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Jochen Brandhoff , and Of Counsel , Dr. The question presented to the ECJ is whether the current German corporate co-determination legislation is incompatible with the principles of European Union law. According to the current law, the employees of German corporations working outside of Germany have no right to participate either actively or passively in the election of labor representatives to company supervisory boards.

Rather, with this lawsuit he is seeking to affect the Europeanization of this right to co-determination and thereby broaden its base of legitimacy. This policy goal cannot be achieved, however, when a company employs its workforce throughout the Member States of the EU but restricts the right of co-determination to a minority of its employees — that is, giving it exclusively to those employees working within German borders.

Companies will often make this restriction even when it employs the vast majority of its workforce abroad. Caspar Behme and our partners Dr. Jochen Brandhoff and Stephan A. With its ruling on The Court has set the date for oral arguments to January 24th, In this case, the ECJ must decide whether German corporate co-determination rules violate the European non-discrimination principle and the free-movement of workers by not including employees working outside of Germany in the class of persons entitled to participate in the election of supervisory boards in German corporations.

We kindly ask members of the media and other interested parties to address their questions to our attorneys involved in the case: Of Counsel, Dr. Find more information here. Die FAZ vom In dem Verfahren hat unsere Kanzlei den Antragsteller vertreten. Was bedeutet der Vorlagebeschluss vom Unserer Ansicht nach besteht kein akuter Handlungsbedarf, solange der EuGH nicht die Europarechtswidrigkeit der derzeitigen deutschen Mitbestimmungsregeln festgestellt hat.

Das Seminar wird auch zwei weitere aktuelle Themen behandeln: 1. Programm und Anmeldeformular finden Sie hier. Frankfurt am Main, October 26, German employee participation on supervisory boards, as presently implemented, possibly violates European law and may no longer be applicable. According to codetermination law, only workers employed in Germany are represented on the supervisory boards of German corporations, workers employed abroad are, however, not represented.

The company employs approx. The codetermination law may not be applied, because it stands in contradiction to EU-law so-called primacy of European law. The referral to the European Court of Justice will remove uncertainty from this central corporate governance issue. Most recently, this issue has introduced substantial uncertainty to corporate law practices. While the Regional Court of Frankfurt a.

Rather the issue is, if German codetermination regulations violate European law and in turn no longer apply, at least until such time as the legislature passes a revision that complies with European law. The Courts of Instance rulings and legal literature are not on the same page in this matter. Currently, this would affect corporations. The expectation is, however, that the objections against the implementation of co-determination based on European law will also affect corporations whose supervisory board is comprised of one third employee representatives in accordance with the German One-Third Participation Act.

This would affect roughly 1, additional corporations. Affected corporations should pay close attention to future developments in this matter and be mindful of the possible legal implications this may have on the composition of supervisory boards. Attorney Dr. Jochen Brandhoff Partner or Dr. Our corporate law practice routinely addresses corporate governance and corporate litigation issues.

Our clients include top companies from industry and commerce; we also represent banks and investors. In addition to top-tier legal counsel and tax advice, the firm is known for its exceptional business know-how. This appears in a comment on P. The FAZ article can be accessed here. Das Graduiertentreffen im Internationalen Wirtschaftsrecht findet am 8. Das Tagungsprogramm finden Sie hier. Caspar Behme organisiert wird.

Dies ist bei dem Graduiertentreffen der Fall. Richter, LL. Das Plakat der Veranstaltung finden Sie hier. Unser Partner Dr. This article presents a case study on organisational conflict in a selected international organisation in the South African automotive industry to increase the contextual understanding of the topic.

Data was gathered through in-depth Data was gathered through in-depth interviews with 45 senior and middle managers in the selected international organisation at the head off ce and two branches in Gauteng and at one branch in KwaZulu-Natal. The data analysis was conducted through content analysis as well as triangulation of data. The research results show that managers in this industry in post-apartheid South Africa experience organisational conflicts that are associated with their managerial values and identities.

How to cite this article:Mayer, C. Organisational conflict: Reflections on managing conflict, identities and values in a selected South African organisation. DOI: Internationalisation at a selected university in South Africa more. Higher education is undergoing radical changes globally. Higher education institutions worldwide focus on new strategies for internationalisation and creating new opportunities for staff and students to profit from internationalisation Higher education institutions worldwide focus on new strategies for internationalisation and creating new opportunities for staff and students to profit from internationalisation processes in a cosmopolitan educational environment.

