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Pay attention to the materials you bring into your home and go for natural options like wood and stone where possible. Feel free to decorate with handmade items that will give a special charm to the space. By doing this, you allow the things that really matter to stand out. Wabi-sabi interiors are dimly lit. Embracing wabi-sabi will do more than create a pleasant environment at home. By falling in love with imperfect things, we reduce the need to buy new things.

This will reduce consumption which will save money and is better for our planet. Wabi-sabi puts the focus on gratitude for what we already have rather than always yearning for something new. Become aware of the natural cycle of growth and decay and in doing this, you become more conscious of nature and life. So, what are you waiting for?

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Like with the resurgence of ikigai in more contemporary mainstream society, elements of wabi-sabi can be directly transferable to everyday life. Many of us live in a state of constant longing, unsatisfied with what we have, striving to achieve an unattainable level of perfectionism. In the house : In recent years wabi-sabi has become a major source of inspiration for professional interior designers. A house is a place to be lived in, so why not show signs of life? Rather than falling into the cycle of quickly accessible, cheaply made, quickly thrown away items, consider investing in household goods that will last, and grow with you over time.

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Another great way to add wabi-sabi into your home is to consider buying second-hand and appreciating the life the object lived prior to you. In reality though, if you take the time it can be a meditative experience, creating something from scratch, enjoying the smells, flavors and taking time to create something for the ones you love.

Wabi and Sabi: the Aesthetics of Solitude - Articles - House of Solitude - Hermitary

Close that Facebook tab, turn off your email notifications and get in the zone. Also during regular intervals, be sure to take a moment to refresh, breathe, grab a coffee, go outside, appreciate the moment and recharge.

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In the beauty world: The beauty of eternal youth, a concept programmed into all of us men and women since the beginning of our lives is the antithesis of wabi-sabi. Rather than stressing about those wrinkles, appreciate the laughter that caused them. Instead of hiding that scar, think of it as a permanent reminder of the adventures you once had. A balance between appreciating what you have, how you got it and taking time to understand the fleetingness of it all, wabi-sabi is a way to take a step outside the constant influx of messages telling us we should want more.

What is your interpretation of wabi-sabi and how do you incorporate it into your daily life?

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