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Our cohosts were the Southern Cape branch. Western Cape branch was there in spirit. Before this question is addressed one must also look at some other factors at work. The first factor that was at play was the cultural influences. Thomas Ball born in England - successful businessman - served first as a member of the City Council, and in becoming the Mayor of Cape Town,.

Spekulasie oor die oorsake van dood wanneer grafskrifte vir eGGSA ontsyfer word en die somtyds onverwagte uitkoms daarna. Trying to uncover the circumstances around the causes of death when trying to decipher gravestone inscriptions for the the eGGSA graves project and an unexpected outcome. A thorough examination and interpretation of the information in the documents and references. Die engelbeeld wat by die Bethulie gedenkteken gesteel, maar gelukkig teruggevind is. Henry Richard Moss born in He was in Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape.

We only need 73 photos to achieve the goal. Digging for Ancestral Roots Sam J Basch With his unruly grey hair and wildly gesticulating hands Mark Solms could be mistaken for a symphonic conductor. Having thrown himself passionately into a self-imposed world-class research project on his wine estate at Franschhoek, this owner of Solms Delta - formerly Zandvliet — while tracing its recent history to colonial times - it has been settled by humans for millennia.

In this he is ably assisted by equally passionate historian Tracey Randle. Familiestories - eGGSA Webwerf Roelf du Preez Graag bring ons onder julle aandag, dat ons besluit het om die familiestories waaraan ons werk, beskikbaar te stel. Die webwerf is te sien by www. Women and gender relations in the Afrikaner community Hermann Giliomee Hierdie artikel in Engel geskryf, argumenteer dat Afrikanervroue gedurende die eerste twee eeue van die nedersetting aansienlik meer regte geniet het onder die Romeins-Hollandse reg as wat die geval was met vroue wat onder die Engelse regte sorteer het.

Despite a significant advance in gender studies the history of women before the extension of the vote to white women in remains a neglected field. This is particularly true of Afrikaner women. Die groot vraag was natuurlik, "Wie was my oupagrootjie se ouers?

Les in South Africa Books & Games | Gumtree Classifieds in South Africa

Wrecked near a little cove called Platboom near Brightwaters, south of Olifantsbos Point, on 19 August after the crew mutinied and ran her aground while on a voyage from Bordeaux to Mauritius with a general cargo. Oudsoldaat kry Medaljes 24 jaar later Alet Janse van Rensburg Don Wessels 44 van Somerset-Wes het die Suider-Afrika-medalje vir diens buite landsgrense asook die algemene diensmedalje ontvang. Harry Booyens has contributed four articles: 1. God Bless the Good Ship China. A study of the voyage of the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie ship China which sailed for the Cape from Goeree in Suid Holland on 20 March and the fate of a group French Huguenot passengers who sailed with her.

In Search of the Soul of the Afrikaner. For the past few years I have been systematically following a number of South African families through the history of the country, sketching the progress of members of those families who are my own ancestors and those of my wife. Ariaentje geboortig van Nieuw Nederlandt Ariaentje Sterrevelt was the first ever immigrant to South Africa to have been born in North America, and in this article Harry takes us with him on his search and discovery mission into her life and times.

Ek is vanjaar reeds 10 jaar lid van die genootskap, na ek in by die Wes-Kaap tak aangesluit het. Three groups of documents form the basis of the database. The first are the two primary death lists. The second death list comes from the government gazettes. The most demanding source is that of the camp registers.

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The photos are coming in, but we are in a serious need for more volunteers to help with the captions. Of passengers and crew on board only twenty-seven people were saved. Snapshots R. Titanic - South African Connections C. June Barnes 22 Passengers and crew who had some possible connection to South Africa. Wie was Wie in Genealogie? The genesis team would like to introduce her to members. Published with the permission of Saarah Jappie, the author.

