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The Banker. My brothers and their friends might have been cleaning up their language because of the vagina in the room, but seriously, we were taught better than that! Then we have the 'gay-hate , which sealed the DNF for me. I have been having issues with GR and haven't been able to read reviews of books I'm interested in, and in cases like this, I WISH that I would have been warned, because this was hateful and purely uninformed in a way I refuse to believe is possible!

He plays football. He fucks bitches. He cusses and spits. That is totally And they kept on going Jeremy scoffs. Look at how your nails shine. I do feel particularly homosexual today! They kept going with the 'homosexual identifiers' and sure , it would be easier to get laid if you could just see people's sexualities on their clothes: Toeing off my shoes, I leave my socks on. Socks are good. Socks are less gay. But I don't even have any idea, what the hell this means And then we had a double whammy of hateful-ness and ignorance: A part of me, just for shits and giggles, wants to brush a stand of his hair behind his ear, ease the tension, but I refuse to be the girl.

Because showing care and being loving, either as a homosexual or a girl is totally disgusting!

Hulu Orders ‘Crossing Swords’ Animated Series Starring Nicholas Hoult – Deadline

After that we had the last nail in the coffin for me, I simply cannot believe that this book was published in it's current form I can smell him: vodka, cigarettes, and warmth. Did I just say warmth? How gay of me. Yes, because warmth is such a homosexual feeling. I will tell that to the BF the next time he turns on the heated seats, and remind him that there will be no more cuddling or wearing jackets The derision of vaginas and homosexuality had my blood boiling, and these two hateful assholes did nothing to make me like them.

I could have maybe read on, if there had been less of this, or some sort of respect for other sexualities and people in general There just wasn't. Fuck this shit! Being able to read friend's reviews right now, cemented this BIG time, apparently they will also be fighting like real fighting with their fists , and I don't need that in my MCs. And I really do believe that MM should be the same: violence between lovers or anybody else for that matter should never be celebrated as a gimmick or a 'way to show passion', since we wouldn't accept it in MF.

Fuck this shit, so very fucking much. View all 83 comments. Jan 30, Justin rated it it was amazing Shelves: storiespages , recommended-books , kindle-freebie-or-kindle-unlimited , favorites. This is one of those rare books. The kind of book that really speaks to the reader. Or it did me. In a way, I lived this book. No, not exactly. But the questioning, the guilt, the uncertainty, the anger, the resentment and then finally the acceptance, yeah that was me.

Did this book have misspelled words? I don't know. Did it have other editing issues? I couldn't tell you. I was so wrapped up in, so comple 5 stars This is absolutely one of the best books I've ever read!!! I was so wrapped up in, so completely absorbed by the story I didn't notice much of anything in that way. The crude humor I freaking loved.

Crossing Swords

The author's profile uses the pronoun "she". I would have bet my right nut this was written but a guy. I mean, damn, this was spot on male perspective craziness and the author nailed it! Christopher and Jeremy's story is a journey A hard fought learning experience. They have to deal with some really intense feelings and like typical 18 year olds they don't do it so well. But they manage and they finally reach the point of accepting their reality. This doesn't end with a ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. It would have ruined the book if it had. It ends with a happy for now and it was just right in my opinion.

This is probably going to be one of those love or hate books. Most probably won't like the crass, crude, over-the-top personalities of the characters in this book, especially the two main characters. I could so easily relate to them and their circumstances that I couldn't get enough. I want to recommend this to everyone but not everyone will like it.

I think those that get it and have been there will love it though. I sure did!! View all 14 comments. Mar 07, Tanu Gill rated it really liked it. Finished it finally. Okay, so it is more like 3. Not gay. Want to know what it means? You'll have to read it to enjoy it in the way the author intended. Let's get to the meat of my review now. The start was fun. It was good to have the story start from the very first page.

It gives you time to enjoy the ride when there are no pleasantries that you have to deal with, if you know what I mean. And then we got to the sex part. And there was a lot of it. And y Phew! And you can never guess the true amount until you see it for yourself. But the thing to know is this: the sex scenes cannot be skipped. Why, you ask? It is because all the character development happens during those scenes only. His character is quite straightforward, and you can easily imagine what must be going on in his head at different times.

