How I taught Katy Perry (and others) to program in Visual C#

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Within seconds, though, they realized that they were gunshots. Kind strangers hoisted them over the chain-link barrier. I could hear the bullets pinging off the metal next to me. Once over, they grasped hands again and sprinted to the Tropicana hotel across the street. They sat quietly in the lobby and then in a concrete basement as critically injured fellow concertgoers were wrapped in tablecloths and triaged, grateful beyond words to be alive.

I was even thankful for that cup of coffee and to sit at my own desk — to create that normal. A UCI social ecology major who graduated in , Krieghoff, 61, wanted an environmental job right away but was ahead of her time. She and the modern waste industry have grown up together, she says. She did accounting at a regional business, where she also started recycling and ride-sharing programs. Later she worked for an art dealer, setting up contracts and art appraisals.

But she never lost sight of her desire for a sustainability job, and when she saw an opening for a custodial contract manager at UCI in , she applied. It required experience with accounting and contract management. She had both. During the interview, Krieghoff asked if she could collaborate with the campus recycling program too. She learned after being hired that it consisted of a student working part time.

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The UCI diversion rate was in the low 20th percentile. Eleven years later, with help from others, the campus tops the UC system in recycling and waste diversion, sending an average of just half a pound of waste a day per person to the landfill. The rest is recycled, reused or donated.

More than schools across the U. Styrofoam, plastics, lab gloves and more are all in their sights. I think the tenacity to stick with your goal — whether it be survival of yourself or survival of the planet — makes you fierce. You need to go to those outer edges. UCI Department of Informatics.

I have been lucky enough to carve my own path, and I want to help support others in finding their own way, whatever that might look like. Q: Your educational background is in graphic design. How did you get into gaming? A: Games are incredibly beautiful, self-descriptive systems; they have to be engaging because a player can just walk away at any point. I fell into games when I started bringing nondigital games into my interactive design classrooms to teach students how to design a really engaging system. I actually became a practicing game designer for a while, working with gameLab and Microsoft Research in the Xbox division, but I always kept one foot in academia.

Then, about 10 years ago, I started exploring the relationship between games and learning and launched Institute of Play, a nonprofit design studio focused on pioneering new models of learning and engagement. This became my lab, where I collaborated with others to develop and implement a research-based approach to infusing learning with principles of game design and play. Quest to Learn, a New York City public school organized around these ideas, was developed through the institute, and we created a rich array of youth- and educator-facing programs, tools and resources.

Q: Is that what brought you to UCI? Q: What are you working on now? We can learn a lot from what games do — how they organize experiences for players and how they deal with feedback, challenges and problem-solving. How does this environment encourage innovation? A : We have top-notch faculty who care about education and innovation and amazing students who are passionate about gaming and game development — and are located near some of the best game companies in the industry.

Lydia's website. Not a moment in the life of Lydia Natoolo, a fourth-year biological sciences major at UCI and humanitarian extraordinaire, has been meaningless. The year-old is an aspiring doctor, president of the Associated Students of UCI, a Dalai Lama Scholar, a student ambassador for the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation, and the founder of Love a Community, a nonprofit that directs resources to hospitals in her home country, Uganda.

Natoolo was born in rural Uganda, the youngest of 28 siblings. Her Rwandan mother witnessed the beginnings of genocide in her homeland and escaped in the s to Uganda, where she started a family. She lost many siblings and other relatives to disease, and when she asked her parents why, they told her that they had no access to medicine or doctors. She resolved then to become a physician herself, to get the necessary medical training and, eventually, bring it back home.

Her family was behind her when Natoolo decided to move to America in , first landing in Massachusetts, where she struggled as a new immigrant working toward an education. Counters and Accumulators. Array Variables. Accumulators for Total. Swapping Values. Searching Arrays. Nested Loops. Hour Introduction to Graphics. Coloring Windows. Erasing the Graphics Window.

Putting Down the Pen. Drawing Boxes. Drawing Lines.

Drawing Circles and Ellipses. Placing Bitmaps on your Output. Sprite Animation.

E.T. (song) - Wikipedia

Advanced Programming Issues. Working with Windows. Adding Controls to Your Windows. Programming with Java. Introducing Java. Java Provides Executable Content. Seamless Execution.

OMG! Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Are Hanging Out!

Multi-Platform Executable Content. Java Usage Summary. You'll Start with Standalone Java. Java's Interface. Security Issues. Give Java a Spin. Java Language Specifics.

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Get Ready to Begin. Java's Details.

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Defining Java Data. Programming Control. From Details to High-Level. Java Has Class. Using Forte to Run Java Programs. Going GUI. Java and OOP. Overview of Classes. Methods Do the Work in Classes. Applets and Web Pages. About Writing Java Applets. Creating a Java Applet. Placing the Applet Inside the Web Page. Viewing the Applet Inside the Web Page.

Programming with Visual Basic. Reviewing the Visual Basic Screen. The Visual Basic Programming Wizard. Creating a Simple Application from Scratch. Other Visual Basic Programming Considerations.

Computer Science Fundamentals (all ages)

Your Next Step. Introducing C. Looking at C. C Data. Declaring Variables. C Functions. C Operators. C Control Statements Mimic Java's. Object Terminology. Things to Come.

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HTML Programming. A Simpler Example. Scripting with JavaScript. JavaScript's Actions. Reviewing JavaScript's Objects.

2018 mid-year link clearance

JavaScript's Events and Handlers. JavaScript's Language Is Complete. The Rollover Effect. XML and Its Impact. Multiple Platforms. Understand What. NET Is. NET Approach. NET's Operating Environment. How Companies Program. Data Processing and Other Departments. Computer Jobs. Job Titles. Structured Walkthroughs. Putting a Program into Production.

Distributing Applications. Issues Surrounding Software Distribution. Windows Application Distribution.

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Your First Step: Compilation. Deploying Your Application. After Generating the Setup. Uninstalling the Application. The Future of Programming. Some Helpful Tools. Will Programming Go Away? Your Training Needs. Appendix A. Appendix B. Quiz Answers. Appendix C. About Greg M. Perry Greg Perry is a speaker and writer on both the programming and the application sides of computing. He is known for his skills at bringing advanced computer topics down to the novice's level.

Perry has been a programmer and trainer since the early s. He received his first degree in computer science and a master's degree in corporate finance.