He was a widower when he married my Grandmother Millicent Lucy Jones in Haar ma was 'n nooi Elizabeth Wilhelmina Lombard. Sy het in Wellington groot geword en haar pa het daar geboer. Haar pa was Frans Thomas Ignatius Marx. More than 70 passenger lists have been transcribed. Naming Customs The following pattern was regarded as an almost inviolable rule by the Afrikaners as well as by the Scots.

Uiteindelik het tien waens amptelik deelgeneem. J A Heese. Maar na deeglike bestudering van die betrokke inskrywing in die huweliksregister van Colesberg van die stamvader se huwelik het ek tot die volgende gevolgtrekking gekom:. Barend Daniel and at least four of his siblings travelled to Southern Rhodesia around , following in the footsteps of their older brother, Cornelius Hermanus. Article about how the town was formed. A letter from the Northern Transvaal Branch to the family of their late member- Margaret Lodder Michael Honiball told us that his mother is busy writing a book on the Nauhaus family Jolige vrystelling van Alexander register.

This year it was decided to reach a wider audience and with the assistance of Melanie Veness of Pietermaritzburg Tourism, a one day exhibition was held at Liberty Mall on the 24th September That is our gravestone project. No other words to describe it! I do so admitting that my memory never was very good and, now that I have turned 80, may not be very reliable.

Grave Matters Contributed by Alta Griffiths Gravestone target for - having photos published on the web by the end of the year. Taking heritage to the people By John Deare Pietermaritzburg Natal Midlands branch The Msunduzi Heritage Forum was formed in to co-ordinate the celebration of Heritage and strives to make its celebrations inclusive of all communities. She spent a year in South Africa in , where she concentrated on her South African family, collecting oral history and visiting libraries. Spending more time in the last two years — following new lines and consolidating what she had previously done.

Kry jou stamboom by e-winkel. As a result of his heroic actions to help his brother Barend Daniel was captured and was sent to St. Helena as a prisoner of war. He and his family were received at Barbeton Refugee. Grave Matters by Alta Griffiths Why recording both the register and headstones? Information in a cemetery register differs vastly to the headstones. The register should give you the details of the graves without markers.

Johan Pottas se bydrae aangaande die Nuwe Omnibus wat saamgestel word. But in spite of extensive searching the author has not been able to verify either the parenthood of Arthur or even the existence of Arthur Culville. Hulp en Leiding met selfpublikasie Deur Hendrik Louw Hulp en leiding met publisering van u navorsing. Hoe kan GGSA navorsers en lede help?

Wat is GGSA bereid om op hierdie gebied by te dra? The Republics South of the Limpopo Genealogists have disagreed about place names where an event, for example someone's birth, took place. The trouble is that place names change. It is argued that a child could not have been born in Gauteng in , nor in the Union of South Africa in Batavia, Java — Jakarta, Indonesia by Francois Greeff Home to Matthias Greeff from to For more than a quarter of a century, the author had been searching for the name of the ship that brought him from Germany, or Holland, to the Cape.

His search turned up something very interesting. The author has been working on her genealogy for 10 years and together with strangers who became friends compiled her Theron family tree. Robbertze Stamboom A. Volgens E.


Moritz, Die deutsche Einwanderung in die Niederlandische Kapkolonie, , is hy in gebore. The early records and documents fell victim to the fire that swept through the church in the s. Later records, including a detailed history of the Church from to , painstaking compiled in , were either mislaid or taken during one of the numerous burglaries.

Kenneth Knight James Ballantyne was born He died Die skrywer per toeval Johan Anton se ouers se huwelik informasie ontdek en met daardie informasie die artikel saamgestel. Which is the fouder of the Douglas family of South Africa? This is the third instalment of the story of their hopes and fears, their problems in a new land and how they coped.

Included is a history and background of the GGSA as well as its mission. The author discusses the important links of family history and genealogy. The important point behind a genealogy is knowledge of the relevant Family History. Three of my paternal great-great grandparents arrived in the first organised attempt to bring settlers to Natal. This is the second instalment of the story of their hopes and fears, their problems in a new land and how they coped. Tracing the refugees who arrived aboard the VOC ship China in Investigation of the Van Dijk family began with an attempt to establish the cause of death of Anna Greeff, x Burgert Pietersz van Dijk.

