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Incarnates are characters that have learned to form soulmelds, magical items made from Incarnum, the material of souls. They gain the ability to shape soulmelds and bind them to different chakras, or body regions. This binding grants them additional abilities based on the soulmeld and chakra combination. It is the favored class of the Rilkan and Skarn race. Knights are dedicated melee combatants based around protecting other characters, distracting enemies, and high resilience.

Their main ability is the "Knight's Challenge," which can boost the morale of allies, goad strong enemies into fighting him or her, and scare weak enemies.

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Knights must be of lawful alignment and maintain a specific code of conduct. The marshal is a military commander whose abilities are focused on leading others into battle and inspiring them to victory. They project auras that grant a variety of bonuses to nearby allies based on the marshal's Charisma. A 1st edition character class loosely based on the Japanese ninja in the Oriental Adventures , the Ninja was introduced into 3rd edition in Complete Adventurer.

Ninjas are focused on stealth and mobility, and possess a sudden strike special attack on unprepared foes. They also use ki similar to a monk and can turn invisible. Loosely based on the Japanese samurai , the Samurai in Oriental Adventures are those who learn a particular martial style from their clan. They possess a number of bonus feats, which must be taken from styles favored by their clan. Samurai may also sacrifice and empower their ancestral daisho , turning their family's weapons into magical ones in their hands. Samurai must be of lawful alignment. The class was revisited in Complete Warrior , but in a markedly different style dedicated to two-weapon combat.

Oriental Adventures 3rd , Complete Warrior. Scouts are experts at tracking and natural lore, and are similar to a more wilderness-oriented rogue. They possess a skirmish ability that allows them to do extra damage when moving. Oriental Adventures 3rd. Shadowcasters are spellcasters that draw power from the Plane of Shadow. They learn "mysteries" which start out similar to spells, though over time simpler mysteries become spell-like abilities and can be used more often per day.

Eventually shadowcasters become immune to poisons and disease and no longer need to eat, sleep, or breathe. Shugenja are loosely based on Asian mythology and are mechanically similar to traditional Clerics. Typically members of the noble class, Shugenja are spontaneous casters of magic. Shugenja are attuned to one of the four classical elements in particular; they are barred from learning spells of the opposed element. Through concentration, they can sense any element nearby in a radius that grows with experience.

Oriental Adventures 3rd , Complete Divine. Sohei are militant religious warriors; they usually act in groups and are primarily employed by large temples and monasteries. They can shrug off a certain amount of damage and deflect arrows, and may also enter a "ki frenzy" of focused fury. Soheis must be of lawful alignment. Oriental Adventures 3rd , Dragon Soulborns utilize magic items called "soulmelds" to increase their own skills and abilities, though they have a more limited selection than Totemists or Incarnates. Soulmelds are made from Incarnum, the material of which souls consist.

Azurin have Soulborn as a favored class. Spellthieves are a rogue-like class that acquires slightly fewer skills than rogues, but their sneak attack ability can steal spells or magical abilities from others. They also can detect magic and have a small chance of absorbing enemy magic harmlessly. Spirit Shaman. Spirit Shamans are similar to druids in that they use the druidic spell list, but they cast spells spontaneously like a Sorcerer.

Spirit Shamans have their own spirit guide and possess special abilities that affect spirits such as incorporeal undead, fey, and elementals. Unlike Sorcerers, Spirit Shamans may change their spell selection whenever they meditate to regain their daily allotment of spells. Based on a 2nd edition kit for Fighters and Thieves, Swashbucklers are a combat-oriented class that emphasizes finesse, style, and flair. They are surprisingly tough and have a Fighter's rate of attack bonus advancement, but can only wear light armor.

Smashwords – The Third Soul–a Series by Jonathan Moeller

Swashbucklers also gain a fair number of skills. Swordsage is a martial adept class, meaning it utilizes the various boosts, counters, strikes, and stances in Tome of Battle. Swordsages may only use light armor and have a slightly slower attack bonus progression, but are the most versatile of the martial adepts. They must spend a full round to recover one special maneuver. Totemists revere magical beasts, such as worgs and unicorns, whom they see as the most powerful forces of nature.

