Toddy’s Mommy Comes To Town

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  1. 13 Southern Sayings the Rest of America Won't Understand -
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  3. 13 Southern Sayings the Rest of America Won't Understand
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Plus, all had to pay so he would leave…or pay for the performance with drink! The closest my mother ever came to comsuming alcohol was when they did the Lords Supper at church.


13 Southern Sayings the Rest of America Won't Understand -

I know that is true because she kept the tiny glasses they drank from and supplied the grape juice they drank from them. We gathered the grapes and she canned the juice. It went straight from the cooker into the jars then into the canner to seal. The closest she came to a party was also at church. There sometimes was a lot of dancing and shouting and waving of hands but the spirits those people had within them came from above not from a bottle. They also held foot washings at the same church and my mother was the caretaker of the vessels they used.

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I hope that practice has not be construed as some hedonistic drunken orgy. I thought Dr. As a side note, they richly earn their monikers.

Jim Casada. I never heard the phrase or of the game! Mommy used to rub me on my head as she recited the little phrase.

13 Southern Sayings the Rest of America Won't Understand

My parents were both teetotalers but my grampaw on my mothers side was known to have squeezed a bit of liquid fortification from some of his corn crop. Maybe Mommy overheard an assemblage of his friends out in the barn evaluating this years crop. My gramaw on my mother side was a teetotaler too until she was near Then she took to smoking now and then and sipping a bit of creme sherry. So funny! My great-grandmother E. AL was quoted as reciting a similar rhyme, only not as G-rated and more personalised!

I think there needs to be a bit more research.

Tino & Toddy “Hair Nest Mommy”

Have fun! Looks like it could be a beer drinking song, like the bottles of beer on the wall…………. I really love hearing the origins of rhymes and other stories and the changes that have occurred over time. Ed A few months later Ed sent me this email: Hey Tipper A couple of months ago I sent you an email about a little rhyme my mother used to recite. Mother's Day is coming up and have you thought about what your going to get that special lady in your life? Who doesn't love finding that perfect dress that makes you feel and look good?

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What C Jennifer Garner and Frigidaire teamed up and went to bat against stains to spread awareness about the work of Save the Children. You can visit www. Mother's Day is right around the corner! This year you can get mom a gift that she's guaranteed to use all the time. A must-have for the These exciting additions to the ZhuZhu Pets family will give children and families new opportunities to love and explore the mag With light and lively questions, this cube will remind mother and daughters that they share a lot more than a family resemblance.