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  1. 'Children of the Confederacy Creed' plaque removed from Texas Capitol
  2. I BELIEVE: 2018 North Texas Jr. High Retreat (5-8 gr.) - The Apostles Creed
  4. Our Mission
  5. Our Commitment to You: The Texas Lawyer’s Creed

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02 "Texas Creed" by Chief The Seminole (Feat Fade Dogg & Eternal aka Mr. Neva Die) AUDIO ONLY

El Grande. Purchasable with gift card. Guitar Man I Ain't Scared I'll Keep Drinkin' Down Here In Texas Have Mercy On A Man You Shoulda Been A Redneck I'm Crazy And You're Gone Come And Hold Me These rules are primarily aspirational. Compliance with the rules depends primarily upon understanding and voluntary compliance, secondarily upon reinforcement by peer pressure and public opinion, and finally when necessary by enforcement by the courts through their inherent powers and rules already in existence. These standards are not a set of rules that lawyers can use and abuse to incite ancillary litigation or arguments over whether or not they have been observed.

We must always be mindful that the practice of law is a profession.

'Children of the Confederacy Creed' plaque removed from Texas Capitol

As members of a learned art we pursue a common calling in the spirit of public service. We have a proud tradition. Throughout the history of our nation, the members of our citizenry have looked to the ranks of our profession for leadership and guidance. Let us now as a profession each rededicate ourselves to practice law so we can restore public confidence in our profession, faithfully serve our clients, and fulfill our responsibility to the legal system. In Chambers, this 7th day of November The Supreme Court of Texas Thomas. Phillips, Chief Justice Franklin S.

Spears C. Ray Raul A.

I BELIEVE: 2018 North Texas Jr. High Retreat (5-8 gr.) - The Apostles Creed

Gonzales Oscar H. Mauzy Eugene A. Cook Jack Hightower Nathan L. Hecht Lloyd A. McCormick, Presiding Judge W. Teague Chuck Miller Charles F. Chuck Campbell Bill White M.


Berchelmann, Jr. Participants in the Committee meetings recall their discussions as amiable and professional, but passionate and spirited.

Ultimately, however, these discussions made it possible for them to clearly articulate the core principles of professionalism that we still follow today. Numerous lawyers wrote to express their support and request additional copies of the Creed. Deans of the Texas law schools were also pleased, and the press — which are often the bearer of bad news about lawyers — ran articles to highlight what they correctly identified as a seminal moment in the legal profession. Born on May 2, in Houston, Cook attended the University of Houston, where he received a degree in accounting in He received his J.

In , he received an LL. He joined the firm of Butler and Binion in , later becoming a partner. Bill Clements. He took office on September 1, and was elected to the Court in November of that year.

I am passionately proud of my profession. I commit myself to an adequate and effective pro bono program.

Down Here In Texas

I am obligated to educate my clients, the public, and other lawyers regarding the spirit and letter of this Creed. I will always be conscious of my duty to the judicial system. I will advise my client of the contents of this creed when undertaking representation. I will advise my client that civility and courtesy are expected and are not a sign of weakness.

I will advise my client of proper and expected behavior.

Our Mission

I will treat adverse parties and witnesses with fairness and due consideration. A client has no right to demand that I abuse anyone or indulge in any offensive conduct. I will advise my client that we will not pursue conduct which is intended primarily to harass or drain the financial resources of the opposing party. I will advise my client that we will not pursue tactics which are intended primarily for delay. I will advise my client that we will not pursue any course of action which is without merit.

A client has no right to instruct me to refuse reasonable requests made by other counsel.

I will advise my client regarding the availability of mediation, arbitration, and other alternative methods of resolving and settling disputes. I will be courteous, civil, and prompt in oral and written communications. I will not quarrel over matters of form or style, but I will concentrate on matters of substance. I will identify for other counsel or parties all changes I have made in documents submitted for review.

I will attempt to prepare documents which correctly reflect the agreement of the parties.

Our Commitment to You: The Texas Lawyer’s Creed

I will not include provisions which have not been agreed upon or omit provisions which are necessary to reflect the agreement of the parties. I will notify opposing counsel, and, if appropriate, the Court or other persons, as soon as practicable, when hearings, depositions, meetings, conferences or closings are canceled. I will agree to reasonable requests for extensions of time and for waiver of procedural formalities, provided legitimate objectives of my client will not be adversely affected.