Dont Be Afraid of the Storm

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But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the body, has power to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him. The context of this verse is the first time Jesus sent out the disciples to preach the Gospel. Jesus said do not be afraid of men, who can only take the life of another.

Do I have that type of deep, reverential fear of God? How often do I start to pray in an informal, distracted fashion, without first placing my mind and heart before the throne? If the elders in heaven, in awe and respect, bow down at the throne Revelation , how much more should mere mortals? Yes, Jesus is my Friend, Savior, and Mediator. Respecting His position as one with God, the Father, is equally important and requires a little less casual familiarity, a little more reverential fear.

Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, curl up with your bible in a comfortable chair, and spend some time exploring the other scriptures referenced at the beginning of this post. I do not give to you as the world gives.

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Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. We need the strong winds to blow away what no longer serves us. I love breath-taking sunsets, but to me a stormy sky is just as beautiful. There is beauty in the storms of your life.

Do not fight them. Allow them to wake you up. To know the Light, we must also embrace the dark. This book reveals the formula for how to process disappointment on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels to immediately ease suffering. Instead of wallowing in regret, self-recrimination, or anger, we can see these experiences as catalysts for profound transformation and doorways that open to possibility. Image courtesy of J W. By Laura Fenamore 0 Comments. By Ishita Gupta 0 Comments. By James Altucher 0 Comments. If you are feeling anxiety, you can focus on the conversation instead of the storm.

Be aware the cellphone is no use if the power's out however. Talk to a therapist. If your fear of thunderstorms is so severe that you are always scared of the next thunderstorm, or it is interfering with your daily life, you should see a therapist. Fear of thunderstorms is a real phobia that can cause severe anxiety and lead to physical symptoms.

Look for psychologists or therapists in your area that deal with phobias. Try calling their offices to find out if they can help with your fear of thunderstorms. Method 3. Repeat a calming phrase. A phrase or mantra can help you focus on something other than the fear. If you are feeling panicked, the mantra can pull you out of the panic and bring you back to the present. Do breathing exercises. Breathing exercises can help you reduce your panic and anxiety when it starts to overwhelm you.

When you confront a storm, you can do breathing exercises to stay grounded and calm despite the thunder and lightning. Confront your negative thoughts. Fears arise from bad experiences and negative thoughts. To help get over your fear of thunderstorms, figure out what those thoughts are.

David McWilliams:Don't Be Afraid Of The Rain Lyrics

Try writing down what you think about during a thunderstorms or what scares you so bad. Then, identify those thoughts as negative and false. When a storm approaches and you start thinking the negative thoughts, replace them with positive thoughts. Thunder is just sound. It cannot hurt me. I am safe in my house. Lightning cannot get me right here. Cuddle up with a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Wrapping yourself in a blanking or holding a stuffed animal may help you feel better. Feeling the secure blanket tightly around you can calm your anxiety.

Distract yourself from the storm. Find ways to amuse yourself and distract yourself during a storm. This helps you take control of the situation, focus on something positive instead of your fear, and hopefully learn how to cope during storms. Listen to music.

Playing calming or happy music can help relieve your anxiety and distract you from the storm. If the storm is too much, you can put on headphones that can block out the noise.

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Noise cancelling headphones may help. Method 4. Research on thunderstorms. Educating yourself can help you understand thunderstorms so they can lose some of their power over you.

Do Not Be Afraid of the Storm - Catholic Stand

Look up statistics about lightning strikes accidents. The number of people getting struck by lightning is low, especially indoors. Lightning will always strike the nearest electrically conductible object in its vicinity, and if you're indoors, that is most definitely not you. Be informed. Watching your local weather channel if bad weather is predicted can help prepare you for any incoming storms. Radars will show the projected path of the storm and will estimate the severity of the storm based on the colors on the radar.


Preparing yourself for the storm can help you face any storm that comes. Learn the difference between watches and warnings. Weather bulletins will be issued for both thunderstorm watches and thunderstorm warnings. Watches mean the conditions are favorable and there may be a storm in the future. Warnings mean there are storms in your area that you need to be aware of and prepare for. What if every one thinks you're acting like a baby, you have nothing to plug your ears with, and the rain and the wind are really loud against the windows?

The Jesus Said Project

Try to find one person you can confide in that takes you seriously. If you cannot, consider a therapist. Most of us have 1 or 2 things we are afraid of--either the dark, snakes, or thunderstorms! Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful Your house is not more susceptible just because it is taller. Remember that lightning will always strike the nearest electrically conductible object, and if you are indoors, it is definitely not you!

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