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Grub in decayed wood. The word is used indifferently in meanings i and 2, but I have not found it in meaning given in Century. Local, U. New land. A clearing. No ; nothing. C— Coll. An emphatic negative. Used at end of interrogative sentence. The words ain't, ain't not, ain't so, are used in the same way. Not much worth. Worth little. Pa, Ger. Cross ; provoked. Ger amol; Ger. Grumbine says, used after a request or invitation ; but it is often used in other ways, as in second example above.

C— Local Pa. The form ornelse is also found. Query : fr. Paddy, an Irishman, hence one ready with his fists. Not in Home. Probably onamatopoetic. Ger huvi. To throw. Perfect tense used for preterite. The pret- erite tense occurs only in a very few verbs. See Learned, p. Eating between meals. Part of the way. Poke, n. A dish like fried mush, made by boiHng buckwheat flour and corn meal with the juice of fried meat, and some- times scraps of pork. When cold this is cut into slices and fried. Query: Ger. The word scrapple is often used for this dish. To heal by conjuration.

Also used as noun and adj. Hoover gives a description of the method of powwow- ing. This is frequent. The construction is, of course, German, the preposition being treated as part of a separable verb and placed last. The order in Pa. Future tense. In Pa. Learned gives a future form p. Puff, n. Baby carriage. Put, n. Provincialisms of Southeastern Pennsylvania 41 Rig. Horse and carriage. Right smart. Thank you. Used only by and to children. Same as ponhaws, q. German origin. To itch. Second Christmas.

Day after Christmas. The day after Christmas is also kept as a holiday, and is a great day for visiting. The expression "Second Day New Year" is also found. Next to the last. Possessing proper self-esteem, consideration. Set a plate. Put it out on Christmas eve for gifts ; corre- sponding exactly to hang up a stocking.

Haldeman, Pennsylvania Dutch, p. Short in one's mind. The form short-minded also occurs. Snip, n. Young person ; used contemptuously. Snits snits. Dried fruit, usually apples. When used of other fruit, the name is given, as "peach snits. Schnits, dried fruit, usually pears; Pa. Sots sots. Piccalilli or chow-chow. Noun from adjective. Words to be spelled. Usually in past tense. Standing full. Full of upright objects. In example i the trees might still be there though cut down ; example 2 means that the hall was full of people who were standing; it would not be used of a crowded house when the people were seated.

Stick the light on. Enkindle; light. Used at end of sentence to denote customary action. The word is used of the future with no reference to the past at times. Low sled, drawn by one or two horses. Stove hearth. Ufa blat; Ger. C— In Pa. Tangled, dishevelled; usually of hair. The same, used without article. Query ; fr. Fat of pork. C— Ger. Splash; sprinkle. Taste after. Taste of. School slang. Used by telegraph operators on Pa. Provincialisms of Southeastern Pennsylvania 47 Tell good-by. Bid good-by. Thank one's self to. The cold. A cold. So used colloquially in Cork, Ireland, fr. The DAY.

Through other. The form "through another" is also found. XVL In glossary "through other" is defined "confusedly, all together. In York Corp. The Judgment Day, 1. Tin cup. Ger hlech Ger. The word would never be used of a pot and of a pan, only in combination, as pie-tin, cake-tin. Said to be colloquial in Scotland, fr.

At home. Drain, culvert. Under through. Underneath, with idea of motion. Tut tilt. Small paper bag. Badly, severely. See Make ugly. McClellan was getting thrashed ugly at Richmond. Under the weather. Slightly ill. Query : Adopted from English. Used to could. Used to be able.

Wait on. Wait for. Ger, wawrtd uf; Ger. Provincialisms of Southeastern Pennsylvania 51 Want out. Want to get out. What for. What kind of. Germans and their neighbors. With, adv. Wonder, v. Surprise, used reflexively. Pig; the second form used as diminutive.

Possibly onomatopoetic. Worst way. Very much. Recently fallen, of snow. You plural. The first part of the meeting was devoted to the business affairs of the Society, among which was the election of officers. The following officers were elected ; President, Dr. Albert Bernheim, Philadelphia, Pa. Vice Presidents, L. Hennighausen, Baltimore, Md. Louis, Mo. Huch, Philadelphia, Pa.

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Secretary and Business Manager, Chas. Breitbarth, Chester Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. The activity of the Society during the year was centered very largely in the publication of matter relating to the history of the Germans in America, through its official publication, Ger- man American Annals. Among the more important contri- butions were "The Diary of Rev. D, Learned. On nomination of the first President of the Society, Dr. Hexamer, President Theodore Roosevelt was unanimously elected an honorary member of the Society, and a few days later accepted membership in the following communication : The White House, Washington.

February lo, My dear Sir : The President has received your favor of the 24th ultimo, with enclosed certificate of honorary membership in the German- American Historical Society, and requests me to assure you that he accepts with much pleasure. Conveying to you, and thru you to the members of the So- ciety, the President's thanks for the compliment thus paid him, believe me. Very truly yours, Wm.

Loeb, Jr. The business part of the meeting was followed by a banquet, at which some thirty-five ladies and gentlemen participated. The following toasts were responded to : "The Welcome Guests," Dr. Albert Bernheim. Samuel W. Penny- packer, former Governor of Pennsylvania. Hexamer, President German American Alliance. Rudolph Blankenburg in the absence of Mr. Blankenburg, this toast was responded to by Mr. Henry Lierz. Learned in Professor Learned's absence on account of illness, the toast was answered by Professor K.

This was generally recognized as the most successful an- nual meeting in the history of the Society, and a number of new members have already been added to the list. It is hoped that the list, both of annual and life members, may reach the full limit of two hundred during the present year. The publication plans of the Society are not intended to conflict with the purposes of either State or Local Societies throughout the country.

Articles will be gladly received from historical societies or historical investigators throughout the coun- try. It is the policy of the German American Annals to pub- lish materials of permanent value, and the Society solicits such from all who are active in the field. Carefully written biogra- phies of notable German Americans are particularly welcome. Ex-Governor Pennypacker referred to one of the descend- ants of Germantown, now a resident of Philadelphia, who, in his article on the State Capitol, had cast aspersions upon his German 56 The German- American Historical Society ancestry.

The speaker then traced the significance of rehgious views of the Anabaptists for the history of Pennsylvania and the part played in it by the Quakers. He referred to the late Dr. William Pepper German Pfeffer , Dr. J, Hexamer then pointed out the importance of Ger- man American historical research as an incentive to American citizenship, referring to the fact that too little account has been taken of the Germans by writers on American history. He also paid a glowing tribute to the influence of the German Emperor in the relations of Germany and America.

Legationsrat Werner Hagen, the German Consul of Phila- delphia, replied with a fine appreciation of the efforts of Presi- dent Roosevelt, who, like the German Emperor, had contributed much to bring about a cordial understanding between Germany and America and thus laid a firmer basis for universal peace. The addresses of Mr. Arno Leonhardt and Mr. Henry Detreux we give below in full : Rede des Hcrrn Leonhardt. Es ist keine kleine Aufgabe vom Komitee mir gestellt wor- den, den Toast auf die Deutsch-Amerikanische Historische Ge- sellschaft zu beantworten. Obgleich hier in der Stadt der Bru- derliebe geboren, habe ich mich wenig um deutsch-amerikanische Geschichte bekiimmert und befinde ich mich darum auf einem mir fremden Felde.

Ich habe viel gelesen, namentlich haben mich die Mittheilun- gen des Deutschen Pionier-Vereins mit seinen ausfiihrlichen Be- richten aus der Feder unseres Mitgliedes C. Huch sehr inte- ressirt. Unsere historische Gesellschaft ist noch jung, feiert sie doch heute erst ihren 6. Dieselbe ist nicht zu friih The G erman- American Historical Society 57 entstanden, um die unsere Deutschen interessirenden Schrift- stiicke, Dokumente und sonstigen Wahrzeichen aus der Ge- schichte vom Lande unserer Pioniere unter Pastorius bis zum heutigen Tage zu sammeln, niederzuschreiben und unserer Nach- kommenschaft zu erhalten.

Ausser diesem Werke sollte unsere Gesell- schaft dahin wirken, dass die Wahrzeichen unserer Geschichte in der Form von Monumenten dem alltaglichen Publikum vorge- fiihrt werden, wie die beiden deutschen Monumente, fiir welche wir schon Propaganda gemacht haben — Pastorius, durch den Deutsch-Amerikanischen Central-Bund, und General Muhlenberg, durch unsere Deutsche Gesellschaft. Es ist beschamend fiir unser Deutschthum, dass erst jetzt, nach 50 Jahren, die ersten Schritte in dieser Richtung gethan werden, aber noch bescha- mender, dass die Mittel so langsam einkommen, dass wir voraus- sichtlich noch Jahre lang auf die Ausfiihrung zu warten haben werden.

Keiner sollte zuriickstehen, dass diese beiden Werke so bald als moglich erstehen, dadurch fiir unser Deutschthum und seine Geschichte indirekt Propaganda machend. Um unserem deutsch-amerikanischen historischen Felde mehr Anerkennung zu verschaffen, miissen wir auch auf die Ausschmiickung der zwei Zimmer in Valley Forge hinarbeiten, welche als Beispiele deutsch- amerikanischer Geschichte unsern Nachkommen dienen sollen. Das eine im Namen des Generals von Steuben, das zweite fiir De Kalb, welche als deutsche Verbiindete unseres Generals Wash- ington so viel zur Griindung unserer grossen Republik beigetra- gen haben.