They shape incarnum, the material of souls, to make magical items based around magical beasts, such as Displacer Mantles. Totemist is the favored class of Dusklings. Truenamers are a type of wizard whose magic revolves around a primordial language that describes the universe.

As they learn the true name of entities, they become able to affect them by "rewriting the universe. Warblade is a martial adept class, meaning it utilizes the various boosts, counters, strikes, and stances in Tome of Battle. The Warblade focuses on melee combat and can utilize light and medium armors and shields. They may acquire fighter-exclusive feats as if they were a fighter two levels lower than their Warblade level and recover maneuvers with a simple attack or by spending a turn.

Warlocks are users of spell-like abilities either in-born or granted through a pact with some unearthly being such as a demon or a fey. Since a warlock's invocations are not normal spells, they may be used while wearing light armor and any number of times. Warlocks can later acquire energy resistance, toughened skin, fast healing, and the ability to force magical items to do their bidding. Warmages are battle-oriented mages associated with large army battles who focus on damage-dealing spells.

They may cast spells while wearing light and later, medium armor. Miniatures Handbook , Complete Arcane. Wu Jen are Eastern-style wizards introduced in both versions of Oriental Adventures. They are similar to normal wizards statistically, but with slightly different spells and some additional meta-magic abilities. Wu Jen is the favored class of the shapeshifting Hengeyokai, also introduced in Oriental Adventures.

Oriental Adventures 3rd , Complete Arcane. Urban variant fighter with fewer armor proficiencies and starting feats and more class skills and skill points. Variant Paladin [9].

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Variant Ranger [9]. Mariners are flamboyant sea-going people, a cross between swashbucklers and sea pirates. They are a cross between rogues for skills and dirty tricks and fighters attack bonus who have developed at skills specific to those on board ships. Masters are Krynn's enhanced version of experts.

More talented, with skills unmatched in their chosen fields, masters are on par with other PC classes. They must specialize in a set of broad skills craft, knowledge, perform or profession. They receive bonus skill-related feats and special talents akin to feats. Mystics are capable of casting divine spells without need of being a cleric; they are mechanically similar to a Sorcerer in that they cast spontaneously, but from a fixed spell list chosen from the spell list for clerics.

This ability was important when Krynn was isolated from the gods for a time. Nobles are charismatic manipulators who leverage skills and connections to advance their goals. They are mechanically similar to rogues without the ability to sneak attack, and can call in favors they earn.

Artificers are tinkerers and architects skilled at creating and modifying items. They cast "infusions" onto ordinary items and constructs so that they grant a bonus to themselves or their wielders. They also are familiar with security, able to tinker with traps and locks. House Cannith is known for their skill in this class. Eberron Campaign Setting. Magewrights are crafters of magical items. They are familiar with some magic, especially that which would aid the creation of other items.

The Magewright class is intended for non-player characters. Sharn: City of Towers. Ardents derive their powers from a focus on primal truths or concepts "mantles" ; different mantles offer different abilities to an Ardent. They possess a smaller selection of powers than the more versatile Psion, but enjoy greater martial abilities. The Divine Mind is a character who chooses to serve a deity using psionic powers; they are thus somewhat similar to Clerics. Like clerics, they may choose mantles a deity represents, similar to domains. They may also exude Attack, Defense, or Perception auras that grant bonuses to nearby allies.

Rather than learn powers upon level gain like Psions, Erudites may theoretically use any psionic ability by "copying" another person or a psionically-infused item. In exchange, they may call upon only a limited selection of powers per day. Mechanically, they are thus somewhat similar to unspecialized wizards rather than Psions. Lurks are similar to rogues who call upon psionic powers to aid them. They may perceive the weaknesses of enemies and make sneak attacks, as well as use psionic augments to their abilities. Psions are dedicated to the usage of psionic power.

