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Se voc estiver convertendo inteiros que representam caracteres para reais ou viceversa precisar usar um Type cast converter entre dois tipos de dados. You signed out in another tab or window. So go ahead send some coded messages. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Latin fonts e u and replaces B. Blog Conversor codigo binario. Conversor codigo binario - Http socialmedia marketingtips thatworks ml Concrete floor paint says de August Howdy could have sworn been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post realized it new.

Share on:. Previous: fuck my bitch sister - MecVideos. About the author. Leave a comment. Stay connected. Latest Posts. The Creation of the universe This article traces the origins of what conclusively appears to be a common pattern of worship for thousands of years. Worship of the Trinity, and the relevance of the three sun-like stars it is emulating.

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This article will reveal the origins of the ridiculous Sun worship cult and how it evolved thousands of years before The Christ became an addition to the concept of a Trinity. As already said, the spiritual findings revealed here only have positive outcomes. If anything, they are uplifting and constructive with a chance of creating a deeper understanding of the purity and gentleness of the Creator of this universe.

The interpretation in conclusion here also supports the core belief of the big five religions of the world today and is explored further with the secrets of the human soul at Oneism. The image here encapsulating those that came from above as a Trinity - three intersecting circles - and their connection with the sacred cross, sacred human form and The Christ will be explored here.

The sacred Trinity origin involves tracing the repeating pattern in beliefs over the ages. Many accounts of historical celestial visitation events seem to suggest one primal 'Son' Son of Man figure as human form and the most important 'Sun' associated with the being Now this will start to sound very odd, but this is where the mystery begins to make the most sense. Religion is very difficult to research and the reason for this is because it has evolved so much through history.

Humanity has altered original sacred texts so often in each generation and in each civilisation so that we have evolved into the multiple diverse and opposing religions we have today. The truth has become so cloudy and confusing that we have reached a level where we are about to go to war because of our differences in belief. It seems this knowledge was less attractive and intangible compared to the spectacular celestial flesh and blood visitors with their great flying discs or wheels that shone like the sun, which were arguably completely tangible.

I support the notion of only one Creator source of the universe, and the overwhelming proof there is for this. They appeared to have visited our world in groups that seem to be recorded more often as a direct family body… yes as bizarre as this sounds space explorers visiting our world as family groups! Here is one example of the visitors as a family unit apparently flying bent knees, pointed toes holding on to each other while riding on what appear to be flying seats. The image is sourced from the remains of a very old damaged book no author or book title evidence remains claiming it was a rock painting found near Tassili in the Sahara desert when it was once green.

A time around 10 years ago. The ancient ways in teaching involved a multiple symbolism technique based on easy to remember patterns which have often complicated matters for researchers. For example the Sumerians and Egyptians both used the same symbolism for a disc that flies a celestial chariot that shone like the Sun by adding birds wings to symbolise flight. But it also represented the Sun-like star that they came from and our Sun itself.

In typical multiple symbolism, the three Sun-like stars of the visitors, namely the stars where they originated from, may have been represented as a family unit, a Trinity incorporating father, mother and child, as a simplified teaching analogy. With multiple symbolisms two representations usually as a duality it fits with another important teaching of three important Sun-like stars… put the two together and you have an easy pattern to memorize. A lot more comes to the fore when reasoning this theory. The sacred family unit was no doubt an important teaching to the ancients encouraging marriage commitment and love as a stable less warlike family unit.

This Trinity family 'pattern' - 'that came from above' was a pattern recurring in many countries throughout the Northern Hemisphere and their teachings were all very similar. These three large monuments most likely once represented their three most important Sun gods. Three names that appear more often as a sacred group of three are … Ninki - later became Ishtar the mother Enki - later became Namakh the father Marduk the son.

They were a Trinity long before The Christ. In the scroll seal above, the three as a Trinity are present, from left to right, Marduk, Ninki and Enki. Above Enki the father figure; he is crowned in this instance with a large star and it is located very close to the Pleiades seven dots. In almost all the scroll seals, only one of the three stars near the Pleiades was deemed important. This was just as I had found to be the case in the ancient star maps. One star was always the most important out of all three Sun-like stars. It is situated next to cluster of seven dots that scholars have suggested in labelling the artefact is the Pleiades star cluster.

The disc that flies, a celestial chariot belonging to these three is also visible in the sky and it is connecting to the forehead of Ninki with a cosmic serpent. Above Marduk we see the crescent of a planetary body that is unlikely to be the moon. It is most likely a planet associated with the Sun star. I debate this important claim further and the cosmic serpent here. In the ancient ruins in Syria centuries later after the belief had been passed down many generations, long before The Christ, some names were altered for unknown reasons.

