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Which is fine, except that when I get in the habit of skimming and skipping I do it with other text too, especially as the pace of a book picks up and everything gets more tense. It's hard to slow down and read each word of a book when it becomes gripping, and it's virtually impossible when I've already sped up in a way. But that's a personal thing, and I actually can't say whether it detracted from or added to the experience of reading Compulsion. BTDubs, it's gripping in a good way - not suspenseful because of scary things happening, but suspenseful because life is suspenseful for Jake.


That's suspense I can deal with, because you can step away from the voice of the narrator and understand that nothing dangerous is actually going to happen. But you can also allow yourself to be absorbed in his voice, and it's like the world swirls around you, and you just have to get to the end.

I read the whole thing today. Anyway, also, every character is likable on some level, which I appreciate. Every character is trying their hardest. Nothing is neat and tidy, but there is hope. I guess I have a lot of feelings about Compulsion, and as I finished it like two minutes ago I haven't had time to sort those out or get super analytical, but I just wanted to jot the gist of it down right away. Conclusion: I highly recommend it. I'm checking out Heidi Ayarbe's website and bibliography right now. Then I'm going to bed.

Apr 04, Helene rated it really liked it. WOW - I wish I could give this 4. I couldn't put this book down. It's hard to sustain that type of interest in a character-driven novel rather than plot-driven but Heidi Ayarbe did it in Compulsion. The plot of this book can be found elsewhere so I won't repeat it here but I will say that Ayarbe did a great job of writing about Jake's OCD, almost as a separate character.

Jake's struggle with his issues as well as the fact that no one knew or wanted to know about his problems was heartbr WOW - I wish I could give this 4. Jake's struggle with his issues as well as the fact that no one knew or wanted to know about his problems was heartbreaking and made for an appropriately uncomfortable read.

I'm glad that all was not wrapped up with a pretty bow at the end because life isn't like that. But this book left me rooting for this very interesting and well-developed character. Nov 30, Anne Jordan-Baker rated it it was amazing. I don't have OCD, but from what I know about it, I think this author truly understands how OCD works inside a person's head and how that affects all aspects of life: family, friends, school, work--every aspect if life.

Not only a good book with OCD at the center of it, but also a great story, so well told. I found this book hard to read and heartbreaking but amazing, too. Dec 20, Irm rated it liked it. I like the premise and I like the obsession but I was ultimately, somewhat dissatisfied with the ending and how Jake got there. Interested to see if my teens will pick it up and give me feedback. Mar 29, Phi rated it it was amazing. Ayarbe demonstrates how OCD and compulsions to tie every aspect of his life to numbers, prime numbers, and how as he neared an important date, the compulsions were even stronger.

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Props to Ayarbe for that. Ayarbe demonstrates how his compulsions affect his day from the moment he wakes up in the morning to the moment he goes to bed at night. She also illustrates how those same compulsions affect the people around him. When his condition starts to have an effect on his family and friends, Ayarbe does an awesome job of describing the hopelessness he feels as he is losing control.

As Jake had that revelation, I found myself drawn in further and further. Compulsion does have shortcomings. It was all rather confusing and left me wishing for more. All in all, it was pretty good. I liked it. I found it compelling regardless. Apr 26, connor rated it it was ok. Jan 23, Taylor Brett rated it really liked it. The book "Compulsion" by Heidi Ayarbe shows the readers what genuinely, severe OCD does to a teenage boy mentally and physically. In this story the protagonist, Jake Martin, a seventeen year old boy has an obsession with prime numbers.

He deals with his OCD by adding, subtracting, dividing, or multiplying numbers to the time on the clock in order to make it a prime number. If Jake can't make the time prime, he freaks out and begins having an anxiety attack. When Jake has anxiety attacks over his The book "Compulsion" by Heidi Ayarbe shows the readers what genuinely, severe OCD does to a teenage boy mentally and physically. When Jake has anxiety attacks over his addiction to prime numbers, he must go home and restart his day and complete his morning routine in order to calm himself down.