Mechanically, they are similar to Sorcerers; however, like Wizards, they can and in fact must choose a specialization of their school of psionics. In 3rd edition the various disciplines were each linked to a statistic; for instance, clairsentience is linked to Wisdom and Psions who specialize in it are known as Seers. This was changed in 3. Psion is the favoured class of the elan race.

Psionics Handbook , Expanded Psionics Handbook. Psychic Warriors are a blend between Fighters and Psions. Like fighters, they gain bonus feats, and like psions, they wield psionic powers, though at a slower rate than either specialized class. Their attack bonus and hit point growth is similarly in the middle.

Soulknives are warriors who have learned to channel psionic power into "Mindblades", or swords composed of psionic energy. Their broad training allows them to take many occupations and be a "jack of all trades. Soulknives were a prestige class in the original Psionics Handbook , but made into a base class with version 3. Expanded Psionics Handbook. Wilders can use "wild surges", which allow them to augment their psionic powers to a greater extent than normal. Doing so is dangerous and there is a chance every time a wild surge is used that the wilder will suffer from "psychic enervation" causing them to become dazed and lose power points.

They are slightly tougher than psions, but gain fewer abilities and slower. Wilder is the favored class of the maenad race. Ardents use their psionic power to use emotions to their advantage. They fill their enemies' minds with negative emotions, creating gaps in their defenses. At the same time, ardents fill their allies minds with encouraging thoughts and strengthen their resolve.

Artificer [11]. Assassin [12]. Striker [13]. Shadow [13]. Assassins make a deal with Death, displacing part of their soul with a reflection from the afterlife. The deal struck gives them the power to move through shadows and gather power to strike at a creature's weakness. Now man can do no more; but Allah himself will speak and confirm your title. Go your way and teach peace on earth, good will to man.

And while the hierophant yet spoke the Temple bells rang out in love; and the Logos journeyed on his way a conqueror. The seven days of silence passed. And Yehoshua sitting with the sages said, 2. These are the seven hills on which the Holy City shall be built.

These are the seven sure foundation stones on which the Temple shall stand. In taking up the work assigned for me to do, I am fully conscious of the perils of the way. The cup will be a bitter one to drink; and human nature well might shrink. But I have lost my will in that of Holy Breath. And so I go my way to speak and act as I am moved to speak and act by the Holy Breath. The words I speak are not my own; they are the words of Him whose will I do. Man is not far enough advanced in sacred thought to comprehend within the Temple of Allah; so the work that Allah gave me to do is to teach men to build the Temple of Love within.

I am sent to be a pattern of the Temple that man must build within. My task as builder lies within my native land. And there upon was the Temple of mighty Allah made known — the Allah in man. And from the lower estate of men, I will select seven men who will represent the Temple of Love — Allah in man. The house of Judah, my own kindred in flesh, will comprehend but little of my mission to the world; And they will spurn me, scorn my work, accuse me falsely, bind me, take me to the judgment seat of carnal men who will convict and slay me. But man can never slay the truth.

Though banished it will come again, in greater power; for truth will subjugate the world. The Temple will live, though carnal men will prostitute its sacred laws, symbolic rites and forms for selfish ends; and make it but outward show. The few will find through it the kingdom of the soul. And when the better age shall come, the Temple will stand upon the seven postulates, and will be built according to the pattern given. The time has come. I go my way unto the world; and, by the power of living faith, and by the strength that you give me.

And in the name of our God-Allah, the kingdom of soul shall be established and seven hills. The senior course of study The earlier courses e. Sincerity, Justice, Faith, Philanthropy, Heroism, and Divine Love, now successfully passed by Ali, were Angelic prepared classes of purification and necessitated in an order for Him to obtain the following 7th and highest Adept Degree.

The matriculation of the first 6-Adept Degrees guided Ali, solely by the Hands of Allah, thus building a firm Rock of Understanding He needed to save His people from the wrath of Allah. Now He must complete the course to become the Master Answer to years of countless prayers sent by His people. This Senior Course of study now was opened up and Ali became a personal pupil of the Hierophant.

