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My Love Story!! Ore Monogatari!! Namdvili kavkasieli Cast: P. Kadena Kichi deno Tatakai 4 , n. Kadena Kichi deno Tatakai 5 , n. Kadena Kichi deno Tatakai 6 , n. Marine Corps base conflict in Okinawa. Marukusu-Engerusu no Bigakuteki Chosaku eno Josetsu, Marukusu-Engerusu no Bigakuteki Chosaku no Josetsu, Choron, n. Osanai Koro no koto, n.

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There is an item with the same title by Aihara Fumio. Apuji Kin-san, n. Tomimura was a man from Okinawa who was arrested for a political incident at Tokyo Tower and was tried in Tokyo. Furuya Yoshiko was a central member of this support group and these materials were in her collection. Additional materials from this case are in the Court Documents section. Okinawa Dasshutsu, n. Ai o Daiichi ni, Fuku o katteyatta Onnanoko, n. Keisatsukan to Buta no Kawa, n. Ajia Jinmin tono Rentai o, n. Tomimura Junichi iken chinjutsu, n. Okinawa to Anpo, n.

The serial is in the collection as Serial ID Atogaki, n. Mokuji, n. Okinawa Genchi Shuppan Tosho Annai, n. The New Left became heavily involved in the conflict and many participants were arrested. There are many materials in the Furuya Yoshiko subcollection from the appeal trial in the early s, presumably because Furuya Yoshiko was involved in the support group. Since they are manuscripts, they are included here rather than in the Court Documents section. Additional materials from this volume are in the Letters section. Watashi no Baai, n. Hokudai no Koro, Soshite Ima,,,, n.

Atogaki, Ano Jidai, n. Sake wa Ore no Katsuryokugen nanoda, n. Hatsu yuki, Merankorisuto, n. Omoide Futatsu, The tape recording of the discussion is also in the audio-visual materials section. Shima Shigeo There are three parts, in two files. It was circulated to other prisoners. Mori subsequently wrote other self-criticism statements. This photocopy shows the thumbprints. The book is in the collection as Item ID The tapes of these interviews are in the audio-visual materials section. The tapes are also in the audio-visual materials section.

The second volume is a transcript of conversation among Tanaka, Shigemori, Sano, and Naoi.

symbols and abbreviations used in the text

The collection also contains the published volumes Serial ID Notes and comments of the author are written on the post cards and letter. Written in English addressed to US war-resister Gis. Most are sets of letters sent from prison to the organization. Other letters are in the letters section. Takazawa edited the publication based on these notes. The published book is in the Book section as Item Manuscript from Matsuda Hisashi. The first two pages seem to be missing. The published volume is in the collection as Item These are manuscripts either by the defendants or about the campaign.

Additional letters from the defendants are located in the Letters section. Waga Tomo - Ueda e, n. M Sakusen Banzai! Hand-copied by Uegaki in prison. Sent to Shiomi Kazuko. Bunto Naibu Bunsho, mid s. Tainichi Minzoku Sengen, n. They are now very useful for research purposes because many place names have changed, and the location of events from that time period cannot be found on more recent maps.

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The reverse side contains a map of the Chubu region. Neighborhood police substations that were attacked during this incident are marked on the map. Several locations are circled with a pink fluorescent pen. It was apparently published right after Okinawa reverted to Japanese control in , because Okinawa is designated on the map as a prefecture of Japan. This map was in the Aihara-Furuya collection. This was the current map at the time of the incident. One side contains a map of Naha city, while the other side depicts a roadmap of all of Okinawa prefecture.

The map was found in the Aihara-Furuya subcollection. It is also the home of Takasaki Keizai Daigaku Takasaki Economics University , which was an active site of student movement activity in the late s and early s. A pamphlet about the Pamphlet on construction of CTS sites in Japan. Pamphlet for anniversary of the Russian October Revolution. Shibano Haruhiko was a Kakumei Saha member. He and two other members attacked the Kamiakatsuka police box in Tokyo to steal guns from the stationed police officers but he was shot to death at the scene. A pamphlet calling for a formation of an organization to impeach the policeman who killed a student activist.

