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Annie spends a lot of time in this outfit, first at work and then hanging out with her sort-of boyfriend.

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Ryan Luka Jones. Annie is reluctant at first about taking the freebie, but really feels herself when she dares to wear it. This outfit was one of many custom builds made for the show, since the off-the-rack looks they pulled were nowhere near as striking, structured, or beautiful enough. This is also what Annie wears when, after many rejected pitches, she is finally assigned her first story for the Portland alt-weekly where she works; it is a celebratory moment matched by her ensemble.

This costume is mirrored in episode five when Annie has a huge blowout with her boss Gabe John Cameron Mitchell , but on that occasion, it is a bold pink plaid dress worn with a leather jacket. Was the allusion intentional? Later in episode two, Annie takes a walk with her mom played by SNL alum Julia Sweeney , who suggests her daughter should exercise more often. Rihanna to the rescue! Savage X Fenty was the solution. He treated Jane and their daughter horribly. His latest girlfriend was pregnant. Annie convinced Jane to leave him and move in with her.

Jane and Daisy moved in and Daisy was sent to summer camp with Tom's daughter.

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Little Daisy felt much better being away from her father. Annie had been traveling on the pretense of visiting her Daisy shops. She had sent a letter to Parker breaking off their engagement after he told her that his nephew was in law school and had been given the assignment of solving the bank robbery case in N.

Carolina for a school project. She was afraid that she would be found out. She had also returned the rest of the money along with interest for the time she had it. Elmo's call had made her nervous. She had been gone from home for 8 weeks and decided to head out immediately rather than in the morning. Annie got caught in a rainstorm and felt like she was being followed. She turned off the interstate and couldn't find a gas station. She decided to test the all terrain use of her vehicle and got stuck in the mud. A dog found her and she followed the dog, a golden Lab named Jake, to the home of Clay Mitchell.

Annie was caked with mud and exhausted. She passed out as he cleaned her up and put her to bed. Annie woke up with a very swollen knee. She told Clay that she thought she was being followed. He went to check on her story and found an empty vehicle with no plates stuck in a ditch. He found Annie's car and determined that she was telling the truth. Clay had played for the Lakers and then worked for the FBI. He had retired and he and his wife was killed by a drunk driver 6 months after they settled in North Carolina. Clay called the doctor and Annie was told to stay off her leg for at least 48 hours.

Clay told Annie that he would drive her home after Annie told him that she had to get home for Daisy's birthday. She had bought a miniature puppy for Daisy and she needed to pick him up. Annie told him about Daisy's father and his treatment of Jane and Daisy. They arrived home and Clay met Annie's family and friends. Annie told Clay on the trip that she owned the Daisy Shops and she told him about her relationship with Parker.

She talked with Elmo when she got home and he told her that he agreed with Annie's decision to not marry Parker. Elmo told Annie that he had never liked him. Annie then spoke with Jane who also mentioned that she and Tom felt the same way about Parker. They didn't agree with Parker's attitude and belief system. Before Clay left, Annie's kitchen was bombed. They suspected that Andrew Pearson had done it and had also been the one following Annie.

Clay went back home while Jane and Annie made arrangements to go back to Boston University for their reunion.

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Annie did some thinking during that time and figured out that Parker was using her for his own purposes. He had a laboratory where he spent most of his time while letting Kiki run the business side of the coffee plantation. Parker was using her money to fund his trying to develop a coffee plant that was naturally decaffeinated. Parker didn't really love her, he loved her money. He didn't respect women and he had a motive other than her comments to him to let his sisters help him with the coffee business.

That was why he didn't contact her during all those years. It was all about him and making money, and she was right. Annie and Jane got ready to leave for the reunion. Elmo and little Daisy were going along with Daisy's new puppy, Charlie. Elmo didn't look very well but wanted to go see his old pharmacy one last time. Clay felt something was off and decided to make a trip to Boston to check on everyone. Parker was also headed to Boston to try and talk to Annie again. He seemed convinced that he could get her to change her mind. More than getting married to her, he needed her to extend her contract past the 6 months so that he would have money to continue working on the development of a decaffeinated coffee plant.

They arrived and Annie went to visit Andrew's father. She found out that he had been lying about his father giving him money to track down who had taken the robbery money. His father was seriously ill after suffering a second stroke. Andrew had been written out of his will and disowned.

Annie was very frightened now. She went back to the hotel and ran into Parker. She told him that she was done with him and was not renewing her contract. She would be done with him in 3 months time. He tried to grab her but she got away. She went upstairs with a packet of legal papers given to her by Andrew's father. She told Jane that they needed to find another hotel to stay at and made arrangements to move to the Ritz Carlton. They would keep their rooms at the Four Seasons so no one would no where they were. They were heading out when Daisy spotted Clay and his dog, Jake. He took them to the pharmacy where they were to meet Annie.