Jake is a soccer star at his school. His coping with prime numbers helps him gain the confidence to doing good at his soccer games. He stresses about what he will do when he no longer relies on his prime numbers. I rated this book with 4 stars because it shows how Jake changed greatly from the beginning to end in a realistic way. Jake goes from caring so much about what others may think about his mental illness, to worrying about what he is going to do about it. If you like realistic stories about the struggles different people go through, this book is for you.

Jan 19, Erfan rated it really liked it. I really like this book. First, Jake Martin is the main character in this book. He believes in the magic of prime numbers. This helps him get through the day and also gives him the confidence he needs to win at a soccer game. But the numbers are also Jake's prison.

If he's off by just one number, his world will crumble. I really recommend this book because I learned a lot of new things and understood what is OCD.


The part that I liked about this book is the Jake's ability to operate with numbers I really like this book. The part that I liked about this book is the Jake's ability to operate with numbers because I really love math and numbers. When Jack is solving the math problems it feels really good.

Also he manipulates with the numbers so fast, and it's unbelievable. The part that I didn't like is Jake's personality. He doesn't seem to care about anyone, except his sister. He's selfish, always thinking about himself and forgetting friends and breaking team rules for soccer. For me, this is a good book because it helps people to understand what is OCD.

Sep 28, Deborah Haislip rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The central idea is opening up to people and you're never alone. At the end of the book Martin told Mera about his sickness of counting. The ending is mainly about him realizing he should open up to someone and he choose Mera. I really enjoyed when Martin went to a party because many emotions were made. I didn't enjoy that Mera and Martin didn't end up together at the end. I would recommend this book to a friend because its exciting to read.

Mar 20, Valerie rated it it was amazing. One of the best books I've read so far. There's almost no words to describe it, however, I can just say magnificent. The way that the author portrayed OCD, it finally opens our eyes to what this illness really is and how much we've misinterpreted it in our society. May 11, Bethany rated it it was amazing. Compulsion became so addicting that I could feel myself falling into the mind of Jake. The desperation of his thoughts heightened to the point where I felt a near panic attack of my own.

Then the power went out. I glanced at the digital clock. Nov 05, Tina rated it really liked it. This book really sheds light on OCD. Mar 07, Cynthia Sillitoe rated it liked it. Compelling, but fragmented, which is understandable with only Jake's narration. I think it would have been stronger if it had alternated between Jake and Kasey.

Apr 23, Melanie Goodman added it. Compulsion is one of the most realistic works of fiction portraying Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that I have yet to come across. This is cleverly played out in chapter numbers, which are exclusively primes. Prime numbers keep Jake safe. They keep his family safe. They keep his soccer team winning. If he is going to make it through the championship game and get a college scholarship, he has to give in to the magic of primes. But then they will go away.

As soon as he wins the game, he is sure that the primes and the spiders in his head will leave him alone. He will be able to have a normal life again, one without the constant need for counting, or the need to keep the majority of his thoughts a secret from his friends and loved ones. Compulsion is an exhausting and difficult read, but it is the qualities that make it so challenging that also make it so compelling and real. Jake cannot turn off the voice in his head that makes him follow through with his compulsions.

OCD is typically considered an egodystonic disorder, meaning that the person realizes that their obsessions and compulsions are not normal or logical. The secondary characters in Compulsion add a great deal of depth; family dynamics certainly impact mental illness, but they also show quite a bit about how somebody gets to be the way they are. I wish that some of these relationships had been played out more in the present, particularly with more interaction between Jake and his mom.

His little sister simultaneously needs his protection in the frequent absence of a parental figure, but also offers Jake protection, understanding his illness in a way that nobody else in his life does. Compulsion is at once hard to put down and hard to read all the way through.

