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Not rated yet The cunning Wolf : Once, a hungry wolf searched for food all over the forest. Not rated yet The Cricket and the Ants : It was summer and the cricket sat on an ear of wheat happily singing and enjoying the sun. He felt extremely sorry … The Correct Solution. Not rated yet The Coconut : Once, a miser went to buy a coconut. Not rated yet The clever Mouse : A small mouse was feeling mischievous.

Just then, he saw a big bull sleeping … Click here to write your own. The clever Merchant. Not rated yet The Clever Merchant : One rainy night, two men entered a guest house to rent rooms. He worked hard the whole day. All the speakers agreed on the fact that … The Art of telling-truth. Not rated yet The Art of telling-truth : A rich merchant was a heart patient. Once, … Sweet Truth. Not rated yet Sweet Truth : It was the lion king's birthday.

Then with gifts, they all … Snake among the frogs. Not rated yet Snake among the frogs : Once, a large number of frogs lived happily in a well. He was carrying trunks full of gold … Selecting the treasurer. Not rated yet Selecting the treasurer : Once, the old treasurer of a king died. Not rated yet Revenge of fox: Once a hungry fox entered a village.

Not rated yet Pride takes a fall. Gods were so happy with his devotion that they gave him various … Plan of Kishan. Not rated yet Plan of Kishan : Kishan was a poor farmer. As Kishan was going … Patience Pays. Not rated yet Patience Pays : Once, a king had announced that anyone who wanted the post of personal assistant must meet him. Not rated yet Never blame God: Once, there was a large forest.

There were oak, seesham, walnut, apple, neem and peepal … Maria the foolish girl. Not rated yet Maria the foolish girl : Maria was a girl, who always forgetting things. She used to lose a lot of toys, pencils, colours … Look where you walk. Not rated yet Look where you walk. Day and night he kept himself busy studying the positions of the Sun, Moon, … Long Trunk of Elephant.

Not rated yet Long Trunk of Elephant : A long, long time ago, the elephants had a small trunk. Some soldiers and their commander … Click here to write your own. To remember this, he kept … Justice of the Qazi. Three brothers came to him and said, "Our … Justice. Not rated yet Justice : Once, a cruel man killed a rich merchant. After the killing, as he was trying to escape from the dead merchant's house, he was seen by … How deserts are formed? Not rated yet How deserts are formed? The Lord, however, called man to him and gave him … How cats became pets?

Not rated yet How cats became pets? Once she observed … Hawk and Nightingale. Not rated yet Hawk and Nightingale : On a pleasant evening in spring, the breeze was blowing gently. She flew to … Green Gold. Not rated yet Green Gold : Rima was a beggar girl. One day a lady gave her some saplings and seeds of flower plants instead of alms and said, 'Plant these saplings … Gold for Rahman.

Not rated yet Gold for Rahman : Once, Rahman was sitting outside his hut on a hill watching the beautiful sun set. Just then, he saw something shining at a distance. Not rated yet God of Kanhayya : Kanhayya was poor but a generous man. But there was nothing left in his house to … God is Merciful. Not rated yet God is Merciful. He employed a skilled gardener to take care of … God and Man. Not rated yet God and Man : God created animals. He made some flying creatures and … Gain or Loss.

Not rated yet Gain or Loss : It was summer and there were many instances of power failures. He bought … Fruits of Labour. Not rated yet Fruits of Labour : Once, a group of fishermen went out to sea. Their leader was an old, intelligent and wise fisherman. He always guided them well. Not rated yet For a Rupee : One day Golu was passing through a forest at night. They had knives and daggers … Final Punishment. Not rated yet Final Punishment : Once, a rich and greedy man fell seriously ill.

Not rated yet Failure of cruel Wolf : Once, a very fierce and cruel wolf lived in a forest. There … Evil has an evil end. Not rated yet Evil has an evil end. The villagers used to give him alms everyday. The hermit had the habit of sharing his … Everyone is Important. Not rated yet Everyone is Important.

The cheetah had been made the army commander because … Dream comes true. Not rated yet Dream comes true. He went to the forest to make his new home … Do what you say. Not rated yet Do what you say: Once, a poor and lonely old man lived in a small village. It would be better if I … Different ways. Not rated yet Different ways : Once, an aged man was going to attend a religious gathering. As they went … Cure for the King.

Not rated yet Cure for the King : Once there was a very lazy king. He called the royal … Click here to write your own. Cleverness of Mohit. Suddenly, two men got in to the house and said, "We are your father's … Clever Monu. Not rated yet Clever Monu : Monu was a small boy. One day Monu's mother sent him to the … Clever Farmer. Not rated yet Clever Farmer : One night a clever farmer was returning home from a cattle fair. As he passed through a dense … Character remain same. Not rated yet Character remain same: Once, a cat saw a smart young boy. On the way, some people … Aman learns a lesson.

He ate a lot of sweets and chocolates. Not rated yet Advice of The Goat : Once, a villager owned a donkey and a goat. He used the donkey to carry loads of articles from the village to the city where … Ability of The Coward. Not rated yet Ability of the Coward : Once, a coward lived in a village. One day the royal messenger announced in the … A Priceless Lesson.

Every night he used to jump over the ashram's boundary wall and … A Lesson. Not rated yet A Lesson : Bittoo was a very naughty boy. A man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money … 10 steps to conquer your public speaking fear. That was a bad day for our Mr. Lion King. During his chase to catch a rabbit he sprang into a small bush from where … Why cats chase rats.

Not rated yet A Chinese Story :Why cats chase rats. Thousands of years ago, the Jade Emperor of China organized a race for animals. The first 12 animals to … The naming game. The emperor became fond of the animal … The Generous Student. Lin Piao used to absent himself from classes very often and one day the principal of the college made up his … Struck by lightning.

Not rated yet A Chinese Story :Struck by lightning. A valet was riding behind his master, the aristocratic Chen Yu. Chen Yu turned round and when he saw his … Sound advice. Not rated yet A Chinese Tale :Sound advice. A young man was working in the family garden when his older brother called out to him to come in and have lunch.

Three elderly brothers, all very short-sighted, lived in a large house on the outskirts of a city, in … Secret of Casket. On her 75th birthday, Ah-ling distributed her wealth among her four sons and announced that she would spend three … Moment of Madness. There lived a man in the state of Qi who loved gold above everything else.

Nothing else could excite him as much … Gasping Grasper. China's greatest miser lay dying and he wanted to hand over the keys of his treasure house to someone who would … Chicken Feed. Duan Guangqinj was a Chinese magistrate who lived about a hundred years ago. He was famed for the fairness of his judgments. Butterfly Lovers. Long ago in China, at a time when girls were expected to stay at home and learn household work while the boys went … Uncle Spider. Not rated yet African Stories :Uncle Spider. The spider is the hero of many West African tales. Nobody knows why a spider, of all creatures, should be so honored.

