The Greatest Civil War Battles: The Battle of the Crater

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Battle of the Crater - Wikipedia

Stuart is discussed, for example, but not in a meaningful way that reveals any new insights. Throughout the book, the author spends much energy painting general context rather than sharing a blow-by-blow saddle ride with Hampton. They usually present only the barest information and often neglect to add key terrain features or other landmarks that were central to unit movements and local tactics.

Notably, he draws on considerable modern scholarship in this section of the book to paint a crisp picture of the volatile Reconstruction era between and , when Hampton was such a giant figure that he was respected even by many former slaves and some of his most virulent Republican opponents. Although this is the product of a great deal of work and research, and is in many places entertaining reading, there are narrative gaps in the text and places where too much time is spent on context and not enough on Hampton.

But overall, this biography is an important contribution about a relatively lesser-known figure who probably deserves more investigation and research.

He was larger than life to many of his contemporaries, and Andrew makes him just as large to his readers. Irene Sgambelluri was eleven years old, and living in Guam, when Japanese forces assaulted the area hours after bombing Pearl Harbor on Dec. Sgambelluri spoke with HistoryNet about the attack and the aftermath.

As usual, the odds were against the Royal Air Force. This time it was just one Heinkel A new infantry transport changed the nature of firefights in Vietnam—and for generations to come Get inside articles from the world's premier publisher of history magazines. Ulysses S. Grant Confederate: Gen. Noted a journalist who witnessed the blast, "Clods of earth weighing at least a ton, and cannon, and human forms, and gun-carriages, and small arms were all distinctly seen shooting upward in that fountain of horror. Within an hour Confederate troops had rallied their strength and begun to fire rifles and artillery down into the crater, killing hundreds of the trapped men.

Union reinforcements also came under intense fire until all withdrew.

The Crater at Petersburg: War Department

The successful detonation had created a death trap. Losses: Confederate, dead, wounded, missing or captured of 6,; Union, dead, 1, wounded, 1, missing or captured of 8, We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

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The Battle of the Crater

American Civil War Events. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Petersburg Campaign , —65 , series of military operations in southern Virginia during the final months of the American Civil War that culminated in the defeat of the South.

Petersburg, an important rail centre 23 miles 37 km south of Richmond, was a strategic point for the defense of the Confederate capital. Richmond , city, capital of Virginia, U. Politically independent of the county, it is the centre of a metropolitan area including the rest of Henrico county and Chesterfield and…. Gunpowder , any of several low-explosive mixtures used as propelling charges in guns and as blasting agents in mining.

The first such explosive was black powder, which consists of a mixture of saltpetre potassium nitrate , sulfur, and charcoal. When prepared in roughly the correct proportions 75 percent….

Grant ordered a frontal infantry assault on General Robert E. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox!

Battle Of Petersburg Facts

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