A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

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Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Usage Public Domain Mark 1. This is one of the greatest devotional books of the Christian faith, inspiring thousands to a closer walk with their Lord. John Wesley was a close associate of Mr. Law and was influenced by this very book to some of his great work in England, and America too. William Law uses fictional characters to illustrate what true devotion is, and what it is not.

This makes for a very interesting reading experience.



Every Christian will find themselves challenged to a closer scrutiny of their lives after reading this book, and will, I believe, be inspired to a personal revival of their consecration and dedication to God. How the imprudent use of an estate corrupts all the tempers of the mind, and fills the heart with poor and ridiculous passions, through the whole course of life; represented in the character of Flavia. How the wise and pious use of an estate naturally carrieth us to great perfection in all the virtues of the Christian life; represented in the character of Miranda.

Containing some reflections upon the life of Miranda, and showing how it may, and ought to be imitated by all her sex. Showing how all orders and ranks of men and women, of all ages, are obliged to devote themselves unto God.

William Law - A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life - Preface A (1 of 38)

Showing how great devotion fills our lives with the greatest peace and happiness that can be enjoyed in this world. The happiness of a life wholly devoted to God farther proved, from the vanity, the sensuality, and the ridiculous poor enjoyments, which they are forced to take up with who live according to their own humours. This represented in various characters. That not only a life of vanity, or sensuality, but even the most regular kind of life, that is not governed by great devotion, sufficiently shows its miseries, its wants and emptiness, to the eyes of all the world.

Concerning that part of devotion which relates to times and hours of prayer. Of daily early prayer in the morning.

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How we are to improve our forms of prayer, and how to increase the spirit of devotion. Of chanting, or singing of psalms in our private devotions.

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Of the excellency and benefit of this kind of devotion. Of the great effects it hath upon our hearts.

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  5. Of the means of performing it in the best manner. Recommending devotions at nine o'clock in the morning, called in Scripture the third hour of the day.

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    The subject of these prayers is humility. Showing how difficult the practice of humility is made, by the general spirit and temper of the world. How Christianity requireth us to live contrary to the world. Showing how the education which men generally receive in their youth makes the doctrines of humility difficult to be practised.

    The spirit of a better education represented in the character of Paternus. Showing how the method of educating daughters makes it difficult for them to enter into the spirit of Christian humility. How miserably they are injured and abused by such an education.

    A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

    The spirit of a better education, represented in the character of Eusebia. Recommending devotion at twelve o'clock, called in Scripture the sixth hour of the day. This frequency of devotion equally desirable by all orders of people. Universal love is here recommended to be the subject of prayer at this hour.