The university selected for this research article, one of the leading research institutions in South Africa, also follows these global trends by developing and expanding internationalisation strategies. This article introduces the theoretical debate on both internationalisation in higher education and internationalisation processes at the selected university. It further focuses specifically on the importance of internationalisation to the learning and teaching environment; student perspectives on internationalisation, philosophy and service delivery; as well as the management thereof.

The purpose of this article is to present internationalisation processes and its impacts, with special regard to service delivery at the selected university. The selected university's future visions and strategies towards the internationalisation of the globalised learning environment are further outlined and strategic steps of internationalisation are presented. This qualitative case study attempts to demonstrate insights into conflicts and their management in Small Scale Enterprises SSEs in the Tanzanian tourist industry. It aims at increasing the understanding of these complexities from an It aims at increasing the understanding of these complexities from an emic perspective, thereby providing in-depth information which can lead to the development of managerial training tools for improving diversity-and conflict management skills in the Tanzanian tourist industry.

Qualitative data were selected from a comprehensive case study carried out in multiple governmental, educational, ecclesiastical and economic organisations. Research findings demonstrate how managers in SSEs in the Tanzanian tourist industry perceive and manage conflicts with customers. Managerial Worlds. Die Konstruktion kultureller Differenz und Gleichheit ist in Theorie und Praxis zu einem Modethema avanciert, das auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen Beachtung findet.

View on researchgate. The Bright Side of Shame. This book provides new ideas on how to work with and constructively transform shame on a theoretical and practical level, and in various socio-cultural contexts and professions. It provides practical guidelines on dealing with shame on It provides practical guidelines on dealing with shame on the basis of reflection, counselling models, exercises, simulations, specific psychotherapeutic approaches, and auto-didactical learning material, so as to transform shame from a negatively experienced emotion into a mental health resource.

In brief, the book shows practitioners how to unlock the growth potential of individuals, teams, and organisations, allowing them to develop constructively and positively. Auflage, more. Publication Date: Publication Name: Trainingshandbuch. Humour as a resource across cultures cfp. We would kindly like to invite authors from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds to submit their chapters.

Mediation ist dann das Verfahren der Wahl. The organisational and psychological impact of organisational diagnosis. The book consists of 13 chapters, which covers the core concepts in conducting an organisational diagnosis. Interkulturelle Mediation. Forschungsstand und offene Fragestellungen innerhalb einer Mediationswissenschaft more. Bereits aus einem This chapter is a concluding chapter in the book, providing the reader with future directions in a more inclusive HRM theory and practice.

It examines shame from a positive psychology perspective, from the angle of defining the concept as a psychological and cultural construct, and with regard to practical perspectives on shame across cultures. The volume provides sound foundations for researchers and practitioners to develop new models, therapies and counseling practices to redefine and re-frame shame in a way that leads to strength, resilience and empowerment of the individual. Positive Psychology , Culture , and Shame.

Culture and Shame. Salutogene Perspektiven. She poses questions, such as: "What role does the sense of coherence play within the concept of holistic ecology? The analysis opens up new perspectives on health in the context of holistic ecology and refers to them on individual, organisational, regional, socio-cultural, and global levels.

Value-orientations and constructs of spirituality are explored in this context and are identified as a fundament of environmentally-sensitive and creative actions. Pope Franciscus provides the reader with stimuli for conscious actions in terms of a salutogentic, holistic and dignified lifestyle for present and future generations.

Positive Psychology and Salutogenesis. View on laudato-si. Individual-, kultur- und wirtschaftspsychologische Perspektiven auf die Entwicklung von Organisations- und Wirtschaftsmediation. Perspektiven sowie der Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie, als auch Mediation , Kulturwissenschaften , Wirtschaftspsychologie , and Wirtschaft. Philosophische Anregungen zur Entwicklung der Wirtschaftsmediation. Das vorliegende Kapitel leistet einen Beitrag zu philosophischen Anregungen, der die Grundlagen der Wirtschaftsmediation aus philosophischer Sicht beleuchtet und ansatzweise diskutiert.

Von diesen philosophischen Anregungen profitiert sicherlich eine friedensstiftende Wirtschaftsmediation im Philosophy , Mediation , Conflict Management , and Wirtschaftsmediation. The "Recursive Cosmosis Model". This study investigates how the concepts sense of coherence and spirituality are inter-related and contribute to the health and wellbeing of 13 women working in South African higher education institutions.