It admitts that they have been losing in their struggles and self-criticizes why they have been failing and what they should do to bring victory over them. Inside are list of movies with its directors, castings, length, price, etc. This pamphlet gives the guideline of struggle for Interpretations of the death of Hiroaki Yamazaki and the Haneda struggle, made by intellectuals, lawyers, student movement organizations and their leaders.

No publication date listed. Includes analysis of the current state of affairs, statement of demands, action measures, etc. Messages from all over the world and from within Japan. Difficult to determine the author and publisher. This pamphlet contains protest songs. This is a collection of information on the movement among Koreans on March 1, , demanding independence from Japan. This is a protest against the police suppression of freesom of expression. It covers many cases and claims that the police are making any good excuse to suppress free expression.

A publication about the Meiji Park bombing in for which Sakai Takaki was later charged. This statement contains his corrections to various points. Analysis of the June action. A pamplet describes the main themes of Rokugatsu zenkoku gakusei zenesuto.

English - Japanese Dictionary

This is about the death of Nakamura Katsumi who died in a protest. It claims that it is suspicious he was killed by a train and tried to find out the real cause of his death. Handbook for Ampo. The author claims that this is a suppression of freedom of expression and a harassment against Unita Shoho.

A wrong Chinese Character used for the title. This was one of the few cases of censorship involving political material in the postwar left. Tables included. Charts and graphs inclueded. A pamphlet reporting on the 3. Materials about making Sekai Kakumei a weekly publication. This is a measure stated for the yearly gathering of a labour union for the labourers of self-governing body in Okinawa prefecture. Study materials for the spring labor offensive. This pamphlet includes reports from three meetings. The meetings are; for supporting a revolutionary war in Indochina, the first anniversary meeting of Sanrizuka Protest, and the protest against sending the Self-Defense Forces to Okinawa and support for a revolution in Vietnam.

Editor unknown. Includes keynote statement and newspaper articles. Pamphlet about art theater in It connects the action in Israel with the US and Japanese imperialism. This claims that supporting Palestine means to them struggling against the US and Japan that support Israelis. It also announces releases of three people from jail and a negation of removal of membership from Tamiya who remained in North Korea.

Pamphlet with info on Akikawa High School. Intended for distribution to those and their parents who are interested in entering this school. Includes the history of this acitivity in Kumejima, words from participants, words from families having a member given the care by this acitivity, statistics, and several theses on this activity. Hokubu-chiku Sekishoku Sensen, A pamphlet criticizing the implementation of Jieitai to Okinawa.

Pamphlet rallying Asian women. Pamphlet from a Korean labor group. This is a translation of the Ainu folk story. A pamphlet calling for dornating old books to Amnesty International, for political fund raising. Amnesty international no hatten. Amunesuti ni kansuru hando bukku. Aruje no tatakai. A pamphlet written on the liberation struggle in Algeria against France.

Pamphlet on the Algerian revolution. Pamphlet concerning the Kim Daiju incident. A collection of articles on the construction plan of CTS in Awaji-shima, including chronological lists of incidents and a copy of a journal article. Zengakuren F. How to fight the oppression against Zengakuren regarding Ampo. No publisher name listed by the name of eight people who contributed to this pamphlet are listed at the last page. It also reveals the reality of the US military exercises in Japan. Anpo ga wakaru. This explains about Anpo in detail. The author claims that both supporters and dissenters tend to maintain the opposite opinion from ones supported by their oppositions without knowing anything about Anpo well.

Anpo tatakai no kiroku. This talks about how Iijima Michiko was forcibly fired by the company and discusses about hegemony of the emplyer over the employed. Labor union pamphlet focused on Fukushima. A report on the lives of labourers in winter of at Sanya district. Original writings plus copies of newspaper articles and leaflets. Policy from the English Communist Party. Sum-up of past struggles and vision of where the focus of future struggle should be. This is a report of an examination done on Isahama, Mekaru and Gushi military land in Pamphlet proclaiming innocence of Ishikawa, the defendant in the Sayama Jiken.