Perhaps in the same way the name Yeshua, a Hebrew Aramaic name was altered to become Jesus, a more acceptable Roman name after someone of the authority like Emperor Constantine had altered it. The same three Sun gods from Sumer now as follows… from left to right… Marduk the son on a lion, Enki… now as Namakh the father still retaining the bull of Taurus, and Ninki… now as Ishtar on another lion. The obsession seemed focused on three members as a family initially as three Sun gods. For example in the beginning Ra was the most powerful male entity… he also had a wife and a child.

This was soon replaced with Osiris, Isis and Horus as seen below. Ponder also on the largest ancient animal monument in Egypt.. Another clue? This is exactly where I found the position of the first and apparently the most important Sun-like star. The rest of the ancient text is cleverly 'demonically' encoded with hidden meaning perhaps to frighten and prevent people from studying it. If caught with these faked evil texts suggesting demons and magic In this text ref Solomon has a ring that produces a beam of light that he points at the 'Demons' stars in the sky.

Astronomers reading this will see a possibility here of advanced technology matching that of today, because it is how they point to stars in the sky I do this with my star viewing evenings in Cape Town. The first secret I deciphered here is in the word Demon.

It is referring to stars! I have a substantial article now on The Key of Solomon. A man with a name virtually matching the very same name in the Biblical account. The Hiram Abiff secret document from the time of King Solomon that follows appears to have become the foundation of Freemasonry … assuming we are speaking about the same Hiram Abiff in Freemasonry.

Scholars question the reference here but Freemasons beg to differ. The image above is sourced from the University of Bradford in the UK and updated using another very old source where thanks to some very open minded high ranking Freemasons who believe this is open study historical material, now considered valuable history. The image here was adapted by Freemasons as their foundation, their first degree secret of their brotherhood as the initiate progresses up to the highest degree, the 33rd degree.

I explore the star map aspects of it as it seems to be a mirror copy of the star maps I have found in ancient civilisations. The ancients all selected the very same star, even the extremely controversial finding I have made with what appear to be pyramid ruins on the planet Mars. The Mars pyramid star map selected this particular star. It was represented with a human face that I recently discovered is actually 'made from blocks' in a design of the very same face style found in the Mayan Sun 'gods', The Inca Sun 'gods' and the face of the Sphinx in Egypt.

At the top of the ladder note the hand from heaven holding the icon representing the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail itself ties in with the star map secret. Jacob is said either to have had a dream or a real encounter with those that came down from the heavens. He saw a stairway of light resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven and the angels were ascending and descending on it. There was one at the top of it saying he was the highest authority who was also the highest authority over Abraham and Isaac. In Genesis , I am certain it was not a dream but a real encounter like the Biblical Ezekiel flying wheel account soon to be explored and linked to here.

It was the same beam of light phenomenon as seen in the Moses story soon to follow that Moses and his people followed at night - something making the beam that landed in a roofless tent when they had to sleep. The entity goes on to say he should set up monuments on the land with an important pattern and a message. He places more than one most important pillar on the ground and the text becomes very hard to make sense of from here forward with the other pillars. Here it seems to paint a picture like the Hiram Abiff image seen above.

The Christ story has a link to the star secret and it has been given an entire article on its own at the link below. The Matthew Gospel has the last remnants of the story and it is encoded in a way identical to the Testament of Solomon text, by encoding knowledge of the stars using fabricate fictional demonic characters. In the Matthew texts it is the three Kings The Templars were a secret group who carried forward the Christ Trinity secret and the remains of ancient documents that are about to be uncovered here suggest how the Christian Trinity secret was cleverly encoded as the very same sacred star map and its important link to The Christ.

The first common representation for the Christian Trinity was merely three intersecting circles as seen here. In the Da Vinci code and National Treasure movie epics this symbol was easily recognisable in some interesting scenes. The image above uses spheres to incorporate the Trinity… why spheres one will no doubt question? There has to be more reason behind the symbols. Consider perhaps that the Sun is round just as the Sun-like stars in question. The next clue in the image below top left shows the three spheres in an equilateral triangle effect but does not offer much more than this.

One could say it matches the Babylon Ziggurat pattern, but really, a triangle is just a triangle this could just be coincidence. Scroll back up to the Hiram Abiff Masonic image and compare it to image 4 here. It seems to be an exact match! The Orion's Belt interpretation was thought to be missing in the Hiram Abiff image but it is not The very same sacred cross of Orion is recognized that I identified in the parchment of The Key of Solomon.

