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So I will probably rely on the maps in the books when I am staying on a particular island.

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US Geological Survey issues 'red alert' for Big Island of Hawaii

That assumes that you have a book with good maps included. The Franko's maps of the Hawaiian Islands take up little space, are made of waterproof material, and provide not only a good map of the area, but also highlights some of the favorite things to see or do on the islands. Six of the maps were available from Amazon. For the few dollars I paid, it was well worth it to have a great map that folds up and takes little space in my suitcase.

Once I get to a particular island, I take it with me to know where I'm going and where I've been. Bring along This is a great overview of Oahu and all it has to offer.

See All Buying Options. Only 12 left in stock more on the way. The map is excellent quality and has a lot of information. We used it on our vacation and found some terrific places to visit that we might have otherwise missed. Only 9 left in stock more on the way.

Hawaii: More volcanic explosions expected Big Island

Exactly as ordered with a wrist band too and fun for the kids! Frommer's Hawaii Complete Guides. Lots of useful information. Welcome Aboard When you fly Hawaiian Airlines, you'll experience the Aloha Spirit long before you reach your destination.

Hawaiian Airlines - Flights to Hawaii, Plane Tickets & Airfare

See Routes. Read More. Premier Club Membership Make your travel experience even better. Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents of the U. Sweepstakes Period begins a. For complete Official Rules and eligibility, visit HawaiianAirlines. Sponsor: Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. The Polynesians first reached Fiji around BC.

Although the Polynesians were very skillful in navigating using constellations, the first inhabitants of Hawaii were probably fishermen and warriors who accidentally strayed to the north. The migration from the Marquesas to Hawaii continued for years on. Suddenly, around AD, this changed with the arrival of warlike Tahitians. The Tahitians conquered large parts of Hawaii. For over years, there was frequent traffic between Tahiti and Hawaii and gradually the Tahitian customs, legends, religion, administration and language translated to those living in Hawaii.

For no apparent reason, the migration to Hawaii suddenly stopped around AD and there Hawaii remained for years, an isolated and forgotten corner of Polynesia. On January 18, , Englishman James Cook and the crew saw the island of Kauai , where they landed two days later. After a stay of several weeks, the ships also carried northward. Almost a year later, at the onset of winter in Alaska the ships returned to Hawaii. The islanders thought that Captain Cook was the mighty god Lono.

The Hawaiians were fascinated by the ships and their white crew. Cook and his crew were treated with great respect and given all of supplies they needed. The relationship between Cook and the Hawaiians gradually began to deteriorate, and it was decided that the time had come to leave. After a week at sea, the vessels were in very bad weather and the foremast of HMS Resolution broke. Upon returning to the islands the residents were this time a lot less friendly. In case of disagreement a few days later, Captain Cook was slain.

The crew managed to sail away and continued the search for the Northeast Passage. The fight ruined the country. The skillful acting chief Kamehameha eventually emerged as ruler over Hawaii, and established a new dynasty. From Hawaii was frequented by American traders, on the way from California to China. There was a triangular trade, transport of sandalwood from Hawaii to China, porcelain and silk from China to California and Western goods from California to Hawaii.

Despite the stresses and constraints by King Kamehameha were placed on the sandalwood trade, the sandalwood forests were soon exhausted. The death of King Kamehameha in left a power vacuum.

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Hawaii was now engulfed by traders, missionaries, whalers, plantation owners and others, especially coming from America and Europe. In the middle of the 19th century the economy began to flourish in Hawaii. There was so much work that workers were recruited from China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and later also from the Caribbean.

It was the beginning of the melting pot of cultures that it still there today.

Ratings and reviews

The Polynesians, now in the minority, were gradually driven from their land and forced to live in slums around the cities and towns. In the center of Honolulu, he built the Lolani Palace building. The sugar barons of Hawaii protested against his money wasting behavior. The king was succeeded on his death in by his sister, Queen Liliuokalani. After only two years, it was the military, led by Stanford Dole, was deposed and the Republic of Hawaii was proclaimed. In Hawaii because of its strategic importance was annexed by the United States.

Stanford Dole became the first governor of Hawaii. The Polynesian population was decimated in the meantime from , to 50, people due to fatal diseases over the last years. Soon after the annexation the U. Navy built Pearl Harbor the largest military base in the world. A cousin of Governor Dole in bought the island of Lanai and turned it into the largest pineapple plantation in the world.

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  5. Until December 7, Hawaii was a quiet and peaceful island with a steadily growing population and economy. At 7 pm on December 7, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbo. Within minutes the battleship USS Arizona sank with people on board. A total of eighteen major naval vessels were sunk or badly damaged by the surprise attack, aircraft were destroyed and people killed.

    Big Island Restaurants

    The island of Oahu turned into a large military camp. Although Hawaii during the war has had no further enemy attacks played a central role in the American war in the Pacific. After the war, Hawaii began to flourish once again. The sugar and pineapple industries flourished as never before, and tourism was expanding rapidly in importance. In , Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States. Today, Hawaii has 1.