Not rated yet African Stories :The three runners. In the days when whites ruled South Africa and apartheid was the law of the land, two middle-aged blacks met in … The Tailless Dassie. Long ago, the Lion was the only animal with a tail. The King of Kamera in Africa was a proud and stern man, feared by all his subjects.

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One day while sitting in … The Root of the Matter. Not rated yet African Stories :The root of the matter. A porcupine came and asked a dog for food. The dog said he had no food but showed him a field of sugarcane … Friends Forever. Not rated yet African Stories of: Friends Forever. A mouse and a frog were friends. But not till last week did the chance come to visit it. When I … A game of chance. Not rated yet A game of chance : Every year on the occasion of Eid, there was a fair in our village.

Grandpa's house was near the beautiful blue sea. Not rated yet Courage : Once some country dogs were passing through a town. They were happily moving around when a large number of town dogs made a fierce attack … Expert Detectives. But did you see how thin he … Fair Play. So strong was their bond of friendship that when either of them went away from … Free Gannu. Not rated yet Free Gannu : Let us read and find out how Gannu finds a family and what follows.

Beni Ram found Gannu sitting close to her mother's body. Her hair was so shiny and … How the dog found himself a Master! Not rated yet How the dog found himself a Master! He lived with his elder brother in his shop, which … Reward for Taro. Not rated yet Reward for Taro: A young woodcutter named Taro lived with his mother and father on a lonely hillside. All day long he chopped wood in the forest. Not rated yet Tansen : You may have heard the name of Tansen — the greatest musician our country has produced.

A singer called Mukandan Misra and his wife … Click here to write your own. Not rated yet The ashes that made trees bloom : In the old days of the daimios, there lived an old couple whose only pet was a little dog. Having no children, they … The Banyan Tree. Not rated yet The Banyan tree The fight of the cobra and the mongoose is a classic drama often seen in India and the outcome is largely the same. The mongoose … The friendly mongoose. Not rated yet The friendly mongoose : Once a farmer and his wife lived in a village with their small son.

They loved him very much. Not rated yet The grand chapatti contest: In the biggest, grandest palace in India, there once lived a king who hardly ever got angry. He did not get angry … The Monkey and the Crocodile. Not rated yet The Monkey and the Crocodile Once, on the bank of a river, a monkey made a home for himself in a tree laden with fruit. Can't talk, can't dance! It was a small toy to entertain him.

Not rated yet The Victory Tower : Every fort has a story to tell and has seen many ups and downs in its history. Sleep is a state of rest — an unconscious … Three Questions. Not rated yet Three Questions : The thought came to a certain king that he would never fail if he knew three things.

These three things were: What is the right … Treasure of the Shepherd. Not rated yet Treasure of the Shepherd In a village in Iran there once lived a shepherd. He was very poor. He did not have even a small cottage of his own. Share this with your friends. Do you sometimes feel that it is difficult being … Wait for a day. Not rated yet Wait for a day : Here is a story about a little boy named Schatz who thinks he is going to die and waits for his death, which is nowhere near him!

What will happen if it doesn't rain for many years? Once a little mouse entered the den of a lion. The lion became very angry to see him there. Patrick never did homework. He played hockey and basketball and Nintendo instead. They arranged a grand party to celebrate … Tricksters Humbled. Four travelers once asked an old woman to keep a little bundle for them and told her to give it back only when … The key to Heaven. A sage who performed miracles had come to their village. Every morning and evening … The Irreverent Devotee. Fool of the Year contest was open to all the courtiers of King Krishnadeva Raya.

The King's mother died before she could eat the mango she had asked for. And some wily courtiers convinced the … The boy wonder. Not rated yet The boy wonder : A Raman Story When Raman was a boy, his neighbor once took him to the house of a rich and powerful landlord. One was a farmer and the other was a village elder.

Raman's list of fools. Not rated yet Raman's list of fools : A Raman Story. Once while traveling, Raman found himself in the company of a group of soldiers. Mulla Nasruddin once took up a job as a coachman and one day he had to drive his employer to a disreputable … The relatives of donkey. Not rated yet The relatives of donkey : A Mulla Story. Hodja was on his way to the market with a basketful of vegetables which he had loaded on his donkey.

Mulla Nasruddin was once brought before a judge by a man to whom he owed some money. The creditor said … The Mulla in Muddle. Once at a crossroad, Mulla Nasruddin Hodja saw a portly nobleman riding towards him. A rich man showed Nasruddin Hodja the coffin he had got made for himself. He wanted Hodja to … Sweet quarrels. One day Mulla Nasruddin quarreled with his wife. A horse race was about to be held and the contestants were being lined up. One evening, a man carrying a can of milk stopped Mulla Nasruddin Hodja in the street and said he had a problem and … Hodja the King. Hodja, deep in thought was walking down a road near the palace when he bumped into a man.

One day Hodja met an acquaintance in the street. Hodja had a dream. One day Hodja's neighbor asked him to write a letter for him. One evening, Nasruddin Hodja's wife saw her husband walking up and down the verandah in great agitation. Not rated yet Hodja is relieved : A Mulla Story. One day two men came running to Hodja's house. Hodja often felt an urge to sit on the … Holy House. Hodja once lived in a rented house.

The building was old and whenever there was a strong wind, its … Click here to write your own. Nasruddin Hodja went to a tailor with a piece of cloth and asked the tailor to stitch him a … Hodja and Scholar. Nasruddin Hodja ferrying a scholar across a river said something ungrammatical to him. Nasruddin Hodja was trying to raise a fire by blowing at the glowing embers of coal in the fireplace. Nasruddin Hodja took his donkey to the market place and sold it for 30 dinars. Nasruddin Hodja was tilling his patch of land when a hunter came riding up.

Byun-soon, Dael-soon and Hae-soon were three sisters. Not rated yet Mythological Story : The origin of Coconut Tree King Trishanku was a saintly man whose one great desire was to ascend bodily into heaven. He had … The man who could not die. Not rated yet Mythological Story : The man who could not die. Eros was the son of Aphrodite, goddess of love, and was always at her side to assist her in her matchmaking … The gift of Fire.

Fire being so important to us, it is not surprising that several mythologies of the world contain references … The Dowry. One day Mahadev saw four men coming to his abode. Many tales are told about Neptune the Roman god of the sea. Neptune was said to be one of … Summer Madness. One morning when the sage Jamadagni stepped out of his ashram he found that the sun was unusually hot.