Another plus point is that there is basketful of humour. There wasn't anything to make me cry, but their numerous fights did make me roll my eyes. Overall, the story is meant to be read with a light heart and carefree mind. The entire journey from friends to begrudging admittance of being gay though the word is still out on that one! The ending was pretty rushed. It was like getting to the end of a treasure hunt when you were expecting to have many more hints to uncover still-abrupt and shocking. If I hadn't had a week from hell, I probably would have enjoyed it even more. The punctuation was shit, but the writing itself was great.

Well, except for the thing about modifying adjectives. Er, someone please help the author out with that. View all 5 comments. Mar 14, Heather the Queen of Smut Books rated it did not like it Shelves: m-m , butt-secks-virgins , bitches-be-trippin , friends-to-lovers , kindle-unlimited-or-free , , disappointing-wahhhhh , into-the-fires-of-hell-with-u , that-made-ma-butt-hurt. What the fuck was this shit?!? These boys spend the whole time calling each other homophobic slurs and beating each other up before or after fucking.

Absolutely nothing good about it. View all 7 comments. This book was pretty funny, the struggles these two faced whilst failing to stay away from each other, in that way , was hilarious to read. Christopher and Jeremy have been sharing a bed at their sleepovers since they were ten years old, but all of a sudden they can't keep their hands off each other, but refuse to face the elephant in the room and denial is their new best friend.

I thought it was very well done, these guys were very into girls beforehand, and so their inner turmoil and the way they dealt with it was pretty realistic for a pair of 18 year olds. It wasn't perfect, there were moments that had me questioning the characters, and the guys were pretty immature as teenage boys are , but I enjoyed it, and thought it was a decent and entertaining read.

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Looking forward to more from this author. ARC gratefully received Images featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites. View all 11 comments. Jan 30, Meags rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , chuckles-galore , bi-ofy-gfy , panties-just-went-poof , romance , friends-to-lovers , high-school , new-adult.

The story follows dude-bro best friends, Christopher and Jeremy, as they find themselves in a suddenly impossible situation after a night of drunken debauchery ends with them quite literally crossing swords. Initially, they try to brush their sexual interlude as 4 Stars Oh boy, this was something else. The problem is the sex is crazy hot and possibly better than anything either Christopher or Jeremy have ever experienced before, so being the horn-dog teenage boys that they are, how can they possibly stop something that feels so damn good?

The entire story is full of raunchy, aggressive, super-hot sex. It could have been too much, but most of the character development and relationship growth moments happened within those scenes. For me, this was laugh out loud funny. I highlighted like a fiend and obviously went a bit mental with the status updates. The humour won't be for everyone, but it tickled my funny bone in the most deliciously outrageous ways. It was very much about sexual awakenings and self-acceptance, ending with a simple HFN that left open so many possibilities for more story growth for these two clueless idiots.

I really do hope that we see more of Christopher and Jeremy in the future, because like Christopher says at the end of the book, their story and their relationship challenges are just beginning. View all 16 comments. Jan 24, Tink Magoo is bad at reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: all-about-the-sausage , zzz-cover-blue , hose-me-down , loved-it , thats-some-hot-poking , , funny , young-adult , re-reads , friends-to-lovers. Not gay I loved both Jeremy and Christopher, I can see people getting annoyed with the denial aspect and cliched gay fairy jokes, but it's part of the confusion these two are suffering.

There was even a scene where one of them had come all over his face, his dick hanging out and was crying, that made me tear up. That sense of complete confusion came across really well in this book. There is a lot of sexual activity in this book and a lot of silliness, but underneath all that you have a really strong message - "And I think, this is what it's about, two people who care about each other, making each other feel nice in a way only caring people can. And I'd say this or Adulting are great books if you're uncertain about trying the MM genre because they have a more lighthearted feel to them.

