Windows 8 - Should I Upgrade?

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  1. Switching to 10 is easier than 8
  2. Should You Upgrade to Windows 8.1? Questions to Consider
  3. Should You Upgrade to Windows ?

Should I put Windows 8. Margaret Levy. Windows Live Mail is a free desktop mail program, which is faster and more powerful than using web-based email, and it handles multiple email accounts. It's very popular on Windows 7 and Vista, but you can still download it and install it in Windows 8. Virgin Media, which operates Blueyonder and other email services, has various help pages to explain how to do it. You can connect your Windows 8.

It's actually very easy to do, but Microsoft has instructions specifically for Windows 8. Upgrading your Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8.

Switching to 10 is easier than 8

However, I can think of one major disadvantage, which is that you would have to re-install your Windows 7 programs and any devices, such as printers. When Microsoft released Windows 8, it provided an easy upgrade to Windows 7. However, Windows 8. It would still be simple to upgrade from Windows 7 to 8, and then download the free upgrade from Windows 8 to 8. Unfortunately, if you want to jump from 7 to 8. There is no option to keep programs, devices, and personal data files. See Upgrade to Windows 8.

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Topics Windows Ask Jack. Windows 8 Windows 7 blogposts. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. This might be a little confusing. But one might refuse them and chose the apps of his choice. Once I met a very good Office operator, a very skilled one, but I didn't like what he told me: that the older a program is, the better it is. And he was using Office , when Office was already in use, and was on the way. Eventually, he installed Office , because one of his clients had high pretentions not feasible using Office So, why are you affraid of the new?

Only because of the aggressive promotion? Is that more important than its content? I wouldn't recommend upgrading a Win7 PC to Win If you're running 8 or 8. And let's face it; you'll probably replace your PC for some dirt-cheap-but-better-than-you-now-have box within the next few years anyway, so I wouldn't be too worried about "losing out" on getting a free upgrade from 7 to I'm glad I upgraded, especially since this PC came with Win8. Upgrading to Win 10 on top of a previous version is taking a very big risk that things go haywire.

And it is not at all sure that rolling back will go well, contrary to what MS have us believe. The latter is my strategy as I am fully satisfied with Win 8. My laptop will have expired long before then. Dear makeuseof you have been promoting 10 since it started so give it up I'm sorry Windows 10 has caused you so much trouble, Tony. I wish you would have read one of our articles where we recommend to make an image backup of your system before upgrading or how to block the Windows 10 upgrade in case you don't want it. It would have made it easier for you to avoid or escape from the Windows 10 drama.

Windows 10 is kind of a big thing and as a tech site we have to cover it from every angle. We definitely won't stop or we could just as well shut down the site. That would be sad because what we're really trying to do is inform and help the Windows users among our readers, not Microsoft. As you said, "many beautiful Linux distros", the key word being "many". Which one to go for? How do I make a decision? Try them all? Within a distro you possibly have options of different GUI Sign me up for your spyware filled Orwellian P OS. Or maybe you will just trick me into the upgrade with the red X or something similar.

Linux runs about twice the number of servers in the world as Windows. Yet it is the Windows servers that keep crashing. It's more the matter of whether to have it or not have it stick with your old system that works fine. Right on Peter. Fascist practices going on at MS and credibility with this story is close to zilcho. End of windows About time. The more linux distros used, the higher chance that malware compatible with most distros can be a problem.

I am more interested in knowing where you stand after you take the free upgrade and the PC as they always do with microsoft shit goes down the plughole and you need to format your drive. The free upgrade uses the activation key of your previous windows, so after the free upgrade offer is over what then? You can't just install windows 10 as it will require an activation key, so what happens then? You have to pay to get windows 10 back? You don't need an activation key as windows 10 will remember your pc hardware. Unless you change the hardware, it can reinstall without problem.

As Ray said, the Windows activation is tied to your hardware; it's called digital entitlement. Tried the upgrade and my Pc just non stop crashes or restarts within mins. Non of the solutions worked hence ending up wasting 2 days of my life. Had to revert back to Win 7, for me Win 10 is disappointing. That is Microsoft propaganda which MUO is spreading. This article seems like a major brown nosing with Microsoft I'd offer a tissue, but when your in that deep, not even a full box will suffice.

The article explains what will happen and which options users have. Among other things, we recommend readers to secure the free upgrade for future use, even if they want to stay with Windows 7 or 8.

We've previously covered how to secure a free Windows 10 copy without actually switching , a story this article links to. I don't see how that's in Microsoft's interest. Neither are our articles on downgrading from Windows 10 back to 7 or 8. Of course, someone who just reads the title could think we're trying to push people to upgrade, just like Microsoft does. How did you know I subscribed to the blog so I could just read the titles. I've had 10 on another PC and hated it, and subsequently went to my previous version of Windows.

Just because someone doesn't like or agrees with an article doesn't mean they spent all their time reading the title and then stopped there. I've read so many articles by MakeUseOf "experts", that my newest exercise is rolling my eyes. Some cause me to scratch my head while asking myself, "Do they really think everyone is naive? Thankfully, if and when I need an expert, I have two nephews who could easily run circles around most of the experts here. MakeUseOf is great to find out about something new, be it a new form of technology, upcoming software upgrades and the like. Most of the articles, not even the titles will catch my interest, and if I'm unsure, then its up to the short synopsis in my aggregator to convince me that an article gets my attention But hey, by all means, feel free to go assuming anything you like about me, I wont lose any sleep over it.

Ya gotta love all those typos in my reply But hey, I'm not gonna apologize for them, since after all, who on the Internet has never made typos? I've been using a PC too long, and actually "believed" Bill Gates when he said, K is enough for anybody. The wealthier the person, the bigger the lies I guess.