Ravana once went to challenge Surya, the Sun-God, to a fight. Balder was the god of light in Norse mythology. Kubera, god of wealth, had become arrogant. One day he decided to host an extravagant feast for the … When truth dawned. Not rated yet When truth dawned : A Zen Tale Ryokan, the Zen teacher, was requested by his sister-in-law to come to her house and talk to her son. A young student of Zen happened to break a precious vase belonging to his teacher. The great Zen teacher, Benzei had many pupils. One day, one of them was caught stealing by his fellow-students and they … Click here to write your own.

Overcoming anger. Help me get rid of it. Not rated yet Making a difference : A Zen Tale. Ryokan was a Zen teacher of repute. One day a fisherman saw him walking on the beach soon after a storm. On … Wonderful Christmas gift. Not rated yet Modern Stories : Wonderful Christmas gift. Ann and her mother had lived in a small unattractive cottage as long as Ann could remember.

It was … Tikku and the rats. Not rated yet Modern Stories : Tikku and the rats. Tikku hated rats. His mother had told him how rats brought disease and sickness wherever they went. A lone traveler was passing through a desert on a hot day. He was tired, feeling thirsty and hungry too. At … The three sons of the King. Not rated yet Modern Stories : The three sons of the King. Once there lived a king called Ralph. He had three sons.

The first son was Sam. The second was John … The secret of work. Not rated yet Modern Stories : The secret of work. Once upon a time there lived a king in southern India named Sri Rana Charya. Sheila was in the 2nd grade. She missed her old school … The Mule. Not rated yet Modern Stories : The Mule. Once upon a time there was a farmer.

He had a mule. That mule was old and of no use. One day that mule fell in the … The missing sweetmeat. Not rated yet Modern Stories : The missing sweetmeat. Not rated yet Modern Stories : The magic hole. Penny was a little girl who lived in Alaska. It was ice-cold there. She kept praying that she wish she could … The lost ball. Not rated yet Modern Stories : The lost ball. Also the 10 best Zen stories that are most inspiring and memorable.

Zen master stories that illustrate important truths. Story time - witty tales - humorous stories. List of wise and witty stories which teach us something about life and human nature. Once a gentle man was traveling in a train. He felt thirsty and got down at a station in search of water. There was a small island named Tanaiya. In the middle there was a beautiful lake of crystal clear water. By … Sleepovers. Not rated yet Modern Stories : Sleepovers. Daisy is the new girl at the school. Most of her classmates are friendly, except for bossy, stuck-up Chloe.

A collection of stories from around the world. Kevin was eagerly waiting for his holidays. His mother kept on hinting there would be a big surprise for him during … Count the Blessings, Not the Curses. A boy used to cry for new costly shoes. It was a dark and stormy night. The whole of Greentown was covered by dark clouds. Once upon a time there lived a beautiful old lady in a small hamlet. When the sun set the old lady … Click here to write your own. A mysterious memory. Not rated yet Modern Stories : A mysterious memory Though it is one of the faded memories of my life today, there are times when I remember his face clearly, especially … A little friend.

Not rated yet Modern Stories : A little friend. During his chase to catch a rabbit he sprang into a small bush from … What the drop taketh! Not rated yet Birbal Stories : What the drop taketh! The anecdotes of Emperor Akbar and his trusted aide Birbal are entertaining as well as enlightening. Once, … The well dispute. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: The well dispute. Once there was a complaint at King Akbar's court. There were two neighbors who shared their garden. In … The True King.

Akbar came to the throne when he was only thirteen years old. In the years that followed, he built on of the greatest … The musical genius. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: The musical genius. Famous musicians once gathered at Akbar's court for a competition. The one who could capture a bull's interest … The loyal gardener.

Not rated yet Birbal Stories: The loyal gardener. One day the Emperor Akbar stumbled on a rock in his garden. He was in a foul mood that day and the accident … The jealous courtiers. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: The jealous courtiers. One day Emperor Akbar was inspecting the law and order situation in the kingdom. One of his ministers, … Thechoice of Birbal. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: The choice of Birbal.

One day Emperor Akbar asked Birbal what he would choose if he were given a choice between justice and a gold … The Blind Saint. There lived a saint in an ashram in the kingdom of Emperor Akbar. He was believed to prophecy the future correctly. Use imagination in it. Raja Birbal had requested … Limping Horse. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Limping Horse. Veterinarians who were called found nothing … Just One Question. One Day a scholar came to the court of Emperor Akbar and challenged Birbal to answer his questions and thus prove … Identify the guest. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Identify the guest.

Birbal had been invited to lunch by a rich man. Birbal went to the man's house and found him in a hall full … Half the reward. He was an intelligent young man. Once when Akbar went hunting … Cooking the Khichdi. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Cooking the Khichdi. It was winter. The ponds were all frozen. At the court, Akbar asked Birbal, "Tell me Birbal! Will a man … Birbal Turns Tables. Emperor Akbar was narrating a dream. The dream began with Akbar and Birbal walking towards each other on … Birbal the Wise. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Birbal the Wise.

Ram and Sham both claimed ownership of the same mango tree. One day they approached Birbal and asked him to settle … Birbal The Servant. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Birbal The Servant One day Akbar and Birbal were riding through the countryside and they happened to pass by a cabbage patch. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Birbal the child. Birbal arrived late for a function and the emperor was displeased. Birbal's sweet reply. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Birbal's sweet reply.

One day the Emperor Akbar startled his courtiers with a strange question. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Birbal shortens Road The Emperor Akbar was traveling to a distant place along with some of his courtiers. It was a hot day and the … Birbal returns home.

Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Birbal returns home. Birbal was in Persia at the invitation of the king of that country. Parties were given in his honor and rich … Birbal Outwits Cheat. A farmer and his neighbor once went to Emperor Akbar's court with a complaint. Not rated yet Birbal Stories: Birbal Is Brief One day Akbar asked his courtiers if they could tell him the difference between truth and falsehood in three words … Birbal Identifies Thief.

One fine morning, a minister from Emperor Akbar's court had gathered in the assembly hall. Birbal was missing. He and the emperor had a quarrel and Birbal had stormed out of the palace vowing never … The Greedy Crow. Once upon a time there was a fine pigeon who used to live on a nest close to a kitchen. Tenali Raman English Short Stories. Tales of humor - a collection of witty tales of comic poet Tenali Ramakrishnan.

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Mullah Nasruddin Stories for Kids. Arabian nights stories for kids. Arabian nights stories download. Arabian nights stories pdf format. Jataka tales online. Jataka stories. Jataka tales pdf. Jataka tales in hindi. Humor Story - Some of the funniest stories and jokes I've ever read! Grandparents stories Grandma stories … The Seventh Voyage. I had decided to settle down because I was much older now. But alas! As we set sail we had a calm sea. Some merchants made them ready to be my companions.

