Carry The Day

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Carry the Day Idiom Meaning - English Expression Videos

Answer Pattern. Advanced Crossword Anagrams. Enter letters or a clue and click 'Find Anagrams' to find anagrams. Optionally, provide word lengths or an answer pattern to improve results.

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Was the Clue Answered? Sort by Length. The portable sanctuary in the form of a tent in which the ancient Israelites carried the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament.

Carry the day in a sentence

She carried the Australian flag at the opening ceremony of the Montreal Olympics in , sprinter. Like some univ. Striking things about rec rooms. Older managers carry more authority in a crisis.

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The national TV network carries religious programmes. Which minister carries responsibility for the police?

Parents carry the burden of ensuring that children go to school. Blair carried his party to victory in Birds and monkeys can carry disease.

Carry the Day - Wikipedia

Murder still carries the death penalty. The songs of the whales carry through the water over long distances. The highest voice carries the melody. Mary fainted, and had to be carried inside.

Carry the Day

Guards toting machine guns stood inside the airport. Bear is commonly used as a participle bearing They arrived bearing gifts. Anna returned, bearing a large red packet.

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Nixon carried the day.