Unci deutsch-amerikanische Gescliichte muss so antwor- ten, dass der verdiente Respekt nicht ausbleiben kann, was unsere deutschen Vorvater fiir Amerika gethan haben. Hat der wiss- begierige Theil der Jugend die Frage gestellt, wird dieselbe dann die Antwort in unseren Annalen suchen, in den Werken, die wir aus alter Zeit gerettet und unserem Archiv einverleibt haben. Dies ist unser heiliger Zweck, er bedeutet die Errettung unserer deutschen Muttersprache in diesem Lande, ihre Erhaltung fiir unsere deutschen Lieder, fiir unsere deutschen Kirchen, unser deutsches Theater, deutsche Literatur, Kunst und Wissenschaft.

Wir sollen es zu unserer Aufgabe machen, dahin zu wirken, dass die historischen Unrichtigkeiten in den Schulbiichern, welche die Deutsch-Amerikaner behandeln, berichtigt werden, und unsern Vorkampfern Gerechtigkeit fiir ihre Thaten gezollt wird.

Ausser den Kampfern in den Kolonien oder Befreiungskriegen, sollten die Deutschen, welche fiir unsere Union in den Krieg zogen, be- riicksichtigt werden ; dann was die Deutschen und ihre Nach- kommen fiir Antheil an Industrie und Handel, Kunst und Wis- senschaft, Technik, Landwirthschaft u. Unsere Gesellschaft sollte Leute, welche die Fahigkeiten, die Zeit und die Lust dazu haben, anregen, innerhaib der engeren Grenze unserer Stadt oder dem weiteren Umfang unseres Staates Penn- sylvanien die Spuren der deutschen Pioniere aufzusuchen und den Antheil, welchen die eingewanderten Deutschen und deren Nachkommen an der Entwickelung unseres Landes genommen haben, festzustellen und aufzudecken.

Wir sehen ein, was fiir eine kolossale Arbeit wir uns auferlegt, aber — aller Anfang ist schwer. Nun zum Schluss. Wenn unser Junge das Die Presse ist das grosse Medium, das die Reibungen und Kollisionen des tag-lichen Lebens und Strebens beseitigen und Wahrheit und Klarheit in das Wirrsal des rastlosen Schaffens der Neuzeit bringen soil — und wie manchen Strahl der Erleuchtung bringt unsere deutsch-amerikanische Presse in die Dunkelheit und Oede des engherzigen Lebens und Treibens gewisser Kreise, die ich jetzt nicht nennen will; die zu bekampfen jedoch gerade gegenwartig von unserem Bunde Vorbereitungen getroffen wer- den und worin wir fast ausschliesslich auf die Unterstiitzung der deutschen Presse angewiesen sind.

Der Stand eines Zeitungsmannes ist, wie die meisten der hier Anwesenden wohl wissen, kein leichter. Es vergehen manchmal Jahre und Jahrzehnte, bis wieder einmal etwas Be- sonderes am Horizonte der Neuigkeitswelt auftaucht, und wah- rend dabei die ausserhalb der Sphare der Presse stehende ge- wohnliche Menschheit siisser Ruhe pflegen kann, muss gerade der arme Zeitungsmensch sein Gehirn anstrengen, um etwas Neues auf's Tapet zu bringen. Bismarck hat einmal gesagt, ein Zeitungsschreiber sei in der Regel ein Mann, der seinen Beruf verfehlt habe. Das mag ja von seinem Standpunkte aus ganz richtig gewesen sein.

Mir scheint jedoch, dass es von dieser Regel bei unseren deutschen Zeitungen glanzende Ausnahmen gegeben hat, solche, die ihren Beruf mit warmem Herzen und hervorragenden Fahigkeiten ver- folgten und darin ihren Landsleuten mit leuchtendem Beispiele und grossem Erfolge vorangingen. Moge unsere deutsch-amerikanische Presse auch in Zukunft ein Bollwerk bilden gegen die Fluth von Unduldsamkeit und ge- gen unamerikanische, puritanische Engherzigkeit.

Es wiirde, wie gesagt, zu weit fiihren und Ihre Geduld miss- brauchen, wollte ich mich iiber die Stellung der deutsch-amerika- nischen Presse der englischen gegeniiber verbreiten, jedoch so weit erlauben Sie mir, mich in kurzen Worten zu aussern : Dass die Stellung der deutsch-amerikanischen Presse der englischen gegeniiber stets eine ausserst schwierige sein wird, da dieselbe immer in zwei Sprachen arbeiten und gegen eingewurzelte Vorur- theile kampfen muss. Mogen die Vertreter der deutsch-amerikanischen Presse nie vergessen, dass dieselben nicht nur dazu da sein sollen, um der Sensationssucht des Publikums zu frohnen, sondern immer ein- gedenk der Mission bleiben, die sie in diesem Lande zu erfiillen haben.

Die Vereinigung alter deutscher Studenten in Amerika hat wiederum ein neues Reis an ihrem Stamme gezeitigt, namlich den Zweigverein Philadelphia. Schon seit Jahren, selbst vor Be- stehen des Central- Verbandes wurden in Philadelphia von ehe- maligen deutschen Akademikern Versuche gemacht, einen aka- demischen Verein zu griinden, aber ohne den ersehnten Erfolg.

Es ist endlich den Bemiihungen des Herrn Professor Dr. Marion D. Learned und Dr. Derselbe wurde am Oktober offiziell durch die Herren Dr. Carl Beck und Dr. Ein frohlicher Kommers hielt die Mitglieder noch lange zusammen, wobei auch in einem Telegramm des Geburts- tages des Prasidenten Theodore Roosevelt gedacht wurde. Mit Ungeduld erwartete man die Einladung zur zweiten Zusammen- kunft.

In Folge der Schwierigkeiten, ein geeignetes Lokal zu finden, dauerte es langer als man anfangs erwartet hatte. Der Zweigverein, der inzwischen auf iiber 40 Mitglieder angewachsen war, hielt seine zweite Zusammenkunft im alten Ratskeller am Januar ab. Hare, William B.

Walter; Schatzmeister, Max Kuttner. Learned und Max J. Lustige und ernste Erinnerungen an die einstige Alma Mater jenseits des At- lantischen Ozeans hielt die Teilnehmer noch lange in hochst frohlicher Stimmung vereint. Max J. Walter, korr. Brandt, Hamilton College. Carpenter, Columbia University. Carruth, University of Kansas. Hermann Collitz, Johns Hopkins University. Cutting, University of Chicago. University of Illinois.

54. Jahrgang

Faust, Cornell University. Adolph Gerber, Late of Earlham College. Julius Goebel, Late of Harvard University. Hatfield, Northwestern University. Hewett, Cornell University. Hohlfeld, University of Wisconsin. Hugo K. Schilling, University of California. Schmidt-Wartenberg, University of Chicago. Hermann Schoenfeld, Columbian University. Calvin Thomas, Columbia University. White, Harvard University. Breitbarth, Business Manager, pbtlaOelpbta.

Xe p3ifl : F. It is natural to inquire into the private life of a public man at any time, but it is particularly instructive to do so in the case of a man of the most liberal education, when he steps from the aula of the university into the wigwam of the wild man in the primeval forests of the New World. The motives leading to this apparently abrupt change of con- dition were not altogether single, nor without reflection and prep- aration in the case of Pastorius. The dominant motive was the desire to escape the turmoil of the Old World by finding a quiet refuge in the West.

Closely linked with this selfish desire was the higher motive of bearing the message of Christian truth tr the Red Men of America. This was the attitude of Quietists oi that time, and common to Pietist, Mennonite and Quaker alike — the spirit that lives on in these sects, especially the German Quietists of Pennsylvania, to the present day. It is possible to reconstruct an outline sketch of his appearance from scanty notes found here and there in his works and in the letters of Israel Pemberton, already given above, particularly the following: "J long to be with thee again tho some times J smile to myself to think how J told my father when first J saw him.

J doubted he would prove an angry master he asked me why so J told him J thought so by his nose. If He can' any do him wrong, e can't remember't long. Pastorius, as "D. Sowerness," in his letter to Richard Johns. The first five years of Pastorius' life in Germantown were busy with the work of settling the German colony, and, in spite of moments of despondency and discouragement, the jurist- pioneer seems to have been fairly contented with his lot in the little German Town.

He saw, one after another, new houses rise in the clearing, and the smoke of comfort and contentment rise from freshly built chimneys, heralding the progress of the German settlement. Francis Daniel Pastoriiis 67 It was a lonely life for the agent of the German Company with his little personnel of servants in these far-off western wilds, but with no companion to share the fears and hopes of the passing years. What memories of his early years still lived in his fancy, we do not learn from his personal notes or reminiscences. Whether any fair figure out of his student days still passed like a guardian spirit athwart his dreams, he does not tell.

But one fugitive song has come down to us in his writings, which seems to date from this earlier period of the days in Europe and which may be the one witness that his life was not utterly void, at least of memories of romance of the lighter vein. This song runs : Darf man dich Corinna kiissen So kom mein Liebe zu mir her, Ich werd es wohl am besten wissen, Das war die antwort ungefahr.

Sie Hesse zwar u. Lass o mein Kind! Lass uns Liebe werck begehen, Wir sind in unsrer besten zeit. Sie seuffzte zwar! So halte nun und lass dich kiissen, Kein mensche soil in dieser Stadt Nicht der geringste darvon wissen, Dass jemand dich gekiisset hat. Sie zuckte zwar u. Hiemit so zog ich meine strasse, Daher ich neulich konien war, Erfuhr in dessen bester massen, Von der Corina wunderbahr, Dass, Ja bey vielen pfliget Nein Und Nein so viel als Ja zu seyn.