We soon set sail. My wandering heart led me to take another voyage on a merchant ship. After a delicious feast, the guests were eager to … The First Voyage. He left behind considerable wealth. We were three brothers who loved each other very much. I married and got myself a beautiful wife. He had a loving family and had all necessities of life provided for. The kingdom stretched all the way from Persia to China. Amazing animal stories. Animal stories for kids. Animal stories larry lujack.

True animal stories. Animal short … You can not please everyone. Not rated yet A man and his son were once going with their Donkey to market. As they were walking along by its side a countryman passed them and said : "You fool, … Who bell The Cat? Not rated yet A rat and its big family were living in a baker's shop. They scraped the buns and cakes in the bakery. Both of them claimed to be stronger.

At last they agreed to have a trial of strength. You have so dull feathers. Look at the fine colours of my feathers. It looked for food here and there. But it couldn't get any. He saw a monkey on a tree. The Country Mouse one day invited his friend to come and see him at his home in the fields.

The … A friend in need is a friend indeed. Not rated yet Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. One day after a heavy meal. It was sleeping under a tree. African folktales for children. African myths. African folktales for kids. African folklore. Classics stories for kids; Classics children's stories.

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  6. Classics short stories. Classics disney stories. Classics love stories. Birbal stories in Hindi. Birbal stories pdf format. Birbal stories with moral. Birbal stories … Timidity. Rabbits are among the most timid of animals. The rabbits of a colony once had a meeting to discuss this trait of theirs. A gnat, annoyed with a lion, for disturbing its sleep with its roaring, stung the beast on its snout. The … The Sea pleads helplessness. A shipwrecked man struggled mightily against the waves and was finally cast ashore, more dead than alive. The Oil Lamp Humbled. An oil-lamp, observing how well it was lighting up the area around it, was filled with pride.

    An idol-maker had to deliver an idol to a customer. He placed it on his donkey's back and they started on … The Foolish Dog. There was once a dog that used to run up quietly behind people and bite their heels. Fed up of the numerous … The Clever Sheep. One day a wolf cornered a sheep. A sick stag was lying in a corner, helpless and weak. He was glad he had collected enough grass to last him … Speedy Rabbit. A dog spotted a rabbit and started chasing him, but the rabbit got away. Seeing this, a goat stopped to gloat. Yet … Plane Truth. Two travelers, seeking respite from the searing heat of the midday sun, took shelter under a leafy tree.

    They soon … Pale Hunter. A man who wanted to be known as a fearless hunter set out to bag game. He found the tracks of a lion and followed … Monkey Business. A monkey climbed the roof of a house and entertained the people who had gathered below to watch it, with its antics. Nobody wants you. I am everywhere … Hanging Together. Not rated yet Hanging Together. The cranes were eating grain from his field, so the farmer set a trap and caught several of them. Among them was a stork. Not rated yet Foxy Rooster. A fox sneaked into a farm and grabbed a prize rooster.

    The farmer saw him and raised the alarm and he and his dogs started chasing … Fox in Cart. Not rated yet Fox in Cart. A fox, observing a fish cart coming, lay down and pretended to be dead. The cart man, tempted by the idea of making some money by … Defeated by Pride. Not rated yet Defeated by Pride. Two roosters fought for supremacy in the farmyard.

    Finally one was vanquished and he went and hid himself in a corner of the … Boar with Foresight. Not rated yet Boar with Foresight. A wild boar was rubbing his tusks against a tree. A fox passing by asked him what he was doing. Free, online versions of Aesop's fables. A squirrel joined the service of the King of the Forest, the lion.

    He did whatever work was given him, quickly and well. Once, a Kite's child was very ill. One day the Lion asked all the animals to come to him … Why is the dog a friend of man? Not rated yet Why is the dog a friend of man? Long, long ago the Jackal and the Dog were friends and lived in the bush. They hunted together every day. In the … Why does the hawk carry off chickens? Not rated yet Why does the hawk carry off chickens? Once, the Sun said to the Hawk, "I need some money. Please give me some. I shall give it back to you very soon. Not rated yet Why the crocodile does not eat hens?

    A hen came to the river every day. She drank water there. One day the crocodile saw her and came up to her. Not rated yet Why does the chameleon shake his head? Long, long ago the Chameleon and the Dog were friends. But sometimes the Dog walked with the Man. Spider was very lazy.

    Every morning he got up at 12 0' clock, ate his breakfast and said to his wife, "I … Click here to write your own. Why do the sun and the moon live in the sky? Not rated yet Why do the sun and the moon live in the sky? Many, many years ago the Sun and the Moon lived together on the earth. Water was their best friend … Why are the fire and rain enemies? Not rated yet Why are the fire and rain enemies?

    Once upon a time there was a chief who had a beautiful daughter. Many young men wanted to marry her. But the … Which is Better? Not rated yet Which is Better? His father married another woman, Bizunesh by name. They met a lion. He said "I am hunting too. I am very, very hungry. Let us hunt together. They could not get out of the pot. So they swam round and round in the cream. They loved each other dearly. They bought the same dresses.

    They ate the same food. They were very nice children. They were very poor and always hungry. The man often went to the forest. He hid his money in a pot and put butter over it. The top part of the cave was dry and there was water in the bottom part of it. It was chicken soup.

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    He was very rich and had many wives and children. But he was not happy. She lived with her father. She was so clever that her father always asked her advice. His first wife lived in Dumbi and the second wife lived in Dala.

    40 Must Read Bedtime Books

    Many animals came at night to the lake to drink some water. He sent his men to every village. Don't play round it! And they never came to the well. They walked and walked in the bush but found nothing. She had two donkeys. Every morning she went with them down the street to the fields. There was a time when some birds and some animals lived in the sky. The Dog and the Hen lived … How did the hare get the sheep? It goes on to give ideas on how to help kids expand on the question.

    All children, and indeed all learners, use inductive reasoning to inform themselves about their world, but it usually remains inarticulated. One Woman's Inspirational Story Author: Jodee Blanco overview This powerful, unforgettable memoir chronicles how one child was shunned-and sometimes physically abused-by her classmates from elementary school through high school.

    It is an unflinching look at what it means to be the outcast, how even the most loving parents can get it all wrong, why schools are often unable to prevent disaster, and how bullying has been misunderstood and mishandled by the mental health community. You will be shocked, moved, and ultimately inspired by this harrowing tale of survival against insurmountable odds. This vivid story will open your eyes to the harsh realities and long-term consequences of bullying-and how all of us can make a difference in the lives of teens critique.

