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The Okanogan-Cariboo Trail map boasts of railways, bathing beaches, camping and other tourism attractions along what is now known as the U. Highway 97 corridor. The Chronicle refuses to print the article. April 1 — Gas rises to 37 cents per gallon. April 8 — The BilesColeman mill in Wenatchee announces it will begin operations that week, expecting to turn out 1,, boxes per year. Other Indians attested to her power, but the court said the control of evil spirits was not a proper defense. April 29 — The Ruby mine ceases operations after the death of its president, but expects to resume soon.

It resumes June June 3 — State legislation requires automobile licenses to be enforced after Aug. July 15 — Building permits now required within Omak city limits. Continued on on Page Page 2. The plans of this organization now call for a cut of ten to fifteen million feet for the season and in their efforts to do this, they now have some 4,, feet of logs already piled on the skidways along the three and a half miles of logging railway they have run up Wanicut creek.

This lumber is all to be made up into boxes at the Omak box plant of this company this spring and summer and means that more than 2,, boxes are to be manufactured at this place. At the present time, a crew of forty men is being employed at the sawmill and thirty-five more are in the woods getting out logs. Within thirty days, it is planned to have the sawmill running a full twenty-four hour shift and turning out anywhere from , to , feet of lumber a day.

In fact, it is planned to run the mill past the regular season so there will be a hangover of several million feet of lumber that will be thoroughly seasoned for the box plant to begin on next year. Over a mile and a half of the present logging railway has been constructed during the past forty days over the frozen ground and the present track will need to be moved into new timber by the middle of this summer. At this time, only three trucks of 18, feet of logs are being brought in over these tracks each trip but this will soon be doubled and a steam unloader installed at the mill that will unload one truck of logs a minute into the mill pond.

A good illustration of the up-to-theminute ability of this organization is well illustrated by the fact that they are able to start sawing in this zero weather and to successfully do so are keeping their mill pond from freezing by the judicious use of steam. A well appointed woods camp and commissary has been erected at the woods end of the railway and a new warehouse and office is now being built at the mill. The Daly Bros. This lumber hauling contract is the vital connecting link.

If you wish to view the largest lumber operations that have ever been staged in this neck of the woods, take a run up to the BilesColeman mill any time within the next thirty to sixty days, it will repay you. Continuedon on Page Page County All-Star Team Selected March 19, The selection of an Okanogan County All-Star team as selected by secret vote of coaches and officials within the county was compiled as follows: Each player receiving a choice for a position on the first team was given two votes and being named on the second team gave him one vote.

Those who named a captain for their team chose Gliden of Brewster, although not all of the coaches named a captain. In some cases a man lost a position on the first team by being named for two different places. This was true of Burnham of Oroville. The votes are as follows: Gliden — Brewster, 10 F H. Burnham 0 McCormack — B 7. Holmes — T 6. Burnham received 6 votes for center and 4 for forward so in as much as the vote was divided I took the liberty of selecting him as second choice for center.

The rise of this young man marks the fulfillment of the life work of Father E. The young generation was his hope, Paschal one of his brightest pupils. The good father felt he would be satisfied if he could live to see one of these Indian lads reach the point in life to which Paschal has now attached himself. He has now attained as he was sure such a one would be fired with ambition to buckle in and assist in the uplift work of his own people.

Friends, Indians and whites, have watched this bright young man climb and have been proud that his early training was in this community. They wish him continued success, whether or not he elects to return and become a leader of his people as Father de Rouge had planned. Dodge ship designer and builder of the Atlantic Coast died. March 30 — cars of apples shipped for the season. April 20 — Fire destroys Glenwood Mercantile Co. June 15 — L. M Klessig sold dairy and milk route to M. July 6 — Biles Coleman wins baseball series. March 1 — Orchardist A. April 5 — The Chronicle runs an advertisement celebrating the first radio transmission to England.