A Hierophant is the Adept Interpreter, with the wisdom of science, to teach the mysterious manifestations and sacred doctrines of the truth that God in Man is truly a fact known as life. The hierophantic transliterations of the divine evolution Spirit Man to Allah, is the sacred course of Man perfecting himself as Love Divine. This is why the purifications of Ali, a young Adept Master, must go through the soils of his Soul by mastering the toils of what life is truly spent to build.

Here in the mystic lodge and Chamber of the Adepts, Ali 8 the Student, has gone before the Bar six times and had become a Page conqueror of each degree. Ali also learned… the mysteries of the life and death and of the world beyond the circle of the sun Spirit-Man came forth from the Heart Of The Great God and cannot die. He is God and has no beginning and no end. The Circle of the Sun is the Plane of Soul, Universal Science where things are made of thought and with brightness so complete it can only be seen with knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

In this Chamber a student learns the boundlessness of the God Self and how the lower self is limited by the actions of the soul that he might learn the ancient methods of preserving from decay the bodies of the dead Mummification is another Kemetian Art of preservation of a body well used once the Spirit and Soul have no more use for the mundane life.

And here Ali wrought The Master Student elevated his thoughts and adjusted His mindset to rely upon the six conquests of the Adept Classes. His heart and mind became fixed on the mission at hand. This Spirit Seed was planted deep into the only Mother where he could grow apace, in the Soil of Soul. Slaves to sin are not aware of this universal truth. As the Dead, they are being attended by earthly carriers…to be embalmed. Her grief unhappiness, misery, woe, sorrow, anguish was great. You follow but an empty house a lifeless body. You weep because both your husband and son are dead Her husband made her a wife and her son made her a mother.

When one grieves it is because they have been displaced by the causes of death. In this life time, most must learn the calls of death are always for the best, and in her case: your son can never die. He, your son, had a task assigned to do in garb of flesh. Beyond the human sight In the land of Fleshless things where things are made of thought , he has another work to do Where he can solve his problems best , and he will do it well and then pass to other tasks.

He seeks your solace comfort, support, relief, consolation, succor now as he has ever done; is glad when you are glad, is saddened when you grieve. The weeping woman turned and went her way to find happiness in helpfulness; to bury deep her sorrows in a ministry of joy The abundance this ministry is enjoyed with each step from belief to fruition. And as the cortege Attendants during a Funeral procession neared the door the child observed a wounded bird in sore distress.

With tenderness and love she folded to her breast the wounded bird Page then hurried to her place. And in the presence of that child did Ali bow his head in reverence. This 7th Degree is the highest test and subsequent acknowledgement of, Sharif Ali; a promised Student is now an ordained Prophet of Allah. It is The Great God alone that breaths forth the birth of a Prophet who is to be born amongst an especial people.

The Outlaw Adept

The matriculation of the first 6-Adept Degrees, which guided Ali must now be accepted and taught to all Moorish Americans seeking freedom. The ordained Free National existence of His sovereign People will be Love made manifest because they too will have completed the same Senior Course as Himself.

The Moorish are themselves the living Answers of Freedom to over years of prayers during the time of slavery. The work of Ali was done; and now he must go to teach the sons of men. It has three steps: Belief, Faith and Fruition. The Brotherhood happily embraced, Ali, the Seventh Angel. With His Will, a Prophet is able to cross the border lines and manifest in many places at once.

These angels can also prophesy all which will occur in the future because they have been there. At the beginning of every Cycle Age a major Prophet is ordained to earth to bring in the New Era of time. Sharif Ali was prepared five times greater than his predecessors because, 1 the Aquarian Age is the last of the Cycle Ages when man will need the flesh never more.

And 2 His Moorish peoples had been buried five time deeper, in the wrath of Mental Slavery, than any nation since the fall of man. Sharif Ali has come to bring Salvation to all the children of men All tribes, families, nations and tongues. Upon your brow I place this diadem Crown, Royal Headdress, headband, fez ; and in the great assembly of all the world and heaven, you are the mastermind Defeater of The Self, Subjugator of what seems to be, Captor of The God State and of all.

