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Fantasy novel, third in a trilogy following The Waking Fire and The Legion of Flame , about a trading syndicate that deals in the blood of drakes, a species now weakening. Both the characters and the setting are irresistible right through to the end. Alternate history novel, first in a series, in which Teddy Roosevelt wins the presidency for a second time just before World War I breaks out. Edgar Hoover—enhance well-rounded characters to make this a highly enjoyable espionage romp.

EMPEROR: The Blood of Gods, Book 5 (Unabridged)

Epic fantasy novel, third in a series of six following Age of Myth and Age of Swords , about a battle between humans and their godlike rulers. Nonfiction guide to writing, heavily illustrated by Jeremy Zerfoss, revised and expanded from the original edition. These listings are based on publisher schedules and availability on Amazon rather than on confirmation of physical publication via purchase, review copies, or sightings in bookstores. Titles are listed only once they are published with rare exception. The governor smiled as the drumbeat doubled.

The dancers and crowd whipped into a frenzy, staring at the child on the altar as the scarlet priestess approached with a flaming stave in her hand. He lifted it level with the governor as the axel rolled and snapped into place, the whipcord flexing, the arrow ready. Just breathe through it. He heard the splash of oil as the priestess doused the child on the altar. Around him, the congregants were shouting and screaming even louder. Be still. The priestess was coming forward, ready to light the sacrifice, the din of the crowd growing louder, deafening, wordless.

And then… Arianna. Neythan watched as she stepped in front to obstruct his view. She turned again to the governor, reaching up slowly, gently, as though to touch him — and then, as he dipped his head toward her, she drew her hand across his throat from side to front with a thumb-blade. He went down gagging, pulling at the cloaks of those closest. The screams were immediate, distracting even the priestess, who paused with stave raised above the child on the altar. And then everyone was running. Cinders gusted upwards, luminous dust glinting red-gold against the night as a beefy man tumbled headlong into the campfire.

Neythan went wading in, shoving his way through the fleeing crowd to find the girl. By the time he reached the altar the camp was almost empty, abandoned, the gatherers now scattered into the forest. A middle-aged man squatted in the corner of the far shelter, trembling in a thin cloak. The rest were gone, running through the moonlit undergrowth where Daneel and Yannick would be waiting.

New Books : 3 July 2018

He found the girl sitting behind the altar, rocking on her seat and humming tunelessly to herself whilst Arianna stroked her hair. It was probably the thing Neythan found most annoying about her, how smug and dismissive she could be. As though the world owed her a kiss on the toes. Neythan was about to tell her that when out of the corner of his eye he saw the trembling man under the shelter rise to his feet, swaying and staggering as he did so.

A perfect mark. The man took a step, pawed impotently at the shaft in his throat, and then collapsed. Arianna turned and looked at Neythan. No one spoke. When Neythan eventually went to stand over him the man was already gone, his blood a dark puddle to one side of his slackened face.

His first time killing a man and he felt nothing. No fear. No joy. Daneel, breathing hard, glanced at Neythan and then studied the slumped body of the governor first. Sister perhaps. Ran like a gazelle.

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Yannick flicked his hand and frowned, signing to him. Neythan nodded and shrugged back. He was fine. I had to use my sling to slow her. What matters is you got him, eh, Neythan? Your first. Governor Zaqeem. It's a pity he didn't write one more book about what happened after the Battle of Philippi. This would be a good story if it wasn't for the boring narrator! I like many others will only just get through the book due to the poor narrator. This is a story of Ancient Rome and should be a good rollicking historical tale but there is no rollicking in the narrator's Michael Healy voice!

What a pity! The reader of this iBook is very much of lesser standard than the reader of the first of the books in this series. Three different readers over 5 books distracted from the enjoyment. The historical note was important. I only just managed to get to the end of this. The narrator is terrible.

There is no excitement in his voice and the story suffers as a result. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not? I'd recommend it to anyone who had read the previous books, or anyone wanting to jump in as the death of Caesar makes a good starting point. It was terrible.

But let me try to list my main objections: - Healy has a strange lilt to his voice that is either an accent or terrible reading skills. The upshot is that every full stop, he lifts his voice the way you sometimes do when reading to young children. Now imagine Healy saying, in the exact same way "You're a disgrace to Rome!

Any additional comments? I had to finish this book in hard-copy. Worst narration I've experienced since "Rendezvous with Rama". What a wooden narration! Please, Mr Iggulden - a good narrator is almost as important as you! Try Humphrey Bower to see how it is really done.

How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable? Actually, the story IS interesting, although less enjoyable than the previous two volumes of this great series on Rome and Caesar. No, not at all. He reads stiltingly, making pauses more appropriate for small children. I didn't finish listening to the book because of his irritating narration. I wish I could listen to this book with a different narrator. Worth listening too. I am a fanatical historical fiction reader. And while the historical components were interesting, plot and character development were mediocre.

I enjoyed the narrators' voice, but he wasn't much of a performer.

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The earlier Caesar were compelling and this one didn't measure up. What did you like least? The story was good. How could the performance have been better? Different narrator. No, read the book instead. For the narrator to have been tied down and forced to listen to his own steady destruction of a wonderful book. When the narrator pronounced Iggulden's name Ig-Gulden after 7 seconds - However, after 6 hrs and 39 minutes of the second part he gives in and pronounces the name correctly.

How did the narrator detract from the book? By reading the book. The emphasis is all over the place and he sounds like a robot. Nothing - The story is perfect. I hope Conn Iggulden writes many more great books and never allows them to be mashed by this narrator again. Would you try another book written by Conn Iggulden or narrated by Michael Healy? Id listen to more from the author but never this narrator again. Strange cadence, awful characterisation.

Narration ruined it. Who might you have cast as narrator instead of Michael Healy? One of the previous ones, Robert Glennister or Paul Blake. Conn is an amazing author and I have all of this series on audio books however this time I will have to buy the book. I am very disappointed. The plot was good and for those who have read the other other four books you will not be let down. Would you listen to another book narrated by Michael Healy? The narrator was very different to any other I have listen to and was very hard to get use to but I did after a hour or two.

The narration, my god I thought the narrator from books 3 and 4 butchered a great series but I had no idea it could get worse. What could Conn Iggulden have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? I have no idea, the narrator makes this book un-listenable. Using another narrator, this is the first time I've looked to see what else the narrator has done to make sure I avoided them. What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment? On the whole audible books are fantastic, this sucks, avoid.

If you have invested yourself in Rome and its characters from the previous books then this is definitely a story worth hearing. This book was an afterthought with a logical conclusion of the series having occurred in the fourth novel. However I fully agree with the author that this story is just as compelling and in some ways even more interesting.

The naval battle scenes and the story behind the innovation that shaped them were particularly fascinating. Of course, all of the usual senate and society intrigue that we expect from this series is there plus of course the gritty reality of going to war with the legions. By the end you are left with a sense of wonder at how Rome became so great given the in-fighting. So the story is worth hearing. The question is whether or not you want to hear it on Audible or read it for yourself. I can only recommend you listen to the audio sample. There is once again a change in narrator, coupled with significant changes to the way names and other words are pronounced, mostly reverting to the style of the earlier books.

In addition I am afraid that Michael Healy is probably never going to win many awards for his narration. I do wonder if Iggulden will ever be tempted to write a sixth book.

This Week's New Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books: October 25,

From his excellent historical note it would actually be very fitting for the series title and who could resist Anthony and Cleopatra? If he does then I hope he reverts to one of the previous narrators.

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As a series though this has been massively satisfying and even a little educational. The narration problems will definitely put some off but to overlook this series as a result would be a mistake in my book.