Pamphlet of a rally criticizing the Israeli mass-murder of Palestinians. Held in Tokyo Ochanomizu on the 30th of September. Year unknown from this pamphlet. Pamphlet for spring labor offensive. Ima, onna tachi wa heiwa o kataru. Interpretations on the cause of friction between North and South Korea in relation to U. Issai no shihonka seifu o taose! Pamphlet advocating an insurrection by workers and farmers. PamphletID: Iwakuni Beheiren editor. Pamphlet focused on the struggles in Iwakuni. This pamphlet is costituted of two essays, one written by Yoshiharu Nakamura and other written by Guenter Moch, on the kind of labours the printing workers go through and the diseases coming with the job.

Umi yukaba mizuku kabane. Eisakubun zemi: Dai 1 gakki A collection of English-written essays with all authors unknown. The themes of the essays focus on social issues such as computors, wars, U. Descriptions of how to make and use hand-made bombs and grenades.

Report on the labour struggle at Sanya during winter season of to Including RG-related writings from the 9th meeting of to December 18th, This pamphlet is somewhat like a study-note that the user fills in. Agenda pamphlet for the 16th regular meeting of Togakuren, held on the 16th and 17th of July, This is a call for support for and participations of residents of Itabashi-ku in a protest to get back the land used for the US military hospital at Oji. A pamplet criticizes a paper wirtten by Mr.

Naha: Okinawa Beheiren, , pp. A pamphlet reporting on the military situation in Okinawa. Okinawa Kin Wan no tatakai. Pamphlet concerning the Central Storage Terminal struggle in Okinawa. Proposals for the 5th Okinawan Human Rights general meeting. It was published in commemoration of its 20th anniversary.

The statements are on the issues of Okinawa. A pamphlet arguing against the 70nen anpo and arguing for the return of Okinawa. A pamphlet describing how Okinawa is depicted in textbooks. Okinawa to Sanrizuka. Pamphlet connecting the Okinawa issue to the Sanrizuka struggle. Kokusai Isho Shuppan, , pp. Article written by Yoshikawa Takehiko on population density and mental health in Okinawa.

Article written by Shima Shigeo on mental hospitals in Okinawa. Okinawa no senseki. Seiwa Shoten, , pp. Okinawa no rekishi. A pamphlet discussing the problems faced in Okinawa, Vietnam and Korea. Migimi o Mamoru Kai, , pp. This is a collection of articles written based on interviews with those who work for the Expo and participated in strikes. On anti-nuclear movement engaged by women. Onnen wa eien ni. Volume 2. Petition for monetary support for sending a member of Okinawa Iinkai named Asakawa to Okinawa with a motive of organizing movements in Okinawa.

This pamphlet is a revision of a previous publication about Capitalism and its development, shortcomings, and the world trend. Kagakusha Reonarudo Dabinchi ten. Catalogue of Leonardo da Vinci Enhibition held in This pamphlet gives critical informations on the U. Yokosuka Base and the military personnel, and also on the Jieitai in Yokosuka. It evaluates Zengakuren as a contributer to the class struggle, but also criticizes that Zengakuren is not a unified organization and needs to be united.

Students notes from a Waseda conference for new students. Interpretation on world situation, on I. Volume 2 of Iwanami Booklet Series. On the nature and structure of nuclear weapons, political strategies based on the possession of nuclear weapons, and anti-nuclear movement. Pamphlet notified various demonstrations and meeting in opposition to the nuclear weapons and wars. Time and place noted but unable to varify the year. Inside are 7 articles written by scholars, a journalist, and a lawyer, writing about Korea, Japan, and U.

Kaku no gomi ga suterareru?! Anti-nuclear pamphlet. On anti-nuclear movement in Europe and the United States. A report on anti-nuclear movement engaged by literary persons group in Japan. Pamphlet written by Ueno Katsuki from jail. An internal document from the critical period of December , presumably from Sekigunha. Interpretation on the labour struggle of Kamagasaki. Karishobun ketteisho: Kare wa Waseda de shinda. It also criticizes the privatization of Jichikai at Waseda by Kakumaru.

