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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Upgraded on Delta
  2. Build CDK from source
  3. Releasing Your Charms
  4. Patch CDK #1: Build &#; Release | Ubuntu
  5. Patch CDK #1: Build & Release

The layers needed for building a charm are specified in a layer. Layers is an awesome way to share operational logic among charms. For instance, the maintainers of the nagios layer have a better understanding of the operational needs of nagios but that does not mean that the authors of the kubernetes charms cannot use it. Each repository is fetched locally and squashed with all the other layers to form a single package, the charm.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Upgraded on Delta

This enables charm authors to work on cross layer patches. Note that you might need to rename the directory of your local copy to match exactly the name of the layer or interface. Charms will install Kubernetes but to do so they need to have the Kubernetes binaries. We package these binaries in snaps so that they are self-contained and deployed in any Linux distribution.

In similar fashion you can build the snap package holding Kubernetes addons. The last resource you will need which is not packaged as a snap is the container network interface cni. Lets grab the repository and get to a release tag:. After patching the charms to match your needs, please, consider submitting a pull request to tell us what you have been up to. Contrary to many other projects you do not need to wait for your PR to get accepted before you can actually make your work public.

You can immediately release your work under your own namespace on the store. This is described in detail on the official charm authors documentation. The developers team is often using private namespaces to test PoCs and new features. Yet, there is one feature you need to be aware of when attaching snaps to your charms. Snaps have their own release cycle and repositories. If you want to use the officially released snaps instead of attaching them to the charms, you can use a dummy zero sized file with the correct extension. The snap layer will see that that resource is empty and will try to grab the snap from the official repositories.

Using the official snaps is recommended, however, in network restricted environments you might need to attach your own snaps while you deploy the charms. Building CDK is of average difficulty as long as you know how where to look. For Delta One U.

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Delta keeps a lid on that inventory , but generally speaking, inventory is tighter on popular routes between its largest hubs and also tends to be lower during popular times for business travel. If two members are identical at a given level, it goes down the above list until the tie is broken. For instance, if two Platinum Medallion members are traveling on K fare tickets and one has a Delta Reserve credit card and the other does not, the card-holding passenger will be prioritized.

If possible, consider booking a corporate ticket through your employer. This enables you to compete with fewer frequent flyers. Whatever you do, avoid flying Sunday night, Monday morning and pretty much all day Friday if you want to sidestep top-tier business travelers. Upgrade Certificates have a higher priority than Medallion Complimentary Upgrades and may be requested and, subject to availability, cleared when you book your ticket. As a Choice Benefit selection, Diamond Medallion Members may choose any of the following three options as one of their selected benefits:. Of course, these certificates have a number of quirks and nuances of which you need to be aware.

To maximize your time to use the certificate, we recommend setting a reminder for Jan.

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  4. Status deltas by indie · Pull Request #1 · clearlinux/clr-bundles · GitHub?
  5. Up from Slavery: An Autobiography (Annotated).
  6. Build CDK from source?

Fares booked in B or M are eligible to upgrade into O class, while fares booked in Y are eligible to upgrade into Z class. Be sure to call at least 3 hours prior to departure to apply your certificate, though 24 hours prior to departure is strongly recommended. The earlier the better, and remember that you have to do this over the phone; gate agents cannot apply upgrade certificates at the airport.

Build CDK from source

If you can avoid waitlisting, do so. Delta allows its passengers to upgrade their existing tickets with SkyMiles regardless of status, with two methods of doing so. The first is Upgrade with Miles , which occurs during the booking process. We typically recommend that you try to book award tickets with an outsized value of 3 to 5 cents per SkyMile. Mileage Upgrade Awards can only occur after booking is complete and, for now at least, only over the phone.

Needed to compile many base components: libcap-dev. Adding xorriso so making iso images is easier. Adding ethtool to VM-bundles for manipulating virtio. Add memcached to glance bundle. Adds CIAO to appropriate bundles and adds a cloud-dashboard. Move systed-dev to os-core-dev …. No more libtiff. Remove kernel-kvm from kvm-host bundle …. Add gnu global to os-clr-on-clr. Deprecate not used OpenStack bundles …. Fix typos on cloud-network bundle …. Add docker-upstream, remove old …. Deprecate database-mongodb bundle ….

Add aufs-util to containers bundles …. Update bat bundle with libvirt bundle …. Add dmidecode due libvirt uses it …. Add psstop to the pnp-tools-basic bundle …. Add collateral utils for docker-upstream …. Add a basics-for-machine-learning bundle. Add R-deepnet ….

Add Theano, python deep learning. Use nginx for openstack apis. Add nginx to proxy openstack swift API …. Adding some orphaned pkgs to appropriate bundles. Add mosquitto bundle …. Remove golang-googlecode-go-benchmarks due a conflict with phoronix g… …. Add gnu parallel to os-utils …. Adding some things to -extras in advance of big changes to os-core-dev. The only bundle allowed to do … …. Adding LNMP basic bundle. Whoops wrong title in bundle header. Modifies os-core-dev and os-dev-extras.

The next round of automatic -dev bundles. Adds -dev bundles for os-utils and all dependent bundles. Adds os-clr-on-clr-dev and dependent -dev bundles. First round of automatic -doc bundles ….

Releasing Your Charms

Add tree to file-utils. Switch out kernel and bootloader update system. Reverting previous change; bug discovered. Adding base bundles as includes in -doc bundles.

Patch CDK #1: Build &#; Release | Ubuntu

Update -dev bundles to reflect recent changes …. Add syslinux to bootloader bundle. Set nodejs-basic as foundational bundle; add cloud-dashboard. Enabling a Cloud guest image bundle for Azure cloud platform …. Adding ctags package to replace excluded emacs functionality. Remove non-existent pkg. Add flatpak. Putting in some orphaned packages …. LuaJIT conflicts. Enable auto-updates for the Azure image. Updating automated bundles. Adding storage-utils include to storage-cluster.

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  • Delta Service for Mobile Apps.
  • Releasing Your Charms;
  • Patch CDK #1: Build & Release!
  • Adding socat to sysadmin-advanced. Patch from eocardon; add python-memcached to openstack-object-storage… …. Add memcached library …. Add git to go-basic and sysadmin-hostmgmt …. WIP and Active bundles updated. Skip to content. New issue. Status deltas 1 indie wants to merge commits into clearlinux : master from indie : master. Conversation 0 Commits Checks 0 Files changed. Commits on Mar 30, Ikey Doherty committed Mar 30, Commits on Apr 3, Commits on Apr 4, Commits on Apr 5, Ikey Doherty committed Apr 5, Soletta depends on libmicrohttpd to build with http-server support.

    Patch CDK #1: Build & Release

    Commits on Apr 6, Commits on Apr 7, Commits on Apr 8, Needed by clr-specialized-updaters Signed-off-by: Brad T. This user has not uploaded their public key yet. Commits on Apr 9,