Short and Sweet - an Xcite Books collection of five bisexual and menage erotic stories

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Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. A collection of five erotic stories with bisexual and menage themes. Taking that time to get down to the business of pleasure. But when Meredith walks in on one of their decadent rendezvous, things go from short and sweet to short, sweet and seductive.

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A Cut Above by Izzy FrenchClara is in desperate need of a makeover and pampering after finding her ex Sean inflagrante with two women women Clara found attractive herself. And she also needs to get her mojo back.

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Marcus and Monique, partners and hairdressers, are the perfect couple to offer their services. This one, for instance:. My story in this collection is called "The Sweetest Burn. Kink, kink, kink. That's all I see:. Wearing only a white apron, Chef entered the room holding a metal pot in one hand and a silicone pastry brush in the other. He ignored her, at first, mixing his creation with the little blue implement and smiling like he could see the future in his sauce. She wasn't supposed to talk, but she didn't care. If he didn't want backtalk, he could eat his food off china like a normal person.

But, no.

Fler böcker av författarna

He wanted to taste it on her skin--she knew him too well. The secret ingredient was that combination of her sweat and salt and body oils. Her flesh was a regular bouquet garni of human aromas. He raised the silicon brush up, allowing a viscous fluid, dark brown, almost burgundy, to drip back into the pot. Was it molasses? It did smell sweet, but she thought she got a whiff of chocolate, too, and…chilli pepper?

Strange combination. His gaze was steel. So was his cock, judging by the tent in his apron. The bones of her wrists rubbed together as she writhed, and that sensation made her cringe almost as much as the knowledge that she'd soon be drizzled with mole poblano , whatever the hell that was. Labels: desires , erotica , kink. Friday, January 18, Donna's in the Naughty Chair. There's a new bondage book on the block. And it's BIG.

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Labels: BDSM , erotica , kink. I find out about the coolest projects from FTMquarterly , and the latest cool project is this one, from Gendered Intelligence.

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From the GI website :. Labels: transgender. Remember last week, how I promised to post more free reads? Well, here's one you might like: First Night on a Waterbed. Lesbian Erotica by Giselle Renarde. It felt weird. Janelle had never been on a waterbed before. There was something unsettling about it. Janelle grinned. With a deep chuckle, Wanda approached the behemoth bed. About the waterbed! Wanda leapt onboard and the water sloshed inside the mattress. A tidal wave sent Janelle tumbling toward the far edge.

She let out a little shriek as she fell, but Wanda grabbed her hips and pulled her toward the centre. Wanda kissed her neck. That quick peck was hard and sizzling and dry. The curve of her breasts peeked out beyond her modest V-neck top. Wanda attacked whatever was visible. God, it felt good when she used her tongue that way. | Eva Hore artikelen kopen? Alle artikelen online

Janelle kept praying Wanda would dig in deeper, find a nipple in there, suck it hard. She also loved the way Wanda called her little girl. It had been years since Janelle had felt in any sense little… or girlish. The air in here was dry and cool enough to coax her nipples to tiny pebbled points. Her chest was heaving already, her breasts rising and falling inside her simple white bra. There were tides in this bed, and they were wild. Lolling with the waves, Janelle raised both her legs so Wanda could pull off her jeans and panties.

Wanda dove at Janelle. Wanda was not a sweet and sensitive lover, but sweetness and sensitivity were overrated. Forceful and frenzied did the trick. Her nipples ached with the strain of arousal and cold. Wanda laughed. Such a tease. And go really hard, babe. I want it to hurt.

It was pure pleasure. Hot breath mingled with the sharp coldness of her nipples and made them burn. The pleasure was excruciating, and Janelle just wanted more, more, more. Despite the softness, its sheer heat made Janelle pull away. The swiftness of her motion caused another tidal wave inside the waterbed and Janelle wished she had something to hold on to. Wanda went with it, sucking more than just her nipple now, sucking her whole tit. Janelle had never felt anything like this. Juice ran down her crack. When it slowed around the puckered ring of her asshole, she wished Wanda would shove something in there.

Watching this fierce woman savouring her breasts, Janelle felt like a rabbit being taken by a fox.

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Wanda brought that kind of energy to sex, and Janelle needed it. She was too lethargic otherwise. Her eyes were wide, so wide they looked more white than brown. The only sound in the room was the vulgar sloshing of waterbed. This had gone beyond flirtation, beyond fling, beyond sexual relief. They talked every day now. There was a future, here. Title Author. Refine By. Publication Date August pre-release. July release this month. Last 3 months. Last 12 months. Older than 12 months. Last 7 days. Last 14 days.

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