Igakushoin, , pp. Article written by medical doctors including Shima Shigeo. Pamphlet about difficulties of a lawyer for Korean political defendants. A pamphlet is a collection of photocopied news paper articles related to South Korea from to Includes the schedule, names of participants, location maps, etc.

Pamphlet opposing proposals worsening the labor situation for nurses. Kansai Sekigun. A fairly late publication from the Kansai wing of Sekigun. Pamphlet warning of dangers in Japan-Korea relations. Giansho: Pamphlet giving agendas for the year-end struggle rally. Giansho: Dai 5 kai teiki taikai.

Democracy in crisis. Tokyo: Asahi Shinbunsha, , pp. Inside are extensive discription of the content of the book plus comments on the book from various persons in Okinawa. It calls for action in March and April. Keynote report of a rally held in Urasoe on June 28th, Pamphlet from the Ginowan city workers union. Kimu Iruson. Pamphlet from North Korea. One more copy of this item is catalogues as Book Item Educational Problems materials I. Educationsl Problems materials II. Educational Problems materials III.

A pamphlet discussing the unionization of Communists in Japan. A sum-up made at the general meeting held by the Sekigun Ha, after about an year of its disbandment. Pamphlet directed at self defense forces. A pamphlet for a concert by five men names listed on the cover hoping for the release of political offenders and the rescue of orphans. A pamphlet describes the contents and the letters to Kyoto Forum.

Kyoten, This is a pamphlet he wrote. This document is not included in his collected works. Keieinan no mujun to hachiwari kaiko no nerai. Includes a full copy of the two bills. Interpretation of the amendment to the Criminal Law, and some medical and criminal statistics. The speeches were given in by Inoue Masaharu criminal law scholar , Kimio Moriyama medical doctor , and Osamu Watanabe lawer. VZ 58, , pp. A pamphlet noting what to be expected when put to prison. Some law knowledge included.

Special cover on mental health in Okinawa. Special cover on regional activity on mental health in Okinawa. Kessei shuisho oyobi kiyaku an. Is the criminal law safe? Genshiryoku hatsuden koko ga mondai da. Pamphlet opposing nuclear power plants for electricity. A report of a nation-wide servey of commodity prices on February 1 and 2 in A pamphlet by Maikita concerning the Tsuchida-Nisseki incident. Photos with description in Japanese. Tokyo: Morishige Shuppan, , pp. A collection of newspaper scraps and tables concerning military base in Okinawa.

Policy documents for the JCP 8th congress. Printed in Japanese. This pamphlet talks about a historical figure Ishikawa Goemon, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, as the only revolutionary in Japanese history. Political pamphlet on international anti-imperialsim and anti-war issues. Nihon Sekigun, , pp. Another anniversary pamphlet from Nihon Sekigun.

This is to reveal the reality of work situation of teachers and of education. This is a collection of poems that Mori Narihisa composed in jail. Kokuhatsu: Bessatsu bankokuhaku. This is a diary by Maebayashi Noriko of her life in prison. She keeps records about her health and food. As the subtitle makes clear, she was jailed because of alleged participation in the Tsuchida-Nisseki peace can bombing incident, but was later cleared of the false charge.

A pamphlet calling for a national level organization of assistants working at national universities. Includes questionnaire datas showing the current situation of organization formation. Pamphlet about the dangers of salt. A pamphlet noting the situation and history of nuclear weapons. A pamphlet issued by the support group for an anti-subversive activities trial involving Kakumaru.

A report of a survey on employment and lay-offs in Oakinawa in , presented together with the data surveyed from through A pamphlet arguing against the passing of tanks in Sagamihara City. The content is about the Social Movements in the s Japan. Saido Nakamura-kun no shi no imi o tou. No publication listed. A pamphlet with arguments about the materialistic conception of history. Zasshi no Doitsu Zeitschruftendeutsch. A pamphlet describing the rationalization happening at Sankei Shinbun. Sanya saiban. Pamphlet on the organizational conflict and splits in the Sanrizuka struggle.