Constantine decorated his shields with the Sacred cross formation of Orion. The same sacred cross I believe The Christ was trying to teach humanity about that became forbidden and thus hidden by the Elite. It was no doubt deemed for their eyes only. Quite a shocking assumption I am making here… but based again on research because the great surprise here is as follows… in real 'Da Vinci Code' style conspiracy theory… the layout of the Vatican city incorporates this sacred cross as Orion and it also incorporates the original Egyptian Obelisks that are historically known as Sun worship obelisks, which are carefully positioned in Rome near the seven hills.

Did we say seven hills? The beginnings of both Rome and a city in China were both chosen because their sites had seven sacred hills Ref — China star map. The three Kings that follow align and show the way to locate the Bethlehem star The same secret here is shared with the layout of Washington DC Could this shocking star secret also be the secret behind the importance of the 4th of July?

Click here. The Sun-like stars on the ground are represented … and once again mirroring the Hiram Abiff star map where the great Star fortress a big feature in Dan Browns Angels and Demons is the ultimate star… the star of Bethlehem.


Escritos – Page 4 – Escritos de Vivesur

This star secret is also found on the seal of the American one dollar bill by overlaying one seal over the other. Ref 1 - Masonic history part one. Ref 2 - National Treasure - George Washington secret. More importantly a secret probably shared between the most followed religions, a secret that could unite them all… the icon of the Hebrews… the Menorah and the Star of David, the icon of Christianity the XP Chi-Rho and the Bethlehem star … and the icon of Islam, the Crescent and the star Ref. Mouse over the image above to see what I believe is the secret of the Vatican icon.

The two keys given to St Peter legend on the two great truths But was St Peter instructed to protect and bring forward to the world the truth Records of St Peter then mention the unthinkable. I believe he was sentenced and murdered by the Emperor just like the Christ was murdered for teaching forbidden truth to the Roman tyrant manipulated public. The records say St Peter, the great teacher who would be better alive to keep teaching then asked to be brutally murdered on a cross like the christ, according to records?

Maitreya Buddha Movie Part 4

Again, you decide for yourself what really happened. What are the two greatest truths? What could be more important for the world other than the secret of Creation The silver key most likely the secret of our sacred human bloodline origins, the star maps here on this website. The new Pope's coat of arms ref. Lets just call this my crazy conspiracy theory here in this image.

I believe the new Pope might be a man of greatness and a man of change who knows the star map and what it means for world peace. Firstly I believe his position is not by chance just timing with the world in a massive global crisis which is now means it might be followed shortly perhaps with the witnessing of a cosmic messenger.


With respect to what might be seen as disrespectful to the potential greatness of this man I am not going to analyse the three symbols of the shield other than the grapes. Grapes represent Pleiades: ref I will later add the story behind the legend of the Vatican flying hat and its serpent ropes that Cherubim traverse up and down on. Also the Lorraine cross H symbol for Orion later. Lets just leave this topic as it is for now.

There is more in Sweden and the rune stones to add here and that is a big part of Star map Scotland which launched a week ago, August This image for example clearly shows Orion aligning with the Sun disc being birthed from the Holy Grail. This Z symbol opened a whole new avalanche of findings ref. If there is just one thing you only have time to compare on this page to get the meaning of the sacred pattern of Orion showing the way alignment to what appear conclusively to be three sun-like stars in specific positions near the Pleiades, then compare the star pattern of the stars over the Vatican on Christmas eve with the Pope at midnight… and the Hiram Abiff star map The Vatican layout is the same pattern too… how much more evidence than this do scholars need?

The three Sun-like stars are shown in the third image below Something not worth worshiping, but something one should feel a sense of greatness about if these star systems with planets are the places of our ancestors Is it so bad that we are descendant of Angelic beings But if it is our spiritual origins and God that you seek The full global list of the matching star maps with 35 strong cases: Click here Proof of the sacred cross of Christ as Orion Click here For the full Vatican story April 07, by Goro goroadachi.

Being the first earthquake to generate a deadly tsunami since the Sumatran 'Great Flood' in [Update: Actually this is not quite accurate, there was a deadly tsunami striking Java, Indonesia in July February 27 : [ More on this later. March 02 : [ And it's a story about Resurrection - and as such, it's also a story about an 'earthquake' More on that later. March 14 Seems like a realistic enough possibility. It was the discovery of the supposed ' Lost Tomb of Jesus ' - officially announced on February 26th, followed by a Discovery Channel documentary on March 4th - that loudly signaled the intensification of the 'Resurrection' theme.

This was an 'earthquake' indeed. And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many. Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.