Come, Corinna, let me kiss thee! Come, my dearest, to me here! I would know why joy should miss thee, I would have thine answer clear! Smiling sweetly said she, "No," Then demurely yielded so. Raise thy head and let me kiss thee! Not a man shall ever learn How with longing I caress thee. How my lips to thine do turn. Then she trembled and said, "No," But demurely yielded so. Often since whene'er I wander, Whether far or near the way.

O'er the lesson do I ponder From Corinna learned that day. Pennypacker and set to music by Arthur L. Church, who published both the English and German text with the music. Church kindly presented the present writer with a copy of this print. Francis Daniel Pastorins 69 her first husand two children, Willm von Nensheim, ahas Spikermanns, living at Speltrop, and Gertrud von Nensheim, who had married and gone to live in Amsterdam. Account has already been given of the personal effects which Pastorius brought with him, in , to America. Schwartz gronrasch Leibergen. Schwartz gronraschen Schiirtz, 2.

An leinen Zeug. Hollandsche Elen fein liiien, 8. Res Propriae, p. Kroplappen, 5. An Hansgerath: eine neue kist, I. Spiiirad samt haspel. An Biichern: Jerem. Dyckens wiirdiger Tischgenoss. Saldeni Christliche Kinder-schuel. Christliches Gedenckbiichlein. It appears also in the records, that Ennicke had real estate in Germantown. She bought in all fifty acres of land in Ger- mantown, as follows: Thirty acres of the German Frankfurt Company next to Isaac Dilbeck, according to an agreement dated August 18, ; further twenty acres next to Jan Doeden from the same company by an agreement dated August 21, This land was purchased on terms of a perpetual rental of six shillings and five pence to be paid annually on the first day of the sixth month.

Compagnie vor isd. Augusti Schill ; lod. Schill, und sd. Pensylvanischen gelds, den iten. Die Liingte im Dorff ist im Seitland. Ennicke suffered from the effects of the birth of this second son all the rest of her life, as it appears, from the lack of proper surgical care. The name Pastorius has come down through direct descendants of these two sons to the present time, as will be seen in the genealog- ical chart at the end of this work.

Although greatly concerned for the education of his two sons, Pastorius recognized the economic conditions in Pennsyl- vania and the importance of a practical breadwinning trade, and accordingly had each of his boys learn such a trade. The elder son, John Samuel, at the age of sixteen years , learned the weaver's trade with Paul Kastner, and afterwards carried on this trade in the house of his father, who furnished him the out- fit.

The younger son Henry, likewise learned the trade of weaving from his brother, but in 3 took up shoemaking by himself. At the approach of winter, , he went to Bombay Hook, and remained there and in the Duck Creek region until 1 71 6. By a curious coincidence both John Samuel and Henry narrowly escaped death by the fall of a horse.

Samuel gebohren ut supra, pag. Mertz Icrnte ano das Weben von Paul Kastner, u. Ano Da Er eben zu vor mit einem fferd fallende den fusz sehr verrenckt hatte, u. Mein jiingster Sohn Heinrich, gebohren, ut. April Aiio Da daii dieses sofort todt blieb und er auch selbst vortodt auffge- nonien wurde. Doch schenckte ihm Gott vor diszmahl das leben, welches er ja danchbarl erkeiien, und sich rechtschaffcn bessern mag. The correspondence in the Beschreibung shows that Pastor- ius kept alive his friendship with a number of his old friends in Germany during the first years of his life in Pennsylvania.

The letters written to his old preceptor, Schumberg, and to Mode- lius, rector of the school at Windsheim, contain much important information concerning the new country. In addition to the Latin verses concerning the vanity of the world, he dedicated his first work, printed after his arrival in America, Vicr Tract'dtlcin, to Schumbergius.

Heine-Jahrbuch | SpringerLink

II, pp. Id quod jam Francis Daniel Pastorius 73 In the letter to Rector Georg Leonhard Model Modelius , he exhibits a keen interest in the importance of the life of the Indians as an object lesson for civilized Europeans, and gives an interesting description of the Red Men as he saw them in Pennsylvania. Other letters from his correspondence with members of the German Company, and with his father, show that he kept in touch with affairs in the Fatherland.

The letters of Pastorius' sons to their grandfather, and the latter's long and detailed account of his life, written in reply, form one of the most inter- esting parts of the Bcschrcibung, and exhibit the gentle affection still linking the Colonial offspring to the old home beyond the sea. It is apparent, also, from the records and events of German- town, that Pastorius was on friendly terms with his fellow- countrymen in the little German Town.

He speaks of these Ger- man friends as among those who were especially kind to him during his severe illness. In a passage in the Beehive, he men- tions Jacob Tellner as one of his friends : "J endeavoured at Spare times to make this present Hive on a Quire of fine Paper, which a friend of mine [Jacob Tellner:] depart- ing for Europe did give me. Ut vero, Vir Doctissime! Et tu jam num cam corde manuq ; prehcnsam tenebis. Franciscus Daniel Pastorius. The first is inscribed: Hacc ad Jac. Tellnercm aeuropaeantcm; the second with the superscrip- tion: Ad eiindem :Jac.

Man musz durch das Wetter dringen, Will es heute nicht gelingen Jacob! Dei Voluntas mea felicitas. Haec ego propere, Tu prospere. Vale ac Salva; [ei] iterum iterumque. After rumbling, after roaring, After thunder and downpouring, Follows oft the clear sunshine. Men must forth whate'er the weather, And to-day must forth together, Jacob! Up the morn is fine. Be not then so sad and moping, Dawns the freedom you are hoping, Comes another brighter mood What God wills is luck and good.

Pennypacker, whose English translation is subjoined to the original. Francis Daniel Pasforius 75 men in the Province, with some of whom he formed a life-long friendship. Thomas Lloyd. On the journey across the ocean, Pastorius made the ac- quaintance of the Welsh physician, Thomas Lloyd, whose per- sonality and learning strongly attracted the German jurist.

The first bond of sympathy seems to have been the knowledge of the Latin language which enabled both of them to carry on conver- sation. These poetic memories were still accessible to Watson in a separate manuscript, when he wrote his Annals of Philadelphia in the Olden Time, but seem to have disappeared into private hands or to have been lost since that time.

Fortunately, the Beehive has preserved many of these verses, which contain important information concerning the rela- tions of Lloyd and Pastorius. As special mercies he makes mention of '"Cf. John Jay Smith, Letters of Dr. Thus long ye have been here! Brave husbands. John De la Val with them his Strength about this bends. And all Eternity in Hallelu — Jahs spends. I'm far from Flattering! Moreover, to the best of my Rememberance, We never disagreed, nor were at Variance ; Because God's sacred Truth, whereat we both did aim, To her indeared Friends is everywhere the same.

And if I would Return home to my Father's house. Good Lord! Dear Friends, another year besides the thirty-one, Whereof my former Sheet, is now elapsed and gone. Sith that we landed here on Philadelphia's Shore Our Duty then requires, to praise the Lord once more. Our Bodies thus prepared. He graciously would give A never-dying Soul, thereby to move and live.

And of His Handy-work did ever since take Care. So having been poor things! He gave us our desires ; For one, that rightly seeks, Does never miss to find. To Him the Holy One, we his Redeemed bow. And Glory, Majesty, Renown and Praises owe. For what He hitherto was pleased to bestow. On us poor Creatures, whose Cup did overflow, In two parts of this Globe, especially here, Where we at present breathe, which Tense, tho' ne're so near, H '"aFrancia Orientalis : Wallia Septentrionalis.

A Weaver's shuttle is not half so Swift or fleet, This momentary Jot has rather Wings than Feet : It vanishes like Smoke, like Dust before the W'ind, And leaves as sounding Brass, an Echoing Voice behind, Which minds us, that it should be Carefully imploy'd, So as the same has been by honest Thomas Lloyd, My quondam real Friend, whom with this Epithet J honour thankfully, and never shall forget His many Courtesies, to my Departing hour, Altho' my years should reach to other Sixty-four.

And this to wit the last, adorned thus his life, That J may truly say, she it was his second Wife. Concerning Charity the Center of my Trine, It did as clearly as his other Vertues shine : He kindly deal'd with all, to ev'ry one did good. Endearing chiefly God, and then the Brotherhood. Keith's dull lowing of an Ox. Eternity, a word whereof J fain would speak. Let us be therefore wise, and thus retract the Days, Which from our Cradle up in Jdleness and plays. Or infinitely worse, have frequently be [en] spent, That for transacted Sins we seriously repent : And take what heed we can, that in this ruhing Time, We nothing may mis-do, mis-think, mis-speak, mis-rime.

As to Futurity, none of us all can say. The 4th day of the 6th mo: Rachel Preston died, and was buried the 15th ditto at Philada. Thrice happy! Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may Rest from their Labours; and their Works do follow them. This Obelisk, in haste made by a sorry hand.

Serves only for a Draught, to show how thine should stand. God's Serjeant, Death, must do, what he has in Coniand. The 4th day of the 3d Mo. I read it over thrice a day Since in my hands the same did stay, And now return it unto thee. So be it, Amen. This Book here, coming back, two other such demands.

Ien's Understanding blinds Dear Betty! And Letters full of Sense as She did to Jndite. The most important friendsliip formed by Pastorius in PennsyKania was that with William Penn, the proprietor of the province. On the 21st of August, , the day after his arrival in Philadelphia, Pastorius presented his credentials to Penn, and was well received, both by the proprietor and his German secre- tary, Johann Lehenmann. Penn the letters, which I brought with me, and was received by him with friendly affection; of this very worthy man and celebrated ruler I should, in justice, write much more; but my pen, although it is from an eagle, which a so-called savage recently brought into my house is much too weak to express the lofty virtues of this Chris- tian, for such he is in deed.