Baie genealogiese informasie is te vinde in boeke. Ongelukkig is dit so dat as jy nie in een van die groot stede bly nie, en selfs daar, is dit baie moeilik om die boeke in die hande te kry.

This is the family tree of the Swartland Bestbier family. It is a shortened version of the family tree, mainly concentrating on the relations of the author Annemie Lourens. His investigation into one branch of the Koekemoer family is an example that adopting a published genealogy is not always wise. That is the question. An interesting debate into the possibility of Jacobus de Wet being the illegitimate son of Simon van der Stel.

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This is the last instalment of four. The first three parts, in the April, July and October issues of Genesis, took us from the arrival of George Wilhelm Heinrich Glaeser at the Cape in the early 19th Century to the late s with the family settled in the Transvaal gold fields. This is the third instalment of four. The story is set out as a fmily tree with notes on some of the members. Part three is a continuation of the account of George William Henry Glaeser, In the previous episode, in the July issue of Genesis, we left his son, Victor Glaeser, escaping from the British Army Camp from which he had been forbidden to leave without a special pass.

I have never met any of them, nor have I been able to trace them. In April , Robert Samuel Langford born about attended a meeting of his creditors in Pietermaritzburg, where he was placed under oath and gave a statement of how he had arrived in the present unfortunate circumstance of having to declare insolvency. His history and the statement he made provide an interesting insight into life in the earliest days of the Natal Colony.

Bewys van Liefde, Christine le Roux

During the second decade of the 19th century, between and , one of these three Douglas immigrants it is not known which founded the Douglas family of South Africa. Thanks to a lucky break, referral to a vital site operated by the Society, and the help of expert genealogists in South Africa and archivists in Scotland they were found. He is Christiaan J. He had settled in South Africa before This is the second instalment of four.

This issue continues with the youngest son Egidius Benedictus was born on the mine at Poortjie near Klerksdorp. Many people seem unable to leave a person on their family tree without a birth date, never mind the fact that there is no clue as to what that date may actually be. When the author decided to research and record the history of his offshoot of the Northern Cape Kruger clan he thought it would be a breeze. Surely all one would need to do would be to solicit from family members, any documents, photographs or skinder gossip that could be used to provide a foundation for a family history document.

Any blank areas could be filled with information from official government departments and by dredging the corners of my mind for distant memories, and that, as they say, would be that. But things are never that easy are they? This article takes a closer look at the different versions of a story that have been passed down through the years, and the problems confronting researchers even when consulting primary sources.

I am researching my Dad's family, Pieterse. The first of four instalments. He studied Medicine in Germany and probably due to the unsettled state of Europe at the beginning of the Napoleonic wars, emigrated to England where he obtained a commission as surgeon in the 60th British Regiment which was ordered to the Cape by the British in A dream come true.

We would like to share this beautiful head stone with you. Will it not be a pleasure to work on the family tree if all the headstones provided us with this much information? Occasionally one individual presents almost insurmountable problems.

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  • One could ask if it is sensible to publish an article on Cornelis Gregorius Buitendag. He is neither famous nor controversial, unlike the other Buitendag — Carel Hendrik, whose conduct indirectly contributed to the rise of the Cape Patriots against Governor Van Plettenberg. Unfortunately due to an editorial oversight one paragraph never made it to the final issue. Johnsonspos is not a village as people assume.

    It is indeed a farm that has always had a shop and a Johnson as the owner. Meer as vyftien jaar se navorsing word in hierdie nuwe cd wat deur die GGSA bemark word, opgeneem. Around the author found a reference, in the index to a book in a Melbourne bookshop, to De Villiers, Christian Ludolph Johannes, Superintendent of Native Police This article discusses the traditional way of naming children, and gives examples of how it can be used to guide genealogy research.