    Strategies For the C-Section Mom - A Complete Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Guide Author: Mary Beth Knight overview Whether your C-section is planned or you have one unexpectedly, you need to know about the risks, the recovery, and how to regain your fitness level postpartum--all while caring for a newborn.

    This book outlines exactly what a C-section entails, and offers you information, guidance, and advice on how to make your experience and recovery smooth and happy. A Bedtime for Bear Author: Bonny Becker overview Bear and Mouse are the best of friends but that relationship is tested when Mouse visits and spends the night at bear's house. Bear demands absolute silence when bedtime arrives but Mouse isn't fully able to grant that request. It turns into a very humorous situation and one young readers should enjoy.

    Kady MacDonald Denton's watercolor illustrations make this irresistible story even better. The author has fun with the scenario as does Bear's buddy. Mouse manages to pull a few of Bear's "strings" which should elicit a bit of laughter from your child. Too Pickley!

    Author: Jean Reidy overview This picture book is dedicated to "little gourmets everywhere". Although the child featured on the first page is hungry everything set in front of him is "too" something. It is either too wrinkly, too fruity, too fishy, too bubbly or too stringy. The list goes on and on. But after exhausting the "too" qualities of his food, the child does finally eat! Praise the Lord and pass the peanut butter!

    Hopefully the child's hilarious antics will help parents focus on the positive and bring an end to dinner table drama! It is certainly worth a try! Also this is a fun book to read aloud so even if it doesn't improve your child's eating habits it will at least make story time interesting. Let's Get a Checkup! Author: Alan Katz overview A number of little critters are waiting in Dr. Green's front office for checkups. None of them are that thrilled about the situation. Fortunately, the doctor has some tricks up his sleeve to make each patient feel right at home.

    In fact, he is so successful that now everyone wants to return right away for another exam because that way they'll get another cool sticker to wear. The message is very clear here -"Be a good patient. Don't cry or yelp. Doctors are kind and they're there to help. If is a preschooler's first experience in a doctor's office this will make it a lot easier. Check-in with Let's Get a Checkup! Teach Your Kids to Think! Author: Maria Chesley Fisk, Ph. I especially liked the practical tips for helping your kids to dissect a problem as well as the section on being a part of a family team.

    The analytic thinking section was my favorite chapter. The author suggests putting the book on the counter or in your passenger seat as a reminder to try the different tools. I need the visual cue to help me take the next step and implement these tools with my kids. Dinner for Busy Moms Author: Jeanne Muchnick overview The tagline reads "Easy Strategies for getting your family to the table" This book starts with the benefits of gathering around the table as a family then goes on to cover dinner prep and planning, organizing your pantry, and shopping.

    It also includes great resources for recipes, meal planning and more. That bummed me out. There were great reminders in this book. It includes over adventures, the relevant details for each of these places address, phone s, website, etc , driving directions as well as detailed descriptions. It includes some local history and is broken down into specific cities and areas of the county and includes some day trip ideas as an added bonus.

    I grew up in SLO so it was neat to read all of the wonderful activities that were included in this book. I read some details about one park that I have never been to. I am going to check out Francesca Park since it offers picnic spots with beautiful views of the ocean. There is upcoming information about a Children's Museum that isn't built yet - very thorough!

    All of our favorite activities are covered in this book - there are some great photos included too. The book for SLO county was also great although it was printed in so I did note a few minor changes since the publication date book notes to call ahead to confirm details since subject to change. The SB County book was printed in Whether you're suffering from an illness, a parent looking for alternatives for your children, or just curious about other options instead of Western medicine, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet can help.

    You'll be educated on everything from back pain, alternative cancer treatments, and weight loss solutions to how to improve your sleep, natural ways to treat depression, and how to decrease stress and create a better life for yourself and your family. It is simple and practical and full of information on women's issues, sleep, obesity, medical issues which include being your own advocate and more.

    Using the latest research, author Maria Chesley Fisk, Ph. The tools are divided into four sections that represent different kinds of thinking: analytical, creative, social and emotional, and practical. The chapter on Tools for Teaching Social and Emotional Thinking Skills was especially insightful since many parents struggle watching their kids go through the day to day challenges with peers. Maria walks parents through the process and gives parents and kids easy step by step tools to use in their day to day interactions.

    Mommy Mafia.? And in her hair. And the baby? And the dog? Here she reveals secrets she? Read it and fly. You will find answers to many of those questions on starting a new business and motivated to take a risk and follow your passion. See mommy cry. Solutions to the parenting problems that make you groan and sigh. Now you may be the one who wants to run - but as a parent, it's often from invasive strangers, inconsiderate parents, and well-meaning but overbearing grandparents. This book is a primer for handling every parenting pitfall - featuring true tales of "Uh-ohs!

    Etiquette expert, Elise Mac Adam doles out helpful, straightforward advice designed to put bullies in their place - whether those bullies are sandbox strong-arms, nasty neighbors, or your own little angels. Pregnancy after age 35? Genetic testing? Hypertension or diabetes before or during pregnancy Despite the high number of mothers experiencing such issues, a complex pregnancy can be not only stressful, but also profoundly lonely. You are not alone. Written by a nurse who has carried three high-risk pregnancies to term, and a physician who has devoted his career to high-risk pregnancy care, this is the expertise and empathy that women, their partners, and their caregivers need.

    Along with the numerous real-world mothers and partners who share their experiences throughout the book, the authors begin at the beginning, with conception including conception via ART and IVF. They then move through the course of a pregnancy, explaining the variety of possible risk factors, describing month-by-month testing and procedures, demystifying labor and delivery, and thoroughly addressing postpartum issues.

    Readers learn to? Obtain top-notch care and choose appropriate specialists? Understand test results? Consider birth methods and medication options? Build a solid support system? Soothe emotions through journaling, communication, and self-care? Cope with pregnancy loss and premies Also included are insightful discussions of bed rest periods, same-sex couples, single parenting, sex while expecting, exercise, nutrition, and alternative or complimentary health care.

    A glossary of terms and appendices providing a wealth of online and in-person support options throughout North America make this a uniquely comprehensive, caring, and wise companion to the challenges? Shearin Karres overview Cliques. Facebook Stalkers. Twitter Twits. MySpace Brats. Name-calling and showing off. Let's face it - the girl world is tough. This is your ultimate survival guide to backstabbers and bullies both in school and online. Girl guru Dr. Erika talked to more than 1, teen girls just like you to help you understand what makes mean chicks tick.

    Se features smart strategies and powerful tools. Loaded with helpful advice and true stories from girls who fought back against teasing and cyberbullying, Mean Chicks is the only book you need to feel strong, confident and triumphant. They are headed to the beach but can't get all their playthings into their suitcase. What will be left out and what will go along with them? It is a tough decision until Gracie comes up with the perfect solution.