He often sends me an invitation to dine with him, also to walk or ride in his always edifying company; and when I was lately away a week fetching provisions from New Castle, and he had not seen me during that time, he came himself to my cottage, and desired, that I should come and be his guest several times a week. He is sincerely devoted [to the Germans], and said once publickly in my presence to his Councilors and those about him : I am fond of the [Germans] and wish, that you shall love them too; although I never at any other time heard such words of command from him ; these pleased me however so much the more, because they are quite in unison with the command of God vid.

I cannot say more now than that Will. I doubt not, some will yet come hither themselves and experience in fact that my pen has not written enough in this matter. Francis Daniel Pastorius 85 This esteem for the proporietor Pastorius seems to have re- tained even in the midst of the difFiciilties which he found arising out of Penn's pohcy of assigning the Germans their land.

As we have already seen, it was Penn and Thomas Lloyd chiefly who kept Pastorius from abandoning the German Colony and return- ing to his native land. Even in the midst of Penn's trial in Eng- land, Pastorius remained loyal to the great proprietor. Nor was the appreciation all on Pastorius' side. Penn has left us an interesting testimonial to the character of Pastorius in a later letter written in answer to an incjuiry of Pastorius' father, Melchior Adam Pastorius, as to the life of his son, Fran- cis Daniel, in America.

These letters, with a German translation, were published in the Beschrcibung. They form such an interest- ing incident in the life of Pastorius and Penn that they may fit- tingly be given entire here : Salutem ab ipso fonte Salutis Jesu Christo quam plurimam. Qui ipse toto corde exopto esse Windshemii Tua; Humanissimas Dominationis scrvus ad Cum Votis itaque ut Devs una cum salutis sua demonstratione dignetur seniles tuos annos sicuti dim Simeoni prolongare, valere te jubeo. Bristolii die Mensis Sincerus tibi ex animo amicus. William Penn. President a Windsheim in Franconia. Anagramma : Perpcndens falacia munia Regni quasiui greges populi tui sereni.

Nusquam tuta fides. Nunc Terra recalcitrat [? Hinc ego perpendens fallacia munia Regni Territus obstupui, cordeque contremui Inde Greges pie Christe tui super Orbe sereni. It is possible that the following anagram, which Melchior Adam Pastorius dedicated to his son, Francis Daniel, belongs to this period : Franciscus Daniel Pastorius. Si peccatori mortemque necemque minari, Numinis est proprium? Parcas quseso div iesv fons alme SALutis, Venturse, misero quae subeunda neci. Passus enim pro me, Peccatum Daemona, Mortem Strauisti, inque tuo sanguine tutus ouo.

Itinerarium, p. The third time welcome Penn! Of good things as we see Jn Sacred History, there have been often three. Neither do I quote, that three men of each Tribe were to describe the promised land, Josh. Jtem what J concerning this mystical Number might have allegorized out of Deut. Add Psal. Thy Province, into which these thirty one years past My Lot, by Providence, most happily was cast.

Acts ch. Vide Hel r. J myself purchased one of the old Tho. Miller for 5i. Silver Money of Pennsylvania in the midst of the Front-street at Philada. And yet the second time cam'st Safe to this thy Land, Dogs, who at distance bark, bite not when near at hand. When as aforesaid. However, feeble things we are below the Moon! Change upon change, alas! Ay, sorry Turky quill! Glory be to His Name for ever and ever. Francis Daniel Pastorius 91 The wch suffices them. He will Grant our Petition, and abundantly fulfill "Job Veritas Vincit, Prsevalet.

Diabohis Latrat. Vult Vertus Patere : Dolus Latere. Griffith Owen. It was to Owen that he turned for medical aid after the death of Thomas Lloyd. The following testimonial to the efficacy of Owen's medicine are quaintly phrased in the Beehive: Dearly Esteemed Friend Griffith Owen. Germantown, the i6th of the 3d mo. My last Climaterick nine multiplied by Sev'n May be, will bring me home, to'r long home even Heav'n. However, by Neglect we must not kill ourselves. Anno Authore Nehemid Green M. Regiae Societatis Socio. Londini, Talibus innocuis Salibus licet hactenus uti, Ut similis similem dilectet Amicus Amicum.

When after the general or yearly Meeting at Philada. Thy Doctor goes his ways. No, no! My Soul with good things fills. Sal Cathariticum sive mirabile, Epson Salt. Coloss 4, He surely thither goes, And there will teach and preach. What then? It is not for the worse. What strange thing now is this. At once to go and stay? J mean that Mortal Man, Who Medicine to thee gives. Art thou not afraid. That One goes, whilst thou'rt ill? No, No! For as I said. My Soul has yet her Fill. By him who is all Love, And present ev'ry where : Whose Will does move above My low and trembling sphere. James Logan.

Quae de Fraterno Nomen Amore trahit. With this ruiis parallel what holy Prophets taught. Bear and Forbear. And after we compare The Writings, Surely 't looks. That new-ones neotericks Volumes are, the ancient Little Books, Jn these which have been first, we richly find, whereby To satisfy our Thirst; [the latter leave us dry] the last themselves are dry. Fides Doctrinaq. Prisca Forti Fere Deliciosa Palato.

The question has been raised whether Pastorius was a Quaker, and, if so, at what time he became such. It has been stoutly maintained that he remained at heart a Lutheran. The marriage of Melchior Adam Pastorius with the widow Magdalena Johm, was the beginning of an Evangelical Lutheran household in this branch of the Pastorius family. Wenn nicht, sind dann in naher Zukunft derartige Empfehlungen geplant?

Wie bewertet die Kommission die unterschiedlichen Standards bei Gutachten und deren Auswirkungen im Lichte der gegenseitigen justiziellen Anerkennung? Die darin enthaltene Frage Nr. Die Verordnung EG Nr. The appointment of experts in custody cases operates according to different rules throughout Europe. These different rules — in particular where professional qualifications are concerned — are increasingly resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes.

In a sensitive area such as this, where the consequences can be serious, unscientific and quite simply erroneous expert opinions on a large scale are to be viewed with criticism. Do EU-wide recommendations on quality assurance in relation to expert opinions already exist including in relation to scientific standards and testing procedures? If not, are there any plans for such recommendations in the near future?

In particular, does it see problems in connection with cross-border custody disputes in respect of expert opinions of differing quality? To date the Commission has not received information on problems derived from diverging Member State laws on the appointment of experts in custody cases. As part of this review exercise, the Commission sent a questionnaire to Member States to gather information on the practical operation of the regulation. EU legislation does not govern quality standards of expert opinions or their effects in civil litigation.

Other issues such as means of evidence, burden of proof, assessment of evidence and standard of evidence are left to national law. The courts of the requesting Member State must thus apply national law to assess the evidence delivered by the foreign court, including the quality of expert opinions, and to establish its evidentiary value. The Commission is now collecting input on the impact of this legal diversity on the cross-border taking of evidence, which will be reflected in the evaluation report to be adopted in The Commission will thereafter consider the follow-up action that may be required.

These restrictions come after similar customs restrictions were imposed by the Russian Federation on Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. These sanctions were condemned as unacceptable pressure by both Parliament, through its resolution on pressure exerted by Russia on Eastern Partnership countries in the context of the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius , and the Commission.

At present, the Russian Federation only upholds the ban on wines from the Republic of Moldova. Talks are taking place between the health services of both countries, but the delays in lifting the restrictions are causing significant losses to producers and exporters from the Republic of Moldova.

What measures is the Commission taking to prevent the Russian Federation from using trade bans to put political pressure on Member States and partner countries? The Commission used this opportunity to express its concerns with regard to politically motivated measures by Russia. In addition, the Commission will continue to work closely with the Member States to address the remaining barriers which affect EU exports to Russia.

The Member States agreed in this recommendation to put in place comprehensive strategies to combat ESL by the end of Can the Commission provide the conclusions from its monitoring of the matter, as well as details of these comprehensive strategies? What initiatives does the Commission plan for the coming years in order to achieve this target? Does the Commission agree that, despite the numerous measures already taken by Member States, progress in reducing ESL rates remains too slow? The Commission monitors and reports on developments in early school leaving ESL including through the Annual Growth Survey and within the Education and Training strategy.

The recommendations are having an impact: all and recipient MS have improved their rates notably ES, which improved by 3. This improvement mainly reflects progress in some larger countries, but hides negative trends in others. Such work is set to continue. A majority of MS have made progress, but there are still wide disparities. MS will need to sustain their efforts if the target is to be reached. The SES Single European Sky legislation regulates common requirements for the provision of air navigation services, as well as the certification and designation of air navigation service providers ANSPs.

Certificates set out the rights and obligations of ANSPs with particular regard to safety. National supervisory authorities NSAs are expected to monitor compliance with the common requirements and with the conditions attached to the certificates. If an NSA finds that the holder of a certificate no longer satisfies the requirements and conditions, it must take appropriate measures while ensuring continuity of service.

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the certification scheme, Member States should provide the Commission with all relevant information on the derogations granted by their NSA in the context of their annual reports. The onus of proving compliance should lie with the ANSPs, for the period of validity of the certificate and for all the services covered.