And many women were there beholding afar off, which followed Jesus from Galilee, ministering unto him: Among which was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joses, and the mother of Zebedees children. When the even was come, there came a rich man of Arimathaea, named Joseph, who also himself was Jesus' disciple: He went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded the body to be delivered.

And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, And laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in the rock: and he rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulchre, and departed. And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow: And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men. And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.

tsidiyk.tk Ebooks and Manuals

Come, see the place where the Lord lay. And it was followed by a major plane crash the next day - also in Indonesia Java. This is important because 'Pyramid-Osiris' implies 'Tomb of Osiris' pyramids are normally built as tombs and 'Tomb of Osiris' is synonymous with 'Tomb of Jesus ', Jesus being the biblical version of Osiris-Horus.

And it is of course from the 'tomb of Jesus' that he rises again, i. The storyline is supplemented by the two Mt. Merapis pinpointing the epicenter of the March 28 , Sumatra quake killed that came just three months after Sumatra's Boxing Day 'Great Flood' that shocked the world, the epicenter of which is also approximately aligned with the Merapis. In , Easter fell on March 27 , practically coinciding with the Sumatra quake 2. It was thus a 'Resurrection earthquake'. All put together: The 'Tomb of Jesus' Merapis highlighted by this year's 'Resurrection quake' March 6 pinpointing a 'Resurrection quake' epicenter Well, that's an unmistakable Resurrection signal.

Merapi went 'red alert' becoming our 'Shadow Mt. Helens' and made headlines around the world. She'll visit Lexington as well. Surrounding it is a thick cloud of masterfully encoded symbolism imparting inter-temporal information which we could use to get a glimpse of the future The British Royal Family has much to do with the intensifying theme heavily entangled with the Mayan counting down to , the year of the London Olympics.

The 'Resurrection' storyline happens to be related particularly to Diana and her offspring Most notable is the major plane crash last summer at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington - a 'kamikaze' event that 'bookmarked' the original launch day of the space shuttle Atlantis STS The plane's destination was Atlanta, reinforcing the Atlantean connection.

Ernesto achieved hurricane status only for a day on August 27th, i. In France it was already August Ernesto made another US landfall on August 31, US local time, and then dissipated over the southern border of Virgin ia.

As you can see, Sumatra 2 epicenter was highlighted here as well. And it's important that Atlanta was involved Solomon is also the figure behind Solomon's Temple, the modern version of which is the Dome of the Rock, which is a perfect octagon.

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It is on one of those cross-quarter days early May, known as Beltane, that the Kentucky Derby with the Queen of England in attendance will take place this year. This is even 'acknowledged' by the UK flag 'Union Jack' which, as you can see, has a 'cross-quarter' configuration:. UK's basketball coach Tubby Smith suddenly left in March. The top candidate to replace him at UK was Billy Donovan, who started his coaching career under Rick Pitino at UK and as a Florida head coach just won the championship in Atlanta on April 2nd Resurrection earthquake day.

Florida became undisputed king by beating Ohio State, whose logo is Donovan's team is called the 'Gators'. The term 'messiah' derives from 'Meseh' meaning crocodile which is not much different from alligators. The term 'King Billy' is important but we won't go into that here. The two Billys even produced an alignment precisely pinpointing the April 2nd Solomon Islands 'Resurrection Quake' epicenter. April 2nd is obviously significant, and appropriately enough it was the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Pope John Paul II. And it was also on that same day that Prince Charles and Camilla planned to get married but had to push it back a day due to the funeral.

The North Star is a pole star. NASA acknowledged this by stating :. The seven stars of the constellation Ursa Major are used to provide direction to the North Star , which is superimposed over the installation location of the P5 truss on ISS. Ursa Major is the 'Great Bear' constellation and is traditionally associated with King Arthur 'Arthur' meaning 'bear-like' , a bona-fide 'Grail king' embodying the Sangeal bloodline. He is the 'Once and Future King', awaiting Resurrection.

In the STS patch, the phallic shuttle enters an 'egg'. The royal baby thus conceived is subsequently shown in the STS patch as exiting the 'egg', which is identified through the presence of the North Star as an 'Arthur' figure, i. This combination of 'reflected' and 'polar' conveys the notion of 'polar opposite' or degrees away which in terms of solar time corresponds to 6 months. Discovery STS came back on the winter solstice.

