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  1. Molly the missing mare mysteriously resurfaces on Christmas Eve
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  3. Molly - Rosemary Farm Sanctuary Horse Rescue
  4. Devastated horse owner pleads for return of missing Clydesdale

Molly the missing mare mysteriously resurfaces on Christmas Eve

An ovariectomy may be an ideal option for them. Ovariectomy an Option for Performance Mares and Molly Mules Lacey is beautiful, full of personality, and very athletic—for a mule, that is. Favorite Share:. About The Author. Related Posts.

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Have you ever sedated a horse to keep it safe during 4th of July fireworks? Featured Horse Listing. Registered Tennessee Walker Great on trails. Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse. Sex: Gelding. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you continue to use the site, we'll assume you're okay with this.

Accept Read More. A storm was casting intermittent rain upon us as we stood near the pole barn, and the herd was wandering down off the hill. But something was amiss; Finn was casting about, calling, and the herd was restless; Molly was not among them. I scanned the hills and fields but saw no sign of her deep black coat.

My Shopping Bag

Finn kept glancing up the path, towards the main gate that leads to the road. I followed Finn has he headed up the path, but halfway, he turned right, up the ramp, into the old barn. The old, falling down barn that is used for hay storage only. The hay storage that was largely depleted, but where we had recently stashed over bales of choice second cut. To save for a rainy day. Yes, Molly had decided that today was that rainy day. Inside, the big open space had been transformed to a loft party of sorts, with hay strewn everywhere, and horses having a ball.

There was Rita, and Jack, and Kee and in the back, our little donkey Basil, who has inserted himself into the senior band by virtue of tenacity. And in the middle was Molly, planted in front of the formerly neat pile of rich pickings. I had to laugh. Of course, I had to get them out. All the horses wandered without issue, too full to care, and down the hill to join the rest of the gang.

Sofia the First S04E08 The Mystic Isles The Mare of the Mist Part 06

I locked the door up well, because this would not have happened had I not left it OPEN…and then walked down to find my smiling guests. I love that Oberon now has enough strength, and trust, to wag his head proudly at me, impatient for grain, knowing that he will not be hit and knowing that grain will come.

Molly - Rosemary Farm Sanctuary Horse Rescue

I love when he struts like a proud stallion, flashing a shadow of the gaits he once possessed before he was broken. I love that Razzle is walking better each day, and that she runs out to greet Oberon each morning as he roars and squeals and welcomes her back for another day alive. I love that Molly knows when I call her name, whether she is to run to me with the herd, or whether being out of bounds somewhere she is supposed to take off and slip quickly back in the way she came, unseen by the rest of the band. I love that we lead that band together.

I love that then I can approach her, this huge proud black mare, and pet her gently, and she turns and mouths my fingers. I love that she is so gentle and so fierce. I love watching Finn and Rhett playing at sunrise, circling and rearing and gently nipping, showing big trots and high tails like flags. I love watching the mares watching the boys show off.

Devastated horse owner pleads for return of missing Clydesdale

I love watching Aggie Jo grow up, becoming strong of limb and mind, a confident little leader. I love that she enjoys watching chunks of ice float downstream, and I love that I have taken the time to learn that about her. I love that nearly any horse here can be lead gently with just a loose lead about their neck, or just by verbal commands. I love that they trust that we will lead them somewhere safe. I love that Apollo is calm and happy and that he jumped! That he is thriving despite abuse and illness. And I love how beautiful his sister Sparrow has grown, without a trace of darkness in her soul.

I love that the christmas colts have learned to drink from the stream, and canter around the herd, and come when called. I love that the already trust enough to have their hooves trimmed and coats brushed out at liberty. I love that they are growing.

I love that Clover nickers at me now, a low three beat call, as I approach. I love that her son is learning early that there are humans that are trustworthy. I love that they are still together, peaceful in a field. I love that I had the chance to know Jed, and that because of that love, I miss him every day. I love that others beyond our little farm got a sense of his magnificent soul, and could see the value in a broken down amish horse. And I love that others out there may read these words, and knowing the love of a horse, share my happiness.

At this time he is improving and happy but we cannot say whether Toby will be available for future riding. Thank you to all who care and support our horses without concern for [ Read More. Page 1 2. There is change happening in our herd. Change is the normal evolution of life, everything changes. Here today, the change I am thinking about is with Molly. Stepping in as herd leader in , Molly is our force-of-nature percheron mare saved from slaughter. She is a great teacher because she is not easy, with a checkered past. Finn was just a youngster when he arrived but as he grew, the pair meshed and have been a dynamic force leading the band, as RF grew from a young private sanctuary to a growing non-profit.

Molly has welcomed, disciplined, guided, and shaped our herd. But things are changing, as I mentioned. Molly is starting to show her age.

This is slowing her down, and River, waiting on the sidelines, can see it too. River is one of our mustangs, a wilder one, gorgeous and a good leader, but not too close emotionally to humans. River has been increasing his challenge to Molly, and Finn is increasingly running interference. Lately, Finn has been spending more time with River, Sawyer, and their band of pony mares, while Molly has been with some of her older friends, Clover, Whisper, Gracie….

Since Molly is still powerful, and is aging with the herd, she will likely not be kicked out, she has the respect of an elder. And yes, I am interfering sometimes. River knows that I will defend Molly and run him off. I am unsure what will happen to the alliance of Finn and Molly. He is much younger then her, strong and wise, and we are lucky to have him here. As a leader, he cannot be bested and as a connection to humans, his trust is strong.

They will have a say as time continues to pass, as horses die and others arrive, and the life of the band, which is the protection of the HORSE, continues to ebb and flow.