Article on the Sanrizuka struggle. This is a collection of three articles about the important relation between the success in the Sanrizuka Struggle and the election in which the Chairman of the protest group is running. Pamphlet about what is happening at Sanrizuka. Ogawa Purodakushon editor. Article written by Shima Shigeo on mental hygiene and regional activities in Okinawa. Jiushi Niandai [The Nineties]. Jieitai heishi no tatakau shokenri no tameni. Some written documents related to their activities are included.

Zheng ming [Compete to voice]. A collection of Palestinian Arab poetry. Pamphlet on Practical Theory, knowledge and action. Materials on nuclear accidents all around the world, evaluations done by governments and researchers, examples of preventive measures, effects of earthquakes, etc. It also calls for signatures on a petition to make him resign. Shihon shugi to shakai shugi no tairitsu: Sekaishi no gendankai ni okeru. Pamphlet about the opposition between capitalism and socialism. Jimukyoku no konran ni taisuru wareware no taido: Seimei 1.

Pamphlet on socialist democracy and dictatorship fo the proletariat. A pamphlet on socialist democracy and proletarian dictatorship. Includes sum up of struggle, interpretation of socio-political situation, and their measures of struggle. Materials on the national antiwar support organization seminar. Article on Shiomi Takaya covering his release from prison celebration. Pamphlet opposing reprocessing of nuclear fuel.

Pamphlet dealing with nuclear energy fuel and its post management. Materials on relationship between nuclear energy fuels and pollution, nuclear weapons, police, etc. Pamphlet opposing the consumption tax. Report for Showa Pamphlet distributed at the time of entrance to Akikawa High School. Information mainly on school rules. Intensive report on water examination of Tokyo Bay conducted in by three prefectures in collaboration, i.

Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba. A pamphlet reveals the poor labor conditions of part-time workers in Kinokuniya Shoten. Pamphlet from Fujin Minshu Club as an independent organizaation. Topic is on the rights of public sector labourers to strike and punishments actually carried out to those on strike. Articles are from various newspaper sourses, February 6th to 9th, Pamphelt criticizing the illegality of the adoption of evidence submitted to the court by the prosecution. Shinkansen 2 nen no ayumi. Pamphlet on the Shinjuku Riot Trial. Shin hihan: Chekosurobakia mondai No 1.

Shin hihansha, , pp. Apprehensive adj. Aku o yososhite ononoku; maemotte bikubikusum; Shorai o. Apprentice n. Minarai; Minarai-b5ko; Detchi; sukoshi Keiken o heta Mono; 2. Minaraiboko; Minarai- boko o suru Joken matawa Minarai to shite hataraku Kikan. Apprise v. Tsukoku o ataeru; keikokusuru; tsiichisuru; shiraseru. Approach v. Shitsu ya Seikaku ya Jotai nado ga chikaku naru; hotondo hitoshiku nam; Tehajime o suru; rinji- tekino Kosho o hajimeru. Approachable adj. Approbation n.

Appropriately adv. Appropriation n. Approval 15 archipelago approval n. Approve v. Ni man- zokusuru;. Manzoku no I o hyosu. Approximate adj. Approximately adv. Appurtenance n. Fuzokuhin no gqtoku zentaino Bubun to shite matawa aikan- renshite tsukawareru Mono; Tochi ni juzokusuru Mono tatoeba Ki ya Kan- boku ; Fuzokuhin. Appurtenant adj. Apricot n. Anzu; Anzu-no-ki. April n. Shigatsu; Uzuki.

Epuron; Maekake; Maedare. Apse n. Apt adj. Ni niyotta;.. No kata- mukiaru;.. Shi sona; hiideta; Rikai shi yasui. Aptly adv. Aptness k. Aqua n. Aquarium n. Suizokukan; Yogyoki Mizu- kusa ya Sakana o ireta Utsuwa. Aquatic adj. Mizu no nakani ikiru Uo Dobutsu ya Shoku- butsu nado. Aqueduct n. Suido; Suiro.