View all 10 comments. I hope this book is received well and doesn't become some sort of over the top reading world political nightmare. A big part of me is still fighting this and everything about it feels wrong. It feels wrong because I've grown up learning that it's wrong I could quote the shit out of this book. I've never wanted to highlight an entire book before but I was tempted. Especially all the silly. OMG, the sillines I hope this book is received well and doesn't become some sort of over the top reading world political nightmare. OMG, the silliness.

I laughed my ass off, out loud, the entire book. If I wasn't laughing I was smiling like crazy. I was probably stared at. Go read this book and you will look just like me! Christopher and Jeremy stole my heart and made it sing. I am head over heels in love with two eighteen year old boys and have no shame. I've been in love with Christopher Rush since we were nine-years-old. This book was seriously ridiculous. This book was seriously endearing. It was the perfect mix of both. I freaking loved it. Every single page. I can't imagine this not making my favorites of the year. And I think this is what it's about, two people who care about each other, making each other feel nice in a way that only caring people can.

View all 6 comments. Jun 30, Shile rated it it was ok Shelves: mm-highschool-college , mm , young-adult-new-adult , The rest lets just say it bothered me a little I guess it was supposed to be viewed as humor or sarcasm but something didn't just click. I was a bit offended View all 4 comments. To me this story wasn't romantic, it was way more than that.

It was a coming of age story with a whole new meaning. Add in figuring out your sexuality and your relationship with your best friend and you have this story. How do you stay friends and become lovers at the same time? How does that dynamic work out? Can it work out? At sometimes it was hard to read their dynamic, but it was very real. I loved Jeremy for how brave he was at some points. How he did what he wanted without making Christopher too uncomfortable. He pushed his boundaries and that's what a best friend who compliments your personality would do.

MONDO’s ‘The Alien Guide to Earth’ Premieres Exclusively on VRV

Christopher was so scared of his feelings and so conflicted that you really sympathize with him. Change is hard, and falling in love with someone unexpected can sometimes mess with your head. I consider that they were friends before lovers and get over it. I still feel like it's never the answer, but It had a bit of camp to it, and I really enjoy authors who can poke fun at what they are writing even when it's a serious topic. I love that everything wasn't peaches and cream, there was some spoiled milk in places and it kept it feeling real and not so easy.

The ending is good, not all the way what I expected, but I think I like it even better because of it.


I feel like the ending felt true to Jeremy and Christopher. All in all this was a great read. While the naughty bits didn't get me hot and bothered, they were still hot and very emotional. The story is fun, and pulls at the heart strings because this is what falling for someone feels like. I really enjoyed it and I never read it! View 2 comments. Feb 26, Steelwhisper rated it did not like it Shelves: unreadable-present-tense , biphobia , childish , pretentious-prose , bisexuality , boring , instalust , college-boys , gfy , high-school-kids.

Utterly unreadable, juvenile drivel written in an atrocious present tense. Now I need brain bleach. Someone give me men instead of children barely older than toddlers View all 9 comments. At least one a month. I was excited for this new romantic comedy because hey, teenage boys are fun! What I got was this. The book was fun. There was A LOT of hot gay sex. A lot. Jeremy and Christopher realize they've got an attraction towards each other. They've been best friends since they were ten. The thing is, they're straight boys.

Why would they like each other? Ninety percent of Crossing Swords is Christopher denying that he's gay. Like even at the end Ummm. Like even at the end of the book, he's still not gay. You love your best friend, he loves you. You're in a gay relationship.

You may not find other guys attractive, and at this point, girls aren't a turn on. You're gay. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. You know what is wrong? The blatant use of the word "fag" and "faggot" in this book. It's derogatory. It's negative and it's definitely not going to help your characters come to jesus and figure out who they are. Chris's mom says "my son is a faggot" and hates the fact that he and Jeremy are in a relationship then all of a sudden she's gay pride mom of the year.

It just didn't add up. I wanted to like Crossing Swords, I really did. Unfortunately, I found myself rolling my eyes more than laughing. View 1 comment. Jan 17, Sunny rated it it was amazing. Super fucking cute coming of age story about two "straight" boys who discover they like peen. Each other's peen, specifically. I've seen this book get some harsh reviews on the use of the f word, but what I don't think people understand is that these boys are in denial.