It is fast-paced and gripping, but at times overpowering, requiring breaks to digest it a bit. Be sure to pick this book up if you want to get inside the head of a teen with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and understand the illness in a whole new way. Feb 24, Tami rated it liked it. I was interested in reading one of Heidi's books since she lived locally. Compulsion is a story about a high school soccer phenom that has OCD associated with prime numbers. Interesting enough but nothing new or exceptional in the story. Mar 30, Louis Arata rated it liked it. In Compulsion, Jake Martin is gearing up for his third state soccer championship when his OCD ramps into high gear, forcing him to struggle to hold it together until after the big game.

His life is already a challenge, given that his mother suffers from mental illness, his father is emotionally aloof, and his younger sister is focused on improving her social status in school. But when the spiders as he describes the compulsive thoughts get a hold of his brain, he has to follow the patterns, ad In Compulsion, Jake Martin is gearing up for his third state soccer championship when his OCD ramps into high gear, forcing him to struggle to hold it together until after the big game.

It gives the reader a powerful take on the overwhelming constrictions that a person endures, but unfortunately a little of it goes a long way. No one speaks about it. They go through their lives as though everything is normal. And what is normal, anyway? They all have their secrets. He hopes that if he can create the perfect magic to win the soccer championship, all the spiders will disappear. Perhaps by giving the reader a little more time with pre-spider, pre-OCD Jake before the anxieties becoming so overwhelming , Ayarbe could better set the foundation of the story and the relationships of the characters.

Another possibility is to allow one of the other characters, such as Luc, tell some of the story so that the reader gets a broader view of events. I felt that I was able to really get a glimpse into the mindset of someone's life who is ruled by their compulsion with numbers.

Compulsion | Definition of Compulsion at

Jake's world is ruled by prime numbers and he's constantly counting. He tries to hide his compulsion, but having a broken family and only one friend it's not hard to do. Keeping his compulsion a secret starts to wear him down, and his biggest focus is helping his team win their 2. Keeping his compulsion a secret starts to wear him down, and his biggest focus is helping his team win their upcoming soccer game. It wasn't hard for me to sympathize with Jake's compulsion. He's a prisoner in his own mind. His life is ruled by numbers and he's addicted to looking at clocks. Things were good if time was on a prime number like , if it didn't end on a prime number he couldn't look away from the clock until it turned.

It's like everything stops until the clock changes.

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Jake's not the only character who's having to deal with a lot. His mom suffers from OCD, his dad through out much of the book isn't sure how to help her and is unaware of what his son suffers from and his younger sister is often times forced to step into the rule of playing mother. Heidi does a compelling job with bringing to light how OCD can really effect a person and their family.

While Heidi does a fascinating job at really taking the reader into the mind of a character who suffers from a severe case of OCD, I had an extremely hard time getting into the book due to all the language. I don't mind a few words here and there, or a couple mentions of the f-word, but Compulsion has numerous mentions of the word that made it hard for me to really understand the character. I felt it was a little extreme to have the f-word used so much, and it made the character seem unrealistic with how often and how much he uses that word.

I only know that I must wait—that compulsion is greater than my strength to combat. The method of compulsion failed to keep the tenants on the land. She was driven by a compulsion to which fatigue was nothing.

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But what we would not do voluntarily we had to do by compulsion. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Listen to the words and spell through all three levels. Definition of compulsion.

compulsion (n.)

Synonyms for compulsion Synonyms arm-twisting , coercion , constraint , duress , force , pressure Visit the Thesaurus for More. Examples of compulsion in a Sentence I gave in to one of my compulsions and ordered the chocolate dessert. We should be able to get them to cooperate without using compulsion.

Recent Examples on the Web The compulsions are so strong that one serial killer got aroused just by looking at open windows. First Known Use of compulsion 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a. Learn More about compulsion. Resources for compulsion Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Dictionary Entries near compulsion comptroller compulsative compulsatory compulsion compulsion neurosis compulsitor compulsive. Phrases Related to compulsion under compulsion under no compulsion.

Time Traveler for compulsion The first known use of compulsion was in the 15th century See more words from the same century. English Language Learners Definition of compulsion. Kids Definition of compulsion. Farnsworth and W. Comments on compulsion What made you want to look up compulsion?