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Luckily they were rescued and are now safe. Hank is a very well behaved pup who loves people. He is waiting patiently for a home…. Meet Gary! Gary was found with another pup wandering around a quiet neighborhood. Gary is a very well behaved pup who loves people. Meet Macy! Macy is a sweet one year old girl who is looking for her forever home! Macy was found as a stray in a neighborhood that tried to shoo her away whenever she got close.

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Adoptables - Love second chances

Peanut is an adorable girl who is very sweet and friendly. She was found as a stray wandering around a park alone. Her rescuer was able to catch her and bring her to the vet for a health check. She is waiting patiently for a home to call…. Meet Alan! Alan was found in the countryside on the side of the street. He luckily knew to stay off the busy road, but was still in a dangerous place. Alan was lucky to be rescued and has since received a clean bill of health. Alan is very sweet and…. Meet Natalie! Natalie was found roaming the streets alone. She was very skinny when she first came into rescue.

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Meet June! June was a stray puppy found on the side of a rural road, she was wandering aimlessly looking for food, rescuers noticed that she was getting picked on by other stay dogs and that she was deaf. June was born deaf so she is very in tune to…. Meet Titan! Titan was saved with his mother and siblings in a small community. They were running around looking for food on the street when the rescuer found them.

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About Second Chance

Austin was saved with his mother and siblings in a small community. The rescuer took Austin and his family to the vet for a detailed check and kept them in foster. Meet Tiger! Tiger was found as a stray with his neck tied tightly with an iron wire when he was around 1 month old. The rescuer was shocked when she found Tiger laying on the side of the sidewalk in that condition. He was abused by random people who found…. Meet Bambi!

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She loves to be with people and is a very affectionate girl! Riker approaches and tells her that he made it himself about two years ago, by using a very fine phaser beam he carefully adjusted and the etching itself took him three attempts to create. They sit down to talk, and he admits that things are a little more complicated than he had planned. He tells her how many times he used to think about her and how in the beginning he was hoping they would find him, so he could come back to her, see her on Risa. When he finally realized that no one would come for him, he accepted his situation.

He believed that it was though he was killed in the beam out and therefore there was no one to return for; it made him feel better to imagine that there had been a memorial service for him, with Troi dressed in black "very flattering on you, by the way," he jokes. He tells her that sometimes he would look up into the sky and think that if he tried hard enough, he could make her feel his presence, that he is alive, hoping that she'd wait for him.

Troi confesses that she was in fact very disappointed when she and Cmdr. Riker did not meet up on Risa as they had planned. Even though she knew his career was taking him away from her, she did not want to believe it. She spent a lot of time thinking about Cmdr. Riker, wondering where he was, what he was doing. Sometimes she'd look up into the sky, and imagine that he knew and that somehow he could sense her thinking about him.

Lieutenant Riker had gone to see Picard about his plan to retrieve the database behind the commander's back. Picard called Riker to his ready room to discuss it. Picard explains the lieutenant's plan is to directly access the computer core underneath the station and that it's the only way to succeed in retrieving the database.

Riker believes the caverns they'd be going into would be too risky because of the seismic activity. Picard relates that Lt. Riker was confident it could be done safely because he'd been down there recently. Riker says there's a good chance they can just use a console in the station, but Picard notes that if it doesn't work, there can't be another attempt for another eight years; they only have enough time for one plan.

Riker objectively analyzes that Lt. Riker's plan is more dangerous but also has a better chance of succeeding, and Picard agrees that the data is important enough that it's worth the risk. He suggests that Riker have the lieutenant help him in drawing up the mission plan. Riker goes to see the lieutenant working in engineering and reprimands him, saying it is not his place to go to the captain. Riker justifies doing so because Cmdr.

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Riker wouldn't hear him out the other day on the station, but Cmdr. Riker clarifies that he did but rejected the plan. He confirms that Picard approved the lieutenant's plan, but that's not the problem. He may disagree with the decision, but Picard is his commanding officer and he'll follow his orders, but in the same vein, he expects the same from Lt. Riker as his commanding officer.

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If he can't, there's no place for him on the commander's away team. After Lt. Riker stiffly acknowledges him, Cmdr. Riker informs him of a meeting scheduled for drawing up the mission plan. Later, Troi and Crusher work out using Mok'bara. Crusher encourages Troi's feelings toward the lieutenant. When Lt. Riker enters, Crusher excuses herself to Troi's dismay.

Riker compares the moves to tai chi chuan once told that Worf teaches Klingon martial arts. He tries out some moves, but then Troi quickly gets the better of him and puts him on the floor. They kiss. She admits that even though they both had relationships with other people, this is different. She is not sure how he feels about this and but can imagine that this must be very strange for him. Riker admits that ever since Lieutenant Riker has been on board, he has found himself thinking about the choices they made years ago.

He doesn't mind if she chooses to be with him; however, he asks her to be careful, pointing out that if the lieutenant had gotten off the planet instead of him, he probably would have made the same choices as he did. He wants her to consider that because he doesn't want her to get hurt again. Later, Riker, Data and Worf play poker in Riker's quarters. The lieutenant comes to see him, and Riker asks him to join in. He plays, but it turns out to be an awkward experience for Data and Worf as the two comment about their different lives.

Riker tries to bluff the commander, but it doesn't work as Cmdr. Riker knows all of his tells. The lieutenant leaves after losing the hand, saying Riker's always had the "better hand. Later that day, Lt. Riker meets Troi in her quarters to inform her that Captain Picard has managed to get him a post on the USS Gandhi , and considering how long he has been out of commission, it is an amazing opportunity he'd like to consider. He would leave in about a week. Troi is disappointed, seeing herself hearing the same lines she heard from the commander eight years ago about how he has to fix his career and work first before he can be with her.