Operation Seduction

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  1. Women's World Cup: Seduction operation for the Blues in Brittany - International News
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Thirty years later, in a Internet poll, she was voted La Parisienne, the quintessential Parisian woman. La Fressange told me that my subject was so vast and so serious that I needed firsthand experience. Yes, yes! For the final touch! Something will happen. Because of my age, she said, I had no time to waste. Your arthritis will make it hard to take long walks at night.

I could take a virtual lover, a friend who would only play along with me. The next morning, at breakfast with my husband, Andy, I started making a list of possible candidates: my downstairs neighbor, a white-haired, retired business executive who wears perfectly knotted cashmere scarves and elegant tweed sport coats, even when he rides his bicycle to the supermarket; a writer and radio talk-show host who is very smart and safely gay; a famous stage and film actor who I feared might take the role too seriously; a colleague who said he would be happy to help, but alas, he is British; a former diplomat with a passion for 19th-century paintings whom I ruled out as dangerous because his wife lives in a foreign country.

I asked Andy for his advice. He took a break from his Special K and put on his glasses. No French person to whom I told the story thought I should be offended. She took my hand but only half-showed me.

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Perhaps the kiss itself would have been too intimate for her. He gave me the definitive lesson in hand kissing. I prodded him into speaking a few sentences in English. When he wants to make a point, he slowly closes his eyes, parts his lips and leans back in his chair. But his greeting — a big, hard handshake and a command to get down to business — underscores what others had told me about him.


Women's World Cup: Seduction operation for the Blues in Brittany - International News

He had been well briefed on my interest in the themes of seduction and sensuality in French life. The intermediary who had arranged the interview must have told him about my fascination with hand kissing, because he suddenly shifted the subject from the globalization of the advertising market to focus on my right hand. Effleurer is hard to translate.

You must not! He stood up and ordered me to stand as well.

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There was a barely perceptible squeezing of my hand before he returned it to me. Then he drew back. You must almost feel my breath. I was getting nervous that one of his army of assistants would walk in and find us in midkiss. Then his second kiss came. He pressed his lips gently to my hand.

He defined that kiss as affectif — with emotion. I do it like this.

Operation Seduction

His lips opened slightly and moved up and down, teasing my hand. The kiss could not have lasted more than two seconds. I marveled at the mastery of the simultaneous double movement of opening and closing and up and down. The memory of the gesture lingered like the scent of an exotic perfume. Go Back To Home. Elaine Sciolino on Seduction, and France. Your email address will not be published.

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The arrival of the Blue and, more generally, the Women's World Cup, will perhaps make girls want to put on crampons. Nicolas Gobron deals precisely U17 Tregastel and according to him, it is obvious, there will be a feminine World Cup effect. There, with the media, it will explode licenses, and it will develop in small clubs, in all the categories, from U7 to seniors, it's beautiful, and we can go far at the World Cup then