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  4. The only version of Bishop that is human.
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Director of Earth Protection Force. Space Invaders, Part 2. Agent John Bishop is a special agent of the U.

Emily Wickersham

He works to protect the Earth from alien invasion. Since then, he has played a part in most of the series' primary storylines, as both an enemy and ally to the Turtles. What exactly the experiments entailed is unknown, although it is speculated that they are at least partly responsible for Bishop's longevity and enhanced strength. The Abduction traumatized Bishop and let him develop a long-lasting paranoia against aliens. Marked by the experience, he has since dedicated his life to staving off alien invasion. Little is known about the following one hundred and ninety years of Bishop's life, except that he was present when the U.

Army encountered the first aliens who crashed in United States territory and the subsequent creation of the black-ops Earth Protection Force during the Grant administration in He was also responsible for the Roswell incident of , in reality caused by the a covert take down of a flying saucer belonging to the Greys.

These could be the same Greys who experimented on Bishop, since the surviving alien they dragged out seems to recognize Bishop. In more recent decades, he acted as Best Man to Finn , a Navy sailor who later on was turned into a mutant under unknown circumstances. During the Ninja Turtles series, Bishop acted as the head of the Earth Protection Force, a black-ops team formed to protect Earth from extraterrestrial threats. In order to combat a possible alien invasion effectively, he applied an "any means necessary" approach to his mission, and was aiming to accumulate alien technology and use it to improve humanity's gene stock and build an army of super-soldiers by doing secret and quite illegal and unethical experiments on captured aliens and mutants.

Cunning, uncaring and manipulative, there was precious little that Bishop would not do to obtain what he wanted.

During the Triceraton Invasion, he made a deal with the Federation , offering the Fugitoid , along with his knowledge of the world-destroying Teleportal , in exchange for what he needs, as well as a guarantee that the Earth would be left alone. As a bonus he also captured the Turtles to use as test subjects and took them to his lab where Bishop says he knows their names and much much more. He took samples of their DNA, the Turtles of course wanted to not accept such exploitation, as well as Leatherhead 's, whom he self-imprisoned, experimented on, and tortured, thus traumatizing him and unleashed his primal instincts.

He battles the Turtles, Splinter, and Casey, before Leatherhead gets the upper hand on him. Then he escapes with the DNA samples, but not before declaring they'll meet again.

When he reached another one of his bases, Honeycutt's message was interrupting his work and he ordered the transmission to be severed. Bishop set up a convenient trap for Karai , who was trying to steal an alien microchip from the government, and then called Shredder to demand that he hands over all of the Triceraton tech he had been salvaging under the cover of rebuilding New York , threatening to kill Karai should he not respond in forty-five minutes. But instead of surrendering, Saki sent Hun to save Karai, who follows Bishop all over town.

Bishop then decided to take down the brute once and for all, only for the Turtles to interfere, as 'he is the only person they hate more than Hun'. Outnumbered, Bishop decides to abandon the train he was on, but not before revealing to the Turtles of his taking of their DNA, which sped up his work by decades.

Gun Slingin' FBI Agent Chase Bishop Pleads Guilty to Third Degree Assault | Westword

Bishop then began an elaborate plan to capture Splinter, whose DNA was more complex. He intended to copy that advance DNA to create an army of super solders all in the image of him who should act as a combat-ready protection force against alien attacks, born of enhanced DNA acquired from genetic manipulation, alien autopsies, and DNA stolen from the turtles.

His first creation was the Slayer a prototype who during the course of the series became this series' version of the Rat King , a cyborg meant to hunt down aliens anywhere, who didn't care if people got hurt in the process. But with the help of Leatherhead the Turtles and Honeycutt stormed the lab and managed to seal the Slayer in a tank. While fighting against Splinter, Bishop was sent slamming against a hook, which he was impaled on, but he survived and escaped the flooding facility while no one was looking.

He had gray liquid on him, suggesting he is not human.