Interview data on manageability point to an action component where the pursuit of work-life balance is uniquely experienced by women, not only as a challenge, but is also actively pur - sued as a strength resource. The data show that women rely most on meaningful - ness as a coping resource wheather they are speaking of their life orientation SOC or their spiritual orientation. Spirituality in this study is connected foremost to transpersonality. Leadership , Spirituality , and Women. The witch who lost her marbles more. The witch who lost her marbles" is a story book about an intercultural encounter Ngululu is a little extraterrestrian who lives on the far away planet Blalocee.

One day, he starts his journey to the earth where he meets a witch who One day, he starts his journey to the earth where he meets a witch who has lost her marbles. While searching for new marbles, the two experience wonderful adventures and explore the Australian continent. Intercultural Narratives. View on epubli. The meaning of sense of coherence in transcultural management more.

Managers are confronted with numerous challenging situations in their work life. Managing diverse interactions professionally has become a ubiquitous requirement of current working conditions in transcultural management, whilst remaining Managing diverse interactions professionally has become a ubiquitous requirement of current working conditions in transcultural management, whilst remaining healthy at the same time. This study contributes to the theoretical debate on managerial sense of coherence, identity, organisational culture and transcultural conflict management in international work contexts.

It responds to the question how managers could be qualified to increase their ability to activate resources and develop sense of coherence in challenging transcultural work contexts. This model is based on a systemic and salutogenetic, transcultural and transformative fundament and includes counselling, a managerial training series and a team mentoring approach, as well as facilitator training. This is a vital text for scientists, researchers, students and practitioners working in transcultural organisational settings, focusing on topics of promoting transcultural mental health, salutogenesis, identity, values and intercultural competence as well as organisational culture and their interrelationships.

It provides a practical model of health promotion in international management and organisations and is a must for international consultants. Werteorientierungen an Sekundarschulen in Tanzania vor dem hintergrund interkultureller und inner-afrikanischer Wertediskussionen Link Stuttgart: Ibidem Verlag more. Die Diskussionen um universelle menschliche Werte und kulturspezifische Wertevorstellungen gewinnen heute im Zuge zunehmender interkultureller Begegnungen immer mehr an Bedeutung.

Oft bleiben Werteorientierungen trotz ihrer starken Oft bleiben Werteorientierungen trotz ihrer starken Wirkung auf Kommunikationsprozesse jedoch unausgesprochen und unerkannt. Tanzania , Schule , and Werte. Beruflich in Kenia und Tanzania. Reihe: Handlungskompetenz im Ausland.

Die Situationen wurden von deutschen und Die Situationen wurden von deutschen und tansanischen Experten in Ostafrika erhoben. Interkulturelle Mediation und Konfliktbearbeitung. Bausteine deutsch-afrikanischer Wirklichkeiten. Der konstruktivistische Ansatz des Buches bringt neue Aspekte und Perspektiven in die Wahrnehmung deutsch-afrikanischer Wirklichkeiten und in die aktuelle Diskussion um interkulturelles Konfliktmanagement.

Artificial Walls. Stuttgart: Ibidem Verlag more. This book offers far-reaching insights into perceptions of conflict in South Africa. The author captures the essence of about one-hundred interviews reflecting disparate attitudes towards social changes in the post-apartheid Republic of South Africa.

Unexpected statements - for example, with respect to the continued existence of internalized apartheid - are carefully analyzed and hermeneutically understood. At the beginning of the research, presumptions might have raised expectations for the similarity between the narrative interviews. However, it becomes clear during the reading of this work that each interview was itself unique and each created a unique situation between the interviewer and the interviewee, inviting the reader to listen again and again to the spoken and analyzed words.

The thorough, months-long field stays, from until , emphasize the researcher's exhaustive effort better to understand the perspective of the interviewees. In addition to the book's research-related merits, its data can increase the cultural competence of those readers who are interested in information on specific predominant-cultural standards in present day South Africa. Readers can more fully appreciate how the people in South Africa live a special, dynamic form of their unmatched "unity in diversity. Conflict , Culture , and South Africa. Didaktische Materialien zum Kompetenzerwerb.

Dabei gliedert sich das Lehrbuch Kultur. Lehr- und Lernmaterialen zur Vermittlung kultureller Kompetenzen. Waxmann Studium. Kultur ist nicht greifbar, sagen die Einen. Es gibt einfach viel zu viele Theorien und Definitionen zur Kultur, sagen die Anderen. Dieses Lehrbuch nimmt beide Meinungen ernst und zeigt, dass der Kulturbegriff auch deshalb so spannend ist, Kultur, gerade weil sie so viele Facetten hat, lehrt uns, wie wir grundlegende Fragen zum menschlichen Leben aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven stellen — und uns dann nicht mit der erstbesten Antwort zufrieden geben. Kulturgeschichte , Kulturwissenschaften , and Kultur.