Aquiline adj. Arab n. Arabic adj. Arabiya no; Arabiy ajin no; 2. Arable adj. Kosaku ni tekisuru; sukikae- sareru. Arbiter n. Kabu ya Kosai no Nakagainin. Arbitrary adj. Kisoku ni kosokusarenu shibararenai ; Jibun-jishin no Iken de yaru; katte-kimamana; fugorina; Rikutsu ni awanu; Horitsu kiteino; HSritsu ni yotte tsukurarete inai. Arbitrate v. Funjo ni Hantaisha to shite sabaku; tagaini togishite kara Kyoyaku de kimeru; Chusaisha ni Funjo o makasuj 2. Funj5 o kaiketsusuru no ni tagaini togi shi katsu Kyoyaku de kimeru; togi shi Kyoyaku o musunde kaiketsusuru.

symbols and abbreviations used in the text - japan

Soho kara Daihyo o dashi, tagaini togi shi Kyoyaku o musunde kaiketsusuru koto; Chusai-saiban ni fusuru koto; Sogo no Kyoyaku ni yotte Funjo o kaiketsusuru koto. Arbitrator n. Arbor, arbour n. Arboreal adj. Ki no; Ki ni nita; Ki no yona; Ki ni sumu; Ki no naka ni oru. Arboriculture n. Ki ya Kanboku o tsuchikau koto; Jumoku-saibai.

Shokubutsu Yamamomo. Arc n. Arcade n. No Hari o Hashira de sasaeta Mono ga tsuzuite iru Kairo. Arch n. Aachi; aachiga. Archaeologist n. Kokogakusha Iseki ya Kofun kara deru Mono de mukashi no koto o kenkyusuru Gakusha. Archaeology n. Kokogaku; Kobutsugaku. Archaic adj. Archangel n. Archdeacon n. Fukusojo; Fukushikyo; Fukukantoku. Archduchess n. Daikohi; zen Osutoriya Teikoku no Kohi kozokuno Hidenka. Archduke n. Osutorariya Daikoshaku. Archer n. Kyujutsuka; Yumi o hiku Hito; Yumindo. Archery n. Yumi o hiku Sube; Kyujutsu. Archetype n. Tosho Shimajima no ooi Umi; Gunto. Kenchikugishi; Kenchikusha; Sekkeika Kenchikubutsu o sekkei shitari kantoku shitari suru Hito.

Architectural adj. Architecture n. Kenchiku; Kenchikugaku; Kenchiku tokuni okiku TokuchS no aru ni kansuru Gakumon; Kenchikufu tatoeba Goshikku-kenchiku nado no ; Kenchikuho ni shitagatte taterareta Ken- chikubutsu; Kenchiku no Dekibae. Archives n. Archly adv. Yumigata ni magatta; kyu- keino; yuminarino; kokeino. Archness n. Archway n. No tsuzuku Roka; AachigsXa. Ni natta Deiriguchi matawa Tsuro. Arctic adj. Ardency n. Ardently adv. Ardor, ardour n. Arduous adj. Arduously ddv. Hone o otte; kushinshite; kokkushite; doryokushite.

Area n. Arena n. Kyogijo; Shiai nado 6 suru Tokoro; Toron-kaijo; Engijo. Argent adj. Gin de dekita; gin'irono; gin' iro ni kagayaku. Kagaku Arugon; Iro mo naku, Nioi mo naku, Kuki yori omoi Kitai nen ni hakkensare Taiki no uchi kara toridasareta. Neuchi no takai Shohin o dossari tsunda Fune; Daishosen. Argot w. Argus n. Aria n. Arid adj. Aridity n. Aridness n. Ue ni onaji.

Aright adv. Aristocracy n. Aristocrat n. Koki no lye ni umare takai Kurai o mochi, konna Shakai ni tekito- shita Seikaku o motte iru to omowareru Hito; Kizoku-shugisha; Kazokushakai ni yotte Seiji o toriokonae to shuchosuru Hito. Aristocratic adj. Arithmetic n. Sanjutsu; Sugaku; Kazu ni kansuru Gakumon. Arithmetician n. Sugakusha; Sanjutsuka; Sugaku ni taketa Hito.