And Sharif Ali sitting with the sages said, 2. This is how Mecca became noted as the Holiest City in Islam. There, it is strictly forbidden for Non-Muslims to enter the city. Arabians are world famous Slaveholding Muslims, who used Islam as a shield to hide and justify nearly 2, years of profits gained from The East and then later The West African Slave Trade. These are the seven sure foundation stones on which the Moorish American Government shall stand. These Seven Adept Degrees are the gnosis of the aught and naught, falsehood and of truth. The collective of these Seven Master Degrees taught Ali the knowledge of the lower self and the sensing of the powers of man himself as God.

This is why Seven is the number of Perfected Man whom has opened his Sahasrara upon which the Temple Since olden times, the prophesied and ordained Nation of Moorish Americans must and shall stand. But I have lost my will in that of Holy Breath The will of an Angel is never strong; for He or She is now the Truth and must live and be the message they bring.

Angels can cross the borderline at will yet can only follow instructions because they have no power of choice to the contrary of the command. And so I go my way to speak and act as I am moved to speak and act by 15 the Holy Breath. These Ambassadors of Wisdom, from 7 to , always meet In Kemet. All Major Prophets are about 2, to years apart and bring in a new era to the Cycle Age, e.

Abraham, Yehoshua and now Sharif Ali. Man is not far enough advanced in sacred thought pure and clean; thoughts unhampered by carnal nature and time to comprehend within the Temple of Allah; so the work that Allah gave me to do is to teach men to build the Temple of Love within. Civil war rips the Empire, and the rebel sorcerers have targeted her beloved husband for death. Claudia has no choice but to work with Caina, the woman she despises most in the world, to save her husband's life. She has killed kings and princes, sorcerers and alchemists, young and old and rich and poor, and laughed at their screams and rejoiced at the tears of their families.

She has slain countless innocents, and no one has ever stopped her. For the dark elven tyrant known as the Sovereign will use the power of the Swords to ascend to godhood and enslave the world for all time. And when a mad elven wizard comes to the High King's court, Ridmark finds himself fighting not only for his own life, but for the lives of his family.

For the quest of the Seven Swords has begun. At last he has found the key to the downfall of the Empire. He vanished a hundred and fifty years past, but he may hold the key to Caina's victory. A sorcerous catastrophe threatens to destroy Istarinmul, and the only the mysterious sorceress Annarah, last loremaster of lost Iramis, knows how to stop it. To rescue Annarah and save Istarinmul, Caina must brave the Inferno, the hellish fortress of the sinister Immortals. She has risked too much for too long, and her enemies have finally closed around her. The Staff and Seal of Iramis have been found, and threaten to destroy the world with their sorcerous powers.

The terrible Apotheosis of the evil Grand Master Callatas will succeed unless Caina makes one final sacrifice. Now the city of Istarinmul teeters on the brink of civil war and sorcerous annihilation. Unless Caina summons all her bravery and cunning, Cassander's dark spell will kill millions of people. For the last of the fearsome Great Necromancers, Kharnaces the Heretic, laid his sinister trap long ago, and its jaws now close around his former pupil Callatas. Unless the mighty sorcery of Kharnaces is defeated, he will unmake the world in his dark designs. Specifically, she carries the Ring of Rasarion Yagar, a relic created by the tyrannical necromancer-king who once ruled Ulkaar.

The deadly sorcerers of the malevolent Umbarian Order wish to seize the Ring for themselves, as do the sinister priests of the ruthless Temnoti cult. Rachaelis Morulan is an Initiate of the Conclave, a mighty order of powerful mages, and soon must face her Testing to become a full Adept. Corthain Kalarien was once an outlaw mercenary. Now he is a powerful, wealthy lord, revered as the hero who saved the nations from a barbarian horde. Account Options Sign in.

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Top Charts. New Arrivals. Jonathan Moeller August 27, With the aid of mysterious allies, she fights to stop the sinister plans of the ruthless Grand Master Callatas. But a danger comes that neither Caina nor Claudia have foreseen And her next target is Caina Amalas.