Es beinhaltet eine Reihe von Grundlagen, Best Practice, Tools. Dieses Handbuch nimmt sich der Herausforderung an, indem es fachlich fundierte Informationen und praktische Anregungen in Form von Best Practices und Tools bereitstellt. Salutogene Aufstellungen. Das Salutogenese-Konzept von Das Salutogenese-Konzept von Antonovsky bietet dazu eine theoretische Grundlage. Systemische Aufstellungen sind seit vielen Jahren beliebt, die Methode wird jedoch kontrovers diskutiert und ihre Wirkung ist wissenschaftlich noch wenig erforscht. Als therapeutische Intervention will sie zu Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden der Klienten beitragen.

Die Autorinnen und Autoren dieses Bandes gehen davon aus, dass es eine Schnittmenge gibt von Aufstellungsarbeit und Salutogenese, und stellen sich den Fragen, inwieweit Aufstellungsarbeit der Salutogenese dienen und das Salutogenese-Konzept Antonovskys die Prozesse in Aufstellungen bereichern kann. Perspektiven aus unterschiedlichen kulturellen Kontexten tragen zudem neue und spannende Aspekte bei.

Sense of Coherence Antonovsky , Salutogenesis , and Constellation work. Mediation auf Kuba. Durch Einblicke in die praktische Anwendung des Cuban Studies , Mediation , and Conflict Resolution. Mori-Joe — exploring magical paths A reading companion to intercultural learning and personality development more.

This is a book about Mori-Joe and the cultural and spiritual journey she embarks on. After spending her formative years in Germany she moves to South Africa with her parents, where exci- ting new worlds await her. Somehow these worlds are Somehow these worlds are already un- cannily familiar to her. Her journey is told in the form of a didactic narrative. It is an amazing story on the one hand, on the other a biographical excerpt that has its roots in a set of profound cross- cultural scenarios. The book has been written as a novel in a style that is both palata- ble to young people and adults alike, as it is to persons in a profes- sional context devoted to the subject of cross-cultural develop- ment and learning.

It can be adopted by schools and universities as foundational material for an understanding of the subject, as well as for topics like psychobiography and anti-racism. Mediation in Wandelzeiten. Der Einsatz von Aufstellungsarbeit in der Mediation. Conflicts are a part of our society. Nevertheless, they cause tensions between individuals or groups. There are many ways of dealing with conflicts. Mediation is one way of solving disputes. Its structured process assists the conflict Its structured process assists the conflict parties to negotiate a conflict resolution.

Besides mediation, other kinds of conflict counseling tools are being developed. Although scientific research is very limited, constellation work has already shown its high potentials for family and business counseling. This study focuses on the combination of mediation and constellation work. The absence of crucial academic research on this topic motivates to have a closer look at the possibilities that arise from combing these methods. In particular, this study aims to explore the potentials of constellation work as a supplementary instrument to mediation in order to generate new ideas which may lead to innovative patterns.

This will be done by a qualitative approach. The first part of this book gives an overview of the theoretical basis of the empirical study. This includes the description of the main concepts, principles and methods of mediation and constellation work. In the second part of this book, the research methodology is presented, involving the research questions, the concrete collection of data, the sampling and the data analysis method.

The qualitative survey is carried out via guided expert interviews. The interviews with twelve mediators who are implementing constellation work in their professional mediation processes can give a first impression of how the integration works out. Therefore, the study not only examines connecting factors but also the potential limits and challenges faced by the combination of the two methods. Conference Presentations.

Der Artikel bietet einen Einblick in das Thema der Liebe aus kulturellen und interkulturellen Perspektiven und betrachtet ihren Zusammen- hang mit Gesundheit und Gesundheitskulturen. It refers to love in the context of health and the creation of health cultures. Philosophy of Love , Interculturel , and Liebe. View on gesunde-entwicklung. Developing value-orientations in family therapy trainees: A three-year investigation more. Family therapy has advanced as an important therapeutic approach in Europe and, in Germany, future family therapists enter a three-year-training programme every year.