Continued on on Page Page 3. March 1, An open hearing will be held Monday morning at 9 a. Some of these charges are to the effect that the affairs of the Indians are not properly supervised, that their property is not protected, that they don not receive proper medical attention, and that the Indians are not making the progress that they should under Government supervision. The committee was composed of C. Blackwell and O. Woody, Okanogan and J. Biles of Omak. Much Testimony The reports of the committee without their recommendations covers 27 typewritten pages, largely composed of questions and answers taken during the hearing last Monday.

Only a small part of the testimony was transcribed as it was estimated that the full report would have covered probably 79 page. The committee recommendations are published below. Medical Attention This committee is firmly of the opinion that a hospital for the exclusive treatment of Indian patients should be established on the west side of the Colville Indian reservation, suitably equipped to give adequate service in surgical cases and care of tuberculosis patients.

In the case of children at least the disease cold often be arrested if it were possible to give proper treatment. Under the existing contract, Indians are given some medical and surgical attention, but the latter may often be denied through inability of the patients. Proper coverage of the health field can only be given through establishment of suitable hospital facilities. More and more the Indians are mingling with the whites and being admitted to the public schools and the tuberculosis menace among the tribes has become a matter of concern to all people in communities where Indians reside.

Statements that Indians seek the services of other doctors because the government appointed does not answer their calls or because they feel he is neglectful in their treatment warrants a check-up on the general treatment afforded. Rehabilitation Cattle holdings among the Indians has been greatly depleted by a long period of drought and poor market conditions. We recommend that some means be provided whereby the older Indians may be reestablished in the stock-raising business on a small scale.

There is need of more active assistance both on the part of the government and the public in. We recommend organization of a self-improvement council by the young Indians assisting members of the tribes in the conduct of their affairs. Payment of Rentals Particular efforts should be put forth to keep lessors and those Indians who have individual agreements for the sale of timber, pasturage, etc. In the minds of the Indians there is is much mystery about these affairs and a great deal of suspicion. The Indian. Conditions Less Favorable On the Colville reservation, Indians were better off 20 years ago than they are today.

This statement is based on our own observations as well as testimony by Indians.

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This condition, however, is in line with the experience of white dry land farmers in the same district and is largely attributable to climatic conditions. This particular member of the local apricot family came from the Bartin Robinson orchard just north of town and measured nine inches one way and eight and the three-quarters the other.

Best of all, it had a numerous flock of brothers and sisters who crowded it closely for Jumbo honors and the quality was A1. Hatcher orchard just north of town and only weighed twenty-five and a half ounces and looked like a young pumpkin size. Could the aforementioned apricot, and this pear, have been pickled in one huge glass jar, they would have graced any museum with honor and small chance of being eaten. This break was caused by falling rocks that had been loosened by the spring thaw on the bluff above the track.

The accident proved fatal to Engineer Duffy, of Oroville. When he saw the derailment was unavoidable, the engineer jumped to save himself and was crushed on the rocks. A speeder was secured and the injured man rushed to the Pateros hospital, but life had left the body before medical aid could be reached.

Dickson and a Mrs. Guile and daughter and Mrs. Scott and children were the only local passengers aboard the train and while the passengers were all badly shaken, the pleasing report comes through theat none of them needed medical attention. The train left the track, most fortunately, on the bank side, so none of the cars were turned over but had it gone off on the river there would have been a terrible loss of life and property.

For just a month ago, lightning struck a fence not a hundred feet from where Paxton was standing in his field. The lightning traveled along the barbed wire fence and paralyzed a pig nearby. Paxton came to town afterwards and told of the incident. And then while the farmer was cutting grain in his field, four miles from Meyers Falls last Tuesday lightning struck again and killed Paxton.

The bolt traveled through his body, through the binder, through the tongue of the machine and laid out the four horses in a row, one on top of the other — all dead. This was the first time in more the 25 years that anyone had been killed in Stevens county by lightning, old residents said. Neither of these buildings were occupied and the funrishings had been removed from the hotel building some months ago by the parties who had the place leased.

