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The wonderful thing about creative writing prompts is that they can be simplistic or very descriptive. They can be part of the narrative or dialogue. The point is that they make you write about something that has the potential to be a story by getting your creative writing juices flowing when your curiosity about the prompt forces you to think about the actual story behind the prompt. This leads to character, plot and world creation. For example, look at the first creative writing prompt.

Suspenseful, right? I hope so. When you write a prompt this way, it really helps you create a story because it makes you curious about the story behind the prompt.


One of the first things it forces me to wonder is how did the character get into this situation. Then come more questions like who is he and who is out there in the dark? This writing prompt, like the rest of them, keep my mind focused on building the story for each question that the prompt makes me ask. You are pages into it and then become stuck again. You can use writing prompts like jumper cables to bring life back into your story. You can take elements from your story, such as characters and settings, and create new writing prompts from them, which will lead to more scenes that you can tie into your story.

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If you've clicked on the link to this article, chances are you're one of the many authors who have suffered—or is currently suffering—from writer's block. As the fabled nemesis of authors, writer's block is perhaps the most frustrating thing about being an author.

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That seemingly impenetrable barrier that, for whatever reason, arises in the mind of an author anywhere from the pre-writing phase right through to writing the conclusion of a novel can be of overwhelming annoyance. But have no fear, we've compiled a list of ten ways that you can shake the binds of writer's block and get back to writing. This may seem obvious, but by searching for solutions, you're much more likely to succeed in overcoming your writer's block. If you don't find something that works here, try another list!

And if those don't work, try another! If you think your writer's block might be stemming from tiredness, try taking a break. Your mind might simply be exhausted from spilling every last ounce of information housed in it. Try to get a good night's sleep or even take a day off to let your mind replenish itself. Are you staring at your editorial calendar and stressing out over not meeting your deadlines?

If you get up and write at the same desk, in the same room, in the same house, every day, try packing up your laptop or notebook and writing in a new setting. Your new surroundings may breathe new ideas or topics back into your work, thereby beating your writer's block so you can start meeting the deadlines on your editorial calendar.

7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block | Writer's Digest

This heading speaks for itself. If you've found yourself sitting, staring at your keyboard for the last day with nothing to show for it, grab a piece of paper and a pen and try creating a classic idea web. Forcing your brain to think of new ideas in a new medium can often prove exceedingly useful in kicking writer's block. Along the same lines as the latter, but perhaps more intense, is the practice of stream of consciousness writing. You can try this by taking an idea, or even a single word, and just writing everything that comes to mind.

Try it with the word "spoon," for example. Write this at the top of a page and then go to town writing every single thing associated with spoons that you can think of. This practice can force your brain into a "create new ideas" mode, which can then be transferred back to your original work.

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  • You'd be surprised where one word can lead you! Another exercise that can get your brain moving again is a written version of verbal vomit. Simply write down every single thing that comes to mind for five minutes straight. One idea doesn't have to relate to the next, nor does what you write have to make any kind of sense to anyone. This exercise is simply aimed at getting your brain moving again, energizing it, and putting it back in the swing of idea generation. If you find yourself increasingly stressed out about your lack of creative mojo, try going somewhere comfortable to beat your writer's block.

    Feeling calm can provide clearer thinking, deeper insight, and often relieve the tension that has your ideas jammed up in the first place.

    Writer's Block Instant Cure

    In order to beat your writer's block, try seeking inspiration from some of your favorite authors. Read their work, try to feel their flow, and imagine what they would have done in your situation. Creativity is an energy, but it can only move through you if there are no blocks. Of course, there are writers who feed on dysfunction and pain to write — and that may work, too. Determine and define what creative health looks like for you, and work from that place of equilibrium.

    What's your most intense writing story? There are so many amazing writing prompts out there. A prompt for you this afternoon. Much love. New episode on the podcast is out! From Guilt to Gratitude. Link in profile!

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    How do you connect with nature even in a city setting? The view outside my window is the Manhattan skyline and a bridge. I was deeply emptied of all nature. I vowed to make nature a priority — to live with plants, to make time for parks, to listen to trees without earbuds in, to visit the sea more often. I believe nature is divinity, the secret whisperer, the constant reminder of both our smallness and our importance, the great healer, the kind but mighty friend.

    What about you? How do you start to feel the lack? What do you do about it? One of the problems writers face is wanting to write because we feel something. Is it lust? It slips right past us. Or we push it away. Refuse to confront it. And for that avoidance, we pay with our creative energy. The result may be dissatisfying, for both you and your readers. Sometimes journaling before writing poetry can help you unlock the foundation of your feelings.