The NSA should examine the suitability of a provider prior to issuing a certificate and should assess the ongoing compliance of the ANSPs it has certified on a yearly basis. As the onus of proving compliance, i. Secondly, as to the designation, two Member States have designated air traffic services providers ATSPs which appear not to have been certified.

As to performance assessment, it was concluded that regarding airspace capacity and efficiency, the overall reported information indicates a rather low level of implementation. Regarding compliance monitoring, the overall reported level of implementation of inspections, surveys and safety audits for the purpose of such monitoring was very low. The Single European Sky SES regulations distinguish between two separate entities; the Air Navigation Service Providers providing air traffic control and other services and the National Supervisory Authorities overseeing the service providers.

As the question notes, recent audits have revealed shortcomings in the way the authorities certify and oversee the service providers and how they ensure the implementation of the SES rules. Furthermore the implementation of performance targets is still suboptimal in terms of ambition and corrective measures.

This is namely due to lack of independence and resources or expertise in the authorities. Independence will also be required in budgetary matters and staff nominations. Finally the proposal would establish an EU-level network of national authorities under the auspices of the European Aviation Safety Agency to ensure exchanges of best practises, training and pooling of experts. With these measures Commission expects that the authorities will gain the motivation and resources needed and also avoid the current conflicts of interest in their work.

Thus a major performance gap will be closed as the air navigation service providers would be overseen and monitored to the same standards as the airlines already are. Oggetto: Terra dei fuochi, emergenza sversamenti. Nella stessa area sono triplicate le malattie in meno di venti anni con una forte incidenza di tumori, malformazioni feto-neonatali ed epigenetica. Il ministero dell'ambiente italiano per risolvere il problema e per evitare sversamenti futuri di materiali tossici sta per istituire una task-force investigativa e giudiziaria contro le infiltrazioni nelle operazioni.

Ci sono specifici programmi dell'Unione europea che finanziano la bonifica di terreni che hanno subito inquinamenti prolungati nel corso di decenni e, eventualmente, intende utilizzarli? Intende fare parte della task-force del ministero dell'ambiente italiano che punta a individuare adeguati e tempestivi interventi per far fronte al disastro ambientale in Campania? Nella stessa area sono triplicate le malattie in meno di venti anni con una forte incidenza di tumori, malformazioni feto-neonatali e modificazioni epigenetiche.

Il ministero dell'ambiente italiano, per risolvere il problema e per evitare sversamenti futuri di materiali tossici, sta per istituire una task-force investigativa e giudiziaria contro le infiltrazioni nelle operazioni. Oggetto: Terra dei fuochi: roghi e discariche illegali. I numeri sono molto elevati: negli ultimi 5 anni in quest'area sono stati registrati arresti per traffici e smaltimenti illegali di rifiuti, pari a circa un terzo del totale su base nazionale.

Secondo le informazioni fornite alla Commissione, nel novembre , il governo italiano ha nominato un commissario straordinario incaricato di risolvere la questione al fine di prevenire e contrastare lo smaltimento illegale di rifiuti. The Domitian coast, the countryside around Aversa and Orta di Atella, the countryside around Acerra and Nola, the area around Mount Vesuvius and the city of Naples form a vast area that is blighted by bonfires and the uncontrolled dumping of solid urban waste and hazardous and non-hazardous special waste, with serious consequences for health, the environment and safety.

This environmental disaster fits into the wider framework of the first study by the Italian National Institute of Health, according to which the entire area that stretches from Giugliano to Villaricca, up to the Domitian coast, is polluted by illegal landfills and the burying of illegal waste, which is then burned. In order to resolve the problem and prevent toxic waste being dumped in the future, the Italian Ministry of the Environment is about to set up a task force to investigate and prosecute infiltration of waste disposal operations.

Are there any specific EU programmes to finance the decontamination of land that has been polluted over decades and, if so, will the Commission use them? Based on the work that the task force will carry out, will the Commission establish specific programmes to finance actions to clean up heavily polluted land?

An entire area, including the Domitian coast, the Aversano-Atellano countryside, the Acerrano-Nolano and Mount Vesuvius area and the city of Naples, has been affected by the uncontrolled disposal of solid urban waste and special waste, which is often hazardous, with serious consequences for the health of local people, the environment and safety. This environmental disaster is part of a broader scenario that was first outlined in a study by the Italian Institute of Health, which found that the entire area from Giugliano to Villaricca, right up to the Domitian coast, is polluted as a result of the fly tipping and landfill of illegal waste that is subsequently burnt.

The Italian Ministry for the Environment is about to set up an investigative judicial task force to combat these illegal operations with a view to solving the problem and preventing future toxic waste dumping. Can it say whether there is any EU funding available to clean up the land that has been subject to prolonged pollution for decades? The figures involved are staggering: in the last five years in this area, arrests have been made for illegal trafficking and disposal of waste, accounting for around a third of the national total.

This phenomenon is seriously damaging the environment and the landscape pollutants leaking into the ground, air and aquifers with obvious consequences also for human health, as there has been an increase in the incidence of cancer in those municipalities with the most waste Acerra, Aversa, Bacoli, Caivano, Castel Volturno, Giugliano in Campania, Marcianise and Villaricca. The case is still pending before the Court. The Commission monitors the implementation of this regulation and publishes a report every three years.

Wat heeft de Commissie van de premature toetreding van deze landen geleerd, en hoe uit zich dat? IJsland is nog steeds een kandidaat-lidstaat. De Commissie blijft Turkije en zijn burgers ondersteunen in hun legitieme verwachtingen ten aanzien van verdere hervormingen om de vrijheid van meningsuiting, de persvrijheid, de vrijheid van vergadering en de bescherming van minderheden te versterken. Vooruitgang in de toetredingsonderhandelingen en vorderingen met de politieke hervormingen in Turkije gaan hand in hand. Iceland, meanwhile, recently withdrew its candidacy for EU membership.

What has the Commission learnt from the premature accession of these countries, and how does this manifest itself? Iceland is still a candidate country. The new Government of Iceland decided to put EU accession negotiations on hold. The Commission continues to support Turkey and its citizens in fulfilling their legitimate expectations of further reform to strengthen freedom of expression, freedom of the media, freedom of assembly and protection of minorities. Progress in the accession negotiations and progress in the political reforms in Turkey are two sides of the same coin.

Even today, women are underrepresented in many fields, as can be observed in the fields of science and technology in Europe. However, these initiatives have not yielded the expected results. What does it believe to be the reasons that this problem has not been addressed effectively? Have any specific studies been commissioned on the topic?

How does it plan to tackle gender stereotypes in science and encourage girls to consider careers in sectors such as science, technology and engineering? How well are the different Member States performing in this area, and what conclusions can be drawn? However, as the problem is structural, a critical mass of universities and research institutions needs to be targeted with initiatives aimed at removing barriers that prevent female participation and progression in scientific careers.

It targets girls aged and encourages them to study science. Yes, through econometric analysis of education costs up to tertiary level. Also, a partial equilibrium model could be used to estimate the effects of sub-optimal use of human research capital. The report recommends that Member States implement comprehensive strategies of structural change to overcome gaps in research institutions and programmes.

At present, many goldmining projects are awaiting authorisation, inter alia in Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria. There is cause for concern in the fact that the investors use the financially cheapest technology — cyanide leaching — rather than any environmentally more benign methods, although it would be advisable to opt for alternative solutions. A very good example is the mining project near Krumovgrad in Bulgaria, in which such cutting-edge technologies are to be used as the integrated mining-waste system.

In view of the above, does the Commission know exactly what technology is to be used in the goldmine near Krumovgrad? Can the Commission list the possible alternatives and ascertain the latest research results in this field? In this light, will the Commission finally propose that mining with cyanide be banned by the European Union? As regards the technique to be applied in the Kumovgrad gold mine the mining company intends to employ conventional crushing, grinding and flotation processing for gold extraction.

As regards alternative techniques such as the use of other lixiviants and other physical methods to separate gold from the ore, each of the alternatives has a number of intrinsic aspects and characteristics which mean that they are currently not considered suitable alternatives for cyanide use in all gold mining operations on an industrial scale. More specifically, does the Commission plan to establish an energy efficiency label at EU level to tackle the energy-intensive nature of information and communication technology ICT , whilst preserving the competitiveness of operators and the purchasing power of households?

How does the Commission intend to raise European public awareness regarding energy saving associated with the use of their smartphone? To identify products that should be assessed under the Ecodesign and the Energy Labelling Framework, the European Commission established Working plans based on scientific studies. Therefore, the Commission does not plan to establish an energy label for mobile phones at this stage. Objet: Le Conseil est-il aux ordres de Mme Merkel?

This postponement was obtained thanks to the last-minute change of heart of three major countries that were in support of limiting CO 2 emissions, namely France, the United Kingdom and Poland. Further to that meeting, the Commission is now facilitating discussions between the co-legislators in order to find a solution as soon as possible, which would allow an agreement in first reading.

The Commission does not have a view on how individual Member States, which are responsible for their sovereign decisions, arrived at their position on the proposed legislation. We should not forget that youth employment is highest in this sector. There are so many employment opportunities in the field of tourism that there is a place for everyone, regardless of their level of qualifications. What action has the Commission taken so far to facilitate young people finding work in tourism?

What does it intend to do in the near future in this area? The Youth Employment Initiative , will help finance the provision of this initiatives in the region's worst affected by youth unemployment, thus supporting the implementation of the Youth guarantee. However the recommendation does not target any sector as such. It is up to the Member State to target any specific sector if they want to. Regarding the tourim sector, EURES will be refined to allow for searches to be based on skills as defined by industry.