She was waiting there for them and they were all happy to see that the knew owners of the pharmacy had changed very little. Elmo was asked if he wanted to fill one last prescription. He did and then he collapsed. An ambulance took him to the hospital where he confessed to the FBI that he had taken the robbery money. Elmo told Annie that he knew it had been her because she changed after that day.

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He was proud of her for not using the money and returning all of it. He died then. They all returned to the hotel where they looked through the papers given to them by Andrew's father. It told a bit of the history between he and his father. They also found out that he knew how to make bombs. A warrant had been put out for his arrest. The announcement of Elmo's confession was on the late night news. Parker had once again tried to approach Annie but this time Jake knocked him over and prevented him from touching Annie.

Everyone settled in for the night at the Four Seasons. They decided it was safe enough. Police were watching over the place. Annie suggested that she and Clay head over to use the room at the Ritz Carlton. Unlike another book I am wading my way through at the moment hopefully I will be able to review it sometime soon the language was easy to read. Although I found some of the dialogue a bit odd because of the way the characters went from one subject to another in the same breath without waiting for a response to any of the things they had said in the previous few minutes.

I felt it resembled the way Rory and Lorelai speak in The Gilmore Girls, but written down it doesn't work as well as it does spoken. I have already recommended it to my mum and made the comment that I felt like I could write a story like this as it did not go into too much detail on any particular subject and it didn't read as if Michaels had needed to do a whole lot of research in order to write it.

Jun 05, Cindy rated it liked it. I have never read any of Fern Michaels' books and, after trying to read this one, I'm not sure that I'd care to try. In reading reviews of other books of hers, a comment made about Weekend Warriors summed up what bothered me the most. Trish said "throughout the series the dialogue really turns me off.

William Forde

The dialogue rambles on with each character stepping over the other making for long paragraphs of talking with no action and no give and take between speaking characters. View 1 comment. Aug 14, Bonnie Tharp rated it really liked it. Just finished "Annie's Rainbow. Elmo, Annie and Jane were great characters and I was pleasantly surprised at some new ones that came on later in the book.

There are lots of dogs and I love dogs in stories, because they are so much a part of my life. So, if you want a fun summer read - this is a good one! Oct 10, Kristal Taylor rated it really liked it Shelves: fern-michaels-pirates-romanc. This book wasn't as great as some I have read by Fern Michaels. But this author is up there with my favorite books. Great read A book that ends in crying and laughter is always a great read. Make this one your to read books from Fern Micheals.

Jul 27, Heather Endecott rated it it was amazing. This was my favorite book by fern and ive read almost all of them. May 20, Deborah Letow rated it it was amazing. Annie finds money thrown in her car that was stolen in a bank robbery. Jul 31, Alison rated it really liked it. This was another good book for light reading during the hot smoky days of summer. The story poses many ethical and moral questions along the lines of the recent television show "What would you do? Annie and her friend Jane are about to graduate college and embark on their new lives: Annie wants to open a coffee shop the book takes place in - before Starbucks and Jane wants to paint.

Annie’s Road …

They are about to move to a new location to start their new lives; they have well laid out plans - they This was another good book for light reading during the hot smoky days of summer. They are about to move to a new location to start their new lives; they have well laid out plans - they'll both work part time to bring in funds while they put effort into what they really want to do. The day before they leave town, a bank robbery occurs, and Annie soon finds the bank bag was thrown in her car. What would you do if you had just graduated college, had student loans, needed money to fund your chosen career and grew up without the financial support of your parents although your brother seemingly had it all?

No spoiler, Annie keeps the money. What she does with it and how she lives with the secret for the next 15 plus years makes for an interesting story-line. Who does she share her secret with? What is her moral character? How can she be open and honest with a man she meets who respects honesty? How can she turn her back on him because he comes from a different culture with different mores?

How ‘Shrill’ Made Aidy Bryant’s Best Outfits From Scratch

There are several main characters in the story: Annie, of course, Jane, Elmo the dear pharmacist who was like a father to both girls ,Tom Annie's brother , Parker and Clay both love interests. Too many times rescue groups are called out when the horse is already starving, neglected, abused or abandoned—and the horse needs critical care and many times, doesn't make it. It's too late. Instead, Annie came into our arms in great health. A beautiful little quarter-horse chestnut mare She is a real horsewoman and we acknowledge and salute her for her courage and wisdom in this difficult decision.

This is a GOOD story. In the summer of , our dear Annie couldn't recover from a serious bout of colic and she passed on over the rainbow bridge. Thank you for all you gave us.