You and me know that it's totally fine if you're a dude who likes dudes, but that doesn't mean THEY know it, or want to admit it. My very best friend in the world is gay and he spent years denying it, using "gay" as another word Super fucking cute coming of age story about two "straight" boys who discover they like peen. My very best friend in the world is gay and he spent years denying it, using "gay" as another word for dumb or lame, and even dating women.

I had him read Crossing Swords because I've got connections like that ; and he loved it as much as I did, if not more. He told me how much it reminded him of his early days of finding out who he was and what he liked. Not even for a second was he offended in any way, because he realizes that the AUTHOR herself isn't some homophobe, or else she probably wouldn't have written herself a mega hot sword fighting novella, amirite?

Read this. It's hot. And funny. The end. View all 3 comments. Jan 27, brea rated it liked it Shelves: diverse-books , feministaf , , new-adult , don-t-know-why-i-read-it-but-i-like. Well, not gonna lie; I'm not sure how we even got here, but I'm not going to deny this was a fun book. Solid 3. Full review to come. I know, RUDE; but whatevs, romance isn't typically my jam. But this? T Well, not gonna lie; I'm not sure how we even got here, but I'm not going to deny this was a fun book.

This was my JAM! Maybe it was the clever title, I don't know, but I sure am glad I picked it up; because I actually really enjoyed this book, and it left me with one heck of a book hangover, and it's been a while since I've had one of those. So if you don't like feminism or spoilers, just move along now please; the rest of this review is not for you. They are having a banging party at his parents house when Christopher and his obnoxious AF girlfriend break up. Grief stricken, he drinks himself into a stupor, kicks out all of the house guests, cock blocks his bro, and then sits in the kitchen and acts like a bitch mourns the loss of the girlfriend he never actually liked.

Cue Jeremy. Dude comes in to console his best friend, is kind of an ass about it, and gets punched by Christopher. They start rolling around on the floor fighting, when all of a sudden, they noticed their swords have crossed Now cue hot and heavy make out sesh on the kitchen floor. I know what you're thinking, whaaaaa? What's a happening! Well kids, this book is all about the fluidity of sexuality, and I think that's why I dig it. Chris and J think at first that this was just a moment of weakness; they were drunk and Chris was upset by the breakup, no big deal.

But is it a big deal that as the days proceed they can't keep their hands off each other? I'm mean clearly it shouldn't be a big deal, but you know; the patriarchy, fragile masculinity, blah blah blah This is where the book starts to get really good. These two hetero bros start to realize they might not be as hetero as they thought; and this thought scares them. They are forced to examine their friendship, relationship, and their own sexual identities.

During this process, they realize that while they might not be straight, they certainly aren't gay either. Neither one of them have ever thought about the same sex in this manner before, and the thought of being intimate with any other men, does nothing for them either. It takes a while to realize it, and the author never comes right out at says it, but their sexual attraction to each other stems from an emotional connection the boys share. They trust one another, they feel safe with one another, they love each other. I really appreciated Mixie's portrayal of sexuality in this book because she show that it is sooo NOT black and white.

And its okay that it's complicated! The boys eventually do realize that they want to try and stay together for as long as they possibly can; but by the end of the book 6 months later they still aren't ready to come out which is fine! Gay slurs; there were A LOT of them. I understand that sometimes people say things out of anger or confusion, so at times, it did feel authentic to the book; but it happened way too frequently, especially from characters who at NO POINT in the book, ever declare themselves gay.

Fetishizing homosexual bodies. Ugh, why; just why must we fall into this trope. There was a bit of talk about how hot it is when two girls hook up, but my biggest problem was with the character Frances. She was gross, and pissed me off. First, when she finds out J and Chris are messing around, she exploits them for her own sexual gain.

She sneaks in on them being intimate, and tells them the only way she will keep their secret for them is if she can watch them make out and touch each other. She then proceeds to get off on it, and tells them that she thinks about them when she's at home masturbating.