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  1. Jason Kills Bugs
  2. Advanced Seismic Reservoir Characterization
  3. Jason—a secretive group of Cold War science advisers—is fighting to survive in the 21st century
  4. Jason Voorhees

Since the mids, Jason has studied biotechnologies, including techniques for detecting biological weapons. Membership has shifted along with the subjects under study. Many first generation Jasons have died or retired. Jasons are, as they always have been, selected only by other Jasons. The criteria for selection include intellectual brilliance—maybe a third are members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine—in fields that are more or less matched to the current range of studies. As a result, though half of the Jasons are still physicists, the group now includes statisticians, mathematicians, computer scientists, chemists, oceanographers, geologists, atmospheric scientists, materials scientists, aeronautical engineers, and electrical engineers, along with what William Press of UT Austin, a former Jason chair, calls a "critical mass with esprit" of biologists and biochemists.

It is also no longer just a boys' club. Today, women are being invited to join at higher rates: Nine of the 23 Jasons who have joined since are women. Many take on the leadership of studies. Upward of half of their studies are classified—perhaps explaining why their membership list is not public and why they prefer not to name other Jasons. They're generally allergic to publicity: Six of the 17 Jasons approached for this story refused interviews.

But they are not allergic to work. They spend some or all of 6 weeks, every summer, at General Atomics, a defense and energy contractor in San Diego.

Jason Kills Bugs

They take over the second floor of a secure building, a hallway lined with small offices, two or three people per office. The working culture is no-nonsense. There's no recognition or prizes for the work. It's get the job done, says Douglas Finkbeiner no relation to the author , an astrophysicist at Harvard University who joined in In the past 5 years, the range of studies Jason has done for nondefense agencies has broadened.

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HHS, for instance, has sponsored Jason only since The first of its three studies for the agency proposed an information systems architecture that would allow electronic health records to be operable across all health systems. The next HHS studies, in and , were broader.

Advanced Seismic Reservoir Characterization

One was about how data not in electronic health records—environmental data, data from health apps and fitness devices, social media data—could be used to improve personal health without threatening privacy. The other, Keller says, studied how to apply artificial intelligence AI to health, given the problems of uneven data quality and opaque, irreproducible AI models.

The field of health care has "many powerful and entrenched interests," she says, "so independent and expert study of our issues can be extremely valuable. The Census Bureau commissioned Jason after John Thompson, the bureau's director at the time, happened to sit on a national committee with Keller. Jason's first report, in , said the threat to the integrity of the census would come less from individual mischief than from large, organized attempts at fraud.

In , USDA asked Jason about using data from remote sensors for midsummer estimates of fall crop yields, instead of relying on farmers' reports. The impact of Jason reports is sometimes hard to assess. Many sponsors talk in generalities about their value: For instance, John Abowd, the Census Bureau's chief scientist in Suitland, Maryland, says only that Jason's report on the census "has been incorporated into our thinking.

Part of the reason for that fog is that a finished report belongs to the sponsor, who can implement all, some, or none of it, and can publish it or keep it private. When the twins were grown up, they discovered the truth about their mother and attacked Sidero, who took refuge in the precinct of Hera to no avail, for Pelias 1 killed her on the altars, thus incurring the hate of the goddess.

Jason—a secretive group of Cold War science advisers—is fighting to survive in the 21st century

Jason comes out of Chiron 's cave When Jason was still a child, he was secretly sent away by his dispossessed parents to be reared by the wise Centaur Chiron , with whom he stayed twenty years. And all this men came to meet King Pelias 1 , to let him know their opinion about the matter of power in the city of Iolcus.

In this meeting Jason explained to Pelias 1 in which way things should be arranged if civil war was to be avoided; he said:. I leave you the flocks, and the golden herds of cattle, and all the fields, which you keep, having stolen them from my ancestors, feeding fat your wealth; and it does not grieve me that they provide for your household beyond all measure. But as for the royal scepter and the throne, in which Aeson son of Cretheus once sat, and dispensed straight justice for a nation of horsemen: without any distress between us, release these to me, lest some more disturbing evil arise from them.

Pindar, Pythian Odes 4. The Ram itself was the offspring of Poseidon and Theophane, whom the god carried off, changing her into a ewe and himself into a ram. Helle, however, fell into the sea which was named Hellespont after her and drowned, but her brother came to Colchis.

Jason Voorhees

Painting by William Russell Flint Paintings watercolors from For it was said that Zeus had promised that no one in this family would escape his wrath until the Golden Fleece returned to Hellas. King Pelias 1 's proposal King Pelias 1 argued that he knew these things because he had asked the Oracle at Delphi , and he added that if Jason would willingly fulfil this quest, bringing back the Golden Fleece, he Pelias 1 would, in exchange, deliver up to him the royal power and the kingdom.

Jadi JASON!!! - Friday The 13th The Game - Indonesia

And he made an oath that he would do as he promised, invoking Zeus as his witness. This is how Jason's claims upon the throne of Iolcus were postponed, and instead he started sending messengers to every corner of Hellas in order to gather the men that were to take part in the expedition, and that later were called ARGONAUTS after the name of their ship. More about Jason's arrival to Iolcus Others for poets as well as mythographers often dissent have described the meeting between Pelias 1 and Jason differently. Pelias 1 , some say, who had ruled the country from his earliest years, was, when he met Jason, an old man with no rest in his mind; for seers had prophesied that destruction would come upon him through Aeson's son.

And they say that Pelias 1 commanded his subject Jason to sail to Colchis as a way of getting rid of him. Others have said that an oracle told Pelias 1 that his death was drawing near if a man wearing only one sandal, arrived. So when Pelias 1 was making his yearly offerings to Poseidon , there arrived Jason to make sacrifice, after having lost his sandal when crossing the river Evenus, which is in Aetolia or perhaps the river Anaurus, which is in Thessaly. It was after noticing the missing sandal, they say, that Pelias 1 ordered him to procure the Golden Fleece from his enemy King Aeetes of Colchis.

Jason had left his sandal in the mud of the river by the will of Hera , who arranged everything in order to destroy King Pelias 1 , the man that had outraged the goddess' shrine, when punishing his stepmother Sidero. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Jason Advanced Seismic Reservoir Characterization The advanced seismic reservoir characterization software products and workflows within the Jason Workbench yield timely answers to mitigate risk.

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