At Oroku Saki's "good-bye party", Bishop had a contact on the inside—Dr. Baxter Stockman , who had grown tired of the Shredder's punishments. He learned that Saki had been constructing a ship to return to the stars. Bishop had his men blow the main launch tunnel, forcing Saki to go through the doors of the party going on beneath. Bishop had any surveillance station launch missiles at the ship, determined not to allow the ship to escape.

The ship was destroyed, which was a relief to Stockman, as Bishop says it's the beginning of a "Mutually beneficial partnership". Unfortunately, the E.

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  7. The only version of Bishop that is human..

The President warns Bishop should there be anymore failures, he would cut the E. Immediately after, Bishop learns that Finn had been stolen by the Purple Dragons and was determined to retrieve the mutant at all costs. He chased Finn to his wife's house, remarking that Finn still remembers.

Unfortunately, Bishop fails to recapture the mutant and resumes that he died in a fire. This further further failure was enough for the bureaucrats to cut funding for the E. With one ship in the sky, remote controlled aliens and a number of holograms, they made it seem like Earth was being invaded again.

Bishop "saved" the President, his plan worked as the President agrees to give him money to fund the EPF, as well as getting the Turtles wanted by the government. Unfortunately, the alien residue went into the sewer and accidentally came in contact with local wildlife and mutated them into a savage, near-sentient form. Bishop had to focus the E. Bishop demanded that Stockman clean up his mess, and tries to warn Stockman to postpone his attempt to get a new human body.

But his head scientist was too focused on creating his own body. But it proved to be a failure after a series of hallucinations and decomposition's.

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Stockman seemingly died in the East River, but Bishop simply resurrected him, claiming that he needed his brain to clean up the outbreak. The Turtles excluding Donatello who was infected demanded they give a cure. Bishop agreed, having Stockman work with Leatherhead, while he had them retrieve the Heart of Tengu , which he heard from a mysterious contact that it was an archive of alien technologies. Once they got it to him, he had Area 51 self-destruct to cover its existence though they all left before that and had the cure spread all over New York.

What Bishop didn't known was that the entity was the Water Foot Mystic, who was manipulating everyone so that Karai's control over them will be broken.

The only version of Bishop that is human.

For season 5, Stockman recovered a number of nanobots from a Triceraton wreck at Coney Island, which they presumed to be a new alien technology, not knowing it is a government project. Stockman places a microchip on one of the nanobots, activating them to serve Bishop's commands.

Unfortunately, they found out that the nanos were intelligent and that its original programming was fighting with Stockmans and gathered all advanced technologies as it escaped, underlining Stockman's overconfidence once more to Bishop. Later he joins forces with the Turtles and other heroes and villains in fighting against the Tengu Shredder. When the Turtles travel to the year , they are surprised to find Bishop is the president of the Pan Galactic Alliance - essentially, the leader of the entire planet Earth, and the ambassador to other planets.

It is revealed that this change in behavior toward aliens occurred when his lab caught on fire and he was pinned to the ground. One of the very aliens he hated with his every breath, that he had captured, and experimented upon, went out of his way to save John's life. Bishop appears in the IDW comics where is origins are different. He was born a deformed human with intelligence and that his father worked in the Government. As an adult he is dwarf sized so his father created a suit to help him fit in society better. Like his incarnation, Bishop is xenophobic towards all mutants and aliens, but is more unhinged than his incarnation and prone to emotional outbursts.

He is immortal and a dangerous martial artist. He held his own against seven fighters and takes out Hun , and Shredder's elite guards. Video Games Mechaturtle Shogun Tora. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. These clones are awaiting final DNA sequencing. By cellular acceleration, I can give birth to an army within six hours fully trained thanks to my advances in bio data transference and your DNA.

I've uploaded complex survival tactics into this prototype. He was voiced by David Zen Mansley. Contents [ show ].

Agent Bishop

Agent Bishop angry that the bureaucrats at D. Bishop's true appearance in the IDW comcis. Categories :. Not only are these future members of the Earth Protection Force, but they are the new humanity.