons and other spirits rule.

The Discerning of Spirits

The spirits of earthly humans and elves go there in dreams. Mages can also enter The Fade using special rituals, but must be wary against demonic possession. While souls can be trapped in The Fade beyond death by particularly powerful spirits or demons, the dead do not generally go there. Not even the spirits know what lies beyond, though many, perhaps because their kind subsides on the positive or in the case of demons negative thoughts and emotions of mortals, believe in the god s of mortal religions. The Chantry teaches the Maker made his home in the Fade in the Golden City which acted as a Heaven for the faithful, and that the creation of the Darkspawn was the result of corrupt mages trying to literally storm heaven and turning the Golden City into the Black City.

Spirit World

This is what the Chantry believes, anyway. Jade Empire has multiple heavens and other spirit realms. Magical Diary has The Other World, home to all manner of supernatural beings.

They are known as "Silent Realms" and are pretty dang creepy areas where pretty much everything is hostile this isn't to say the Zeldaverse spirits are an inherently hostile bunch, these particular spirits are testing Link. It's probable that the Silent Realms are parts of the Sacred Realm, the original resting place of the Triforce, because the place the Triforce is found looks and behaves exactly the same, except for the psychotic guardians.

As such, there are a number of "necropolises" there, composed of the collective expectations of various religions, etc. Also, guilty souls get to spend some time in the Anti-life until they come to terms with themselves, and virtuous souls have the option of becoming one with ARIENDEEN, the god of light. The Shrine of Farewell from Hellsinker is an unusual take on this trope.

The best way to describe is as an spiritual dump where heroes considered unworthy of preservation and generally stuff no-one wants anything to do with end up. In Kult: Heretic Kingdoms , the protagonist and other mages can transition at will between the normal world and the Dreamworld, which is full of spirits and other weird things. Typically, mages can only stay there for a limited amount of time, although an optional Attunement exists which changes this. You may, for example, stumble on werewolf spies lurking in Corwenth's war camp, invisible to all the soldiers.

The Elder Scrolls series has several flavors of this trope. To note: Aetherius is the realm of magic and is sometimes referred to as the "Immortal Plane", in contrast to Mundus, the mortal plane.

It is thought to be the origin of the et'Ada, or "original spirits", who would go on to become the series' various deities. Most Tamriellic religions teach that, unless a soul is bound to the mortal world or claimed by another deity such as a Daedric Prince , the souls of the deceased continue to live on in this realm as spirits. Magic is said to flow these holes into Mundus, allowing it to be used by mortals.

It is possible for mortals to travel here, though it requires great effort. During the last 1st Era, the Reman Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion were in a "space race" to survey and claim parts of Aetherius.

Spirit World - TV Tropes

The efforts left the Empire with the Royal Imperial Mananauts. Oblivion is the "infinite void" surrounding Mundus. The Daedric Princes make their home here, each having their own plane of Oblivion that is also part of their very being. There are said to be countless other realms of Oblivion as well, large and small, ruled by different beings or existing in pure chaotic states. Mortals who pledged themselves into the service of a specific Daedric Prince can have their souls claimed by the Prince in question.

Their soul goes to the Prince's realm where they will serve the Prince for eternity. Souls can end up in one of the planes of Oblivion involuntarily as well, such as if they are slain by a specific weapon or die while afflicted by a certain disease.

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The Soul Cairn is one of the planes of Oblivion, created and ruled by the Ideal Masters, formerly mortal sorcerers who entered Oblivion as Energy Beings through an unknown means. The Ideal Masters are most infamous for their trafficking in souls , especially "Black" sapient souls. All souls trapped in soul gems end up in the Soul Cairn and are considered property of the Ideal Masters. The Soul Cairn thus serves as an eternal prison to these souls, being damned to walk its desolate path for eternity. The Masters themselves see this as a blessing , seeing it as a place of eternal peace that removes souls from the Vicious Cycle of death and rebirth.

Example of Seers in the Bible

In Tak and the Power of Juju , one of the levels is a spirit world that Tak has to traverse in order to find the spirit of Lok so that he can be resurrected. Web Comics.

She said to look at the number plate of the car in front. Butterflies Butterflies are amazing creatures, their colours are just beautiful but they are not around for very long, like us we cannot live forever here on earth. When you see a butterfly, sometimes it means a transformation has taken place, a sign from a loved one that they have transformed over to the other side.

In Chinese legend seeing a butterfly can mean a soul has come to see you from the other side, so if a face or a voice comes into your mind it is the soul of that person acknowledging you and letting you know that they are around you. Often we will find a feather that comes from nowhere. At one of my shows recently I was talking to a lady in the audience and her husband came through. I said to her that he keeps showing me a white feather that he will give to you which will be a sign from him.

At that moment, out of the blue a feather floated down from the ceiling and fell just in front of her.

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Everyone could see it as the stage lights were very bright. We were all blown away! She has since been to another show and spoke to me afterwards to tell me that this sign had changed her life completely and she was able to move forward knowing that he was ok and was there around her. Often when spirit is around us we see a shadow very quickly. Also we may see the spirit of our animals as they go to the other side. Sound on the other side is a very different vibration to the sound on earth and you need to really tune in to what you are hearing from the spirit would, which takes practice!

I often call myself the switchboard operator for the other side or the translator.

Last year, I was talking to around people at a spiritual festival. I asked everyone to turn their phones off. After my talk had ended and I was leaving the room, a man stopped me. He seemed shocked and wanted to show me something.