    But, you'll have to read the book to see what it is! Also, if you are preparing for a trip and have too much stuff to go in your child's suitcase try reading this book to him or her. It might help! Aunt Mary's Rose Author: Douglas Wood overview This is a charming picture book about how a rose bush links various generations of a family together. A little boy's aunt explains why the rose is so important and how she, as a little girl, took care of the plant.

    The child learns about family members, like an uncle who died in the war, whom he never met and how the memory of this beloved, departed relative lives on in the rose bush. LeUyen Pham's retro illustrations nicely complement the story's tone and make it all the more engaging. This simple rose bush has a little bit of each family member in it and, thus, it serves as a reminder of those who have passed on. If there has been a death in the family the story offers a way of honoring that person in a special manner. Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! Author: April Pulley Sayre overview This picture book follows the life of a little sea turtle from the time she hatches and leaves the nest on a Florida beach until she eventually returns to lay her own eggs.

    The turtle, with the help of some concerned humans, must not only survive the dangers of getting from her nest to the water but she has plenty of situations to avoid once she is swimming in the sea. This reissued book offers not only new illustrations but updated information on sea turtles and the conservation practices that are being used to save them. There are lots of great illustrations plus plenty of worthwhile information in this little book. Olivia and the Babies Author: adapted by Jodie Shepherd overview When Olivia sees all the attention her little brother gets when her mother takes Baby William out, the little white pig decides she's going to be a mommie too.

    Olivia takes the family's pets a dog and cat and dresses them in baby clothing and takes them out in a stroller. Sure enough, everyone remarks on how cute Olivia's babies are. But when her "babies" demand a little attention she discovers there's a lot more to being a mother than just acknowledging the praise strangers give her "little ones".

    The message here is a good one also - being a mommie isn't easy! Talking Sex With Your Kids Author: Amber Madison overview If you want to help your kids make responsible sexual choices, not only do you have to talk with them about sex, you have to do it in a way that addresses their real concerns with advice that's relevant to their lives. Now you have a unique advantage to getting through to your child as Amber Madison lets you in on what your kids are really thinking. With insider advice on how to speak frankly without giving TMI too much information , Talking Sex with Your Kids will encourage you to teach them to be safe and smart when it comes to sex.

    Talk your age 2. Use the media 3. Keep it general 4. Make it a conversation 5. Don't rush your answers 5. Know they're listening -- Sex is an issue every parent will have to address and this book makes it easier. Rex in the Library Author: Toni Buzzeo overview Tess is not having a good day and when she becomes disruptive on a visit to the library her mother calls for a ten minute "time out" period. When the little girl knocks over a bookshelf and a T. Tess has to deal with the naughty dino who is doing his best to create chaos in the library. Will Tess be able to get this unruly character under control?

    You'll have to read the book to see if she'll be successful in getting T. This is the ideal picture book that looks at this situation, why it is necessary and how a child and parent might deal with it. Bedtiming the parent's guide to getting your child to sleep at just the right age Author: Marc D. Lewis and Isabela Granic overview Are you tired of endless hours spent rocking your baby to sleep?

    Have you? Teaching your baby or toddler to sleep through the night can be a bewildering and frustrating experience. Developmental psychologists Marc D. Lewis and Isabela Granic reveal that the key to your child? Active Baby, Healthy Brain Author: Margaret Sasse overview Movement, play, and active exploration in the first five years of a child's life are essential to the development of his or her body and brain. Now Active Baby, Healthy Brain presents massages, exercises, and activities that engage your child's love of play while also stimulating his or her brain development in multiple areas, including: Balance Cross-pattern movement Visualization Vestibular inner ear stimulation Laterality Fine and gross motor skills - Each activity is presented on its own page with step-by-step instructions, appealing illustrations, and illuminating sidebars.

    No single activity takes more than two minutes, and all that's required is ten minutes a day.

    Children's Book Top Picks Lists

    More than thirty years in the making, Active Baby, Healthy Brain is an indispensable guide for everyone who is raising a child or who interacts with preschoolers. Doodie forgets to check his fuel tank, crash lands and has to survive Earth's simple creatures. The government is after him, a janitor who beleives aliens travel through the sewar system, a chihuahua named Herman who thinks Doodie is a talking Jalepeno and more.

    Children learn to appreciate the blessings in their lives, about being thankful and how to live in gratitude through fun and creative exercises. A wonderful gift for children of all ages. This book is set up for them to write about what each of these things mean to them Baby at the Farm Author: Karen Katz overview This touch-and-feel board book follows Baby as he visits a farm and pets a number of the animals. It will give you the opportunity to look at a variety of animals without leaving home.

    Feel some of the critter's fur, listen to them "moo" or "chirp", and watch Baby as he collects eggs in a basket and jumps in the hay. It is all part of a fun day "down on the farm"! Make it into a game as you point to the animals and ask what sound they make.

    The Fox and the Crow Bedtime Stories for Kids in English

    Rocks and Minerals Author: Dan Green and Simon Basher overview Using first person narratives the rocks and minerals are presented as cartoon-like characters this book introduces the young reader to the wonders of fossilized plants and animals, rock formations, and the characteristics of a whole range of minerals and crystals. The chapters include "Little Gems", "The Purists" gold, silver, etc.

    You'll also find a detachable poster and a useful glossary of terms used in the book. After reading this informative guide the child will want to learn more about rocks and minerals. Unfortunately, Little Pip is afraid of jumping into the water and facing the unknown beneath the surface of the sea. Instead, the penguin decides she wants to fly but she learns, during the course of this story, that penguins can't fly like the other birds.

    Eventually, after trying very hard to take to the air, Little Pip ends up in the water where she discovers swimming is pretty cool after all! Milo Armadillo Author: Jan Fearnley overview Tallulah wants a pink, fluffy stuffed rabbit for her birthday but, instead, her grandmother knits her a pink armadillo. The little girl accepts the gift so as to not hurt her grandmother's feelings but she is not really thrilled with Milo, the new stuffed toy. Although she plays with Milo, Tallulah still wishes she had the pink bunny instead.

    With his feelings hurt, Milo decides to go away. When she realizes he has left, the child discovers she has really come to enjoy the armadillo's company. Now Tallulah must go after her friend and bring him back because she has come to love the funny, little toy. This story stresses that when this happens what the child does receive may, in fact, be much. The key is to give it time so the replacement gift's positive characteristics or qualities can emerge.

    Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth Author: Sarah Weeks overview Sophie, the narrator of this picture book, makes it very clear she is not too happy about having a little, baby brother. She lists all the negatives about having babies around they get everything they want and steal all the attention and then suggests some ways of dealing with a baby brother who enjoys rummaging around in her underwear drawer.