No one knows how the fire started and the practically no fire protection, it is fortunate that more of the business section wsa not caught by the flames. Hendrick, the lad would undoubtedly have lost his life. In company with several of his little playmates, Del was playing along the river bank above the bridge. Hendrick was busy at the plant and had heard the lads calling and playing about and was not paying any attention to their shouting until he rather subconsciously noted a tone of fear in their shoutings. Going to the river bank to make sure all was right, the lads shouted to him that one of their number was in the river.

Rushing to the bank, Mr. Diving under the ice, the lad was quickly brought to the surface but it was a strenuous twenty minutes work to bring back signs of life in the sturdy little body. Warm blankets, coupled with immediate medical attention and loving home care soon put the lad back in the running, for what is hoped will be a long and useful life. October 14, Closing of pool rooms at midnight, according to city ordinance, was demanded by the Omak Commercial Club at its Monday meeting, the resolution further requesting that the city marshal and county sheriff give loafers the choice of going to work or leaving town.

The resolution passed unanimously by the Commercial club follows: Whereas, the laws and ordinance of the Town of Omak have not been enforced during the harvest season, and the pool rooms have been permitted to remain open at all hours of the night and have remained open all night. Be if further resolved, that the town marshal and sheriff make every effort to rid the town of idlers, and that such be given the choice of going to work at. Be it further resolved, that a copy of this resolution be furnished the mayor, every member of the council, city marshal and city attorney.

Champion, President J. Courtright, Secretary. Impediment to Harvest The pool room question arose during a discussion of labor shortage for harvest operations, and the fact that pool rooms were remaining open all night contrary to law was declared to be a definite hindrance to harvest work. McDermott introduced the subject declaring that not only was there a group of loafers playing a crooked game of cards and filching money earned by regular laborers, but also the very fact that workers were spending their nights in a pool room rendered them unfit for work the next day. A second thought which developed in the discussion was the removal of those whose purpose was not the seeking of work.

Caldwell related a conversation he had heard. Monday between a rancher and a pool room loafer, the latter grilling the rancher upon wages, accommodations, size of apples, height of trees and so on. The job was finally refused and the rancher returned home without help. Another angle of the question was brought out in the assertion that some of those who were hanging around pool rooms were actually ranchers who had better be home resting for harvest work. McDermott, who has taken an interest in the providing of labor declared that there were possible accommodations for men in the community, invalidating the contention that there is need of pool rooms in lieu of a lodging house.

After a heated discussion of the matter, it being evident that opinions was solidly for closing pool rooms according to law, at midnight, the resolution was put by President E. Champion and passed without a dissenting vote. The cat was shot over on Beaver Creek, a few miles northwest of Olema, beyond where the first party of hunters in the field Shuttleworth, Haley and Hildebrand lost the trail.

This party of hunters had gone north and were working back toward where Vanderpool shot the animal on Wednesday. The cougar is not such a large cat but is an old female whose teeth and claws show her age and whose tawny body proves she has been unsuccessful in obtaining all the wild food she needed. In phoning in this news, deputy sheriff McCauley stated he felt sure the guilty animal had been killed but the hunters reported signs of other cougars in the same locality so the enlarged campaign by the state hunters will be highly pleasing to everyone.

Disastrous fires hit several times in the various mills and plants of Biles-Coleman. A fire in took out a plant, which Biles had rebuilt in 92 days. Just before it opened, another John C. Biles and Nate disastrous fire burned down the Coleman started out as loggers, mill. That was also replaced partnering in Growers mill was having Biles became mayor of financial problems, so Biles and J.

Coleman purchased the mill, When the Depression starting a business that would homes and businesses in the struck, Biles-Coleman stayed in become the largest in the county. As the feet unit of timber in The his own. Biles died in and left city grew, Biles-Coleman mills business had gotten too big for the business to his son-in-law, Ross logged and cut wood for new Coleman, so he sold out to Biles. June 28 — A change in legislative laws two days before the special Omak school elections makes those elections illegal.

