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This graph below is worth studying.

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The graph above comes from the Author Earnings Report and what it clearly indicates is that Apple, Kobo and Nook readers buy a lot of self-published titles. Are you connecting with these buyers? I read this comment over and over again from self-published authors, and it drives me crazy every time I read it. Smashwords and Draft2Digital are distributors, or more correctly, aggregators of ebooks.

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You can read my review of Smashwords and Draft2Digital. However, after self-published authors publish their books to either of these aggregators, they seem to expect, as if by some kind of magic, that their ebooks will instantly start selling. Simple question. How many authors know how to create a link to their books on the Apple iBooks Store? Second question.

29 Places to Publish Your Business eBook - Small Business Trends

I run a book promotion site for self-published authors, and each submission has four optional links available for each book. Of course, all included a link to Amazon. Third question. There are thousands of free Kindle ebooks every day, all being offered by KDP Select enrolled authors. Simply change the price to free for as long as you want. Fourth question.

What do self-published authors expect from Smashwords and Draft2Digital? Yes, Amazon and Kindle are big. Very big. So logically if you want to sell ebooks you need to have your ebooks available on Amazon. So think about what you can do. Perhaps make one of your ebooks free on Apple, Google Play or Nook for a week or two to see if you can attract new readers. In other words, spread the news about your ebooks a little further than only on Amazon Kindle. Thank you.

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I had no idea that a self publisher could have their books published on more than just one, ex: Nook, Kindle, Kobo, etc. I was under the impression they were all exclusive to even self publishers. Thank you very much for setting me straight. I will investigate these now. Thanks for your input, Jeremy. We have an article about the pros and cons of Smashwords and KDP.

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Outside the U. However an author prices her books, it is key to be flexible about the number, ready to raise the price at the right times e. Of course, writing and publishing an e-book is not all there is to self-publishing. Without the marketing and promotional apparatus of a traditional publishing house, authors must invest a sizable portion of time and energy into getting the word out about their books and connecting with new readers.

This should start as the book is being written and edited: Authors should create a professional website and a basic social media presence through which to connect with fans and post updates and information about their e-book and the progress they are making. Authors who find this proliferation of social media outlets too time-consuming or overwhelming may want to focus on just one or two platforms that they enjoy and seem like a natural fit. When books are released, authors should announce it on their social media pages and the Book Bazaar section of www.

They may consider a blog tour in which they write guest posts or offer interviews to websites that cover similar genres, or self-publishing and e-books more generally. Giveaways through Goodreads , LibraryThing , BookBub, or through individual book blogs are an effective and popular way for authors to get the word out about their books. Rather than giving away the entire book through the drawing-style platforms, the e-book format allows an author to also consider giving away a portion of the book—whether the first few chapters of a novel, a summary version of a how-to book, etc.

Authors should be sure to include links at the end to where the full-length version can be purchased, and in the back matter include links to their website, social media platforms, and other books. In all of this, remember these efforts are investments in a long-term career.

Social media and marketing work are as much about selling your new book as boosting sales for your back catalog—and building connections to help your next book succeed.


It is for that reason that personality-driven marketing is likely to prove more valuable in the long run than paid advertising. While Goodreads, Facebook, and other sites offer affordable ad schemes, these are less likely to give an author the kind of return that an active social presence or live events promoted through Goodreads Events and elsewhere can provide.

While this has covered the self-publishing industry as it currently stands, the industry is constantly evolving and changing. New services pop up continually and established players regularly offer new promotions to make it easier for indie authors to succeed. A number of self-publishing authors also cover the industry, including Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Joe Konrath.

How to Self-Publish Your First Book: Step-by-step tutorial for beginners

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