Family therapist trainees FTTs have hardly been studied in terms of Family therapist trainees FTTs have hardly been studied in terms of their value-orientations VOs and how they see the world. This study aims at researching the value-orientation developments in FTTs during the three-year training period and based on the Schwartz value model. A longitudinal study was carried out over a three-year period. The sample consisted of 65 FTTs. VOs were investigated using open questions in self-developed questionnaires. The findings show that FTTs focus mainly on VOs in the Schwartz value domain of "benevolence", followed by "self-direction" and "universalism".

This shows that the well-being of others is in the centre of interest in FTTs. However, VOs which indicate a freedom to make decisions and be self-directed are also extremely important.

Zeitschrift für Konfliktmanagement

The least-mentioned value domains include "power" and "stimulation", showing that FTTs are neither focused on status, wealth or richness, nor on excitement or a varied life. With regard to the Schwartz value dimensions, the dimension of "self-transcendence" was the most frequently mentioned, followed by "conservation", "openness to change" and "self-enhancement".

Self-transcendence includes the value domains of benevolence and universalism and shows that the preservation and enhancement of welfare of other individuals are highly important, as well as VOs such as understanding, appreciation, tolerance and protection of human beings and the environment. Findings further show that FTTs develop their professional identity while consciously strengthening their VOs.

This study contradicts previous research which claims that FTs are, to a large extent, unconscious in respect of their VOs. The study shows that FTTs are aware of their VOs and this supports them in facilitating client-centred approaches and develop themselves as FT professionals. Recommendations for future research and practice are provided. Faith, vocation and career development in speciiic cultural and gendered contexts more.

The faith development theory FDT of James Fowler refers to an in-depth understanding of the conceptualisation of God, human core values, meanings and beliefs across the life span. Faith is a source of empowerment, of resilience Faith is a source of empowerment, of resilience and sustainability. It is the centre of values, and impacts on the shaping of individual roles, careers, individual success Holland, and career behaviour Lips-Wiersma, across the life span Mayer, , as career development CD does Greenhouse et al.

Research has highlighted Mayer, that the exploration of faith and career development CD has hardly been researched from an in-depth qualitative perspective in gendered and cultural contexts. The aim of this study was to explore the interconnection of Fowler's FD and Greenhaus et al. This study focuses on narrations of experiences of intersecting identities in two different cultural school contexts. It is argued from an intersectional theory perspective, implying that intersecting social identities and social It is argued from an intersectional theory perspective, implying that intersecting social identities and social relations, such as race, gender, age, nationhood, and gender are highly complex and interwoven with related systems of oppression, domination and discrimination McCall, Race and Ethnicity , Culture , Giftedness , and School.

This article explores the self-defined roles of women leaders working in higher education institutions HEIs in South Africa in the context of systems psychodynamics and thereby increase the understanding of unconscious dynamics in HEIs This article explores the self-defined roles of women leaders working in higher education institutions HEIs in South Africa in the context of systems psychodynamics and thereby increase the understanding of unconscious dynamics in HEIs.

This qualitative study is based on the research paradigm of Dilthey's modern hermeneutics. Women leaders are containers of anxieties, while they act out defense mechanisms, such as splitting, projection, projective identification, introjection, idealization, simplification and rationalization. Women leaders further have introjected the roles of their mothers and female family members from their childhood.

They do not embrace the full authority and agency of their leadership, and explore their own difficulties and negative emotions in others through projective identification. The findings create awareness of the roles of women leaders, strengthen women leadership and emphasise the need for leadership training taking the systems psychodynamic perspective into account. These demands create new unconscious dynamics within the context of diversity markers, such as race, age and gender in These demands create new unconscious dynamics within the context of diversity markers, such as race, age and gender in organisations.

A deeper exploration of these dynamics provides new insights into aspects of social defences, oedipal struggles, object relations and the roles of women leaders in organisations. A 'Derailed' Agenda? This study assesses the experiences of workplace transformation of eleven Black women leaders working in South African higher education institutions HEIs.

The theoretical background is based in intersectional theories, also providing The theoretical background is based in intersectional theories, also providing contextual informati on. Interviews were analysed through content analysis. Findings show a strong commitment of women leaders to transforming their workplaces. Their testimonies point in to the prevalence of gendered and racially biased experiences of Black women leaders in past and present.

Their narratives include an account of their transformative vision including consciousness, awareness and positive attitudes, and transformative practices, such as networking and social support. View on vc. Chinese managers' views on cooperating with Tanzanian employees in a Chinese organisation in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania more. Chinese managers experience the cooperation with Tanzanian employees as challenging and conflictual.