The vote is redone July 7. Businesses close from noon to 4 p.

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No one was injured. She won the title of Princess America, the second girl to do so, and for the next year traveled the nation in this role. She met multiple governors, senators and other politicians.

In October of , she met Queen Marie of Roumania. She married after the end of her reign and moved to Spokane, where she died in Frederick W. Walker Pugh pastored the Omak Presbyterian Church from until his death in His wife, Kathleen, and he married in Wales in and immigrated to American for their honeymoon. He pastored several churches, slowly moving farther west until moving to Omak in January By then they had four children — Eric, Kathleen, Gwendolyn and Roger. As he was half conscious in his deathbed, he preached his last sermon. Pugh lived for 31 more years as a widow in Omak.

In , she took over the reins of the Omak library, known for her thick British accent and censorship of books that were inappropriate for children. She was librarian for 22 years. Construction is halted by —26 temperature. The freeze breaks all 12 school radiators. Biles Lumber Co. April 3 — Businesses told to close from p. April 11 for city clean up day. The Riverside fire sets a record for the city, having had 50 buildings destroyed by fire in 8 years. July 10 — Reclamation Director Dr. Elwood Mead visits the county and throws in his support for the electrification of pumps at Green Lake.

July 17 — 3, people gather for the opening of the new Omak Bridge which still stands today. It is later replaced by the Cariboo Inn, which still stands. He was Henry Livingston, who died at the age of , four months and 19 days. He had been taken to Conconully on the previous Sunday when he became ill. He had made his home at Tonasket for over 70 years, being there long before the town was started.

Followed Gold Rush As a young man, Mr. Livingston followed the gold rushes of the then new West and it was the first gold rush into the Okanogan County that brought him here. After participating in the California Gold rush, following the forty-niners, he came north with a group of miners on the Cariboo gold rush in He came down to the Columbia River at a time when many Chinamen were in this part of the state. Came to Ruby Mr. Livingston was one of the first miners to reach Ruby, the first boom town in the county.

When the strike took place at Loomis, he went there and was later in the rush to Republic in Ferry county. He visited in Seattle in when that city had only 10 people. Knew Indians Through his long association with the West he came to know the Indians intimately and in early days had many encounters with them, both friendly and as enemies. As an ambassador from the whites, he once conferred with Chief Tonasket. He related how on one occasion,. Arriving at the Indian camp he found them hungry. He had brought a stick of dynamite with him and lighting this he threw it into the Okanogan River, the explosion bringing enough dead fish to the surface to feed the whole tribe.

The dynamite had been brought in from Ellensburg. Livingston was the oldest living man at the time of his death who had penetrated the Okanogan county before the Civil War. He knew Kit Carson, on of the most famous of pioneer personalities. His funeral was held from the community church at Tonasket.

Randolph, that speedy apple packer, Jack Rogers, is up to his old tricks again. Randolph states the Rogers turned out packed boxes the other day in a little less than 10 hours. Steiert, of her five months of service. Try to see the meaning of her visits where comfort and advice are needed by patient and family. Consider that each case a possible center of infection is made safe if her directions are followed. Study carefully the facts as to our children.

Full text of "Chronicles of Oklahoma"

Patients visited, recorded — Tuberculosis — Left county — 16 Died — 8. Non-tuberculosis — 4 Recorded other diseases — 5 Patients on record Jan. Schools visited since Sept. Children examined — Under weight with defects — Under weight no defects — 41 Normal weight with defects — 69 Defective teeth — Diseased enlarged tonsils — Adenoids — 14 Impaired vision — 4 Enlarged glands, goiter — Most of these children have been referred to their physician or dentist and notices sent to parent urging them to have the defects corrected.

Many parents do not realize that it is poor economy to send a physically defective child to school and expect intellectual development. Literature on the rules of health have been distributed. Respectfully, Althea L. Steiert R. March 12 — Dozens of livestock are pushed over a cliff by three juveniles, who were arrested and then later cleared of charges.