    The search for and finding the origins of the. The author tells of her search and findings in various archives and public records in Britian to confirm a repeated family story of the origins of the Loftie-Eaton surname. Stamvader Pieter Christiaansz de Jager getroud met Hermina Karelsz het 8 kinders gehad en tot nou is aanvaar dat hul oudste kind, Andries, b1 is. Die internasionaal bekende genealoog, Richard Ball [RB] se navorsing bewys het dat Andries nie b1 kan wees nie, maar b2 is.

    In about the Scotts returned to Scotland and started a new life. The author shares her amazement that her grandson now lives in an area 4X great grandparents once lived centuries ago. The author tells how the receipt of a letter that had been lying in a draw for years sparked her interest in genealogy. She also shares with us her visit to the Eastern Cape to walk where her ancestors had.

    How the technique of building puzzles and completing crossword puzzles helps solve his genealogy problems. Sue has received a great deal of reciprocal help from people in South Africa who have benefited from her transcriptions of the massive amount of letters connected to the settles which she found in the National Archives in London. Her advice is to try and put something back into the pot - ultimately it will reap you rich rewards.

    The Dutch Weesmeisies girls from an orphanage have become part of the mythology of early Cape ancestry. Heese writes [1]: 'Colenbrander and many other researchers into the composition of the Afrikaners attach much value to the fact that during Simon van der Stel's time at the Cape, quantities of Dutch orphan girls were sent to South Africa, in order to provide wives for the unmarried free settlers'.

    This article covers how many such orphan girls there in fact were, and who their descendants are. In the property market, estate agents are often quoted as saying that there are three important features a property must have: location, location and location. This can be modified to apply to our genealogical research and the preservation of our information. There are thus three important tasks a researcher must do: backup, backup and backup. The success of the CD led to a further six booklets being made available as individual e-books.

    In as little as 10 years, much of its genealogical collection may be at their fingertips. The billions of names preserved on microfilmed records at the vault are and being converted to digital images that can eventually be viewed on-line. We also asked for comments on the eGSSA's privacy policy and the making available of your personal data. You might well ask why anybody in their right mind would voluntarily agree to undertake the task of reading the inscriptions and captioning nearly 25, images of tombstones - but volunteer I did.

    Matthijs Greeff, the progenitor of the Greeff family in South Africa, and his wife, Susanna Claasen had nine children. Their youngest child, Adrianus, is not recognised by any of the genealogical authorities. This month, eGSSA is looking for help with its own brickwall. Readers are invited send in articles for inclusion in genesis. This issue covers the period July to December In previous issues we had a look at the letters the Cronje brothers wrote to Leopold Reichenberg, as well as at some of the personalities involved.

    Die Herinneringe van Johannes Hoogenboezem In die vorige 2 uitgawes het ons kennis gemaak met stamvader Johannes Hoogenboezem en ook 'n. In hierdie voorlaaste uitgawe plaas ons die res van sy dagboek,. There is some controversy about whether leadership and achievement are genetically linked to creativity and intelligence. The earliest fame achieved by a member of the family occurs in This issue covers the period February to June Information placed here must be treated as unverified, unless specifically stated.

    The Please Help section also offers readers the opportunity to share research with other readers. This month a plea from genesis for your article contributions. The family historian can sometimes. In the previous issue we took a brief look at Leopold Reichenberg, the recipient of a number of letters form the brothers Cronje.

    In this penultimate issue, we will look at a few of the other personalities listed in the letters. In hierdie uitgawe kyk ons 'n bietjie dieper in sy lewe in Nederland. Making the most of paid researchers By Eira Makepeace This article aims to offer some pointers to those people who for various reasons cannot get to resource centres for family research such as LDS family history centres or archives and have to pay researchers.

