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  3. Prior Visions of Star Flight

In the middle of all this, he receives some disconcerting news; Marjorie, his old mentor, is missing. A mysterious entity may be the key to a starship's survival-or a terrifying new threat-as the Odyssey One series continues… The Empire has set its sights on its next target: human Terrans. As effective allies of the Priminae, the denizens of Earth have proven themselves enemies to the Empire, and now the Imperial forces know more about the Terran home world than ever before.

Action adventure sci-fi horror set in Antarctica. The spaceship entombed in the huge iceberg calved from the Pine Island Glacier drifts towards the warmer air and ocean temperatures of the South Atlantic. The race is on to claim the alien technology before the ice melts and releases its hold on the trapped alien vessel. Buy at Amazon Kobo iBooks. Wanted by their enemies for exposing the Black Sword cabal and faced with the difficult task of rebuilding the Special Operations Division while treason remains rampant, Major Zack Decker and Commander Hera Talyn are stuck in desk jobs.

Until, that is, the Coalition and its minions decide to make things very personal. Forced back into the role of field operatives, they discover a plot to destabilize an entire sector and bring it under the iron-fisted control of a Commonwealth government eager to abandon democracy in favor of imperial dreams. Racing against time and soulless foes, they have one chance to prevent a civil war and rescue someone more precious to Zack Decker than any other living thing in the entire universe: the daughter he hasn't seen for twenty years.

Not even the threat of disgrace and imminent death are enough to deter Decker because, as his foes will find out once again, he's still one of the Few….

Free Kindle and Nook eBooks - August 13, Edition

Humanity's thousand-year-old interstellar empire has been rotting from the inside for over a century, thanks to venal, corrupt, and power-hungry sovereigns from a dynasty many consider illegitimate. The latest in that lineage, an increasingly psychotic empress, is pushing her realm toward catastrophic collapse as admirals and generals rebel against her rule. That rebellion quickly drags the once mighty Imperial Fleet into a devastating fratricidal conflict between factions.

In a war between man and machine, he must find a way to protect them all After a devastating war forced humans to rely on synths for survival, the two have learned to coexist peacefully. Until now When detective Dhata Mays is called in to investigate a homicide, what he uncovers threatens the serenity of this futuristic society. The gruesome murder means only one thing: someone is ready to incite another war. Now, it's up to Dhata to ensure that the truth stays hidden--to protect both sides of the battle.

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But can he be unbiased in a black and white world that forces him to take sides? When machine murders man, one detective is the world's only hope of preventing an all-out-war And Dhata Mays is stepping in. Helga Ate is finally getting her chance.


Chosen for a coveted slot in the glorious Nighthawks, Special Forces, she will certainly be able to prove herself as more than a half-alien outcast. But when her team deploys to the moon of Dyn, tragedy strikes and Helga is put to the ultimate test--survival.

Facing insurmountable odds and escaping torture, Helga and her mentor, Cilas Mec, are forced to face a fate worse than death. Battling brain-eating aliens and human pirates, the odds are stacked against them in every way. Including material from interviews with over two dozen writers, producers, and directors of acclaimed science-themed productions -- as well as scientists, science fiction authors, and science advisors -- Hollyweird Science examines screen science fiction from the sometimes-conflicting vantage points of storytellers, researchers, and viewers.

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Including a foreword by Eureka co-creator and executive producer Jaime Paglia, and an afterword by astronomer and science fiction author Michael Brotherton, Ph. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Authors view affiliations Kevin R. Pages The Path to Nerdvana. Captained by one Julian Beare. The squadron shows as 'Reinhart Squadron'.

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They are listed as rogue ex-Mercs, by the Mercenary Guild, with an 'approach with caution' notation, followed by 'apprehend if possible'. Hunter I presume. We were hoping to run into you. Julian Beare of the Unthinkable. We have come to reclaim some property that belonged to a friend of mine.

Do us all a favour and surrender quietly. Your new Heavy Transport is no match for a real Corvette and a squadron of heavy fighters.

Prior Visions of Star Flight

Care to put them to the test? I strapped in and eased back on the speed, to what would be normal for a Corvette. No sense in telling them this ship had enhancements before they found out the hard way. Head to head, the distance closed quickly. At the maximum range for FF missiles, I started pumping them out from both launchers. I had thirty from each on their way ahead of me, before I had to start thinking about what I was doing. Well Mr. Beare, how are you at playing 'Chicken'? I smiled in a predatory way. The Gladiators were in V formation ahead of the Corvette.