April 9 — Construction begins on St. July 2 — New pump doubles Omak fire protection. Continued on on Page Page 4. Anna Mae Rigby acts as editor while many locals write in area news for a few months. April 1 — The Golf Club completes its first golf course. June 3 — Water pump installed at Shellrock Point for orchard irrigation. July 8 — Three new pumps are recommended to provide a total of 9, acre-feet of irrigation.

July 8 — Frank S. Emert takes over ownership of The Chronicle. Several editions of the paper are missed. July 15 — Grady Cope, robber, escapes from jail. He is found July July 22 — 23, acres burn in the Chelan and Okanogan forests with firefighters battling the blaze. Fire shuts the Biles-Coleman mill down. The workers start fighting the fire instead.

Fancher, who saves the life of his nephew, Billy, by taking him from Tonasket to Spokane. April 14 — BilesColeman electrifies its mill. The Peerless is still in operation. It still stands. Biles is elected mayor of Omak. Dewey, the promoter and financial backer of this most needed and worthy enterprise is to be highly complimented upon the faith he has shown in the community. This may not be the most spacious structure of its kind, but there will be few in its class that are better appointed or equipped for real medical service and the comfort of the patients so well thought of at every point in the new building.

From seven to twelve patients can be comfortably cared for on the main ground floor that is light and airy. The operating room is also on this floor as is the convenient sun parlor at the rear that has a floor space of 10x20 feet. Convenience starts at the front door of this institution with a portico extending out over a raised driveway that allows the conveyance bringing sick or injured up the level of the front entrance and at the same time.

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The city fathers feel they picked up a bargain in the GMC. Omak Hospital Built in by Dr. The doors of all rooms are of a three foot six size, the beds on castors and everything handy to remove the sick in case of a fire. Down in the basement, which is really less than half basement there is a commodious kitchen excellently appointed even to a large size Lang range, food elevator to the first floor, wash room and four bedrooms for the nurses and assistants. The building is so placed upon its 65x lot that there is.

It is next to the pretty Hubbert lawn and just across the street from the City Park. The operation of this institution will be in charge of Mrs. Della Fox, who is an experienced trained nurse. All licensed doctors in good standing will be privileged and welcomed to care for their patients here. If you have not already done so, call around and inspect this modern building. It is a credit to the community.

The total cost of the dam, power plant, transmission line, together with the pumping plant at Shell Rock Point and its discharge system is placed at a. The plans call for a dam approximately feet long with the power plant at the east end of the dam adjoining the G. Curves showing the flow of the Okanogan River at Okanogan and the power available at the McLaughlin Canyon power site with a head of 15 feet are attached covering the period of to This record shows the maximum flow is approximately 22, second feet and the minimum is second feet.

Sufficient water is available to operate the plant at full capacity up to the 20th of August each year. In fact, this project is safe right now for the season with what water is now in the reservoirs at Conconully and what can be taken from the local wells and lakes were there no snow in the mountains at all, which is far from being the case. Project manager Casteel gave these absolute figures to the Chronicle Wednesday morning: Storage in old reservoir, can be taken out by gravity, 2, acre feet; new Salmon Lake reservoir, 3, acre feet, can be pumped.

This makes a total of 5, acre feet now actually in storage. In fact, Mr. Casteel states that past experience shows that much more than 3, feet can be taken from Salmon Lake, but he has kept his figures conservative. These figures take no account of what can be pumped from Duck Lake, the regular supply from the private wells or the extra 3, acre feet that is figured can be taken from private wells over and above what is actually needed by the lands upon which the wells are located.

Added to this is the fact that recent measurements at the Chas. Conger ranch only 4, Upon this, six inches of light snow has fallen, not counting what came this week Wednesday, and from all indications here in the valley, the snow this week must have been a big one back in the hills. Reports last fall from all parts of the mountain country in this county told of how the springs and creeks were back to normal flow and that the ground was thoroughly soaked before it froze and before any great amount of snow had fallen.

