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Albums et singles de Samuil Samosud & USSR Radio Grand Symphony Orchestra

Bogus Pomp Volume II was released, on vinyl only, as late as in Not until then had Zappa managed to hide all the out-of-tune and wrong notes in the somewhat odd mix. It contained these tracks:. II bought new but only in sho' contains a lot of hand-engraved squiggles and scratched-out gibberish, incl. The most intriguing of that for me is a hand written "FZ Hotline Pumpkin" that looks to me like Zappa's own hand writing, from what I have seen of it. Is that at all possible, since I read somewhere on your pages that FZ used to overlook some of the cutting process himself?

Zappa had originally mixed the music, especially on Volume II which wasn't ready for release until so as to hide the many wrong and out-of-tune notes. Someone commented that in the new mix, you can hear them all, but it's worth it. Completely remixed and remastered. The complete LSO sessions, including all pieces found on the original vinyl master, with four never before available on CD. Restored artwork, all original liner notes. It's no exaggeration at all to say the new London Symphony Orchestra discs have been "completely remixed and remastered.

Frank took full advantage of what digital "tweaking" was available at the time, to completely reshape the basic sound. A digital "atmosphere", or "sheen", was applied to the tapes, and also a pretty heavy reverb. The results were twofold: the orchestra was given an incredibly lush, "romantic" sound, giving FZ's compositions a professional polish they'd never had before; and, all the mistakes were covered up in the general mix.

For the re-mix, the digital sheen has been eliminated, and the reverb cut way back. Again, the results are two-fold: now, the raggedness of the LSO's performance can be heard in all its glory. Mistakes in "Sad Jane" that just weren't audible before are right out front, now. This is very likely the sloppiest performance ever issued under the name of the London Symphony Orchestra.

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And oddly, this phenomenon doesn't hurt the music - it helps. Melodies which were very hard to pick out of the digital sheen can now be plainly heard. Some instruments that were buried in the mix now take their rightful place in the ensemble. Percussion instruments are sharp and crisp. As I listened to this thing last night, and adjusted to the new sound, I got more and more fascinated - and I've heard these records dozens of times. Lumpy Gravy and Motels were pretty sloppily pulled off, too, and Orchestral Favorites alternated between sharp and sloppy.

Now LSO fits right in with that group. We listeners to Zappa's serious music are quite used to raggedy ensembles.

I am delighted that the entire sessions have been issued. It's even better on Orchestral Favorites , where the smaller ensemble fits the music better. I think this reissue is completely successful. Disc one does not correspond to Volume I.

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It would be more appropriate to call it just LSO, but I guess you can't have two records with the same title. Note 5.

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  • Like the costumes worn at the New York City Ballet, these tutus would have been worn by multiple dancers over many years. Eventually, the National Ballet wardrobe department had to remake a set of these costumes which were debuted in November Note 7. The ballet Symphony in C has no plot, so the tutu is non-representative. The original costume also included a bodice and tutu plate which was taken off the skirt for reuse on other costumes by the Wardrobe Department at the National Ballet.

    Mahler: Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection", Part II - Eliahu Inbal | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

    It does not have to conform to a character, time period, or symbol, hence the pared down design. One detail that I immediately noticed upon inspecting the inside of the tutu was that the name of the dancer who wore the tutu has been written directly onto the material beside the garment opening.

    This type of tagging is normal practice for ballet costumes and also serves as a record of the dedicated ballerinas who performed while wearing it. For me, the significance of this tutu within the Ryerson Fashion Research Collection is in its temporal links to Canadian dance history.

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    It is in this way that the tutu can be seen to represent the beginning of a new era for the National Ballet Company. Throughout the investigation of this seemingly plain tutu, I was frequently surprised by the tangents that the research took. I learned a great amount about the construction of a tutu, but also much more about dance history than I was expecting.

    The tutu has a layered history which is connected to choreographers, dancers, designers, and international ballet companies. Note 3: 5. Note 6: 1.

    Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 Analysis by Gerard Schwarz (part 2)

    Detroit: Gale, Gale Virtual Reference Library accessed January 13, McBrearty, Deanna. McPherson, Elizabeth.

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    Mida, Ingrid and Alexandra Kim. New York: Bloomsbury. Mida, Ingrid.