The opposite point from there, separated by 6 months, is the summer solstice. Prince William was born on June 21st , the summer solstice! The 'birth' symbolism of the STS and William's birthday interact perfectly. He is essentially, and almost literally, 'resurrecting' the royal bloodline of the House of Stuart to the throne of England. Vista del templo. Desde entonces, Borobudur ha sido conservado mediante numerosas restauraciones. Tres plataformas circulares en la cima del monumento representan una hoja de loto.

Las razones del abandono de este templo se mantienen desconocidas. En , Fueron ocupadas aproximadamente Los visitantes son guiados mediante el sistema de escaleras y corredores ascendiendo hacia las plataformas superiores. Se dice que es quien " La estructura vertical se puede dividir en tres secciones: base, centro o cuerpo y cima, los cuales recuerdan la figura del cuerpo humano. En las laderas de la colina hay escaleras que conectan el monumento con la llanura.

Los relieves restantes son paneles con inscripciones cortas que aparentemente describen las instrucciones de los escultores, ilustrando la escena a ser tallada. Borobudur tiene aproximadamente 2. La superficie total ocupada por estos relieves es de 2. Los paneles narrativos de las paredes se leen de derecha a izquierda, mientras que en los balaustres es de izquierda a derecha. Los actos sagrados en los avadanas son atribuidos a otras personas legendarias.

El primer conjunto de balaustres tiene nichos, el segundo , el tercero 88, el cuarto 72 y el quinto La primera plataforma circular posee 32 estupas, la segunda 24 y la tercera 16, lo cual suma un total de El costo total era para ese tiempo de Yes the Christ would have taught about it too, and yes he would no doubt have produced a good rendition of the right chalice too.

But was it used to catch his blood that created magical powers? How would one know which one was his Its a dead end. If one is prepared to believe there is a grail somewhere connected to God Creation in the hands of either a good or evil person and they can use the magical power A magical power gained from the drained blood from murdering the Messiah Yeshua Ben Yusef? Reasoning and logic are everything in this research. Would that really make sense worth considering as possible?

Perhaps not. Some have grown up with this desperate belief and its not our fault we were taught this theory as a real story either. Each to their own. Their protocol perhaps to create disbelief in anything 'not of our world' so our world leaders can con us with global acceptance for their faked reason to smear them Just like before. The elite powers that be have the greatest fear that their manipulation of humanity for profiteering will be exposed.

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It happened in Meso America, China, Europe and almost all the great empires. Kings at the time were probably told they were of the same lineage as the heavenly visitors. This pattern of thinking has now evolved into a new concept where the very wealthy who have ties with politics have far more power and influence than the general public is aware of.

Perhaps the old ways of secret societies, that did not permit common man to be considered equal in any way to the Elite was well hidden then, and perhaps a little less today, although it still seems to be alive and well and secretly woven into politics globally. In ancient times, the cosmic visitors to earth invariably seemed to need earthly materials, be it the best linen or the best foods or even the carbon from burning animals carcasses.

More on the reasons for this later. Moses and Leviticus accounts in the Bible make this very clear. People began to make wasteful offerings at collection centres at the temples when the visitors had left. This happened more frequently in Meso America among the Aztecs. After all if we know who we really are, descendants of those that came from the stars, then humanity would have been inspired to live differently. Such a pity the secret was only deemed suitable for the Elite.

The visitors from the heavens probably never ever thought humanity would go off track and worship them or the Sun-like stars they were supposed to remember with a little pride and honour. In worshiping what was irrelevant, they forgot about the most important honour and love for the Tree of Life, the Creation itself. History proves our ancestors had an overwhelming primal need to conquer foreigners, their wealth and their lands - and to prostrate themselves in a very ritualistic form of worship of a fearful God.

I believe that as soon as advanced beings in the universe realised our emotional weakness, some sort of universal law has now been set in place preventing open contact of celestial visitors with all of humanity. I believe a protocol exists advising all advanced civilisations in the cosmos that Earth visitations would only provoke even more instability to our already temperamental warlike society.

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Not to mention all countries on earth still enforce security protocol to shoot any flying object in their air space that is unidentifiable. Ancient civilisations appear to have been inspired to build massive monuments where the pattern on the ground would mirror an important star pattern of the sacred place in the heavens.

The evidence you are about to see here reasons a connection between the Sun-like stars of the visitors and Taurus the celestial bull, which is the area of the Sun-like stars For stars to be Sun-like is a very important factor when we talk about other life out there in the universe. Scientists will agree that for life as we know it to exist, the conditions would have to like our solar system. Call it a coincidence but where the ancients have told us to look … there are three 'G' class Sun-like stars in this position, fitting more precisely the sacred pattern around years ago.

This is another clue since they aligned stone gates for viewing the important stars as they rise in the east on special days.