Cooperation difficulties are mainly found with regard to organisational strategy, and planning decision-making processes, concepts of Cooperation difficulties are mainly found with regard to organisational strategy, and planning decision-making processes, concepts of participation, leadership styles, qualification and training, operational processes, recruitment, work conditions, and motivation.

Management , China , and china in Africa. Workplace spirituality is a concept that has been researched increasingly during the past decades. It is associated with mental health and well-being in the workplace, particularly in women leaders in the South African context. Different race, same cultures - Autobiographical experiences in contemporary South Africa more.

This presentation is about autoethnographic experiences of race, gender and culture in post-apartheid South African society. The authors talk about autoethnographic experiences of intra-psychological hybridity and the clash with the The authors talk about autoethnographic experiences of intra-psychological hybridity and the clash with the post-apartheid racial classification system in daily life experiences.

The authors use a narrative approach to explain post-apartheid South African racial and gender concepts, whilst relating these societal categories back to their lives and autobiographical experiences of race, gender and culture. Further on, the authors will reflect on the contemporary society and about the meaning-making of living in and belonging to different South African cultural groups within a racialised environment.

This presentation will challange primoridal and constructivist views on race and culture by providing self-reflective thoughts and creative solutions. Keywords: Autoethnography, race, culture, hybridity, South African post apartheid system, best practices. View on facebook. Perspectives of Chinese and Tanzanian employees on intercultural cooperation in a private Chinese organisation in Tanzania more. The purpose of this paper is to understand perspectives and challenges of Chinese and Tanzanian employees working in a private Chinese organisation in Tanzania.

Methodology: The study uses a case study approach within a hermeneutical research paradigm. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews and observation in a selected private Chinese organisation. Findings: The findings show that working together interculturally is a challenge for both Chinese and Tanzanian employees in the selected private Chinese organisation. Overall, Chinese employees share a mostly positive view of their organisation, while Tanzanians tend to be more critical of the organisation.

Members of both groups, however, feel that intercultural collaboration and cooperation could improve if the other group members make recommended changes. Despite this, both groups adhere to their stereotypic experiences of the other and maintain expectations that the other should change. Limitations: The study is limited to a single organisation and the in-depth qualitative data explored.

Practical implications: Chinese organisations need to create opportunities for training in the basics of intercultural communication to improve the understanding of the self and the other within the organisation, to reflect on stereotypes and prejudices, and to improve the understanding of thought styles, experience, knowledge and basic cultural values and concepts. As such cultural knowledge-sharing opportunities would contribute to a sustainable intercultural communication practice in the organisation.

To report this review as inappropriate, please complete this short form.

View on cggconftool. It is It is suggested that a high EI and CQ could both contribute to improved intercultural and interreligious understanding and dialogue. In this light, and due to rapid changes and new challenges in regard to intercultural and interreligious encounters within ecclesiastical contexts, the Catholic Church in Germany provides new training courses aimed at increasing EI and CQ.

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Emotional intelligence , Professional Development , and Cultural Intelligence. Concepts of mental health, culture and spirituality in an international organisation in South Africa more.


Aim This research focuses on concepts of mental health, culture and spirituality in an international South African managerial context. The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the interrelationships in this complex and growing The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the interrelationships in this complex and growing scientific discourse and to respond to the research question of how mental health, culture and spirituality are interrelated from a managerial perspective. The development of sense of coherence in systemic family therapist trainees more.

Sense of coherence SOC is an important component within the concept of salutogenesis Antonovsky, It is a basic life-orientation which impacts on mental health and well-being. Often, research focuses on SOC in patients or clients Often, research focuses on SOC in patients or clients undergoing therapies. Although systemic family therapy is majorly acknowledged in Germany Welter-Enderlin, , research has hardly focused on the development of salutogenesis and sense of coherence in therapists or therapist trainees. This longitudinal study aims at exploring the SOC, as a positive psychology construct, among a cohort of systemic family therapist trainees in Germany and its development over a period of three years by focussing on SOC, focusing on the development of the SOC subscales of comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness and selected demographical variables.

General linear modelling techniques were also employed to explore the data for possible interactions. The sample consisted of 65 students in the first year, 55 and 43 respondents in the 2nd and third year respectively. The measurements were taken during the course years to This instrument has well-established reliability and validity with regard to the cultural context of research. In terms of the present study, internal consistency reliabilty ranged between. In total the Sense of Coherence SOC score and sub-scores, except comprehensibility , were significantly different in the three periods.

