Harmonie Entre Corps Et Esprit (French Edition)

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  1. Natascha Niederstrass
  2. Five Mindfulness Trainings in French
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Les yeux de Bouddha Haut de page. Yin-Yang Haut de page. Dorje Vajra Haut de page. Kalachakra Haut de page. L'homme qui devint le Bouddha naquit sous le nom de Siddartha Gautama, au Nepal, il y a plus de deux mille cinq cents ans. Bouddha Haut de page. Tara Haut de page. Il est aussi le Dieu de la connaissance et de la sagesse. Les grandes oreilles indiquent que, quand Dieu est connu, toute la connaissance l'est aussi.

Le ventre de Ganesh contient des univers infinis. Ganesh Haut de page. Shiva Haut de page. Mala Haut de page.

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  • Madame Gil Blas - Souvenirs et aventures dune femme de notre temps - Tome I (French Edition).
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Bol Chantant Tibetain Haut de page. Roue a prieres tibetaine Haut de page. This repertory is structured around a fragmented world of several signs and symbols that reference landscape and nature. His work has been shown in many exhibitions and biennales in Canada, the US and in France. He lives and works in Montreal.

Natascha Niederstrass

Massimo Guerrera uses various mediums, such as drawing, writing, sculpture, photography, installation and performance to work on the fertile space of the external encounter and inner movement, between shared presence and the solitude of the studio. This approach is focused on the sensorial fluctuations of our relations, those that govern what we let in and discard. Those of our body and mind, to come into contact with the other and our surroundings.

Since , his approach has been centred on the deep relations sustained by otherness and the phenomena that traverse us. He thus observes how our being is captured, nourished and absorbed by these events.

DANS MA TÊTE : Spiritualité et différence entre le corps, l'esprit et l'âme

These questionings have become a daily practice linked to a meditative practice that is embodied in a series of long term projects structured around these fluctuations and these alterations of consciousness. A living dialogue thus emerges between spoken words and the different forms of writing, such as expressed in the observational drawings or designs of the platforms. This project focuses on the relational fluidity of encounters we experience in our life and work environments.

Brought together as an installation in progress and becoming a work in its own right, this book gathers sensorial traces and creative contemplations. In this context, it will become a companion notebook. Domus will be spread over a 10 year period An active player on the visual arts and documentary scenes, Marie-Pier Meilleur is mainly interested in political engagement and the rhetoric that accompanies it. What is the good of expressing a mere reality, if one does not reflect on the point of view of those presenting it?

The issue is thus only a secondary pretext. Since artistic integrity is already compromised, irony lies in wait behind each of the photographic works. At once a sensitive and curious being, the artist seeks to start up interesting discussions and bring people together around debates that mainly polarize us these days. Natalie Birecki is a multidisciplinary artist-educator of Polish origin, who has resided in Saguenay since Her artistic practice explores the conflicting dualities generated by her ironic drawings that draw on folkloric elements.

Natalie Birecki at times exhibits a disturbing art that foregrounds surreal worlds. Echoing folkloric crafts, her repetitive motif drawings illustrate the doings of characters who inhabit the liminal space where the border between the real and the unreal is blurred. Rather than engaging in the practice of the photographic image, Caroline Mauxion explains that her work consists of practicing the photographic image. She seeks to explore the photographic image at once in its materiality and its representational capacity. The photographic act is made up of both the tangible and non-visible, of an encounter between light with a sensitive surface.

This passage from the imperceptible to the tangible, this appearance of the material by way of contact is a recurrent focus in her work. Her projects are inspired by micro-events and often draw on literary works. She approaches her photographs as a raw material that she manipulates and arranges in space. Through site-specific shots, direct interventions on the image or prints on other supports, she displaces, transforms or even empties her images. Michelle Bui begins her work through a singular appropriation of advertisement and still life codes. In exploiting the potential of the photographic medium, she seeks to reinforce the tension between the living and the inanimate, between the erratic and the fixed.

By way of both familiar and unusual stagings, her work suggests a formal and referential dissonance between industrial artisanal and organic elements. In repurposing objects to other ends than their primary use. Bui gives shape to an occasionally raw sensuality that bears witness to the absurdity with which the everyday is tinged.

Materials and various objects are thus assembled in photographic or sculptural form with the aim of seducing viewers and transporting them to a slightly off-beat and subtly perverse place. She is currently preparing two solo exhibitions that will be shown at Parisian Laundry in April and at Circa in May, Les figures du socle. Emmanuel Galland has a practice as an artist and curator, two functions he sometimes combines. The exhibition unfolded in an ongoing and cumulative manner and was relayed by eleven disseminators in Quebec, over a nine-year period.

In , Galland will be the curator in residency at LOBE in Ville de Saguenay, where he will invite artists, creators, writers and communities to focus on the artist Jean-Jules Soucy. The artist Emmanuel Galland has thus been hard to spot. Voir le reportage d'Yves Tremblay sur la Fabrique Culturelle.

The exhibition will run until June 21, The 7 partner artist-run centres share the geographical situation of being located at the periphery of large urban centres, and the selected artists made the choice of pursuing their practice in a regional context. This interregional exchange program between Centre SAGAMIE and six co-producing centres also makes it possible to develop structuring partnerships by encouraging communication and sharing between the participating artist-run centres.


Five Mindfulness Trainings in French

Steve Leroux. He is particularly fond of a practice borrowed from documentary photography—intimate, free and spontaneous—that allows him to explore various avenues. Presented mainly under the guise of photographic series, his image associations suggest new ways of grasping the notion of time and space. Since the emergence of the digital image in the s, he has examined its impact on the perception of reality, the repurposing that it makes possible and its influence on photographic activity.

Orison Swett Marden Comment Établir l'Harmonie Entre le Corps et l'Esprit - PDF Drive

He quickly became involved the artist-run centre milieu, which provided him with an enriching experience both as an artist and cultural worker. His initial sketches are continually recut, recombined and digitally manipulated as he works towards the final painting.

Chambres & suites

His most recent series of paintings come from an exploration of instantaneous, and sometimes explosive, moments of chaos. For over 20 years, his work has been exhibited in Canada and abroad including several exhibitions at Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal. His most recent solo show was at Outremont Art Gallery in Worsnip has participated in artist residences in Quebec, France and Sweden. Through a meticulous drawing practice, I take an interest in the various representations of the nude body as observed on an everyday basis.