Ark n. Arm n. Arm v. Buki o gubisuru sonaeru ; buso- suru; Yosai o kizuku; Toride o kizukuj 2. Bugu o toru; bus5suru; Bugu de Mi o katameru. Armada n. Kantai; Daikantai. Armadillo n.

Dobutsu Yoroi-nezumi; Warajimushi no Isshu. Armament n. Armature n. Armchair n. Armed adj. Armful n. Ude de kakaerareru dake no Ryo; Hitokakae. Armistice n. Armlet 17 armlet n. Armory n. Armor, armour n. Buki; Bugu Karada ni yosoou ; Gunkan no Soko-kanpan; 2. Rikugun; Gunbu; Guntai; Tasu; Daigunshu. Aromatic adj. Nioi no yoi; kanbashii; Hoko o hanatsu. Arose verb arise no Kako. Around adv. Arouse v. Arow adv. Arraign v. Saibansho ni shokanshite shin- monsuru; kokuhatsusuru; kokusosuru.

Kokuhatsu; Kokuso; Ron- nan; Hinan. Arrange v. Array v. Junjo ni naraberu; chitsujo-yoku oku; 2. Arrest v. Arrogance n. Arrogant adj. Arrogate v. Arrow n. Ya Yumi ni tsugaeru. Arrowroot n. Arrowy adj. Ya no yona; hayai; sumi- yakana; tosshintekina. Arsenal w. Heihisho; Heiki-seisaku-k5jo; Heikiko Riku-kaigun no. Arsenic n. Hiso Haiiro matawa Shiroiro de Hik5butsushitsu no Gekiyaku. Arson n. Hokazai; Tsukebi; Hokahan.

Art n. Art v. Arterial adj. Kaibo Domyaku; Myaku. Artesian well n. Horinuki-idp Tochi o fukaku hori, Tekkan kara Chikasui- Atsuryoku de shizen ni dete kuru Mizu ; hajimete kono Horinukiido o tsukutta Furansu hokubuno Chiho. Artful adj.

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Arthritic adj. Byoki Kansetsuen no. Artichoke re. Yasai Atechoko Nogiku no Rui ni. Article n. Articulate adj. Kansetsu no aru; musubit- sukerareta; Kubetsu no aru; akirakani kubetsusareta; hakkiri-to noberareta; mei- ryoni chinjutsushita; 2. Artifice n. Artificer n. Artificial adj. Artillery n. Taiho; Hosha; Hohei Taih5 o atsukau Guntai. Artisan n. Shokunin; Shokko; Kosho; Meiko; Meisho. Artist n. Geijutsuka; Bijutsuka; Gaka; Chokokuka; Ongakuka. Artistic adj. Artless adj. Giko no nai; busaikuna; tan- pakuna; tanjunna.

Ariyowminzoku no; Indo- YdroppaminzokM no. To doyoni; kaku.. Shite; tatoeba;.. Shite iru uchini; tokini; to dojini;.. To iu no wa; kara; keredomo; da kara; sore-da kara; asbestos 18 assault yueni; nagara; 2. No yakuwari de;.. Asbestos n. Asubesto; Ishiwata taikayoni Taremaku, Tsutsumimono, Yaneita nado ni tsukau. Ascend v. Tabisuru Kawa nado no. Ascendancy n. Koi takai-kurai ; Kenkan; hijona Seiryoku ya Kenryoku o motsu koto.

Ascendent adj. Ascending adj. Ascension n. Noborizaka; Tsumasakiagari; zutto takai Tokoro; noboru koto, ascertain v. Kin'yoku-shugisha shukyo- tekina Mokuteki kara subete no Kanraku o Gisei ni shite jiseisuru Hito. Ascribe v. Ni kisuru; owasu. Da to suru; wariateru;.. Ni zokusuru to kanga- eru. Aseptic adj. Asexual adj.