In short for protestant respondents the meaningfulness scores increased in each of the three measurement periods, in the case of married respondents meaningfulness was nearly the same as that of single or divorced respondents in the first period, but then steadily increased significantly more than in the single persons.

The latter again started with much lower scores for manageability than the married persons, but at the end of the three periods this score had caught up with that of the married ones. These results are discussed in the context of this training environment and recommendations for theory and practice are provided. Antonovsky, A. Unraveling the mystery of health: How people manage stress and stay well. Hansson, K. In: Weingarten, K. Reflections on feminist family therapy training. Sense of coherence SOC and mindfulness MI have been defined as positive psychology constructs and are believed to promote the health and wellbeing of individuals and organisations.

SOC is a life orientation based on comprehensibility, SOC is a life orientation based on comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness, whilst MI refers to a consciousness discipline and a state of mind that focuses on the present moment. Both constructs contribute positively to mental health and wellbeing. The Catholic Church is challenged by complex changing world realities such as decreasing numbers in members, increasing multicultural work settings, a decrease in pastoral communities, and restructuring processes within the organisation.

Therefore, ecclesiastical professionals are trained to increase mental health and well-being through a strengthened sense of coherence and mindfulness to cope with these complex challenges. The aim of this longitudinal study was to explore the development of sense of coherence and mindfulness constructs in a group of senior professionals attending adult educational trainings in the German Catholic Church. This qualitative study was based on a longitudinal case study approach within the phenomenological and interpretative hermeneutical paradigms with specific reference to constructivism, temporality, development processes and change.

A sample of eight participants, the total of the adult educational training group, voluntarily enrolled for a day training programme spread over a period of nine months to develop SOC and MI. Individual sub-scores on the questionnaires were analysed as well as trends with individual candidates. The discussion explores trends as well as the pitfalls in the development of SOC and MI and highlights the implications for theory and practice.

Ausbildung Peer-Mediation

Keywords: Sense of coherence, mindfulness, adult education, training, Catholic Church, Germany. Constructive Conflict Resolution through Mediation in Cuba more. Mediation is often used in contemporary conflict resolution processes in Western societies. Therefore, it is assumed that conflict resolution processes differ across cultures and interculturally.

This study explores conflict mediation in socialist Cuba.

Mediation Als Kindgerechtes Verfahren, Hardcover by Doench, Holke-Leonie | eBay

In Cuba, conflict mediation has a tradition since the s, however, hardly any research has been conducted on conflict mediation theories and practices in Cuba. The aim of this study is to explore the concept of conflict mediation in Cuba from a culture-specific perspective of conflict mediators practicing mediation in Cuba to generate "thick descriptions" Geertz, of the phenomenon.

The study is based on a hermeneutical-constructivist, qualitative research paradigm. Data are collected through qualitative semi-structured expert interviews and observations, gathered during a field stay in Cuba. Findings show that conflict mediation plays a crucial role in resolving conflicts in Cuba since the s. Since then, conflict mediators in Cuba use Western tools and concepts of conflict mediation whilst adjusting them culture-specifically.

Usually, the phase structure of Western mediation concepts is used. However, in mediation processes in Cuba collectivist interests and responsibilities are considered as more important than individual problems and needs. Quality standards in mediation are valued as highly important to guarantee a enrichting and empowering conflict resolution process. Cultural aspects, such as images of self and other, friends and enemies, as well as collectivism and individualism are important issues in conflict mediation processes in Cuba.

In conclusion, conflict mediation in Cuba is viewed as a positive and constructive tool of intervention in conflict resolution processes. Key words: Conflict mediation, Cuba, attitude of mediator, culture in mediation, challenges References Busch, D. Mayer, C. International and regional perspectives on cross-cultural mediation. Studien zur interkulturellen mediation Band 5. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. Geertz, C. The interpretation of cultures: selected essays. New York: Basic Books. Terre Blanche, M. First steps in qualitative data analysis. In Terre Blanche, M. Research in practice. Applied methods for the social sciences.

