Golf Quips 2014 Day-to-Day Calendar

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On the other hand, I like to say things to get attention. But no, you had to be governor. Accusations of high-stakes poker games, pay-to-play schemes and infidelity dogged him since the s.

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To retire his campaign debt, Edwards took some supporters on planes to Paris. He once showed up in a horse-drawn buggy to emphasize how slowly his trial was moving. When someone inside a New Orleans bar proposed a toast, he rose with a glass of water and recited a rhyme jabbing his legal opponent, U.

Attorney John Volz:. Volz suffered a heart attack and lost two judgeships after falling to Edwards in court. Word leaked that half of the jurors had stolen towels from the hotel where the court had sequestered them. But he met a different legal fate on May 9, To date, Edwards maintains he was not guilty of the charges against him and insists that he never raided the public purse.

I still do.

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He and his first wife, Elaine, divorced in after 40 years of matrimony. If I do, I hope to accomplish some final gift to my state that in some way may restore my legacy. The former governor spent his days woorking in the Oakdale prison library.

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He spent additional time teaching inmates to read. He was 83, and she was He wrote her back, and she paid him a visit. She still is.

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Edwards dips away from his Ascension Parish home office and enters the garage. A golf course sits no more than feet away.

Best golf quotes in 2014 – Part I

Community Forum Software by IP. Board 3. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Posted 21 June - AM "You can video your swing all you want, but when old Joe Choke grabs you around the throat, that guy's video is not going to be there to help you. Itchy4Scratch likes this.

Posted 21 June - AM I don't watch him much. Sometimes he hits shots that nobody else in the world can. You have to learn to play with him and I am fortunate to have done that. Then you get used to those yard three irons and drives that go yards in the wind because your game can get dragged down by watching somebody that impressive. Thomas Bjorn on Tiger Woods in Posted 22 June - AM "Golf is a test of temper, a trial of honor, a revealer of character.

Top 10 Caddy Responses & Comments | PerryGolf – The Blog

I clean all the Rough and all the branches on the golf course. I'm sure that all the members of Oak Hill - they're not going to lose any golf balls anymore. Steve Ballesteros on his erratic play in Ryder Cup. Edited by razaar, 22 June - AM. Posted 22 June - PM Raz - you need to publish your own calendar! Weetbix and Francie like this. Posted 22 June - PM Yeah Not so much a calendar but a library and a mind that retains trivia to know where to locate it.

Francie likes this. Posted 22 June - PM Here comes Arnie now, driving to the first tee and breaking eight rules before he tees off.

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Posted 22 June - PM OK, you can fault me for the fact that this club cannot be used in competition and shouldn't be. But to say it is cheating for a guy to go out and hit a club that lets him enjoy the game a bit more, I think is carrying it a bit too far. Posted 23 June - AM "I had a two-shot lead. Members posts Location Within reaching distance of a golf club.

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