Jimmys Monster Truck (Jimmy the Racing Frog Book 2)

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Huge, impressive colour illustrations. Fascinating facts about all kinds of trucks, from enormous heavy hauler dump trucks to towering mobile crane trucks. Ride, Riccardo, ride! He rode under endless skies, quiet and clear. He rode every day…But then the shadows came. This guide will engage and delight youngsters. Nothing has gone right for Goat since Unicorn arrived. He seems to best Goat in every way, including making it rain cupcakes.

An ideal choice for fans of silliness. Hugo, the scarf-sporting avian protagonist, prefers walking to flying. He enjoys his ground-based Parisian life, making art instead of nests. While building a model of the Eiffel Tower, he meets Lulu, who invites him to the real landmark.

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He distracts her with land-bound activities until nighttime falls and she leaves. Saddened by her departure, Hugo admits his fear of flying to Bernard the owl. With more practice and encouragement, he conquers his fears and befriends Lulu. When he draws a picture for the unseen narrator, he is told that the ears are too big. The same goes for the nose and teeth. With each new description, Rabbit alters his chalk drawing until he hears that the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf is coming, and that it smells rabbit!

Hide, Rabbit! The large, bold, mixed-media illustrations are pleasing to the eye. A satisfying story that children will enjoy and most likely will want to read over and over again. Jekyll or Hyde? One and the same? Who decides? Puss Jekyll is the soft cuddly cat of the house grooming her fur, but at night she becomes Cat Hyde, hunting mice, all fang and claw. One cat, but two very distinct personalities.

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Suggested level: junior. Here, Snicket keeps readers teetering on the edges of their seats, taunting them with a lengthy and convoluted aside. Finally, the boy is instructed to open the bottom drawer, where he finds…. As war rages, Peter and his father flee their home, taking with them a treasure box that holds something more precious than jewels. They journey through mud and rain and long cold nights, and soon their survival becomes more important than any possessions they carry. A bear finds this object too intriguing to resist and pulls it down, to the delight of the other critters.

The cap is tossed around by its tassel until a long line of red yarn creates a foreshadowed moment. Appended pages discuss the ways stripes benefit each creature and also provide a guessing game for readers to match stripes with their respective animals. But longing for the happy hunger of a bear in the orchard or the contentment of a dog in winter when the snow falls outside transcends daydreaming to feel quite spiritual.

The painterly illustrations in this oversize picture book the works of Henri Rousseau come to mind have a grandeur about them that matches the majestic ideas expressed throughout. Repeated motifs within the pictures some of the animals are clutching a flower in their mouths, and the larger animals appear to be tattooed with images of other animals, plants, and flowers create a sense of universality.


List of Jimmy Fallon games and sketches - Wikipedia

This is a book of big ideas, sparingly told, and full of wonder. Syndetics summary. On each page, a large print of each creature, rendered in an illustrative style that echoes the uncluttered, bright posters of the mid-twentieth century, pairs with memorable facts presented in spare, simple text. Many of the pages also include a slogan or other very brief phrase within the illustration itself, such as the kangaroo in a judo pose juxtaposed beside the printed call to Kick up your heels.

Jimmy's Monster Truck

The spare, high-contrast graphic style of this picture book makes it an excellent candidate for small-group sharing, and the curious bits of information will bring many young naturalists and budding artists back to the pages again and again. Books that will especially delight the grownups, you might even want to share them with your kids. In Reboul, Henri lives in a little white house made up of two angular geometrical shapes, surrounded by a lush tapestry-like forest, and has three friends, Andre, Jacques, and Michel they appear as three pairs of legs, fitted with pink pants, decoratively pattered socks, and green boots.

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All ages. All rights reserved. Jimmy the greatest!

Jimmy the Greatest! But, unlike his trainer, who leaves for a life in the big city, Jimmy the Greatest stays in the village, where he grows up to maintain the gym, create a library, and help his people. He does great things, but not by leaving home for the world stage. Translated from the Spanish and first published in Colombia, this title features text that reads like spare poetry and digital, cartoon-style artwork filled with humorous details and stylized, pop-eyed characters.

Among fans those cameo appearances became a magnet which drew them again and again to his films. His plots and his characters were so cleverly drawn, however, that audiences would inevitably get so caught up in his narratives they often would miss his cameo on first viewing, which would compel them to purchase another ticket just to watch for that subtle infusion of himself into his stories.

Customer Reviews See All. More Books by M. Sterling Jones See All. Jimmy the Racing Frog. This selection will take you to impossible places, where the world ends, a creepy place called Perfect and more. Buy or find out more. Home Browse books Catalogue Age 7 - 11 years.

Age 7 - 11 years

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