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The rejected take eight was included on Anthology 3 in The opening lyrics are significantly different from the final version:. This session took place a month later. Meantime, back on the table. This would also explain the death-defying speed that George Martin achieved in his performance. It will have no clarity or dynamics.

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The piano at half-speed on all three of these songs not only has clarity, but you can now hear subtle mistakes nuance that are completely covered up when played back at normal speed. I want to know if Rocky Raccoon dies. Is it obvious that he does? I wish not. One of my favorite Beatles song. I saw Paul from the front row in ! I especially enjoy the humor he threw in there.

I love the anthology version…. Regardless of this fact, i had never heard this song before in my life until this weekend just gone when i was skiing in New Jersey and happened to have the good fortune of sharing the ski lift with a hansone if not rugged looking fellow called Eric, also from New Jersey, who was singing it on our way up the mountain. When he said it was a Beatles song i damn near fell off the lift!! One of the first songs I ever learned on the guitar when I was about 12, I got my neighbour, John Renbourn, to show me how to play it, I think he hated the song too.

I still love it though. Are you sure John overdubbed the harmonica? Pretty small potatoes here, but I think we have a mystery!

Rocky Raccoon

Talking blues 2. Accent 3.

How The Beatles Made "Rocky Raccoon"

Honky tonk piano 4. Rocky Raccoon 6. I think they are only in the U. I imagine the Beatles got a big laugh when they stayed at US hotels and there was always a bible there. In Great Britain, owning a gun is a very big deal. I understand that if you have one, they send a SWAT team to retrieve it! Beatles must find the US very gun-happy. Violent US A pun on religious revival vs.

However, Protestant religious revival meetings are a uniquely American phenomenon.


Probably Beatles found that amusing or interesting too. Paul used hoedown because he needed a rhyme for showdown and vice versa. Revival is the rhyme for Bible. I used to be cruel to my woman. Paul [wrote it]. Couldn't you guess? Would I go to all that trouble about Gideon's Bible and all that stuff? Rocky Raccoon is quirky, very me. I like talking blues so I started off like that, then I did my tongue-in-cheek parody of a western and threw in some amusing lines. I just tried to keep it amusing, really; it's me writing a play, a little one-act play giving them most of the dialogue.

Rocky Raccoon is the main character, then there's the girl whose real name was Magill, who called herself Lil, but she was known as Nancy. There are some names I use to amuse, Vera, Chuck and Dave or Nancy and Lil, and there are some I mean to be serious, like Eleanor Rigby , which are a little harder because they have to not be joke names. In this case Rocky Raccoon is some bloke in a raccoon hat, like Davy Crockett.

The bit I liked about it was him finding Gideon's Bible and thinking, Some guy called Gideon must have left it for the next guy. I like the idea of Gideon being a character. You get the meaning and at the same time get in a poke at it. All in good fun. And then of course the doctor is drunk. Paul had a moped which he came off one day in May Recomendar Twitter.

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Alan W. Pollack's Notes on "Rocky Raccoon"

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