A machine of this character gets very little actual running and this one seems to be in A1 condition and will probably last Omak for several years, before there will be any need to exchange it for larger, snappier equipment. Tiffany, supervisor of hydraulics. The adjudication will involve water rights for the Okanogan irrigation district, a federal reclamation service project, it was said. The foregoing news dispatch from Olympia is the best bit of news this locality has had for many a day as it means the. Project manager Casteel and director Petersen took special pains to get in touch with supervisor Tiffany when he was up this way on Whitestone matters recently and they have certainly secured immediate action out of the new administration where old regime paid no attention to their many pleas.

The H. Gym Feb. Gym which will add about to its capacity to hold spectators. And this without the cost of a penny to District No. Some time ago Mr. Wright, manager of the Columbia Valley Lumber Company, volunteered for his company to donate one half the lumber needed for such a balcony. The Alumni headed by Burton Cast and Bernard Middleton sponsored the financing of the other half of the lumber, plus other necessary supplies.

They met a ready response from several business men, Mr. Worrall volunteered to. On Thursday and Friday an enthusiastic group of volunteers worked hard under Mr. Campbell and Mr. Minnich each donated their expert services for part of the time. Most of the work was done by High School students who plunged into the task ahead with fervor. Two sides were completed for the game Friday night with Okanogan.

There were fully spectators on the balcony at this game. Worrall, Mr.

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Cast and Mr. Middleton, the boosters of the project, the business men contributing, and all others who lent a hand. The Omak spirit wins! This is a service that has long been desired at Omak and one that should be highly appreciated by the patrons of the office. The office door will be closed and locked at nine p. An additional night operator is required, and while the pay offered is not real fat, there should be a good opening for some young person with a liking for this sort of work. Another new building is needed. May 31 — The Chronicle prints twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

He is finally arrested. You cannot hear or be heard as well. In fact, a twisted cord may cause a complete interruption of your service. Keeping the telephone cord straight will give you greater satisfaction in the use of your telephone. Wilson, Chief Deputy B. Sheriff Wilson is badly grieved over the fact that he was. An interesting phase of this record arrest is the fact the prisoner O. Our kindly sheriff, in his proverbial quiet manner, informed Mr.

McCullough that he had evidently paid his clearance fees over the wrong counter. The heavy hand of the law will some day soon be. Deputy Ed Howell got the first one near the Riverside station and catching the morning southbound train was able to fire at the other seven cars from the train. The caravan was seen from the Omak station as it was stopped and waited for the train to leave the station before proceeding up the Corkscrew grade.

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He got word through to the sheriff and that gentleman and his posse were able to land on the rear guard before they reached the top of the grade. Three cars were captured here and the fifth one over on the Goose Lake flats. Ramsey and Edith Symonds went to the jury this afternoon after an all day session. They are charged with lewdness, the state basing its charge on the accusation that they were living in the Savoy hotel in Omak without being married over a period of two months. Both are familiar characters in Omak.

Ramsey having worked as a mechanic her and. The two defendants took the stand in their own defense. This it was contended accounted for her numerous trips to the apartment testified to by Mr. Johnson, who operate the hotel. Other witnesses for the state were C.

The two were arrested on the evening of July 5 by Mr. Latshaw and Deputy Sheriff M. Martin was attorney for the defense. Prosecuting Attorney H. Davis and Special Prosecutor Chas. Johnson handled the case for the state. Lester Rounds photo Sam Friedlander and his family poses with a new automobile during the Okanogan Rodeo in The man shot on Monday morning has been identified as B. Warner, of Spokane. The force in charge of this caravan was found to have eight revolvers and three rifles, all loaded and ready for business.

At least, if not now, it soon will be here. An authorized Klan orator, of Seattle, delivered an eloquent address to a large audience of invited Omakers at the Omak Auditorium last week, the object of this meeting being the enlistment of new members. While the speaker gave few of the inner workings of his order, he did, in most respects give a highly moral and entertaining lecture that was designed to give his audience the impression that the Klan was among the truly better class societies of our nation and that their aims and objects were all of the highest moral, religious and patriotic character.

