Dangerous Attraction

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Thriller, with Amanda Righetti and Catherine Hicks. Richard Harry Hamlin. Morgan Pierce Will Estes. Detective Dominic Leary Eric Szmanda. Annette Catherine Hicks. Director Michael Lohmann.

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Full Episode Guide. Who's in the cast? What's it about? Emmerdale dead baby mystery: 5 clues that Lydia is Jenny Finn -1h ago. What time is Coronation Street on TV? You might appear to have it all together in your marriage. But if you or your spouse has unmet needs and feels lonely; if you're just functioning but life is no longer fun; if you've forgotten how to nurture each other — then your vulnerability to another's attention could sweep you off your feet and carry you away before you even realize what's happening.


Dangerous Attraction () - IMDb

After 10 years of marriage and almost three years of fertility treatments, Sharon was the mother of three healthy children. She felt like life just couldn't get any better — until her husband, Bill, became enamored with the flirtations of a new year-old employee. At first, Sharon was shocked. But when she found out that the employee had a promiscuous history, it caused her to view Bill as a victim of the young woman's sexually charged emails.

So Bill and Sharon decided to keep his inappropriate responses a secret.

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They didn't talk about it and never sought help, but they were grateful for having made it through a close call. That is, until three years later when Bill started texting a different new employee. Sharon met the recipient of the text messages and realized it was the same problem, just a different woman. When you're vulnerable to temptation, it's easy to be in denial about how close you are to collapsing — so you choose not to think about the possibilities.

But all it takes to trigger inappropriate feelings for another person is the kind of stress that Bill had been going through for years, the kind that left him living overwhelmed and emotionally drained.

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He needed relief and found that befriending young women lifted his mood above the grind of daily life. Close calls that become first-time adulteries are almost always about the need for comfort and distraction. Trying to catch up on her emails while the kids were napping, Jessica saw a note from Sam, one of her old college boyfriends. Tempted to open it, but knowing she didn't have much time, she saved it and decided to move on through the rest of her inbox.

Just as Jessica anticipated, her baby woke up while she was looking at the last of her emails. Old romances are never forgotten. The infatuation is stored in your brain. The former girlfriend or boyfriend might not look like he or she once did, but when you reconnect with an old flame, you start the process of rekindling those feelings of infatuation. Initially, you'll talk about current families; but inevitably, you'll recall your younger relationship and shared experiences.

Those conversations can confuse each of you about your current marriages. You may quietly begin to entertain the idea that you have married the wrong person. If you continue to stay in touch, within just 60 days you'll be looking for ways to meet face to face. Overseeing social media advertising for her small family-owned company, Sharon could easily track down friends from the past. Soon it was not only easy, but frequent and, at times, compulsive. When her husband would question all the time she spent on these endeavors, Sharon would brush off his concerns.

Once you come across old friends, their ongoing and intensifying connections can become mood-altering experiences that brighten your day.

Dangerous Attractions

You will start looking forward to those interactions because connecting with them enhances your mood at the same time it lowers your anxiety and depression levels. Conversations will gradually move from professional to personal in content, from external situations to personal feelings. You may eventually feel more understood by online acquaintances and share less with your spouse.

At this point, it's easy to begin starving your marriage at the expense of feeding your friendships. When you begin to realize the depth of your feelings for these individuals, you will be faced with the choice of stopping it or hiding it.

Hiding usually wins, and the addiction moves into high gear. Kevin and Susan, together with their friends Russ and Sheri, were horrified to read in the local paper about the sex-slave trade occurring in their city. The two couples immediately volunteered to help put an end to trafficking, and soon they were making a difference in their community. Eventually, Kevin's job and work hours changed to the point that he wasn't always available to help.

Meanwhile, Sheri became pregnant; morning sickness caused her to cut back her efforts, as well. Russ and Susan continued to be highly involved in this effort, and the passion each had for it remained undiminished. Soon they were spending more time with each other than they were with their spouses. Passions, interests and hobbies shared with members of the opposite sex, other than your spouse, can lead to risky emotional closeness such as occurred with Russ and Susan.