Screwball Television: Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls (Television and Popular Culture)

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I bought this book because I love Gilmore Girls, but I lack the knowledge of television philosophy to really enjoy the arguments in the essays. Would be great for an English or Media Writing Major. Skip to main content. About this product. Stock photo. Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Format: Hardcover Condition: New!

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Screwball television : critical perspectives on Gilmore girls

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Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. The continuing fascination with Gilmore Girls In this manner, the "family-friendly" classification t9. Larger conflicts, mostly family-related issues linked to gramming and left-leaning characters and situations. Lorelai's tense relationship with her mother, Emily, and her father, What is it about Gilrnore Girls that warrants such investigationl Richard, ebb and flow season to season.

To better understand how diverse groups of audiences middle- ancl senior-aged adults' lives, and the show is quirky, popu- have discussed and written about the shoq I have looked to a number lated by odd characters, all dealing with everyday problems, as well as of sources with an eye to consolidating these various discourses. First, some that rnost people will never face. The program was a triumph it should be noted that the least amount of writing available on the for the fledgling WB network almost immediately after its debut in program is in scholarly books and journal articles.

This discoverS in An hour-long better understand my own fascination and fandom. Finally, I also examined as many accounts ty-two-year-old Lorelai Gilmore. Their dynamic, sisterlike interactions of the program that I could locate from local and national newspa- and separate lives spent at school and work drive much of the comedy pers, "family-friendly" and parental guidance Web sites such as the ancl drama of the show.

He writes, "Texts themselves are shows like The O. We need to look outside of texts to locate the range of sites friendliness stems not only from the content of the show but also in which genres operate, change, proliferate, and die out" , 9. The television show that Press In his formulation of genres as "cultural categories," Mittell repeat- references, The O.

Screwball television; critical perspectives on Gilmore girls. - Free Online Library

This conceptualization of genre is bom light show that "may include gratuitous sex, explicit dialogue, violent out of Michel Foucault's discourse analyses, where, by Mittell's assess- content, or obscene language, and is unsuitable for children" "Family ment, genres "work as discursive clusters, with certain definitions, Guide: The O. In relation to shows like The O. What is most fascinat- such as the strong mother-daughter bond and the multigenerational ing about Mittell's framework is his contention that genre study entails emplrasis.

The Parents as well as through critical, scholarly, and fan discussions. Here, lies viewing the program, a series whose attraction can be partly attrib- Sherman-Palladino opts not to place the "family-frienclly" tag firmly uted to its multigenerational cast. In whatever form that family takes. What they attempted, and the sacrifices Lorelai makes in her life are construed as opportunities succeeded at, was creating a multigenerational ensemble cast to "skew for Rory and as lessons to prevent her from making a similar "mis- older," a program that moved away from a singular appeal to teenag- take," to ensure that she will not follow the same path that Lorelai ers toward a program that their parents could enjoy and approve of as accidentally took.

This is not to say that the program never focuses well Bergman The CW's Web site for Gilncore Girls adds rhe on regret, but Lorelai's accidental pregnancy is implicitly posited as a following statement "The strong and loving mother-daughter rela- less than ideal condition for someone who aspires to do great things at tionship portrayed in Gilrnore Girh reflects the growing reality of this an early age. It is this "less than ideal" status that underlines the rela- new type of American family," presumably meaning nontraditional, tionship between mother and daughter.

Screwball Television: Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls

There are no regrets, but also single-parent households CW Web site, www. This assumption is not entirely without merit. Gilrnore Girb, To frame this clifferently, rather than consider Gilncore Girls lun- like all televisual texts, is open to socially progressive or politically family friendly because of the unwed-teen pregnancy at the heart of retrograde readings alike.

With this freedom of personal ment implicit in this formulation hinges on the presence of a young interpretations people have claimed TV programs and films as rep- woman who-when forced to make a difficult decision-chose the resenting precisely what another group may feel the same texts rally "right" path, one that made her accountable for her youthful indis- against.

For example, depending on one's critical perspective' a pro- cretion. Though "family oriented," and the strained relationship with her mother.

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Allof these factors are Buffyis not without criticism, either. First,does "family friendly" constitute a viable genre In rerms of labeling the show "family friendly," a designation that time. Rather than look at this program from my personal experience, I is part of the industrial-critical discourses discussed above, it seems a instead am interested in exploring genre by examining existing critical viable option. But among audiences, I found little evidence of refer- readings. Flere, genre analysis is not a matter of adopting the prefer- ences to the program as "family friendly.

Many of these assessments were made near Frost, using the program to describe other shows that also seemingly the beginning of the show's conception in But, as Iason Mittell fall outside classical genre delineations. Frost, for example, refers to the writes, genre formation is a "fluid and active process" , He is quoted as saying, "Gilm.

I just think there should be a few things kids could relationships what Gilwore Girls does for the women of the family" watch" quoted in Wilonsky Executives at Disney seemed to As well, in the program won the Family Television These and numerous other references made to the program and its Awards' "Best New Series" prize. Executive producer Sherman- to reference other television programs that also frustrate easy catego- Palladino writes, "There are these preconceived notions of what an rization.

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By tl-rese accolrnts, then, "family friendly" -ay not qualify hour-long show should or shouldn't do. I'll let other people try as a genre according to Mittell's conceptualization, despite the pro- to categorize quoted in Zahed Here she is referring to the it" liferation of the term among certain critics and organizations. First, despite the show's origins as specifically "family with situation comedies. Nor does Gilrnore Girh' time slot various of higher ratings and advertising dollars.

Second, although there is weekday evenings at 8 p. Gilrnore Girk relies on two generations of teenage rebellion to guishable genre classification. Some critics have described the program showcase its hipness, as witnessed through current teenagers T'ane and as a straightforward drama.