    After Sophie explains the reasons she isn't thrilled about the family's new addition she then switches to some of the positives. When all is said in done, the good outweighs the bad and Sophie admits she does like her little brother. My Elephant Author: Petr Horacek overview The little boy in this story blames his imaginary elephant for a number of things that happen when he is staying with his grandparents.

    Missing cupcakes, a broken vase, and water on the bathroom floor are all the elephant's fault. The child has an very active imagination but that's not at the real root of this situation. He's a bit lonely and when his grandparents don't drop what they are doing to play with him the "elephant" appears. I think you'll like how the adults in this warm intergenerational story deal with their grandson once they realize what it happening.

    Discuss why the boy in the story has created an imaginary elephant and then discuss you child's particular situation. Animals Author: Miranda Smith overview This guide to the world of animals is filled with amazing facts about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. The reader will crawl into a meerkat burrow, look out for a pit viper attack and dive into the darkest ocean depths to find extraordinary fish.

    Peer inside the egg of a hatching chick or hunt with a pack of chimpanzees, it is all part of the fascinating aspects of animal life you'll discover as you page through this volume. The King of Quizzical Island Author: Gordon Snell overview The king of Quizzical Island, who is himself a very curious person, has set off to see if the world is flat or round. It is, indeed, a topsy-turvy world where alligators stand on their rear legs and things aren't quite as they seem but, when all is said and done, the king does get back home.

    Unfortunaterly, not all his subjects believe he did sail around the world so he'll have to find another way to prove to them the Earth is round. But, as the king explains, that will be "another book"! It will remind mom and dad of some of Edward Lear's work. Middle East Author: Philip Steele overview First published in a hardbound edition in this paper edition has been updated to reflect the most recent political developments in the area.

    After looking at the religion, resources, history, politics and cultural affairs of the Middle East the author then provides two page spread on each county in the region. There are also Websites and books listed for those who wish more information for a detailed investigation of the topics discussed. The two decide to try and find Red Ted's home and with the assistance of a helpful cat, the two toys actually do succeed.

    When reunited with the little girl who lost him, Ted is delighted that she adopts his newly discovered friends as well. This is a graphic storybook that shows the importance of pluck and persistence when facing a seemingly insurmountable problem. The author also stresses the importance of teamwork and common sense to solve the problem facing the bear in this story. That's an important message for any youngster. Weather Author: Caroline Harris overview This easy to read format introduces children to such topics as the changing seasons, world climates, mist and clouds, flakes of snow, and weather forecasting.

    Not overly detailed, you'll find about four to five weather related facts on each page along with photos and vocabulary enhancement material. There are also a three, simple home projects the child can try. Perhaps a little too simplistic for older children this will work well with preschoolers and first graders. The illustrations are good, the facts easy to grasp and there's even a touch of "weather" vocabulary. The three home projects are an added bonus. Almost every daily action can result in a small but deeply meaningful act of giving.

    Here are unexpected ideas for making a difference -- ideas that have nothing to do with the size of your bank account and everything to do with using assets you already have. As Julie Salamon, author of Hospital, says, "This book is the perfect guide for those who want to do the right thing, but can't figure out how. Use your family Use your computer Use your talents Use your belongings Use your trash Use your community Use your decisions Use your awareness critique This is a great handbook that every family should read.

    You will be inspired when you realize how many ways you can give back without it costing a dime. Every suggestion can be done within a day, if not hours so what are you waiting for. Grab your kids and see how enriching it is to give back and help others. Thumper's First Snow Author: Kate Egan overview Thumper and his sisters experience their very first snowfall in this delightful picture book. The bunnies go sledding, make a snow rabbit and even have a snowball fight. And, when their day is done, they all head home where their mother has a warm meal awaiting them. All of Maisy's friends are heading to the little white mouse's house for a special holiday celebration.

    Unfortunately, poor Eddy gets stuck in the snow and it is up to Maisy, Cyril, Charley and Tallulah to rescue the poor pachyderm. Once Eddie is free, everyone goes back to Maisy's to get warm and enjoy the best Christmas ever. This newest Maisy adventure is perfect for the holidays and is one your child will want you to read with him or her over and over again in the days leading up to Christmas. My Chanukah Playbook Author: Salina Yoon overview This board book comes with eight foil-stamped round pieces that will be used to get a child actively involved with Chanukah.

    The child can use the pieces to light the individual candles of the menorah found on the book's final page. Other interactive sections of the book include a section on foods, and games. Here again, the pieces will come in handy to fill the tzedekah box with gelt or make latkes.

    Auntie's House Author: Dawn Aldrich overview Auntie's House is about a little girl who spends the day with her Auntie while her mommy goes to work. She and Auntie spend the day playing with toys, having a tea party, playing outside and reading books. The little girl is reassured that her mommy will come back at the end of her work day and has an enjoyable day with her aunt.

    Auntie's House would be a good book to read to children when preparing them for spending a day with a relative. I enjoyed all of the fun things the little girl was able to do with her aunt and appreciated Auntie's reassuring words that mommy would be back. The Treasure Author: Susan Yost-Filgate overview When Rip Squeak and his friends discover a map tucked away in a book of pirate stories, they set off on another exciting adventure. Along the way they encounter some colorful new characters and discover that the word treasure can have more than one meaning. It is a wonderful story and sweet adventure.

    Moon Over the Mountain Author: Keith Polette overview A fun-filled retelling of a traditional Asian tale in which a discontented stonecutter is never satisfied with each wish that is granted him. In this variation, master storyteller Keith Polette creates a vivid Southwestern landscape in which to set the story.

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    Pieces and sprouts of a walnut tree are passed along from one person to that person? The circle of giving brings about a new crop of trees supporting the idea of reforestation and instills traditional values of sharing and caring. It also brings about a spirit of hope and goodwill to the givers. Love grows along with the saplings in the beautifully generous world. Also available in a bilingual editions. In this latest book Marco explores the open seas and finds himself in humorous situations and meets curious friends. This book is full text bilingual in both English and Spanish.

    It is also available in English only editions. Dulemba overview Hugo's mamNB sends him to the store to buy soap. Of course, Hugo takes the long way there which gets him into loads of trouble and plenty of mud. With all his adventures, he keeps forgetting what he? But through each mishap he? Hugo ends up a muddy mess, but he finally prevails.

    He buys the soap and returns home only to discover that his mamNB plans to use the soap on him! Soap takes the classic Appalachian Jack Tale and gives it a modern twist.

    The story now takes place in a small rural town with a sweet little troublemaker named Hugo. You'll find valuable material here on how to enhance communication and create workable solutions to a range of concerns. It is essential that parents understand their child's emotional shifts, academic challenges and social pressures.