As above stated, this publication feels that a mighty good impression was left with this local audience. The editor of this sheet innocently pulled this stunt at the Ku Klux Klan meeting last week Wednesday evening. Presuming upon the ordinary license of newspaper reporters, and not being aware that the particular Klan meeting was a invited party, we butted in, obtained a seat, and heard most of a very interesting lecture by the Klan organizer.

Take it from us, folks, the best of the Omak citizenship was represented at this meeting and we know not whom they seek in other parts but they sure went after the best we have at every turn. The Chronicle has never feared the Klan, nor has it in any way attempted to defile it. Our attendance at the meeting last week left the impression that no upright citizen need ever have any fear of it, at least so far as the Omak branch is concerned.

We do believe, however, that the Klan is treading upon treacherous sands when it antagonizes any religious society, either the heads thereof or the membership at large. To us, it is a proven fact that the upholding of the fundamentals or our government, as constituted, will prevent the domination of any sect, society or creed from gaining control of the reins of temporal government and mixing of church and state.

We are a forward-looking and working nation, one that has never backed up to take on the discarded robes of the by-gone dark ages, and we cannot believe that future generations will ever do so. We know they will not, provided we of this generation give them the broad viewpoint of human freedom we all love so much.

Therefore I am requesting that since I am the said accused commissioner I must strongly urge that your president call a meeting at an early date and that the club select at that meeting one citizen to serve as a member of an investigating committee. I am requesting that the committee proceed immediately to investigate the official acts and expenditures of your commissioner during the two years I have held that office; to make the investigation thorough; to report their findings; and if the use of the office for personal benefit at the expense of the county be found to have taken place, then the report must so show.

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In due fairness to all parties, including the public, I request that the committee be instructed also to investigate the conduct of the office of prosecuting attorney of the county during the same two years. This investigation may help. If wrong-doing be found to have occurred in this office let it not only be reported but also laid before the proper authorities as the basis for prosecution.

Brown of the state department of municipal accounting:. Dear Sir: I have been giving the matter of the claim due Okanogan County upon the Murray contract considerable thought. The county also has a claim for use and damage to nine fresnoes, seven plows, one grader and two Ford trucks which were practically new. If Mr. Larrabee or his friends have any charges to prefer against me by reason of my. The charges against Mr. Larrabee concerned details of management of construction of a highway on the west side of the Methow River between Twisp and Carlton.

Nineteen of the charges brought by Mr. The counts against Mr. Larrabee charging an interest in the contract under which the highway was constructed were dismissed by the court who ruled that every citizen of the. There is as much debate about how to perfect the ideal, flaky pastry crust as there is about the very definition of a pie: Must it have a top and bottom crust?

Is a pasty a pie? In flavorful detail, Clarkson celebrates the pie in all its variations. This delectable salute to the many pies enjoyed the world over will satisfy the appetites of all readers hungry for culinary history and curious about the many varieties of this delightful food, and it just might inspire them to don aprons and head for the stove.

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. Pie: A Global History. Prices and offers may vary in store. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books History. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary "The author has imbued this book with magic charms, making it an adventuresome voyage through a sometimes entertaining, sometimes alarming, always fascinating, unfamiliar lost world, almost too fantastic to be real, and peopled with as many interesting characters as Alice in Wonderland.

Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. I think I'll try to dig around, And see what I can find. There's Mom and Dad all bundled up, Perched high atop their sleigh. That Min and Fred could pull a load, For a few oats and a bit of hay.

And there is the smell of homemade bread, All buttered and in their pans. We will maybe get a scone or two, Grab the syrup, wash your hands. I'm going to get my pencil now, To write a line or two. Please stick around if you have time, I'll share my thoughts with you. Garry and I ready to play. I loved that skirt and wore it as much as possible! Mom and Garry with her beloved dog Dick and Buster. At some point, I'm not exactly sure, we were joined by another person. I came to know him as my.

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