    The article has four parts: defining the brief, finding a researcher, working with the researcher, and an example of good practice. This issue covers the period December - January This month in history A brief look at what happened in the month of July from to These letters described people and events that figured in the lives of the letter writers. We also provided biographical notes about the writers. In this issue, we will look at the recipient of the letters.

    Die dagboek word met vergunning van Anneke Pelser die agter-kleinkind van Johannes Hoogenboezem hier weergegee. This issue covers the period October - November Illustrating your family history By Sue MacKay OK, so you have a filing cabinet stuffed with certificates, death notices, printouts from the IGI and mailing list archives and one of those horrible computer generated family trees. You even have a box of old photographs that you found in Grandma's house when she died. The last surviving South African holder of the highest British award for military valour, the Victoria Cross, died aged 89 in Harare on 29 October During a group of tweve young American Presbyterian missionaries arrived in South Africa.

    This issue covers the period August Please note that while these questions may have been carefully researched, the same is not necessarily true of the answers. Genealogisch onderzoek in Nederland Deur Cornelis Heystek Vele lezers van dit blad hebben vermoedelijk voorouders in Nederland. Nu is het, als u in Nederland woont, eenvoudig om genealogische gegevens op te zoeken. In de Archiefwet is geregeld dat alle overheidsarchieven optimaal voor iedereen toegankelijk moeten zijn en ingezien kunnen worden. They transformed their situation from penniless immigrants to established citizens.

    R 30 9 days ago. Tydens die Tweede Wereldoorlog bevind luitenant Carel Myburgh hom saam met die r es van sy eenheid in Italie in die Apennynegebergte. Agter hulle is die Duitsers en voor hulle Campana - wat deur die partisane beheer word. Vermom as dokter Pedro Bellini vertrek Carel en Campana om uit te vind wat van sy broer geword het wat n maand tevore mediese voorraad R 30 13 days ago.

    Hoofstuk een: Die nag is onstuimig en die wind waai onophoudelik; dit jaa g die wolke soos skoopgedaantes deur die donker hemel waar die maan wit en koud hang. Elke nou en dan is daar n kort verposing asof die wind asem ophou, maar dan begin dit net so skielik rukkerig en met hernude ywer oor die vlaktes dreun. Die koets skommel en stamp oor die o In As die wind daaroor gaan ontdek die agtienjarige Nickey dat sy swanger is Ramp volg op ramp In Die wind het gaan le volg ons die onstu Netjies en skoon. Hierdie boek sal afgehaal word sodra dit verkoop is. R 20 13 days ago.

    Goeie kondisie. Een naweek het Mercia, Le Fleur-wynlandgoed se eienares, n man ontmoet aan wie sy inmiddelik verknog geraak het. Maar dit was net n droom want hulle was albei getroud: sy vrou sieklik en Mercia se man n pierewaaier. Sagteband boek. Klein boekie. Madelie Human. Eers le hy by die dogter aan, toe kuier hy by die ma En Hann ah moet keer vir die skindertonge op die dorp.

    Ook haar gevoelens in toon hou.

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    Want skielik, na veertien jaar dat sy alleen boer en hard aan haar selfstandigheid gewerk het, voel sy haar lewe is leeg. Tweedehands boek. Goeie kon R 13 days ago. Die Geskende Gesig - Heinz. In die Duitse dorpie Berniegg was daar altyd twee besienswaardighede: n ke rk met n skildery deur die beroemde Tilman Riemen Schneider en n barokkasteel wat vroeer die jagverblyf van die biskop van Wiirzburg was.

    In die Tweede Wereldoorlog het die skildery onveranderd behoue gebly, maar die kasteel is omgeskakel tot n buitegewone hospitaal. In die R 15 days ago. Gunstelinge - Ena Murray - Jasmyn. Ena verduidelik haar keuse as volg: Die vier verhale in hierdie bundel het een ding gemeen - dit gaan om die w Geluidloos draai en draai, heen en weer asof die een wat wil binnekom, nie kan aanvaar dat toe gang hom belet is nie.

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