This innovative approach will concern first jobs in the hospitality sector and subsequently in the cultural, adventure, marine and maritime sectors, as well as skills to meet the needs of tourists with special needs. Most airlines have a free-of-charge online complaints procedure which involves filling in a form. Does the Commission intend to take any action to ensure that airlines do not charge passengers making complaints, particularly where the carrier has failed to comply with contractual terms?

This provision, however, does not apply to passenger transport services. Nevertheless, based on the circumstances of the individual case, failure to provide the consumer with appropriate i. The directive covers misleading actions and omissions. Under the directive, information, which the consumer needs in order to make an informed choice, including the arrangements for complaints handling policy, must be displayed clearly. Member States are responsible for setting up adequate and effective means to combat unfair commercial practices.

However experience has shown a need for improving coordinated enforcement, in particular where the same problem arises in different Member States. Consumers, on the other hand, may seek assistance from the European Consumer Centre Network ECC-net , co-funded by the Commission, for their complaints with a business operator established in another Member State. This Protocol has not been approved by Parliament.

In view of the present sensitivity of participation in EU programmes by Israeli entities, in particular those established or active in Israeli settlements in Palestine, does the Commission consider itself entitled to conclude a MoU with Israel in spite of the fact that it is not known whether Parliament will give its assent to the Protocol when the question is finally submitted to it?

The application of the Guidelines will be translated into all agreements on Israel's participation in EU programmes to be put in place as from The Guidelines are not subject to re-negotiation. As negotiations are ongoing, the Commission is not able to comment on specific details. Betreft: Levering van traangas aan de regering van Bahrein. Sinds vinden er in Bahrein regelmatig confrontaties plaats tussen demonstranten en veiligheidstroepen. Ze is momenteel op zoek naar bedrijven die een offerte kunnen doen voor de benodigde hoeveelheden.

Naar aanleiding van de volksopstanden in het Midden-Oosten en Noord-Afrika en de Golfregio volgt COARM nauwlettend de ontwikkelingen in deze gebieden, om nationale vergunningverlenende instanties van de meest nuttige informatie over gevoelige exportbestemmingen, zoals Bahrein, te voorzien. Het opleggen van beperkende maatregelen tegen individuele Bahreini wordt in de huidige politieke omstandigheden niet als gepast beschouwd.

Since , protestors and security forces have clashed regularly in Bahrain. Security forces often use teargas indiscriminately, which has resulted in the deaths of some 39 people by suffocation or being hit on the head by tear gas canisters. It is looking for companies to submit bids to supply the required quantities. Does the Commission agree that shipments of tear gas to Bahrain should be stopped? If not, why not? Does the Commission agree that the promise made by some Member States to closely monitor the granting of licences to export military equipment to Bahrain does not go far enough?

Is the Commission willing to propose and introduce restrictive measures against those individuals in Bahrain who are responsible for ongoing human rights violations in the country, in line with the abovementioned European Parliament resolution? Is the Commission willing to address this issue with South Korea at the highest political level in order to prevent the potential export of tear gas from South Korea to Bahrain? Following popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa MENA and Gulf regions, COARM closely follows developments in those regions, with a view to providing national licensing authorities with the most relevant information regarding sensitive export destinations, including Bahrain.

Imposing restrictive measures against Bahraini individuals is not considered appropriate at the current political juncture. These cases involving the waste of public money can no longer give rise to prosecutions. Was it the Commission or the whistle-blower who was recorded as the information source in the case files?

After being notified of the case, what investigative measures did OLAF take in order to shed light on the allegations? Why did OLAF fail to take action when it was first informed about the case in ? The case in question has both a judicial part, which is the subject of ongoing criminal proceedings in the named courts at national level; and a financial part, which is the subject of an ongoing detailed examination by the Court of Auditors of Greece having been required to do so by the courts in question. Since the recording of the case in its case management system in , OLAF has regularly explained to the person who brought the matters to its attention that the determination on possible penal responsibility and the related question of possible financial liabilities whether in respect of Greek or EU funds must await the outcome of these two ongoing processes.

The Honourable Member will understand that due process has to be respected and that in the light of ongoing judicial proceedings OLAF is under a duty to refrain from commenting further. Once these processes are completed, OLAF will be in a position to conclude its case and make recommendations or take additional action if deemed appropriate. Several thousand people who are in work have not been paid for months. Taxes and tax hikes are on the increase, houses are being confiscated because of small debts to the tax authority, and power is being cut off for people who have no money to pay.

Tens of thousands of families will be without heating. The following incidents have caused particular resentment and a very broad solidarity movement:. In other words, children are being tried because they are fighting for the self-evident right to education and life.

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The intervention a few days ago of riot police at the building of the Evia Regional Authority, which was occupied by unpaid employees and former employees of many factories in the region that have recently closed down, the new managers of which are selling their stock, and in this way keeping the employees as hostages in a situation where they are neither employed nor unemployed, and they have no unemployment card, insurance or salary.

Under the Treaties on which the European Union is based, the European Commission has no general powers to intervene. It can do so only if an issue of European Union law is involved. From the information provided by the Honourable Member, the matter referred to does not appear to be related to the implementation of European Union law.

In such situations, it is for Member States, including their judicial authorities, to ensure that fundamental rights are effectively respected and protected in accordance with their national legislation and international human rights obligations, in particular as resulting from the European Convention on Human Rights and from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Commission believes that Greece's state-owned enterprises should be efficient and financially viable. The Commission will, however, not comment on press reports on this issue. The Commission will publish its views on the milestones linked to the previous review and other issues related to the ongoing review of the adjustment programme for Greece after its completion. Does the Commission accept such a provocative and unfair surcharge on a means of transport in an EU Member State?

Vehicle taxation is currently not harmonised at EU level. As a consequence, Member States are entitled to decide upon and implement the level of taxation that they see fit. Currently the level of taxation among Member States is quite different; some Member States levy very high taxes on vehicles while others levy lower ones or even none. A tax on a vehicle that treats foreign vehicles and domestic ones alike does not infringe that principle. However, this proposal did not receive enough support from Member States. What is the reason for this mistake, and why did the Commission allow such gross and provocative errors to occur?

What measures does it intend to take for the immediate correction of this error? The Honourable Member points to an unfortunate drafting mistake that has been corrected in the meantime to use the provisional reference under which the country was admitted to the United Nations. The Commission regrets this inadvertent error and presents its apologies to those whom it might have offended.

The study casts doubt on the reliability of some of the results published by Monsanto and of some of the methods used to assess the safety of MON and other genetically modified plants. This result totally contradicts the result presented by Monsanto in its case, yet it was validated by EFSA as part of the body of evidence for the safety of MON Can the Commission explain why EFSA validated a result which was invalidated by one of its own experts?

Does the Commission consider that a test carried out in non-physiological conditions and exposed as such by at least one EFSA expert can be taken into account when assessing the safety of GMOs? The study casts serious doubt on the reliability of some of the results published by Monsanto and of some of the methods used to assess the safety of MON and other genetically modified plants. If yes, can the Commission confirm or refute that using selected data in this way is scientifically valid? Can the Commission confirm that these comparators literature and reported are relevant?

According to the comparators used by Monsanto, the histidine rate would therefore be both above and below normal. The questions of the Honourable Member concern details of the risk assessment carried out by the European Food Safety Authority EFSA , which has been requested to provide elements allowing the Commission to answer to the questions. The information will be available shortly. The Russian side has so far failed to reach any decision on the question of returning the plane wreck, even though the Polish authorities have requested this on many occasions.

The remains of the crashed plane are of vital importance for the investigation into the Smolensk tragedy which is currently underway in Poland.

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I would therefore like to ask whether any action has been taken on this matter in the context of relations between the European Union and Russia, and if so what the nature of the action was and what its outcome has been. Many countries and international organisations expressed sorrow and condolences to the people of Poland over the crash. These concerns have been raised with Russian counterparts repeatedly and at various levels, including with Ambassador Chizhov. The Commission is very actively seeking solutions to these various trade irritants in frequent consultations with Russian counterparts.

Where these prove ineffective, the Commission is ready to use available multilateral mechanisms. The EU has, for instance, recently requested the establishment of a World Trade Organisation WTO panel to examine the case of discriminatory Russian vehicle recycling fees. The first The cost of fixing the S design problem is as yet unknown. Particular and explicit attention shall be paid to major fiscal policy reform plans with potential spill-over effects for other Member States whose currency is the euro.

It has been brought to my attention that Scarlet, a Belgian Internet provider, refuses to open new contracts for prospective customers who have been resident in Belgium for less than three months. Telenet, another Belgian provider, does not open contracts for persons who have been resident in Belgium for less than six months. This is a measure which discriminates against people who have recently arrived in Belgium or who plan to live in Belgium. Is the Commission aware of the restrictions imposed by these two Internet providers? What action will the Commission take to introduce rules ensuring access to Internet services for persons who have just arrived in Belgium?

The Commission is aware of such restrictions imposed by Internet providers. Tali risorse versate dal governo italiano, se fossero rimaste in Italia, probabilmente sarebbero state sufficienti a gestire i problemi delle banche nazionali. I rendimenti dei titoli di Stato tedeschi sono in effetti molto bassi rispetto a quelli di altri Stati membri dell'UE. Uno dei motivi risiede nel fatto che, al pari di altri Stati membri dell'UE, la Germania beneficia del suo status di luogo sicuro per gli investimenti. Ogni membro del MES nomina un governatore e un governatore supplente. Ogni governatore nomina un amministratore e un amministratore supplente.

