Vampira - Folge 23: Felidae (German Edition)

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Bigwig, meanwhile, is brash and confrontational, challenging Hazel at every turn, but his evolution is arguably more satisfying as he's forced to subvert his aggressive instincts to survive. Even if it's often hard to tell the bunnies apart, the camaraderie and banter between them makes the story instantly engaging - they're put through the wringer along with the audience over the course of these four episodes, and by the end of their journey, the catharsis is surprisingly potent once it becomes clear that they truly have become a family, bonded like soldiers in a foxhole no pun intended.

The show also gives viewers respite with a few comedic flourishes - Capaldi, as usual, is a joy - lest we think that all hope is lost as the rabbits make their long hop towards a better, more democratic life together. The real shortcoming of this adaptation - especially compared to the vividness of the original film - is in the animation. Ebooks and Manuals

Aside from the fact that the animators seem to think that rabbits are interchangeable with hares the size of those ears! This is especially disappointing considering the level of detail applied in other areas; the dampness of the rabbits' fur after a rainstorm seems almost photo-realistic, and the backgrounds come alive with lush grass and dreamy, cloud-filled skies, which makes the awkwardness of the characters' faces and movements all the more noticeable.

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Even allowing for the fact that CGI animation is cheaper and faster than hand-drawn art or stop-motion, audiences now expect a level of sophistication in their animation that surpasses that of a PS2 cutscene, especially with the deep pockets of Netflix and the BBC funding the project, and it's disappointing that the visuals can't match the ambition of the story. Watership Down Review Share.

Ep - Felidae, by Akif Pirinçci – Overdue – Podcast – Podtail

Review Entertainment TV. The Verdict What Watership Down lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in the clarity of its story, which sticks fairly closely to Adams' vision albeit with more nuance and depth added to the female characters, who were little more than objects in the original since it has the benefit of being stretched over four hours instead of limited to a feature-length format.

You can't really go wrong with the setup Adams established in the novel, which expertly balances drama, adventure, and peril within an epic, mythological framework, resulting in a tale that's both timeless and still searingly prescient - if not always pretty to look at. In this article.

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Translation of «Gegenserum» into 25 languages

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