Your Forces and How to Use Them

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  1. Your Forces, and How to Use Them
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It is results in practical life that we want, and we are not true to ourselves or the race until we learn to use the powers within us so effectively, that the greatest results possible within the possibilities of human nature are secured. When we proceed with a scientific study of the subject, we find that the problem before us is to know what is in us and how to use what is in us. After much study of the powers in man, both conscious and subconscious, we have come to the conclusion that if we only knew how to use these powers, we could accomplish practically anything that we may have in view, and not only realize our wants to the fullest degree, but also reach even our highest goal.

Though this may seem to be a strong statement, nevertheless when we examine the whole nature of man, we are compelled to admit that it is true even in its fullest sense, and that therefore, not a single individual can fail to realize his wants and reach his goal, after he has learned how to use the powers that are in him. This is not mere speculation, nor is it simply a beautiful dream.

Light on Life: The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom

The more we study the lives of people who have achieved, and the more we study our own experience every day, the more convinced we become that there is no reason whatever why any individual should not realize all his ambitions and much more.. The basis of this study will naturally be found in the understanding of the whole nature of man, as we must know what we are, before we can know and use what we inherently possess. In analyzing human nature, a number of methods have been employed, but there are only three in particular that are of actual value for our present purpose.

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The first of these declares that man is composed of ego, consciousness and form, and though this analysis is the most complete, yet it is also the most abstract, and is therefore not easily understood. The second analysis, which is simpler, and which is employed almost exclusively by the majority, declares that man is body, mind and soul; but as much as this idea is thought of and spoken of, there are very few who actually understand it. In fact, the usual conception of man as body, mind and soul will have to be completely reversed in order to become absolutely true.

The third analysis, which is the simplest and the most serviceable, declares that man is composed of individuality and personality, and it is this conception of human nature that will constitute the phases of our study in this work.

Your Forces, and How to Use Them

When the average person employs the term "ego," he thinks that he is dealing with something that is hidden so deeply in the abstract, that it can make but little difference whether we understand it or not. This, however, does not happen to be true, because it is the ego that must act before any action can take place anywhere in the human system, and it is the ego that must originate the new before any step in advance can be taken.

Written by Prentice Mulford, the book is a sort of original self-help book, focused on aspects that may be considered "new age" were the book published today. Mulford begins his book with a brief section on God and provides the reader with a glimpse of the perspective from which this book is written.

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Mulford believes that all living beings are connected and that humans must awake to this connection. The first several chapters of the book discuss sleeping and dreaming, and the connection between dreams and our wellbeing. Later chapters focus on self-improvement through a variety of streams, from focus on physical being, to the art of studying, to the recognition of the spiritual gifts given to all humans.

The book concludes with a discussion of re-embodiment, or the act of spirits migrating to a new body.

Your Forces & How to Use Them by Christian D. Larson

There are very few applicable pieces of information provided. Rather, the book is focused mainly on Mulford's belief system, which is both scientifically unfounded and spiritually thin.

Your forces and how to use them

It is difficult to imagine this text providing the reader with any advice that could be considered constructive, either spiritually or practically. Mulford's overly simplistic spiritual viewpoint and lack of practical advice make Your Forces and How to Use Them a tedious read. While this book may be of some interest to those curious about what a spiritual self-help book looked like in the early twentieth century, most readers will not find anything of value in this text. Proceed with caution. You travel when your body is in the state called sleep. The real you is not your body; it is an unseen organization, your spirit.

It has senses like those of the body, but far superior.

It can see forms and hear voices miles away from the body. Your Spirit is not in your body. It never was wholly in it; it acts on it and uses it as an instrument. It is a power which can make itself felt miles from your body.

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