Le competenze di questi organi e le norme sulla procedura decisionale sono specificate nel trattato MES. According to press reports, because of the way that the response to the eurozone crisis has been structured, Italian taxpayers are effectively subsidising their German counterparts. Germany is the main contributor providing Italy, the third largest contributor If these monies had remained in Italy, they would probably have been sufficient to tackle the problems facing the Italian banks.

This means that Italian taxpayers' money is helping to push down the interest rates on German Government bonds and in the German financial system as a whole. In turn, this is widening the spread between interest rates and making Italian businesses less and less competitive. German bonds. Can the Commission say whether money from southern European countries is being used to help Germany, with the result that these countries are unable to use ESM funds to prop up their own banks? Does it not think that new arrangements are needed to rule out paradoxical situations of this kind?

The ESM is an important firewall against the crisis; financial support from the ESM can be requested by all its members. Spain and Cyprus already benefitted from ESM financial assistance. The Commission does not have information about the current investment holdings of the ESM. Among other reasons, some EU Member States, and in particular Germany, benefitted from their status as safe haven investment location. The ESM is an international institution accountable to its members. Each Governor shall appoint one Director and one alternate Director.

The competences of these bodies and the decision making rules are specified by the ESM Treaty. Oggetto: Kit per la fabbricazione di falsi formaggi italiani in vendita on-line. Nei kit, commercializzati anche da un'azienda inglese, si trovano i recipienti e le polveri che, combinate con il latte, permetterebbero di ottenere, in soli 30 minuti, mozzarella o, aspettando 2 mesi per la stagionatura, altri formaggi italiani. Possono essere aggiunte sostanze necessarie per la loro fabbricazione, ma solo a patto che non siano utilizzate per sostituire totalmente o parzialmente uno qualsiasi dei componenti del latte.

Gli Stati membri devono inoltre prendere le dovute misure per eliminare i rischi e sanzionare le inosservanze. Large online retailers, such as Amazon and Ebay, are selling kits for the home production of some of the best-known Italian cheeses, including Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino romano. The kits, which are sold by an English company, include containers and powder, which, when mixed with milk, produces mozzarella in just 30 minutes, or other kinds of Italian cheese if left to mature for two months.

This problem affects consumers who are being misled and induced to purchase products that could be potentially harmful to their health. What steps does it intend to take to protect dairies, farmers and all Italian cheese producers from unfair competition and the damage caused by the sale of these kits? How does it intend to protect EU consumers against misleading offers? Does the Commission consider there to be a potential risk to the health of consumers buying these products and if so, what action will it take?

Does it intends to definitively ban the sale of these kits which, through the mixing of chemical powders that are potentially harmful to health, produce food stuffs that are usually made using fresh, high-quality raw materials? The Commission is aware of the existence of kits for the production of certain cheeses. A registered PDO or PGI is also protected against any misuse, imitation or evocation; any other false or misleading indication as to the provenance, origin, nature or essential qualities of the product that is used on the inner or outer packaging, advertising material or documents relating to the product concerned; and any other practice liable to mislead the consumer as to the true origin of the product.

Substances necessary for their manufacture may be added but they cannot be used for the purpose of replacing any milk constituent. It should be recalled that the responsibility for enforcing the abovementioned EU food chain legislation lies with Member States which are required to verify that requirements deriving therefrom are fulfilled by operators. Member States must also take measures necessary to eliminate risks and sanction non-compliances. The Commission will of course monitor the delivery by the Member States of their enforcement duties. The Commission is about to approve delegated legislation confirming the designation of a European mountain quality label.

Many Member States, industry and the advisory group on quality believed that no derogation should be granted by default and that, instead, national authorities should have the right to grant derogations in duly justified cases. Can the Commission therefore explain why it should press ahead with this damaging act despite such broad opposition? The same Article also empowers the Commission to define the geographical area in which the processing of products is permitted outside of the mountain areas.

The regulation does not provide for a right of national authorities to grant the derogations. The Commission is now reflecting on the outcome of these consultations to finalise a possible delegated act on mountain farming. Asunto: La realidad del desempleo juvenil en Europa. The lack of opportunities in the countries hardest hit by the crisis, like Spain, and particularly in certain regions, such as Catalonia, has meant that many well qualified young people have had to resort to forced labour mobility even outside of Europe in search of better employment opportunities.

How does the Commission plan to motivate qualified young people who are unemployed? What immediate measures does the Commission think should be taken so that young people participate in the forthcoming elections in , bearing in mind that they are highly demotivated and frustrated? How will the Commission undertake to eradicate unstable youth employment and encourage recruitment, particularly in regions where there is a lower supply of labour? The Commission is providing technical support in this regard. As regards funding, national budgets should prioritise youth to avoid higher costs in the future.

On this occasion, a study was released, highlighting that young people are interested in political issues that concern them and willing to contribute. However, there is a clear and growing dissatisfaction with the way politics is conducted and young people feel insufficiently represented. The Youth in Action programme in has put as one of its annual priorities projects aimed at encouraging participation in the European elections. Ist dieser Umstand der Kommission bekannt? Der Kommission war dieser Sachverhalt vor dem Erhalt der schriftlichen Anfrage nicht bewusst. There is a factory in Austria that produces flags, among other things, and in doing so is said to operate without filters.

Residents in the surrounding area thus experience an associated reduction in quality of life on their properties and, in some cases, a reduction in the value of their land and a direct threat to their environment. They can also expect health problems, since it was initially claimed that there were, allegedly, no limit values for the pollutants, and then later contradictory statements were made in this regard. Is the Commission aware of this situation? If so, what steps and measures does it intend to take to provide adequate protection for the residents and the environment?

In addition, the company kindergarten immediately adjacent to this factory is said to be supported by EU funds. How does the Commission explain the fact that a kindergarten establishment in which significant health problems are to be expected on account of the circumstances described above, is in fact receiving European funding? The Commission was not aware of the situation prior to receiving the question. The national authorities confirmed that the company kindergarten adjacent to the factory received support from the European Regional Development Fund ERDF in the period.

Its purpose was to offer a childcare service to women employed in the company, and in particular to those children not covered by public childcare services, for which there was strong demand in the rural area concerned. In accordance with the principle of shared programme management of cohesion policy and the selection criteria laid down in programme documents, decisions on funding individual projects by the ERDF are solely taken by national authorities,. The extensive project documentation which the national authorities have now made available to the Commission does not contain any reference to any potential risk.

Therefore, the Commission is unable to assess whether potential health problems were known to the authorities when the decision on the funding of the project was taken. Medienberichten zufolge sind in Deutschland immer mehr Menschen auch im Alter auf eine Mindestsicherung angewiesen. Welche Strategien hat die Kommission entwickelt, um besonders die Situation von Frauen, die im Durchschnitt im Alter noch mehr von Armut betroffen sind, zu verbessern?

According to media reports, more and more people in Germany have to survive on a minimum income even in their old age. Assuming that these trends probably do not just apply to Germany, what specific initiatives does the European Innovation Partnership on Healthy and Active Ageing have planned to counteract this apparent renewed increase in poverty in old age? What strategies has the Commission developed in order to improve the situation of women in particular, who are, on average, affected to a greater extent by poverty in old age?

Greater gender equality in labour markets is a key aim of the strategy for equality between women and men Its two first priorities are equal economic independence and equal pay for equal work and work of equal value. But it also emphasises that greater gender equality in labour markets and in private pension coverage remains the main route to reductions in the gender pension gap. What is the justification for continuing the accession negotiations with Turkey, which will involve further pre-accession aid payments in the long term, but potentially also in the short to medium term?

What developments have there been within the framework of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument and in the regional cross-border partnerships in recent months? Against this background, how does the Commission intend to deal with the conflict between Cyprus and Turkey in future? Both have been transmitted to Council and Parliament. For the financial period , the objective of EU pre-accession assistance is to promote territorial cooperation; strengthen cross-border, transnational cooperation, foster the socioeconomic development of the border regions and develop appropriate administrative capacities at local and regional levels through participation of Turkey in cross-border activities.

This decision comes at a time when Europeans are growing increasingly distrustful of the Union, and the prospect of further enlargement, particularly its implications for governance, will do nothing to reassure them. From an institutional perspective, the decision to open new negotiations is all the more bewildering considering that Turkey froze relations with the European Union during the Cyprus Presidency in From a humanitarian perspective, following last winter's bloody crackdowns against demonstrations in Taksim Square it makes just as little sense.

For the time being, the chapter to be opened will deal exclusively with regional policy. Has the Commission considered the financial implications of its decision, i. Has the Commission considered the geopolitical implications of its decision, i. Turkey is a candidate country and a strategic partner for the European Union, an important trading partner, a valuable component of EU competitiveness through the Customs Union and plays an important regional role. The events surrounding Gezi Park have highlighted the importance of promoting dialogue broadly. The full potential of the EU-Turkey relationship is best fulfilled within the framework of an active and credible accession process.

This process remains the most suitable framework for promoting EU-related reforms and increasing cooperation, including on immigration policy. One of the closing benchmarks for this, but also for all negotiating chapters, is that Turkey has fulfilled its obligation of the full non-discriminatory implementation of the Additional protocol to the Association Agreement towards all Member States, including the Republic of Cyprus. Gegebenenfalls wird ein Nachforschungsersuchen durch die Ausfuhrzollstelle eingeleitet und der Teilnehmer aufgefordert, einen Alternativnachweis vorzulegen.

On exiting the Union, the refund is given directly by the trader, not by customs. To this end, the customer must send the export certificate obtained at customs to the trader. In order to obtain the necessary export certificate, it is mandatory EU-wide to participate in the electronic declaration and export procedure.