    This helpful guide will help. Scratch the pyramid. Poke a mummified crocodile Jump inside the paintings with fun, interactive artwork that has textured touch spaces. You can stroke, pat, lift, and feel your way through art history. Experience the wonders of ancient Egypt! This long-gone civilization will come alive for kids when they actually feel a gold coffin with the tomb of the legendary King Tut, the scratchy pyramids at Giza, the gauzy covering on a mummy, and Nefertiti? You can pet, sniff, stroke, and feel your way through art history.

    Go ahead - touch the art. Why they view the artwork, they can pet the animals. Secrets of a Christmas Box Author: Steven Hornby overview Enter the magical festive world of the Christmas 'Tree-Dwellers', as Larry, a Christmas snowman, wakes up after the long sleep in the Christmas box, to find his brother is missing. Desperate to find him before Christmas, Larry, along with his girlfriend Debbie, a newcomer Splint, and Larry's companion Tinsel, break the laws of the 'Tree-Elders' and escape down the tree and away into the house, to look for clues. Away from the safety of the tree and in an unfamiliar world, the Dwellers stumble upon a dark and sinister secret that threatens their entire world.

    Can Larry and the group make it back to the tree in time to warn the others, and finally uncover the truth behind A fun and exciting story that will let your imagination run wild. This book will become a tradition in your family each year. Empowered Autism Parenting Author: William Stillman overview The author, an adult with Asperger's Syndrome, offers a thought provoking book about this condition. Stillman provides real-world information for parents of children with autism. He addresses the misconceptions about autism to reveal the truth - that those with autism are intelligent, insightful and inspired individuals who can participate in and contribute to society.

    Stillman also discusses the myths about high-cost therapies and various medications which he considers all grist for an industry that promotes a culture of fear about autism. If the book's subtitle - Celebrating and Defending Your Child's Place in the World - is relevant to your present situation you'll want to read what Stillman has to say!

    Whistle Stick tells her about the Green Blowster and Ruth Ann wants to meet him so they head to the swamp. This book is filled with many fun adventures and exciting twists and turns. Ruth Ann meets many new friends and explores many new places. Her and Whistle Stick have so many adventures in the high country.

    This book will definitely keep you reading every day - A LOT.

    Kids Listen: Story Spectacular

    I think it is very interesting how this book came about. When the author was young, she found some old pages written by her grandma that held this creative story. Later in life, she found the papers again after her mom died and decided to finish the book as a tribute to her family. Each humorous story is eight pages in length and is dimply told so young readers can quickly master the text. In one story Termite measures his buddy's with a tape measure. Then the pair go out in a canoe for a lake adventure. The other two silly stories show Termite helping his friend sharpen a pencil and Termite doing a dance number.

    Follow the instructions and your youngster will soon be reading aloud to you. When Fox realizes he can't quite reach some tantalizing grapes he sees, he calls upon Bear, Beaver, Porcupine and finally Possum to lend a paw. The complex plan that Fox devises to reach the grapes isn't successful. Although his friends offer alternative approaches Fox always ignores them and tells them, "I'm the fox. I know how to get the grapes.

    His friends then quickly put their plan to work and, naturally, it works perfectly. Had Fox listen to his friends' suggestions for getting the grapes, the task would have been accomplished quickly and with ease. He moves and grooves and gets funky across the floor. And one thing? A glossary of blues terms, a list of instruments played by the characters, and a page of facts about daddy longlegs and blues music provides extra entertaining info. Kids and adults will love the cool and hip Daddy Longlegs character.

    Extreme Animals Author: Nicola Davies overview The author looks at a number of animals that live in harsh environments and still manage to survive. Discover how they do it in this informative and entertaining book about the toughest creatures on earth. Young readers will travel from the South Pole to Africa's Sahara Desert, into volcanoes and down to the bottom of the ocean in search of these very special survivors that manage to live in some very remarkable places.

    How to Potty Train Your Monster Author: Kelly DiPucchio overview This clever and very humorous book addresses the task of potty training in a manner that will encourage your little monster to move from diapers to a potty chair. Not only will the ten steps of potty training provide guidance for the adults involved in the process put the author's "Tips' and "Warnings" are not only funny but also right on the mark.

    Your child will love Mike Moon's "monster" illustrations so be sure the book is left in the bathroom so your youngster can page through the book while sitting on his or her "little throne'! Use this picture book to prepare the ground so your child will be a willing participant in the process.

    A little humor makes it easier to accomplish any potentially difficult task and there's plenty of humor here. Solomon overview A simple walk in the woods becomes something more in this touching and playful story. Daniela and her grandfather stroll through a peaceful woodland setting and enjoy both the beautiful day and each other's company. Bilingual format with text in both English and Spanish critique Beautiful illustrations and a sweet story where both the child and grandfather share their feelings. It seems there is never enough time for everything. But what if a day could go on forever?

    What if nighttime never came? Bilingual format in both English and Spanish critique A simple but sweet story about a girl who has fun playing all day but learns that there is a benefit to going to sleep at night. These books are great for kids who are learning Spanish or English since they are able to see both translations on the same page. The pictures are vivid and captivating. And what will Willie do to be strong like Manuel?

    Through humorous situations that don't always work out as planned, best friends Willie and Manuel grow to appreciate their own uniqueness. Kids are reminded to like themselves "just the way they are. The robins are leaving. Cinnamon Bear is settling in for a long nap. Even the fish are acting oddly. Should Lewis stay or go? Solomon Raven explains hibernation and migration, helping Lewis understand the necessity of change and the comfort of lasting friendships. It is a great way for kids to learn through the story about how animals are affected as the seasons change.

    Big Cat Pepper Author: Elizabeth Partridge overview One day the child in this book notices the family cat is not his usual, playful self. The little boy asks his mother if there is a problem and she admits the pet is old and perhaps is about to die. Pepper the cat does, in fact, pass away and the rest of the book deals with how the child is able to get through this difficult period.

    With his mother's help, the boy does put his sorrow behind him and move on. This is a common issue many families must face if they have pets. The author has created a very special story to help a youngster contend with this reality of life. The subject matter is handled with sensitivity and skill. This book is about a boy named Kirk who is going to the hospital for the first time. His stuffed dragon is right by his side as we follow him through his journey of checking in, having an operation, waking up, recovering, taking medicine and his visit with a therapy dog.

    Hospital personnel are introduced and their tasks are described. Procedures and the reasons for those procedures are discussed. The patient learns what he can do to help the doctors and nurses. This is a book of love and dedication written by 2 women who interact closely with pediatric patients and share a passion to support children. There is great detail. The pictures are fun and bright and the characters are sweet.