PCs used to be fun. When in my comment does it say I held a grudge? I was pretty sure I said "and actually believed I have not a blessed thing against Bill Gates, he's done some great things over the years, but IMO Windows 10 will be the beginning of the end for Windows as we know it now and Microsoft will eventually start pushing or hinting at "The next new great operating system", and quite likely in my lifetime. We won't lose any sleep over your ridiculous comments either, Ken. Glad your sleep schedule wont be altered in any way. I was worried that someone would actually lose sleep over comments found on a web page.

I believe you when you say you're not in deep with Microsoft, but I never said anyone was, but that the article reeked of brown-nosing. I have been looking forward to the day when I click on a link at MakeUseOf I actually have it open in a new tab and not the same page I was reading. Maybe one day. Oh, on my PC, I've not once gotten an alert to upgrade to Windows 10, not have I ever seen that icon in the system tray that I've people comment about before Microsoft started the upgrading procedures.

The only way I was able to check Windows 10 for myself was to actually force my PC to do it. Needless to say, I was back to using Windows 7 quick enough. We don't like to have article open in new tabs because that overrides the browser's default behavior. We do that on purpose. I'm sorry, but you couldn't have come up with a more lame excuse. Having had one or more computers on my desk since the early 80s, I'm pretty sure I've learned a few things over the years. But hey, you keep on truckin' with your condescending attitude towards readers and you'll far in the world.

Because one reader wants us to have links open in a new tab, suddenly the reason that we don't make it a site-wide behavior is an excuse? What happens if someone else wants new links to open in the same tab? What do we tell them? I don't have a condescending attitude towards readers, I get upset when people act like jerks and leave comments on our site accusing us of all sorts of nonsense.

If you look, you haven't exactly been pleasant in the comments, and you started this exchange when you bad-mouthed the piece into something it isn't. I'm done wasting time on this conversation. Thanks for providing some entertainment and reading the site. Ken, the reason some people never saw the Get Windows 10 icon is that it's only made available on systems that are eligible to upgrade and expected to be compatible with Windows Maybe Microsoft's algorithms indicated your system wasn't compatible.

Thanks, but I downgraded because I didn't like even remotely the look and feel of Windows I know my next PC would normally have Windows But the fact is, my next one will be running one of the Linux versions or it will be a Mac. With all due respect, there is nothing new in this article.

It just seems as if you are helping MS to push users to take the plunge. If you are not, you should make that very clear otherwise you will lose a lot of credibility with your future articles. The problem is that most people have very old hardware that has drivers that are not working well with windows A refresh or reformatting will make it run well on some hardware in my experience. You must already have windows 10 to refresh and get windows 10 compatible drivers.

Or try upgrading the drivers without reinstalling but only if the manufacturer has the drivers for windows OK, maybe to some people this article is news, but that is not my main point. Tony, higher up on this page, put it in starker terms. At the end of the day you have more to lose than me. The article doesn't tell readers they have to upgrade. It informs readers about what will happen if they don't. Windows 7 and 8. Should the hardware last longer than Windows support, users who didn't upgrade to Windows 10 will lose out because they either have to run an insecure operating system, buy new hardware, or buy Windows We understand that not everyone wants to upgrade now and so we also point readers to the option that they can secure the free upgrade without actually switching to Windows Basically, this article summarizes all the options.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 8.1? Questions to Consider

I appreciate that you, Peter and our other regular readers, have seen all our previous Windows 10 articles and countless articles from other sites. You have to understand that you're a tech-savvy minority.

We cater to other audiences too and they might have been busy or actively trying to ignore Windows If you've been ignoring the free Windows 10 upgrade, now is the time to face the consequences and really make up your mind. By all means, stay with Windows 7 and 8. Al Capone's goons did not demand that store owners pay 'protection".

They just told them what the consequences will be if they don't pay. The idea here was to clearly lay out the consequences of not upgrading. And I think not upgrading is a perfectly fine decision! Never fix a running system, right? That said, some users might be better off with an upgrade, even if they don't intend to use it until a few years down the line.

And we've explained how to do that. We want our readers to make the decision that's best for them and we're more than happy to show them all their options. What we don't want is for them to come around and tell us on July 30 or sometime in , when support for Windows 7 expires, that we should have told them to upgrade because they want to continue using their fine old computer beyond the expiration day of their operating system. Of course then we'll recommend them to install Linux. And some might continue to run Windows 7 despite the risk, like they still run Windows XP today.

I'm sure you are familiar with the following ditty: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them Microsoft is trying hard to make Win 10 that ring. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. If that doesn't work, then change owner to Administrator, close the window and try again.

I took the plunge January 10, and bought a brand new WinX laptop I just wanted plain old Windows, but current. Restart the laptop I now turn off my computer when not in use. Have you tried contacting support or looking for help online about this? You guessed right, I am old. I saw the first version of Windows being born. A brown bag workshop on Windows 8. Note: As of April 8, , Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP , so if your organization's systems are still running Windows XP you should start planning an upgrade to either Windows 8.

Windows 7 and Vista support will continue until , if you decide that now is not the right time to upgrade. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Skip Ribbon Commands.

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Should You Upgrade to Windows ?

Turn on Animations. Will Your Organization Benefit from Windows 8. Here are a few more advantages of Windows 8. Works well on older machines: Windows 8. Energy efficient: Windows 8. Security: Windows 8. For more on Windows Defender and other security enhancements, read Windows 8. Protection against hardware failure: Windows 8. OneDrive integration: Microsoft's cloud storage program is built into just about every application in Windows 8.

You can even sync your PCs settings to OneDrive and save files for offline use. Multilingual: You can more easily switch between display languages, and additional display languages are available in Windows 8. Does Your Hardware Support Windows 8.