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The customs office of export transfers the electronically declared goods to the export procedure. The customs office of exit supervises the physical exit of the goods from the customs territory of the Union and informs the customs office of export by means of an exit results message. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the exit results message is classed as documentary evidence and is recognised as proof for VAT purposes. The VAT can then be refunded. If this export confirmation is not received by the customs office of export, the export procedure cannot be concluded in the automated procedure.

In this case, Union law provides for an investigation into the export movement. Where necessary, an enquiry procedure is initiated by the customs office of export and the participant is invited to produce alternative evidence. Thus, extra work is created for the customs office of export as a result, among other things, of the fact that the customs office of exit does not complete the procedure properly. Without the export certificate, the VAT cannot be refunded, and either the trader or the customer loses the opportunity for recovery.

For traders, there is a danger of losing these customers, or they must bear the costs themselves. Buyers regularly face the problem of being under time pressure when exiting and have very little chance of rectifying the situation in the event of a defective export certificate. Does the Commission have information concerning the implementation of the electronic export procedure in the individual Member States?

Does it know whether there have been problems at customs offices within the European Union with the issuing of the export results message, for example as a result of customs officials not concluding the export procedure properly? In its opinion, what means are available to those affected to obtain assistance quickly in the event of the defective conclusion of the procedure by the customs office of exit? However, unless a specific complaint is addressed to the Commission, it is not aware on the content of messages that are exchanged because this is the exclusive operational competence of Member States.

Nevertheless, certain delays have been experienced in the past in some customs offices. The Commission will continue to monitor the situation to minimise delays in the future. However, as the Commission is aware, a committee from the French National Assembly has drawn up a report this year Duron Report on the high-speed network in France. Furthermore, the Y Vasca connection with the peninsular network has also run into difficulties. There has been talk that this section could be replaced by adding a third railway line to the conventional network.

None of the sections built has been installed, and neither have the tracks, signals or other circulation components. The Y Vasca connection with the Mediterranean corridor through Navarra is also still in a very precarious situation and is far from being built. Ultimately, the Y Vasca connection with the high-speed peninsular network is being delayed and there is a danger that construction will not be finished.

Is the Commission aware of the Y Vasca situation and its connection to the peninsular network and the French network? Does the Commission not believe that it would be more worthwhile to invest these funds in improving the conventional network and the commuter network, which, incidentally, are in need of major modernisation and renovation and which are used by thousands of citizens every day?

The Commission is closely monitoring the situation of the Y-Basque, including through ad hoc site-visits. Currently, the vast majority of the lots are in an advanced stage of implementation and expected to be finalised by The Y-Basque will directly contribute also to improving the local and regional transport with more than 70, vehicles moving daily between the three Basque capitals. The Commission believes that it is worth progressing towards the deployment of this Trans-European Corridor that can significantly contribute to the European integration and its territorial cohesion, while better integrating the global trade into the Single European Transport Area.

It would appear that the European Commission is trying to paint Turkey in a positive light, given that the draft progress report on Turkey endeavours to absolve Ankara of all responsibility in Cyprus. Is the aim of this manifestly unrealistic picture to smooth things over with Ankara, so that new accession chapters can be opened within the framework of Euro-Turkish negotiations, and to make things easier for Turkey, at the very time when it is not taking any serious action on the Cyprus question over and above its rhetorical bombast. What is the point of that interpretation?

Is that issue the subject matter of the report? Why it is creating the impression that responsibility does not lie with Ankara? The issues raised by the Honourable Member are part of the process aiming at a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus between the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities under the auspices of the United Nations.

Turkey's commitment in concrete terms to such a comprehensive settlement is crucial. This act is against all the rules of the Christian religion. These churches and their property should be returned to their legal owners, namely the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Greek Orthodox community of Istanbul. The Commission is aware of problems non-Muslim communities continue to face, including as a result of being unable to acquire legal personality. This has adverse effects inter alia on property rights.

The relevant Council of Europe Venice Commission recommendations have yet to be implemented. On property rights, the Turkish authorities have made significant efforts to implement the legislation revising the Law on Foundations. Under the revised legislation, minority community foundations applied for the restitution of a total of 1 properties. Current legislation does not, however, cover foundations which have had their management taken over by the Directorate-General for Foundations, nor properties of foundations which have been transferred to third persons.

The Commission follows the issue closely and is in regular contact with institutions concerned. History textbooks used in Turkey still contain false statements hostile to minority schools and unfounded negative claims against minorities. As an example, the history textbook used in the eleventh year of school states that during the last period of the Ottoman Empire minority and foreign schools were one and the same thing and promoted nationalist policies p. This is not true, since the minority schools were established by citizens of the Ottoman Empire and contributed greatly to the social and economic development of the country.

Additionally, the history textbook for the twelfth year includes a totally false statement about the Patriarchate, related to the Cyprus issue p. It is important that such persisting false statements are eliminated. How can the Commission help in this direction, since Turkey wishes to join the European Union? The Commission thanks the Honourable Member for bringing the issues to its attention and intends to raise them with the Turkish authorities on the next appropriate occasion. The Commission has raised similar issues with the Turkish authorities in the past in a spirit conducive to their resolution.

Ce nouveau programme est de nature essentiellement horizontale. The current and previous Health Programmes have indeed financed projects to improve information on reproductive and sexual health. The new programme is mostly horizontal in nature. For example it seeks to help prevent chronic diseases in general and exchange of best practice. As such, the programme is not organised according to specific themes.

Concrete actions will be decided every year on the basis of an annual work programme. Proposals with the most added-value and with high impact and high returns will be supported. Any EU level action in the health area must recognise the limits set by Art. How could the Commission ensure easier access to information, vaccines and care packages aimed at preventing HIV transmission during pregnancy and treating it during the postnatal period?

The European Centre for Disease Preventions and Control has further developed guidance on HIV prevention and on treatment, which includes the prevention of mother-to-child transmission. The relevant document is publicly available at:. Why has the Commission not allowed for a specific line on sexual and reproductive health and rights under the thematic lines of the Development Cooperation Instrument, or sufficient funding for the broad SRHR agenda in all appropriate instruments?

They are complementary to bilateral programmes and will not duplicate actions that can be covered in geographical cooperation. The new programmes will therefore be focused and strategic by nature. The European Parliament will be consulted on these programmes, as appropriate. It is expected that women, children and youth will be the main beneficiaries of this approach as they are particularly vulnerable and often lacking access to health services, including to sexual and reproductive health services.

Better sexual and reproductive health and rights also require action in other development fields outside the traditional health sector: improving human rights and gender equality, providing education, job creation, social protection and empowering of young people. The Commission considers that the draft new thematic programmes and geographical and bilateral cooperation at country level will provide a good mix of instruments to pursue SRHR in our partner countries.

The Commission will inform Parliament of its reply in accordance with the rules in force concerning the follow-up by the Commission regarding non-legislative resolutions adopted by Parliament. Will the Commission address the specific sexual and reproductive health and rights SRHR and needs of women living with HIV, as part of a holistic approach to curbing the epidemic? In relation to health and healthcare, the Treaties have granted limited competence to the European Union. The organisation and delivery of health services and medical care, and the management and allocation of resources are the competence of the individual Member States.

These include: support for a European Network on Social Inclusion and Health; work with the World Health Organisation on strategies on harm reduction; and improving access to HIV testing for marginal groups. The Commission will continue surveillance of sexually transmitted infections and HIV, which is indispensable for prevention and treatment. AIDS — and is convening conference on fighting discrimination in health in spring Could the Commission therefore centralise data on a six-monthly basis on the execution rate of the projects for which EU pre-accession assistance is allocated?

The Commission systematically encodes information on commitments, contracts and payments relating to the implementation of pre-accession assistance. This information provides the status in terms of execution rate for an overall programme, as well as for a specific contract, with the aim of efficiently managing the assistance and adopting the necessary corrective measures in a timely manner. Monthly updates on commitments and disbursements relating to pre-accession assistance are published on the International Aid Transparency Initiative IATI registry website, for each beneficiary country.

This includes total commitments per project as well as the disbursements made. The data is provided in XML format, thus allowing the extraction of data on the execution rate per project.

Panel discussion: Criminalization of solidarity with refugees

A half-yearly, generalised execution rate would not allow for any meaningful conclusions, since it would combine projects with different execution periods, and without taking into account the differing nature and specificities of the individual projects. Could the Commission submit as a matter of urgency legislative proposals with the aim of creating a genuine convergence process within the European Semester, based on Europe objectives and including incentives to support Member States in the implementation of structural reforms, such as a competitiveness and convergence instrument, as well as provisions on ex-ante economic policy coordination based on the Community method as a first step towards a European fiscal capacity?

On the basis of feedback on the options presented in the two Communications, the Commission will decide how to move forward in the course of the coming months. Assessing ex-ante the distributional impact of reforms requires complex analytical tools. The Commission is paying great attention to social developments and to the social impact of measures decided in MS, including in programme countries.

To this end, would it be possible for the Commission to establish a standalone scoreboard related to the EMU social dimension? Does it agree that the in-depth reviews provided for in the Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure could regularly review employment and social policies with a view to identifying those policies that mitigate social problems and improve employment?

Does the Commission agree that this enhanced monitoring system would help to coordinate policies more effectively with a view to identifying and tackling major challenges in a timely fashion and integrating employment and social concerns more effectively in the overall policy landscape? The Commission agrees that enhanced monitoring of the employment and social situations in the Member States is important for better-informed EU policy formulation and coordination.