Besinci (Italian Edition)

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  1. Italian physicists to stand trial for conditions in underground lab
  2. 7 killed as helicopter and light aircraft crash over Italian Alps

Italian physicists to stand trial for conditions in underground lab

Its theme is in line with the one of the sixth edition of the abovementioned festival, i. Lands — real or metaphorical — where civil disobedience takes place are everywhere.

A positive and peaceful change has been achieved several times in history, and any of these experiences of civil activism taught us something. This competition asks cartoonists to tackle the theme of civil disobedience at large, so to give the public the chance to reflect on it in a fruitful way. All gelato is made fresh daily in their workshop and the sign on the main door entrance is a dead giveaway that you are in for a treat!

Favourite Flavour — Salted Caramel — so creamy, it literally melts in your mouth!

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And drum-roll please…. This has become my second home in Rome — with over flavours to choose from, yep you heard me right, there is mouth watering flavours to chose from, I frequent for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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All the gelato is made on location in the back of the store which only adds to the experience. And for our gluten-free and lactose-free friends, they have something for everyone! Right, I am off to find me some gelato… All that reminiscing has made me hungry!

Counting in Italian

ValledAosta , ghiacciaio del Rutor : sono stati ritrovati i corpi delle due persone che risultavano disperse. Le operazioni di soccorso, coordinate dalla Protezione Civile regionale con il supporto del SoccorsoAlpino , sono dunque concluse.

7 killed as helicopter and light aircraft crash over Italian Alps

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