Cape Town: University of Cape Town. Conflict and Conflict Resolution. Cfp -The meaning of shame revisited in cultures of the 4IR. The book is founded on our Interdisciplinary and international contributions are encouraged and very welcome. Kindly send us kindly inform us of your intent by return of email to Claude claudemayer gmx. The first draft chapter contribution for peer review is due on 1 January We are looking forward to your response. We are looking forward to further cooperation. Shame across cultures , The meaning of shame in the digital world , Shame and artificial intelligence , Shame and digitalization , The meaning of shame for global 4IR workplaces , and 14 more Differences of meanings of shame in past, present and future , Technology and shame , Inclusive, human centered futures and transformation of shame , Strategies to transform shame online, offline , Shame, crime and the law in 4IR , Shame and ecology in 4IR , Strategies to use shame for positive interventions to turn the world into a better ecological, inclusive, hybrid, The book is envisioned as a primary reference in The book is envisioned as a primary reference in research, studies and concepts on humour from transdisciplinary, cultural and transcultural perspectives.

The aim of this book is to synthesize empirical-research-based and theoretical perspectives on humour in cultural contexts and across cultures in order to provide a comprehensible strength-based perspective on contemporary research and practice - which will be accessible to researchers and practicing professionals internationally.

Humour Psychology , Humour Studies , Humour as a resilience factor , Humour as a resource in critical life events and in difficult life situations , Humour in medical contexts , and 11 more Humour at workplaces and in management , Humour of the oppressed , Humour in the political context , Humour in therapy, counselling and coaching , Humour in pedagogical contexts , Humour and stress , Jokes and humour across cultures , Expressions of humour in cultural contexts , Humour in cultural perspectives , Humour in the context of digitialisation , and Humour and gender Humour at workplaces and in management , Humour of the oppressed , Humour in the political context , Humour in therapy, counselling and coaching , Humour in pedagogical contexts , Humour and stress , Jokes and humour across cultures , Expressions of humour in cultural contexts , Humour in cultural perspectives , Humour in the context of digitialisation , and Humour and gender.

Dear colleagues, You are cordially invited to submit a chapter proposal for the book project: "Handbook of Love in Cultural and Transcultural Contexts". The book is envisioned as a primary reference in research, studies and concepts on The book is envisioned as a primary reference in research, studies and concepts on love from transdisciplinary, cultural and transcultural perspectives.

In this handbook, it is envisioned to reflect on the state of the art of love, classical, modern and postmodern approaches to the concept of love, new trends and directions in love research, theory building and research methodology. In the book, the editors and authors provide researchers, lecturers and students with and overview and new insights into scientific work on love.

The handbook will provide a broad and at the same time in-depth insight into the topic of love in cultural contexts inter-, cross- and transcultural and give new insights for practitioners e. In this book, we would like to expand the previous perspectives and explore topics around love from new cultural, intercultural and transcultural perspectives across disciplines to provide new insights into love concepts and their changes and developments in specific cultural contexts. We would like to hear the voices of different cultural perspectives and include postmodern aspects with regard to love and love relationships, such as digitalisation, globalisation and the fourth revolution.

We do not only want to see love in terms of the universal concept and private, intimate relationships, but apply a broad concept of love which can also, for example, be referred to in the postmodern workplaces. The handbook will comprise - but is not limited to - topics, such as: 1. Love in cultural and transcultural contexts 2. Love relationships across cultures 3. Love and other emotions, such as happiness, shame, anger, fear, disgust, envy etc. Love from different disciplinary and cultural perspectives 5.

New theoretical and methodological approaches to research and explore love 6. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods studies to study love 7. The impact of love on relationships 8. Concepts of love, e. The influence of globalisation and digitalisation on love and love concepts Love communication in the digital era whatsapp, sms, online, long distance etc. The change of love concepts over time in specific cultural contexts and across cultural contexts Love, gender, gender roles Love: about mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles Love and aging, love and age differences Love across the life span, case studies and biographical descriptions of change of love concepts The concept of love and its practice marriage, love relationships etc.

Love, conflict and conflict transformation Love and LGBT in the context of cultures and transcultures Love in urban and rural settings The influence of religion and love and its realisation The art of living love Expressions of love Symbols of love What nurtures love, what destroys it? The choice of love partners in cultural perspectives Love in subcultures, youth love culture, minority and majority love cultures Love and power Love, spiritual practice, transformation Love and diversity Love in the context of work, work places and organisations Love, special needs, and giftedness Love and health: toxic and healthy love?

Love as a health resource across cultures Love archetypes Love, conscious and unconscious behaviour Love in exile and other extraordinary circumstances vacations, refugee, prisons Guidelines for contributions This book is an advanced handbook for both undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, lecturers and leaders across disciplines, as well as for practitioners social work, counselling, therapy with interest in love and relationships.