Sei no Kino omotanai; musei- no; Sei igai de Hanshoku o hakaru. Ash n. Kanrangi no Isshu; Toneriko. Ashamed adj. Haji o kanzuru.. Ash-colored adj. Ashen adj. Toneriko-ki de dekita. Ashy adj. Asia n. Ajiya; Ajrya-tairiku. Asian adj. Ajiya no; Ajiyayai no. Asiatic adj. Ajiya no; Ajiyaiin no; 2.

Aside adv. Asinine adj. Roba no yona; orokana; bakana; gudonna; noromano. Askance adv. Asleep adv. Aslope adj. Asp n. Dobutsu Dokuhebi; Dokuja. Asparagus n. Asuparagasu; Yurika no Yasai de Ne ga taberareru mono, aspect n. Asperse v. Asphalt n. Chissoku; Konsui-jotai; Ki- zetsu. Asphyxiate v. Chissoku; Kizetsu. Aspic n. Aspirate v. Aspiration n. Kibo- yokufeyw. Aspirator n. Aspire v. Aspiring adj.

Usagi'uma; Roba; noroi Hito; Orokamono. Assail v. Kogekisha; Benron de kogeki- suru Hito; Ronnansha; Shiigekisha. Assassin n. Assassinate v. Assassination n. Ansatsu; Yamiuchi; Fui- uchi de korosu koto; toki niwa Kane o moratte korosu koto; Warudakumi de mugotarashiku korosu koto; Zansatsu. Totsugeki; Shugeki; osoi-utsu koto; Guntai. Assay 19 assuage assay v. Assayer n. Assemblage n. Assemble v. Assembly n. Shukai; shukyotekini, shakai- tekini, matawa seijitekini hitotsuno Basho ni atsumatta Hitotachi no Katamari; Kaishu kaigoshita-hito-tachi ;Kaigo; Rip- pobu no Shukai; Gikai sono Kaigo.

Assemblyman n. Assent v. Shinri da to mitomeru; nin'- yosuru; doisuru; senseisuru; 2. Shonin; Shodaku; itchisuru koto; Doi; Sansei; Yokusan. Assert v. Asserter n. Assertion n. Assertive adj. Jiko no Chinjutsu o sek- kyokutekini iikiru koto. Assess v. Assessable adj. Zeikin o kasuru koto no dekiru; hyokasuru koto no dekiru; Hy5ka shi erareru. Assessor n. Asseverate v. Assiduity n. Assiduous adj. Assign v. Wakemae o yuzuriwatasu; hikiwatasu; itakusuru; 3.

Assignation n. Assignee n. Assignor n. Riken o yuzuriwatasu Hito; Yuzuriwatashinin. Assimilate v. Assimilation n. Assimilative adj. Dokasei no aru; ruiji- tekini hatsuikusuru Seishitsu o motta. Assist v. Tasukete to shite hataraku; hojosuru; tasukeru; enjosuru; Hojo o ataeru; Omoni o karukusuru; 2. Assistance n. Tasuke; Enjo; Hojo; Joryoku. Assistant adj. Assize n. Associate v. Associate adj. Nakama; Naka no yoi Hito; Kumiaiin; Kaiin. Assort v. Shurui ya Kumi ni shitagatte junjowakesuru; kubetsusuru; bunruisuru; 2. Kumi ni wakeru. Assortment n.

Assuage v. Assuagement 20 attache assuagement k. I assume v. Jibun ni toru; Jibun no Shoyu da to iiharu; shokonashi ni nin'yosareta, Mono to minasu; 2. Assuming adj. Kattena; ochakuna. Oochaku; Hitoriypgari; Hitorigime. Assurance n. Jishin o motte hitorigimesuru koto; Jishin; Kakushin; Hoken-keiyaku; Kakusho tashikame-hoshosuru. Assure v. Assured adj. Assyriology n. Shokubutsu Shion Nogiku no y5no Hana. Asterisk n.

Fune no ushiro-e; senbini; kohoni. Asteroid n. Tenmon Kasei to Mokusei to no aida ni Kido o motsu chiisana Wakusei; 2. Asthma n. Byoki Zensoku. Astigmatism n.